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Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory
Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory - neighbourhood view.png
Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory as seen in the neighbourhood view.
Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory - road map.png
The location of Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory (red circle) in SimVille.
Lot type Community
Lot size 2x4
Number of floors 6
Neighborhood SimVille
Game The Sims 2
Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory has everything you need to get that flabby old you burned off and burned out! Special prizes go to Sims who reach the top! (Only for really active Sims and Sims that are really desperate to lose weight.)

Sweat 'n' Sweat Glory is an unowned community lot in SimVille. It was built entirely by K6ka.

The lot is largely built upon a hill, with three levels or "step terraces", followed by a tower on the third terrace. The first terrace, located at street level, is intended to be the "Easy Level"; it has a swimming pool, a basketball court, and bathrooms with showers. The second terrace is intended to be an "Intermediate Level" and contains an axe throwing target, a military obstacle course, monkey bars, an Exerto Punching Bag and its one-tile variant, and a dance sphere. The third terrace, known as the "Hard Terrace", contains a breakdancing mat and a log rolling pit. The ultimate challenge, however, is the tower, where Sims must climb five flights of spiral staircases in order to reach the top. The top of the tower contains a number of "rewards" that hardworking Sims are supposedly able to collect. The tower also reaches the top of the cliff, giving Sims a breathtaking view of their surroundings.

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