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Saturday's shocking secret[edit | edit source]

When Jake woke up at 7AM on Saturday morning, he found the house in a state of disarray. Tucker's pet bed had green whiff clouds emanating from it; the bathroom floor was a watery mess from his two sons and the dog using the shower; and the kitchen was swarming with flies from the dirty dishes and the dried gunk on the counters.

Jake waking up to a filthy pet bed.png

Jake waking up to a watery mess in the bathroom.png

Jake waking up to a gross kitchen.png

Jake doesn't feel like going to work, but when the carpool arrives, he decided not to risk his job again.

Jake Logan heading to work leaving his messy house behind.png

"Alright, dad's gone," Ryan says when the team bus drives off into the distance. "Let's go inside his room and see what's in it!"

Ryan and Jordan Logan sneaking into dad's bedroom.png

The two dig around in their father's bedroom until Ryan comes across a large stash of magazines.

Ryan and Jordan Logan coming across their dad's stash.png

"Eww... what the heck are in these magazines?!" Jordan exclaimed.

"Oh man, I think I know why mom broke up with dad now," Ryan said. "He's been busy looking at these!"

"But what are these?"

"I'll tell you, but don't tell your friends about it, okay? And definitely don't tell dad."

Ryan and Jordan Logan looking at their dad's stash.png

When Jake gets home at 3PM, he takes a look at the filthy kitchen and decided enough was enough.

Jake Logan looking at the messy kitchen with disapproval.png

"You two better get your lazy butts moving and clean this damn house before I kick you two out onto the curb to live with the raccoons!!"

Jake Logan being furious.png

His two sons knew better than to argue. They avoided eye contact with their dad, knowing his secret.

Ryan and Jordan Logan cleaning the kitchen while Jake looks on.png

Jake disappears into his room. An hour later, a pizza delivery van arrives. Ryan goes to answer it, but Jake tells him off. He grabs the pizza himself and returns to his room with the entire box.

Jake Logan bringing a pizza upstairs while his sons look on.png

"This is getting really weird..." Jordan whispers.

"Let's get out of here for a bit," Ryan said. They use Ryan's employee discount at Amar's Restaurant to get their evening meal.

Ryan and Jordan Logan eating out at Amar's Restaurant.png