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Sunday with Serge[edit | edit source]

It's 5AM, Sunday morning. Serge has the day off today, but it's not in his blood to sleep in. He's up and out tending to his two garden plots.

Serge Barb watering his plants.png

Oh, look who finally decided to show up. Count Nery Wood, hello!

Nery Wood shows up on Serge's lot.png

Serge has for him a wonderful morning present!

Nery Wood getting slapped by Serge.png

After Nery leaves, Felicia Rusewicz shows up looking for trouble too!

Felicia sneaking onto Serge's lot.png

Felicia kicking Serge's trash can.png

"And what do YOU think you're doing?! Moron!!"

Serge shoving Felicia for kicking his trash can.png

Serge picking up his knocked over trash can.png

"When life gives you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade," Serge tells himself. "Hehehe. That's what I'm doing!"

Serge putting garbage in the compost.png

Later that morning, Serge heads out to the gym. He's not too interested in fighting people today; he just wants to use the facilities here.

Serge Barb going to the gym.png

Serge Barb diving in the pool at the gym.png

Serge swimming in the pool gym.png

Serge floating on his back.png

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in." Normally, Serge would be the first to strike, but today he's not in the mood for fighting. "Look, I'm not here to bother you today," he said. "Go away and mind your own business."

Serge being swarmed by his enemies.png

They wouldn't. For the first time in his life, Serge felt like he was the one being bullied.

Jason Menon slapping Serge.png

Julien Cooke insulting Serge.png

Gretchen Boyle poking Serge.png

Eventually, it's Jason Menon that starts the fight.

Jason Menon starting a fight with Serge.png

Jason and Serge fighting 1.png

Jason and Serge fighting 2.png

Jason and Serge fighting 3.png

Serge wins, as usual. Weakling Menon doesn't stand a chance.

Jason losing a fight with Serge.png

"You're disturbing the peace once again, Serge!! How many times do I have to warn you before I have to drive you back to the station in handcuffs?!"

Serge arguing with the cops 1.png

"It's not my fault that today's incident started! All I did was come here to work out!"

Serge arguing with the cops 2.png

Disgruntled at the whole thing, Serge makes himself a lunch meat sandwich and eats alone.

Serge making himself a lunch meat sandwich at the gym.png

Serge eating a lunch meat sandwich at the gym.png

When the three have left the lot, Serge decides to cool off a little. The dance sphere is one of his favourite rides.

Serge using the dance sphere 1.png

Serge using the dance sphere 2.png

Serge using the dance sphere 3.png