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Kyon Vesprit ( /ˈkɔːn ˈvɛsprɪt/) is the main antagonist against k6ka. His identity is largely unknown, as is his appearance and real name. He was brought into the "war against k6ka" after encountering the ruins of Chalmer's Bay, k6ka's first world with which he destroyed. Vesprit became furious at k6ka and ignited an ongoing "spiritual warfare" that rages on to this day.

History[edit | edit source]

Kyon Vesprit's origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is long believed that Kyon is an Internet troll that once knew k6ka personally. Formerly "childhood friends", the two drifted apart throughout adolescence. Vesprit, being of a different background, was frequently bullied as a child, causing him to develop feelings of resentment. Though k6ka was once good friends with him, he began to distance himself from Vesprit in order to avoid being associated with him and potentially being bullied himself, fuelling Vesprit's anger. Vesprit was arrested and criminally charged with assault, a crime that he claimed that he had never committed and was falsely accused of. He and his family left the country soon after the charges were dropped.

Vesprit returned as a mysterious person on the Internet. He was known for abusing sockpuppet accounts on numerous different websites and engaged in both obvious and non-obvious forms of trolling. His trolling was so skillful that he often managed to convince even experienced moderators to respond to him, giving him the negative attention and recognition that he craved and wanted more of. After getting entire VPN and proxy ranges blocked from seven-hundred different websites and even being refused access to the Tor network by his ISP, Vesprit turned to a different form of troublemaking. It is not known how Vesprit was able to enter the world of The Sims that k6ka was in, nor is it known the full extent the amount of power he was able to obtain. Some have suggested that he had entered the world through the use of malware.

When Vesprit entered the world, he was greeted with the destroyed, inhospitable remnants of Chalmer's Bay, and became furious at k6ka for his actions. He went to the Netherworld and managed to resurrect a number of Sims killed in the first revolution from the Grim Reaper with §50,000. He then told the resurrected Sims about the story of k6ka and how he had destroyed their old world, and offered to secure their revenge provided that they were loyal to him and worked for him. They agreed, and Vesprit returned to the Netherworld to collect more Sims until the Grim Reaper cancelled the deal. With an army of about 200 Sims and with plans to expand his underground organization, Vesprit used Chalmer's Bay as a headquarters for his operations.

Vesprit's organization was quickly noticed by k6ka, who began to attack the organization using his newly created Vigilant Forces army. Vesprit and his soldiers aim to entice as many Sims as possible to rebel against k6ka and weaken his control over the world. k6ka responded by declaring that Sims who refused to follow his rules were to have their aspiration meters depleted to zero upon their death, and their souls banished to an eternity in the Netherworld; those who obeyed his rules were not sent to the Netherworld upon their death, but instead brought over to Sunrise Grove to live indefinitely.

Although following Vesprit is often seen as an obviously illogical choice, Vesprit typically tricks Sims into following him by appealing to their desires and their self-centeredness; he promises a good, comfortable life filled with material goods in complete opposition to what k6ka preached, which involved a life of humility even through tough times. Following Vesprit has been known to lead to a comfortable life, while many of k6ka's followers are poor and hungry. Usually, however, by the time they reach the end of their lives and realize what their decisions have ultimately led up to, it is too late to turn back.