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Burb family
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The Burbs have finally accomplished their true suburban dream! Fresh air, lush countryside nearby, and beautiful beaches. However, the dream isn't completed for John, as something suspicious is going on with Jennifer...
Name Burb family
Members John Burb, Jennifer Burb, Lucy Burb, Unborn baby Burb
Number of generations 4 generations
Lot Suburban Dream
Funds §18,000
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Plains

The Burb family is a family in Willow Plains. The family consists of John and Jennifer Burb, and their daughter Lucy Burb. Jennifer is also expecting her second child.


Burb: Slang for "suburb" which describes Willow Plains.
John: Popular name meaning "Yahweh is Gracious" or "God is Gracious".
Jennifer: Popular name meaning "fair, white, smooth".
Lucy: Popular name meaning "light".