Fishing pier

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Fishing Pier
Fishing for ways to get more simoleons out of your tourists? You just landed the big one! With a pier you'll have Sims hooked on fishing, family bonding and renting pricey gear in no time! Sun-washed redwood virtually indestructible by humans or their spawn. Price includes Dept. of Fishing and Oceans application fee, Army Bureau of Life tithe, Coastal Commission Tax, Naval Corps of Water Licensing Toll, Family Fun Fair-Value Tax.
Game The Sims: Vacation
Buyability Community lot only
Price in game §888
Object type(s) Fun
Size 1x5 land, 5x3 + 1x3 water

The fishing pier is an object introduced in The Sims: Vacation. Sims can use the fishing pier to go fishing. Multiple Sims can fish at one pier, and once one member of a family has rented a fishing pole from the rental shack, others, including townies, can join the activity without having to visit the shack or pay extra. Although caught fish can't be kept, Sims will still gain fun from doing so.

Once a fishing pier is built, other objects can be placed on the pier. If the pier is moved, the objects will not be moved along with it.