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Caritas family
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The Caritas has always been a family with a dreary aura, and a gloomy history. With Angela being super cheerful and happy, can Henry and Charlotte follow her steps to happiness?
Name Caritas family
Members Henry Caritas, Charlotte Caritas, Angela Caritas
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Goth family
Lot Ambrosia Mansion
Funds §35,000
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Plains

The Caritas family is a family in Willow Plains. It consists of Henry and Charlotte Caritas, and their daughter Angela Caritas. Henry and Charlotte also have a son Marcus Goth, who is married to Cassandra Goth. They are also grandparents of Amelia Goth, who is the daughter of Marcus and Cassandra.

The Caritas family has recently moved to their new town of Willow Plains, after moving away from their old town of Hidden Springs. The move didn't have any drastic reasons behind it, other than the couple looking for a more tranquil place to live in. Marcus, who had moved in earlier, was also another reason for the sudden move.

Both Henry and Charlotte have been gloomy their whole lives, especially after Henry's parents died from laughter. The reason for such laughter is unknown, but many assume it being caused from Henry's ugly look back when he was a child. Charlotte's sad origins came from losing her pet llama, which ran away after her father made it very scared. The gloomy origins was then the reason for Henry's and Charlotte's everlasting love for each other.

The history of the Caritat family started from Roaring Heights, after the noble woman commonly referred to as "Lady Cypress" broke up with her husband who was too keen on drinking games. The woman's love and kindness towards the city's orphans created her surname "Caritas" replacing her old surname that she had abandoned. Lady Cypress then adopted three orphans into her big mansion. One was lost to fire soon after the move, but the two survivors continued the family tree with great honor.

Thirty years after Lady Cypress' death, a man named Andre Caritas started a small library business in Hidden Springs. The sudden success he had gained from the business made Andre start a giant library chain called Caritas' Books, referred today as the Hidden Libraries company. Andre's son, Lincoln Caritas, would also become a well known author in his twenties. However, after Lincoln's death her crazy wife used his success as a tool to gain lots of Simoleons, which later backfired and caused her to go completely insane. The gloomy era of the Caritas family had started. She then had to sent her only son to the small town of Midnight Hollow, as the residents of Hidden Springs tried to make her homeless.

The son, who would later become Henry's father, barely survived in Midnight Hollow as an orphan and managed to fell in love with a beautiful woman, who had adored the boy's bravery. The new couple moved back to Hidden Springs after their wedding, long after the crazy woman's departure. The family name, however, wasn't cleared but the issues they faced weren't anything major.


Caritas: Latin, meaning "love" and "kindness".
Henry: From the Germanic name Heimirich which meant "home ruler".
Charlotte: French feminine diminutive of Charles.
Angela: Feminine form of Angelus.