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Vladislav Dragulea
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The one defeated by the mortal Abraham Van Hellsing and bound into servitude to his family.
Name Vladislav Dragulea
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Vampire icon.png Vampire
Parents Vlad DraculDeceased.jpg, Cneajna of MoldaviaDeceased.jpg
Sibling(s) Mircea Deceased.jpg, Vlad CalugarulDeceased.jpg, Radu the Handsome Deceased.jpg
Romances Unknown Noblewoman (Elisabeta?)Deceased.jpg, Ilona Szilágyi Deceased.jpg
Marital status Single
Child(ren) Mihnea the Bad Deceased.jpg, Vlad Dracula IVDeceased.jpg, Unknown Child Deceased.jpg
Trait Evil small.png Evil
Trait Brave small.png Brave
Trait Ambitious small.png Ambitious
Trait Artistic small.png Artistic
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Unlucky small.png Unlucky
Hidden traits
Trait Spellcaster small.png Witch
Zodiac sign  Scorpion
Fav O Positive.png O Positive
Fav Red.png Red
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-custom.png Red
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Pale
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game Sims 3
Playability Playable
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After a long and arduous battle Abraham Van Helsing was finally able to defeat the immortal vampire Dracula. After his defeat Dracula was offered a deal by Abraham. In exchange for his life Dracula accepted to become a servant to the many generations of Van Helsings to come. Thinking that sooner or later the bloodline would die off the vampire accepted the offer. After the contract was completed powerful magic bound the dying vampire and the one who had bested him in a thick net of invisible spells unlike anything the centenary vampire had ever seen before. Sealed to the man's bloodline he was now fated to obey commands given by the chosen heirs of the Helsing family until the last descendant had died. Alas, stripped of everything he once had, even his own name, Dracula now called "Alucard", starts his life anew as a servant and protector of the Van Hellsings. With the help from the vampire what will the future of the household be? And will the once murderous evil vampire change along with the household he's tasked with?

Human Life[edit | edit source]

Since it would take me a while to summarize Vlad Dracula's entire history in as much detail as I wanted I will, instead, give you this great link to the "All you need to know about Mad Monarchs" guide (Biography of Vlad the Impaler). And please... Try not to cringe at some of the tortures this man might have actually been capable of inflicting on human beings during his lifetime.

GENERATION 1 - Abraham[edit | edit source]

His relationship with the first generation of Hellsings didn't start off with the best foot at all. After various attempts at putting an end to each other's lives it seemed the human had bested the monster. Dracula had failed and now his punishment was to lower himself to this weak creature that now commanded him, a King! How humiliating, how pitiful...

As time passed something strange happened. He found himself actually draw to the man, has he watched him make future plans and work himself to exhaustion and try his best diligently everyday to make sure his own imprisonment would not be broken in the future made him actually respect the one who had humbled him in battle. Such a strong conviction and will power was something rare and he found himself draw to that strength. This was no common man, then again, a normal man could not have defeated him.

After Abraham married Tracey Blaise and gave birth to Alexander Van Hellsing Alucard couldn't stop himself from seeing his own children in Abraham's. He hadn't been in the company of children in so very long he was surprised he even remembered what they looked like. He found, much to his dismay, he still felt emotions. Muted. Weakened by his vampiric nature... But they were there. And as he was made to take care of the future heir in a few rare occasions (What was the professor thinking!?) he found himself promising the child what he never did any of his own offspring... Protection. His first child had been likened to the devil like himself and in the end was assassinated, his other child Vlad IV had also died and he had heard he had another child whose name he didn't even remember now... He had been so busy keeping Catholicism intact in his land that he had no time for family. He could see the irony now that everyone and everything he had then was gone. For a moment he wondered if he would ever find redemption for his sins... He didn't have time to wander on that thought for too long thou. It seemed the professor wanted to see what a cross with made with 30% silver did to an arm...

In time, just like Alucard had anticipated Abraham's young wife had enough of being home bound and decided to demand a divorce (they weren't technically married under God so she basically just said she wanted to leave). With her departure the ambient in the house became much somber. Even thou his son was still just a child Abraham was already very old and had no strength to raise young Alexander alone and to leave him completely in the vampire's care was inconceivable as such the child was sent to a boarding school until he was old enough to take over the household.

After long years working for the Professor as a test subject and as an Alchemist the day eventually came where he had to say goodbye to the human... Human lives were so very fickle, burning out as fast as a small candle and leaving only behind the distorted cold remains of the wax that once fed the fire it emitted. Oh, allegories at this time of the night where not good, not at all... The death of the Professor affected the vampire more than he thought it would. He was used to see humans die he killed many before their time had come, but in truth he never got to share most of his life with one and been there during to witness the last heartbeats of an old heart inside the man's chest. Most hearts he heard stopping did so in his hand.

Death had come to him a few weeks after his contractor's death to tell him of Abraham's ex-wife's fate. "A heart attack." She was much younger than Abraham but he already knew Death didn't choose based on age. "You should call her to see if she wants to see Abraham before her time runs out. Guilt for her decision still has her grasping to this life." it had surprised him to hear this, he had no wish to see that woman again but he did want to feel her fear and dread in her voice as he told her the news. Maybe the idea wasn't so bad after all, she did know his relationship with the reaper of souls was close so she had no reason to not believe him.

The news were received rather calmly and after passing by the house and facing the responsibility she had accepted and later shirked away from, Tracy Van Hellsing was now ready to leave this world. Unfortunately her son's timing had certainly been frighteningly bad. And as he entered the door the scene before his eyes would be burned in his memory forever.

GENERATION 2 - Alexander[edit | edit source]

Alexander had been absolutely livid. After years away from his family he had finally graduated and had come home only to find his mother dead by the vampire's feet. Last time he had been back in Moonlight Falls his father had died and now he had his mother to join to the list. In the heat of the moment he assumed the vampire to have been the perpetrator of the crime in front of his eyes and since he knew not how else to punish the vampire he locked Alucard in the small cell bellow the house. Months passed and when he was already out cold due to starvation he took the opportunity to apply a stronger seal to the vampire that bound all his powers and only allowed him to release them with his permission. He was made to change his appearance since his childish looks irritated Alexander "A creature as evil as you should not his looks to pull at human pity"

GENERATION 3 - Arthur[edit | edit source]

And so the eventful day came when the third generation of Hellsing's was brought onto this world. Born on a night of a Full Moon, Arthur came into being. He was followed later by his younger brother Richard. However Alucard couldn't find himself caring much for Richard. He wouldn't inherit the household and wouldn't be the one he would have to bow down to so he was of little consequence. Plus, the small child named Arthur interested him, maybe it was due to the strange similarity with his grandfather Abraham, at least when it came to his hair color of a pale blond almost white color. Maybe it was due to the babies quiet nature (What a blessing THAT was!). But the most interesting about the boy would have to be, most definitely... His blood. After being around his master's wife for a few years he could now easily sense Fay blood and the boy shared his mother's gift in his veins. And his blood... In the future his blood would be the only one would be able to take. Alexander had given him a great gift indeed... Not the freedom he craved, of course, but after almost a hundred years (had it really been that long already?) in service of this family he had already stopped obsessing over his freedom. It would come, eventually, but due to the heavy magic bonds Alexander had sealed him with there was not much he himself could do. Killing any of the Hellsing's was out of the question and since he was kept away from outsiders he couldn't influence anyone to "accidentally" run over one of the children or drop a knife on them. Haa... So many ideas that would never see the light of day... How utterly boring...  What sort of  master would this child develop into he wondered... He had become quite interested in participating in this play that he was thrown into. Some characters might, after all, bring about quite the show. Plus, he couldn't deny how interesting his life had become ever since he joined the family. To be tamed might not be so bad after all.