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Patzer family
Patzer family photo.png
Patzer, sick of the so-called "Suburban Goodness", has moved to a place which he hopefully finds more suitable to his urban liking.
Name Patzer family
Lot The Crossroads Apartments
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Neighborhood SimVille

The Patzer family is a family in SimVille. It consists of Cody Patzer, an apathetic Sim who is disinterested in thinking about the future and only seeks to satisfy his present desires and appetites.

Original MTS post[edit | edit source]

The following was posted to ModTheSims on October 24, 2017. The original post can be found here.

The Patzers

What is it with men in this town?! They're either big slobs, really lazy, distastefully lustful, or all of the above! But here we are about to tell the tale of a man who is neither of the three...

Wait. Hrm. Okay, nevermind. We will cover those Sims another time. For now, here's (yet) another Sim who is not particularly fond of work, and more about treating life as if it were one big coffee shop.

The Patzer Family

Patzer family photo.png

Patzer, sick of the so-called "Suburban Goodness", has moved to a place which he hopefully finds more suitable to his urban liking.

The Patzer family consists of only one Sim, and though he shares his name with that darned Cody Day, the two have some differences. For one, Cody Patzer has no children, and he's extra careful not to fall into the pit Cody Day found himself in. Cody Patzer also fancies sitting in a coffee shop with his laptop, gorging on free WiFi and greeting any friends that come in, but he's not that into dating or anything. Cody Day, on the other hand, is more of a one-night stand guy. Cody Patzer grew up in the suburbs, and he eventually grew to hate life up there; he moved to a town where everything was close by and within walking distance or a short bus ride away. Cody Day spent his entire life in the city, but he thinks the suburbs might not be a bad place to live (It would, however, make things much harder for his five illegitimate sons).

Anyways, without further ado, let's jump right into...

The Sims

Cody Patzer

Cody Patzer photo.png

Cody just wants a chill, laid back life hanging out with friends. He's not all that interested in doing anything particularly out of the ordinary.

Cody Patzer is an only child. He's unmarried because he's disinterested in having to deal with sharing his apartment with a spouse. He dresses in simple clothes because he hates how it takes so long to put formalwear on. He cleans his place, but he's fine with leaving some messes around here and there. He has a job, but he's not rich, nor is he interested in working to get rich. He has friends, but he doesn't like having them over; he prefers outings at a community lot instead.

Cody Patzer seems like a mixed bag at first, but in reality, he's pretty chill. Maybe a little too chill...

Cody Patzer lounging on couch.png

Cody works as a Coffee Shop Sound Engineer in the Music career, but he has no interest in advancing up the career ladder. For one, he gets to work at his favourite coffee shop and not have to stand behind the counter sweating and taking orders. He also gets access to all of the songs on Simify,[n 1] ad-free and with unlimited access. When he's done fiddling with the controls, he can play games on his laptop. And on top of all that, he gets free coffee and donuts! Not a bad job. A promotion to Summer Camp Music Teacher would mean more money, but it would also mean losing those benefits, and he does not want to spend a full day dealing with kids!

Personality-wise, Cody's an Aquarius, and is fairly balanced in most respects. His 6 outgoing and playful points make him popular amongst friends, while his 4 neat and active points ensures that he at least takes somewhat good care of his apartment and his body. Cody's slow to anger, but he hates Serge Barb more than snot. His one body skill point means that Serge almost always kicks his butt, though.

The House

Cody Patzer lives in The Crossroads Apartments, located right in the heart of Old SimVille. It is an unmodified version of the apartment lot of the same name in Belladonna Cove.

The Crossroads Apartments SimVille topdown view.png

The Crossroads Apartments - road map.png

Cody lives in the northeastern apartment. He lives quite comfortably in it, and he's able to make the rent, at least. There's a little kitchen, a common room, and a balcony. The balcony's the worst part of the apartment, however: it doesn't face the street, unlike the apartments on the west side of the lot, and he only gets to stare at the front yard of the SimVille Sporting Center. He's not really an exercise freak.

Cody Patzer's apartment 1st floor.png

Not too many apartments around here have multiple stories, but The Crossroads Apartment is one of them. On the second floor is Cody's rather spacious bedroom (For one guy, I mean! The Day boys would kill to have this room!), a small bathroom, and a spare bedroom that Cody converted into a small exercise room. Yes, he sometimes does like to work out, but he doesn't push himself very hard. I imagine he just wants to feel the burn a little, maybe keep that belly in check, and that's it.

Cody Patzer's apartment 2nd floor.png

The communal area's pretty desolate, but there's a grill and a chess table here, at least.

The Crossroads Apartments communal area.png

A brief glimpse of life in the Patzer family

Cody's carpool doesn't come until 12pm, so he sleeps through the Sixam wakeup time.

Cody Patzer still sleeping.png

He wakes up at the shockingly late hour of 7 o'clock.

Cody Patzer waking up.png

A little cereal will do him good. And some coffee.

Cody Patzer eating breakfast.png

Cody Patzer drinking coffee.png

Most of his friends are at work in the morning, so he passes the time with some computer games.

Cody Patzer playing computer games.png

At 12pm, his ride comes honking its horn. Cody hops on and works until 8pm.

Cody Patzer going to work.png

Coffee shop pastries are not good for dinner. 'Least not in Cody's mind. Immediately after work, Cody heads to a nearby restaurant. Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats, anyone?

Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats at night.png

Cody's in luck tonight. His apartment neighbour Michelle Tse; the owner of Cooke's Place, Julien Cooke; and family chef Angela Kovax are there. They greet him and they dine and bowl together for a bit.

Cody Patzer and friends dining out.png

Cody Patzer and friends bowling together.png

Cody Patzer takes the ball.png

Cody takes a nosedive into the gutter.

Cody Patzer gutter ball.png

Ahh... a chill night. Nothing stressful going on! Cody likes it when things are simple, and tonight he's having a good time. That is, until an unwanted guest shows up...

Serge Barb storming onto Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats.png

Serge does not like Michelle's face.

Serge Barb slapping Michelle Tse.png

He gives Cody a rough shove.

Serge Barb shoving Cody Patzer.png

He splashes water onto Julien's face.

Serge Barb throwing a drink at Julien Cooke.png

And he starts a fight with Angela Kovax.

Serge Barb starting a fight with Angela Kovax.png

Serge vs Angela 1.png

Serge vs Angela 2.png

Serge vs Angela 3.png

His rampage ends short when Angela gets the upper hand.

Angela kicking Serge's butt.png

Shoo you little green grunt!

Cody Patzer shooing Serge Barb.png

But alas, the night's already been ruined. Cody's not in the mood to be out of the house anymore thanks to Serge mucking things up. He says goodbye to his friends and heads home. He spends the next few hours mooching around on the computer.

Cody Patzer wasting time on computer.png

His average bedtime is 2am.

Cody Patzer hitting the hay.png


Cody Patzer's life seems rather dull, and in a sense it is. He doesn't think too much about the future, and is more focused on his pleasures in the present. He hasn't saved much money up over the years, and definitely has no intentions on investing it into charity or anything of the like. While there are certainly lazier Sims in this town—Cory Firebaum, to shame name one example—Cody definitely needs to learn that an unproductive life of laziness and comfort is hardly ever worth living. He'll be quick to realize this once he's on his deathbed wishing he did more in his life.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. The Simlish version of Spotify.