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The Sims Medieval

Focus is an indicator of how well or badly a Sim is doing in The Sims Medieval. It replaces the mood meter that was previously in The Sims series. As in The Sims 3, it is the sum of a Sims moodlets (called buffs in the medieval time).

Focus has a major role in The Sims Medieval. It is one of the two factors that raises the quest performance, the other one being quest completion. When the focus meter is higher than neutral, it shows green and it makes the quest performance meter to go up; but when it's lower than neutral, it shows red and it makes the quest performance meter to go down.

Likewise, focus has a major involvement on the main interactions in the game, such as (but not limited to) dueling, crafting objects, gathering resources, performing several actions (such as a bard playing or a knight going on a hunt), and so on. Having low focus will often result in the Sim failing the action or performing it with low success.

Generally speaking, completing the Sim's responsibilities, taking care of energy and hunger needs, as well as other actions like socializing positively, counteracting the Sim's fatal flaw, having fun or making the Sim feel great are the main ways of raising the focus.

On the other hand, failing responsibilities, not taking care of energy and hunger needs, not taking care of the Sim's fatal flaw and getting hurt are the main actions that will add negative buffs.

It is important to note that positive focus will make the quest performance meter to raise over time (the higher the faster), but having negative focus will have a tremendous and fast decrease on such meter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although focus is used instead of mood, mood is still mentioned in The Sims Medieval. The "Tired" buff mentions that "their mood begins to go south" hence that mood is not used (Unchanged from The Sims 3), morose's trait description is unchanged from The Sims 3's version. If a responsibility failed, a buff will mention mood. This may be due to the fact The Sims Medieval is based on The Sims 3. Some Fatal Flaws mention mood, this could be from the beta or due to the fact that it is based on The Sims 3.
    • Also in The Sims Medieval, the Sim will smile (Focus is high) or become unhappy (Focus is low) so it is most likely based on mood from The Sims 3.

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