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This article is about Simology. The Sims 3

For the similar preference system in The Sims 4, see Likes and dislikes.

Favorites are part of a Sim's personality in The Sims 3 and can be set for them in Create-A-Sim. There are three types of favorites: food, music, and color. A Sim's autonomous behavior is mildly affected by their favourites.

Favorites can be changed with the Change of Taste lifetime reward from World Adventures. Favorite music can also be changed with the testingcheatsenabled cheat, but this method cannot be used to change color or food.

Colors[edit | edit source]


Favorite colors serve no purpose other than as a conversation topic amongst Sims.

With The Sims 3: Into the Future, however, favorite colors serve a more useful purpose. Using the sonic shower with the Sim's favorite color will increase their hygiene faster, as well as grant the "Favored Cleansing" moodlet. Consuming a drink from the drink synthesizer that matches a Sim's favorite color will give them the "Favored Drink" moodlet, while drinking the opposing color will give the "It is Revolting" moodlet instead. Colors and their opposites are listed adjacent to each other below.

Image Color RGB Hex
Spice Brown (76, 41, 22) #4c2916
Grey (176, 181, 185) #b0b5b9
Turquoise (0, 149, 181) #0095b5
Purple (97, 32, 122) #61207a
Green (2, 99, 68) #026344
Irish Green (0, 123, 89) #007b59
Lime (67, 189, 44) #43bd2c
Aqua (0, 162, 224) #00a2e0
Orange (238, 125, 59) #ee7d3b
White (255, 255, 255) #ffffff
Image Color RGB Hex
Spiceberry (107, 29, 81) #6b1d51
Violet (159, 33, 132) #9f2184
Lilac (142, 124, 182) #8e7cb6
Yellow (255, 247, 0) #fff700
Red (214, 37, 43) #d6252b
Hot Pink (233, 57, 142) #e9398e
Pink (248, 148, 174) #f894ae
Sea Foam (270, 230, 222) #0ee6de
Blue (41, 66, 148) #294294
Black (0, 0, 0) #000000

Food[edit | edit source]


Sims who eat their favorite food will clap and laugh as they eat, and are more likely to autonomously make it. With Late Night or Supernatural, vampires will always favor O-positive plasma, a type of blood in real life. With Island Paradise, Mermaids will always favor Kelp.

Patch 31, with the release of Showtime, introduces new vegetarian and tofu-contained alternatives to existing recipes in the game. Vegetarian Sims can choose these as favourites in place of the non-vegetarian foods.

The game files contain favorite food icons for hot wings, nachos, olive platters, onion rings, shrimp cocktail, and hot and sour soup in the game files, but these are actually not available as chooseable favorites in the game.

For recipes, see Cooking (The Sims 3)#Recipes.
Image Food EP
Autumn Salad &BG
Cheesesteak &BG
Cobbler &BG
Cookies &BG
Dim Sum &BG
Fish and Chips &BG
French Toast &BG
Fruit Parfait &BG
Goopy Carbonara &BG
Grilled Cheese &BG
Grilled Salmon &BG
Hamburger &BG
Hot Dog &BG
Key Lime Pie &BG
Lobster Thermidor &BG
Mac and Cheese &BG
Ratatouille &BG
Pancakes &BG
Peanut Butter and Jelly &BG
Spaghetti &BG
Stu Surprise &BG
Sushi &BG
Tri-Tip Steak &BG
Waffles &BG
Crepes &EP01
Egg Rolls &EP01
Falafel &EP01
Image Food EP
Frogs Legs &EP01
Shawarma &EP01
Stir-Fry &EP01
O Positive[food 1] &EP03

Cheese Tofu Steak &EP06
Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich &EP06
Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce &EP06
Tofu Dog &EP06
Tri-Tip Tofu Steak &EP06
Vegetarian Dim Sum &EP06
Vegetarian Fish and Chips &EP06
Vegetarian Grilled Salmon &EP06
Veggi Rolls &EP06
Veggie Burger &EP06
Vegetarian Lobster Thermidor &EP06
Aloo Masala Curry &EP07
Ceviche &EP07
Chili Con Carne &EP07
Firecracker Shrimp &EP07
Firecracker Tofu &EP07
Mushroom Omelette &EP07
Porcini Risotto &EP07
Potato and Truffle Torte &EP07
Vegetarian Chili &EP07
Pumpkin Pie &EP08
Kelp[food 2] &EP10
  1. Vampires only.
  2. Mermaids only.

Music[edit | edit source]

See also: Radio stations

Sims listening to their favorite genre of music will get a +40 "Enjoying Music" moodlet, instead of +10. If a Sim is instructed to "Dance" to a stereo, they will change it to their favorite radio station.

Due to a glitch in the game, it was possible for a Sim to have "French" as their favorite music without The Sims 3: World Adventures installed. This is fixed with game update 1.8/2.3. Subsequent expansion or stuff packs will also change a Sim's favorite music from "Custom" to a random station.

Image Music EP
Classical &BG
Custom &BG
Electronica &BG
Indie &BG
Kids &BG
Latin &BG
Pop &BG
Chinese &EP01
Egyptian &EP01
French &EP01
Roots &EP02
Soul &EP02
Rockabilly &SP02
Hip-Hop &EP03
Image Music EP
Country Music &EP05
R&B &EP05
Songwriter &EP05
Dark Wave &EP07
Disco &SP08
Rap &SP08
Rock &SP08
Geek Rock &EP09
Beach Party &EP10
Island Life &EP10
Epic &SP09
Spooky &SP09
Western &SP09
DigiTunes &EP11

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