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The Sims: Makin' Magic

Final Word Fortune Machine
File:Final Word Fortune Machine.png
Come one, come all, to the "Final Word" in fortune telling: the fantastically fabulous fortunes of Mea Fortuna. Let her read what's in your mind and in your heart, for mere pittance in your wallet. (Machine comes with techno-mechanical fortune teller only. Do not kick or strike machine. Do not use machine if machine is not properly grounded or powered.)
Game The Sims: Makin' Magic
Buyability Buy Mode
Price in game §1199
Object type(s) Arcade
Size 1x1

The Final Word Fortune Machine is introduced in The Sims: Makin' Magic. It is a purported fortune-telling machine that can be found in Magic Town, but also purchased for other types of public lots. Once a coin is inserted and the machine is activated, an animatronic gypsy called Mea Fortuna springs to life and delivers her readings to the Sim who uses the machine. Almost all of her fortunes end by asking the Sim to deposit another coin.

Although Mea Fortuna's readings seem bogus, many of them are actually meta-references to the game itself. A few of her fortunes also reveal the the secret recipes for the Magic Tart and Magic Nectar, both of which cannot be found listed in the Recipe Book.

All of her readings are delivered through dialogue boxes. Her fortunes have no gameplay effect.

Topic Fortune Reference
Pool Beware the pool with no ladder. For as in life, it is easy to enter by diving in, but no one as of yet has been able to figure out how to dive out.

Insert another coin to hear more . . .

Refers to how Sims will drown if they enter a pool with no ladder to get out.
Guidance They who spin in circles are without a route, and have wandered from the path. They need guidance, but be wary of getting in their way. You need guidance, but be wary of the obstacles in your own way.

Insert another coin and I will tell you more . . .

Refers to route failure experienced by Sims, commonly from objects blocking their path.
Weather The weather tomorrow will be much the same as it was today. In order for you to weather your own personal storms, you should embrace the temperate climate, both physically and emotionally.

Insert another coin and I will reveal all . . .

Refers to the lack of weather in the game. And other than a few areas on Vacation Island, the climate is always temperate.
Gnomes The crafted gnome is a magical asset to any garden. He who denies the gnome its green thumb accepts the black and blue shin.

I need another coin to reveal more . . .

Refers to how any Gnomes on a lot will spring to life and kill all plants if the Perfect Garden charm is used in their presence.
Fun Are you tired or are you weary? Does life feel drab and dreary? Pick your motives up my friend, I see fun ++ around the bend.

Insert another coin and I will reveal more . . .

Crystals A mysterious crystal will appear near your home. Its many facets will reflect your own. You will find new ways of expressing feeling, as though six new cards were ready for dealing.

Even now your fate requires another coin . . .

Refers to the Crystal Clear Ability Rocks, which can grow on lots after heavy magical use and bestow a unique ability on a Sim. There are seven different crystals in total.
Clean Start When the world around you seems to come crashing down, it may be time for a clean start. Gain new hope and new horizons by installing a sense of new beginnings and uncluttered living.

Another coin will unlock another fortune . . .

Refers to evicting Sims and moving them into a new house. No objects can be transferred from one lot to another, so the family must start afresh.
Topsy-Turvy Beware of those who seem to live in a topsy-turvy world. Their upside-down look on life will undoubtedly corrupt your own.

Insert another coin to hear more . . .

Refers to the upside-down thumbnail of a Sim that generally appears in place of a regular thumbnail when that Sim's character file is corrupted.
Magic Food There is more to be made with life than what can be written in a book. Secrets abound, and it is said that "he who eats of the magical tart or drinks of the magical nectar has probably figured out how to make really cool stuff."

Surely now you will insert another coin . . .

Informs the player of the existence of the secret recipes.
Magic Nectar recipe Do not be deceived by appearances. Mystery lies within. Even the common toad has its sweaty secrets. On a sunny day, take this sweat, combine it with a double helping of grapes, and stomp them in a vat. A mystery of the ages will be revealed to you.

Your search for secrets requires another coin . . .

Recipe for Magic Nectar: x1 Toad Sweat and x2 Grapes. Made in the A Pressing Feeling nectar press.
Magic Tart recipe One part Baking Mix, one part Butter, one part Pixie Dust . . . stir them with vigor, heat them with fire, serve hot to stoke the fires of those around you. A mystery of the ages will be revealed.

Your search for secrets requires another coin . . .

Recipe for Magic Tart: x1 Baking Mix, x1 Butter, and x1 Pixie Dust. Made with the Standard Plus Brick Oven.
Sorrow When sorrows come they come not single spies but in battalions. When it rains it pours. All good things must come to an end. Your future is hazy . . . but it doesn't look good.

Maybe you should quit while you're ahead?

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