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A spellcaster and a familiar.

Familiars are magical creatures that act as companions for witches and spellcasters in The Sims 2: Apartment Life (when The Sims 2: Pets is also installed) and The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. Witches in The Sims 3: Supernatural get a moodlet that boosts spellcasting if they own a cat or a small pet, but these pets are completely normal otherwise.

The Sims 2: Apartment Life[edit | edit source]

Main article: Spectral cat

If players also have Pets installed, witches can summon their own cat familiar called a spectral cat.

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic[edit | edit source]

In Realm of Magic, spellcasters can acquire magical familiars that can aid in spellcasting. If players own Cats & Dogs, their pets can be bound as familiars as well.[1] Spellcaster children can also own one, though they are unable to do magic until they grow up. Familiars can be bought at Glimmerbrook at the Casters Alley, and they are summoned from orbs. Sims can additionally name their familiar.

Familiars, while they are summoned, have magical energy reserves, aid spellcasters in magic duels, and can even protect them from death. Familiars must rest to regain their power after saving their owner's life. Cats and dogs (and by extension, raccoons and foxes) can be sent to forage for magical items. Summoning a familiar grants a +1 Confident moodlet buff as long as they are active.

List of familiars[edit | edit source]

Orb Icon Name Description Rarity Cost
Familiar Orb Bunnerfly.png
Bunnerfly Familiar Icon.png
Bunnerfly "This interesting creature is an unexpected entity that defies normal boundaries and demands a closer inspection. Its true nature is unknown." Common §250
Cat Familiar Icon.png


Dog Familiar Icon.png


Familiar Orb Dragon.png
Dragon Familiar Icon.png
Dragon "Regal and powerful, this dragon should never be discounted based on its size. It is a formidable foe as well as a cherished companion." Uncommon §250
Familiar Orb Fairy.png
Fairy Familiar Icon.png
Fairy "Bathed in pure energy it is nigh impossible to make out the true form of a fairy beyond its magical wings. One can feel what can only be described as a slight spark when near." Common §100
Familiar Orb Glowfrog.png
Glowfrog Familiar Icon.png
Glowfrog "Be warned to avoid the direct gaze of the glowfrog. They are usually quite mischievous characters although quite harmless when left to their own devices." Uncommon §250
Familiar Orb HexDoll.png
HexDoll Familiar Icon.png
Hex Doll "Despite this familiar being the mysterious and silent type you may still catch yourself whispering to them, "Do that voodoo that you do!"" Uncommon §250
Familiar Orb Leafbat.png
Leafbat Familiar Icon.png
Leafbat "A classic Spellcaster companion, bats have commonly been closely associated to magic users since the times of ancients." Uncommon §250
Familiar Orb Phoenix.png
Phoenix Familiar Icon.png
Phoenix "The Phoenix is intimately familiar with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. From the ashes they arise and into the ashes they fall. So has it always been." Rare §500
Familiar Orb Raven.png
Raven Familiar Icon.png
Raven "The harbingers of prophecy and, some say, bad luck. Ravens are an ancient creature that remain steadfast alongside their favorite Spellcasters." Common §100
Familiar Orb SixamOwl.png
SixamOwl Familiar Icon.png
Sixam Owl "The preeminent symbol of magic and ancient knowledge. They have a strong connection to the moon and stoically follow their chosen Spellcaster." Common §100
Familiar Orb Skull.png
Skull Familiar Icon.png
Skull "When you need a protector that truly frightens your opponent consider the skull. It is hard not to be intimidated by this floating, haunting familiar." Rare §500
Familiar Orb Veild.png
Veild Familiar Icon.png
Veild "The Veild is a Voidcritter deep with the knowledge of countless galaxies across space and time. No one really knows the true motivation of this critter, but that didn't stop one well known kids TV show from almost featuring the Veild as a main character." Rare §777

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Familiars have unique strings of dialogue whenever specific actions are done.

General lines
  • (Advancing a rank): "Wow, you’re turning out to be quite the spellcaster! Congrats!"
  • (Advancing a rank): "Your powers are growing so much faster than I expected! Nice work!"
  • (Advancing a rank): "You’ve reached a new spellcaster rank! Good job!"
  • (Advancing a rank): "You’ve reached a new rank, can’t wait to see what spells you learn next!"
  • (Advancing a rank): "You’re really getting a handle on this magic stuff, I’m impressed!"
  • (Cursed): "You're cursed?! Oh no!"
  • (Cursed): "Eek! You’ve been cursed!"
  • (Cursed): "You got cursed! Are you okay?"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Thank goodness that curse is gone!"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Phew! Glad you’re finally rid of that curse."
  • (Winning a duel): "Nice dueling, you showed them!"
  • (Winning a duel): "That was a great duel!"
  • (Winning a duel): "Now THAT was a duel!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Looks like you could use a little dueling practice."
  • (Losing a duel): "Well, not every duel can be a win, right?"
  • (Losing a duel): "You lost that duel, but you can get ‘em next time!"
  • (Warning about charge): "You’re looking REALLY magical… like, maybe too much? Be careful."
  • (Warning about charge): "Your magic charge is getting pretty strong. Might want to keep an eye on that."
  • (Warning about charge): "I can feel your magic charge from here. Hope you know what you’re doing…"
  • (Learning new spell): "I love it when you learn new spells!"
  • (Learning new spell): "New spells are fun!"
  • (Learning new spell): "Oh, neat! Show me your new spell!"
  • (Backfired spell): "Oh no! Are you okay? That spell backfired!"
  • (Backfired spell): "Whoa there, maybe you need a little more spellcasting practice?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Yikes! What went wrong with that spell?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Whoops, you kinda missed that spell, huh?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Whoa! Careful! You almost hit ME with the spell backfire."
  • (Backfired spell): "Did you mean to do that or did that spell just totally backfire?"
  • (Learning new potion): "New potion? Nifty, let’s try it out!"
  • (Learning new potion): "You learned a new potion recipe? You’re so smart!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "That potion looks delicious!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Ohhh, a potion! What are you going to do with it?"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "That potion didn’t quite come out right, did it?"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Something looks off about that potion."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "That potion looks weird. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Looks like you could use a little more potion practice."
  • (Winning a duel): "Nice work, sometimes the stick is more important than the carrot!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Not your best duel. Better luck next time."
  • (Warning about charge): "Looks like you're getting a bit hopped up on magic there. Might want to watch out."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "*nibble nibble* Mmmm, a potion! Can I chew on it?"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "That potion smells terrible. You don’t actually drink that, do you?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Yikes! That spell massively backfired. I’m so hoppy it didn’t do anything worse."
  • (Cursed): "Over the ages I have seen many a curse. This one could be serious. Do not gamble with your well being."
  • (Removal of a curse): "Exquisite. I no longer smell the scent of curse upon you. You have done well to remove it."
  • (Winning a duel): "You really burned it up in that duel!"
  • (Winning a duel): "YESSSSS! The heat of battle makes my blood boil in excitement. Masterful dueling!"
  • (Winning a duel): "Congratulations on the dueling win, champion."
  • (Losing a duel): "Don’t give up so easily, you need to wake the dragon when you duel!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Having trouble handling your power? What does that feel like? I wouldn’t know. Perhaps monitor your spellcaster charge more closely."
  • (Learning new potion): "Ahhh, a new potion recipe. Knowledge is power and power is wealth. Well done."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "A potion? I want it. What is it? I want it. What does it do? I want it."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Bah! You botched that potion. How will you add to my hoard if you keep failing!?"
  • (Learning new spell): "Knowledge is eternal and the greatest of loot. I know these things from experience. You do well to learn new spells."
  • (Advancing a rank): "Hey! I see you have moved up the ranks! Can you do anything cool yet?"
  • (Cursed): "Hey listen! You should be more careful! You don't want more curses do you?"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Oh thank the Watcher! You’ve removed that curse. I was so worried."
  • (Winning a duel): "Hey! I always fret during duels, but I am happy that you won and relieved that you’re safe."
  • (Losing a duel): "Hey, listen up! Duel harder next time!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Listen up! You better watch your magic charge!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Hey! Watch that magic charge of yours!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Listen, please be careful when flexing your magical muscles. Magical charge is nothing to treat so cavalier."
  • (Learning new potion): "Hey, a new potion recipe! Cool!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Hey! Nice work on that potion crafting!"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Hey! It’s okay that you failed to make that potion. You’ll get it next time. I believe in you."
  • (Backfired spell): "Hey! I don’t think that spell was supposed to do that. It’s okay; better luck next time."
  • (Cursed): "You’re cursed? I feel your pain. How do you think I became like this? I wasn’t always a frog, you know."
  • (Removal of a curse): "Nice! You removed the curse. Can you remove warts too?"
  • (Winning a duel): "Ribbit! You won the duel! Your opponent almost croaked!"
  • (Winning a duel): "That duel had me hopping with excitement!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Don’t let a loss get you down. You’ve gotta hop up, dust yourself off, and keep on keepin’ on."
  • (Warning about charge): "Your aura is starting to glow bright like my tail! Watch that magic charge!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Mind how much magic charge you try to handle. How many times have I toad you that?"
  • (Learning new potion): "You’ve learned a new potion recipe? Will that one transform me into royalty?"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "I hope no frogs were harmed in the brewing of that potion."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "If you had to use any frogs to brew that potion, I hope I didn’t know them."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Ribbit. Where’s the potion? Did it hop out of your hands?"
  • (Learning new spell): "A new spell, eh? Well hop to it and try it out!"
  • (Backfired spell): "Yikes! That spell massively backfired. I’m so hoppy it didn’t do anything worse."
  • (Cursed): "Oh noes! Are you hurt? Are you okay? Oink, how bad is that curse?"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Oh thank the Oinker. You’ve removed that nasty curse. Oink!"
  • (Winning a duel): "Oink! Oink! Yay!"
  • (Losing a duel): "It was pretty batty of you to think you could win that duel!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Oink. Oink? Oink!"
  • (Learning new potion): "One oinking new potion recipe coming right oinking up!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "OINK!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Oink. That potion looks super yummy. I wish I knew how to make one."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Oink. *the leafbat looks really sad that you failed to craft that potion*"
  • (Learning new spell):"OINK! OINK! OINK! I’m so excited you learned a new spell!"
  • (Backfired spell): "Backfire! It was pretty batty of you to think you could pull that spell off right now."
Sixam Owl
  • (Cursed): "Curses build character. Now you have a chance to learn."
  • (Removal of a curse): "I hope you’ve learned something from having that curse."
  • (Winning a duel): "You showed them whoooo’s boss!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Next time, maybe think a bit more about whooooo you duel."
  • (Warning about charge): "It appears as if your magical energy is potent at the moment, but also wild."
  • (Learning new potion): "It is indeed a wise spellcaster who stocks up on the proper recipes."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Exactly how many drops of potion does it take to fill to the center of a flask? Let’s count together next time."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Maybe you should seek out someone whoooo knows a bit more about potions before you try to brew another?"
  • (Learning new spell): "Whooo just got a bit wiser? You, that’s whooooo! Congrats on the new spell!"
  • (Backfired spell): "Whoooo do you think you are, losing control of your spells like that?!"
  • (Cursed): "Your curse is only a temporary setback, you will rise again."
  • (Removal of a curse): "The curse is gone, this is the beginning of the new you!"
  • (Winning a duel): "That duel was fire!"
  • (Winning a duel): "You have flamed your competition! Good work winning that duel."
  • (Losing a duel): "Don’t let defeat discourage you. Success will rise from the flames of failure."
  • (Warning about charge): "Don’t flame out! You seem to be ok, but always be aware of your magical energy levels."
  • (Learning new potion): "I’m burning to see what you’ll do with that new potion recipe."
  • (Learning new potion): "Your burning thirst for knowledge is admirable. Congratulations on the new potion recipe."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Good work on crafting that potion. You must be feeling fired up!"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Don’t let a mistake discourage you. Success will rise from the flames of failure."
  • (Learning new spell): "I’m burning to see what you’ll do with that new spell!"
  • (Learning new spell): "You're smart to learn more spells. I’m impressed with your growing skillset. Don’t let your passion flame out."
  • (Backfired spell): "Don’t let a mistake discourage you. Success will rise from the flames of failure."
  • (Cursed): "A curse? Tread lightly. Where the carcass is, the ravens will collect together."
  • (Removal of a curse): "Curse removal has fared well for thee. Beware future transgressions so as not to repeat history."
  • (Winning a duel): "With brawn and mighty brains you have triumphed over your pitiful opponent. You are made to duel."
  • (Losing a duel): "You lost that duel?! The croaking raven doth bellow for revenge! Get them next time."
  • (Warning about charge): "Fare thee well, brave spellcaster. Your power is in flux; I can feel it. Be careful how you proceed."
  • (Learning new potion): "Twas a brilliant move to learn that potion recipe. I wonder, pray tell, what the application will yield."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "You made a potion? I’m super curious; what’s it taste like?"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "A potion? I want it. What is it? I want it. What does it do? I want it."
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "You failed to make that potion? Please… nevermore."
  • (Learning new spell): "You have a raven’s knowledge. Congratulations on learning a new spell."
  • (Backfired spell): "It is not weakness to fail, but failed you have. That spell did not work."
  • (Advancing a rank): "Great job reaching a new rank. Seriously, that must’ve been super hard. Like, nobody has EVER done that before, eh? For real though, I’m SOOOOO proud."
  • (Advancing a rank): "Well you’re not exactly the chosen one, but good job on the new spellcaster rank I guess."
  • (Advancing a rank): "It’s about plumbin’ time you reached a new rank. Nice plumbin’ job."
  • (Cursed): "Cursed! Serves you right for messing around like that."
  • (Cursed): "You got a curse, nya nya nya! Hahahahaha!"
  • (Cursed): "I knew you shouldn’t have done that. Now you’re cursed. Oh well, maybe it’ll be an improvement."
  • (Removal of a curse): "Getting rid of the curse? That’s no fun!"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Your curse is gone? Aww. Hopefully you’ll get another soon. Hehehehe!"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Good for you; you got rid of that curse. Next time maybe don’t get cursed in the first place. Just a thought."
  • (Winning a duel): "Yes, yes! Destroy your enemies!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Hahaha! You really blundered that duel!"
  • (Losing a duel): "That was a bit weak... You’re going to need to get a lot better if you expect to win duels."
  • (Warning about charge): "You’ve got a lot of magic charge there. You should go for more!"
  • (Warning about charge): "Let’s see what happens if you get even MORE magically charged. Do it! DO IT!"
  • (Warning about charge): "I can feel the dangerous amount of magic energy you’re emanating. I love danger!"
  • (Learning new potion): "Ooooh, new potion? I hope it’s a nasty one!"
  • (Learning new potion): "Well good for you. You learned something new for a change."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "If I had a digestive tract, I’d chug that potion right now!"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Whoopsie, just a little mistake, no need to lose your head over a spilled potion though. HAHAHAHA!"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "Hahahaha. Well that went terribly (as expected). Nice \"potion\" there, Merlin."
  • (Learning new spell): "Nothing like some spell knowledge to fill that empty head of yours."
  • (Learning new spell): "A new spell? You sure you can handle it?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Backfire! You should do that with your spells more often!"
  • (Cursed): "You’ve been cursed. If one is not careful with the arcane, one must face the consequences."
  • (Cursed): "Curses build character. Use yours as a way to learn something about yourself."
  • (Removal of a curse): "Your curse is gone? The universe has blessed you!"
  • (Winning a duel): "Through the eons of time and memory I have never seen a duel to be so exciting. Congratulations on your win."
  • (Losing a duel): "We can learn from defeat. Get up and duel again!"
  • (Losing a duel): "Yawn. Was that a duel or just dull? Your loss was foretold before you even began."
  • (Warning about charge): "Power is complimented by restraint. Use your magic charge responsibly."
  • (Warning about charge): "I feel the energies of the stars and skies swirling uncontrollably. Beware your magical charge lest it burn you forever."
  • (Learning new potion): "Impressive, your knowledge of the arcane grows deeper."
  • (Learning new potion): "With every bit of knowledge, you are one step closer to the mysteries of the universe."
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "So much power in such a tiny bottle. What will you do with that potion?"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "You have failed at that potion, but hopefully you have learned. The universe will forgive this."
  • (Learning new spell): "Impressive, your knowledge of spellcasting grows deeper."
  • (Learning new spell): "With every bit of knowledge, you are one step closer to the mysteries of the universe. Always keep learning!"
  • (Backfired spell): "The universe is made up of infinite energy. You, however, are not. Pay more attention to your magic charge levels, friend."
Hex Doll
  • (Cursed): "Hey, that’s my job! Don’t take all the good curses!"
  • (Cursed): "Getting cursed is my job! What do you think you’re doing?"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Getting rid of the curse? That’s no fun!"
  • (Removal of a curse): "Your curse is gone? Aww. Let me know if you want it back!"
  • (Winning a duel): "That looked painful. I like it!"
  • (Losing a duel): "That looked painful. I like it!"
  • (Learning new potion): "Does that potion you just learned do icky stuff to people? I hope so!"
  • (Successfully brewed a potion): "Hey, what kind of potion is that? I hope it’s the kind that does something weird to someone!"
  • (Unsuccessfully brewed a potion): "What happened to that potion you were trying to make? You've got me on pins and needles here!"
  • (Learning new spell): "You learned a new spell? Does that one hurt or help?"
  • (Backfired spell): "Whoah! That spell did NOT do what it was supposed to do! You need better mojo."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The fairy's appearance and one of its randomized names, "Hey", is a possible reference to Navi from The Legend of Zelda, a small glowing fairy who is known for saying "Hey! Listen!" to get the player's attention.

References[edit | edit source]

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