Flores family

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The Sims Pet Stories

Flores family
Flores family.png
Amaya has lived in Garden Heights for as long as Alice Whitt. She and Alice are the best of friends. Amaya's dog Roscoe is friendly and playful, but very hyper. Amaya is always looking for romantic fun with no lasting attachments.
Name Flores family
Members Amaya Flores, Roscoe Flores
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot 1361 Dargail Lane
Funds §5,632
Other information
Game TSPS Icon.png The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Garden Heights

The Flores family is a pre-made family from Garden Heights, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. The family consists of Amaya Flores and her dog, Roscoe. Amaya is looking for romance, but only with someone who loves dogs as much as her! She is also best friends with Alice Whitt, and has been trying to help her out as much as possible. Roscoe is a very friendly dog that likes to play with Amaya, or any other stranger that comes along.

The Flores family lives in 1361 Dargail Lane and becomes playable from there after the Best in Show story is finished.


Flores: Spanish and Portuguese for "flowers"

  • Amaya: Japanese for "night rain"
  • Roscoe: from an English surname, originally derived from a place name, which meant "doe wood" in Old Norse


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