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GilsCarbo family
Name GilsCarbo family
Members Goopy GilsCarbo
Number of generations 1 generation
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Pleasantview
GilsCarbo family
GilsCarbo family (Barnacle Bay).png
Alice and Celeste GilsCarbo are a hard-working single mother and young daughter who are trying to carve out a new life in an old town.
Name GilsCarbo family
Members Alice GilsCarbo, Celeste GilsCarbo
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 47 Old Fisherman's Pass
Funds §30,000
Difficulty level 2 of 6
Other information
Game TS3BB Icon.png The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Barnacle Bay
GilsCarbo family
GilsCarbo family (Monte Vista).png
The GilsCarbo family lives the simple life. Eduardo expresses his passion for music and Carlotta joyfully cares for her family. They love their happy baby, Goopy, and find his early obsession with cowboys and plaid endearing.
Name GilsCarbo family
Members Eduardo GilsCarbo, Carlotta GilsCarbo, Goopy GilsCarbo
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 8 Via Veronaville
Funds §14,000
Difficulty level 3 of 6
Other information
Game TS3MV Icon.png The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Monte Vista

The GilsCarbo Family is a family in The Sims 3. There are two separate families which are found in two different worlds that are set in different timeframes; Barnacle Bay and Monte Vista.

In Barnacle Bay, Alice GilsCarbo is a single mother raising her only daughter Celeste in a new town. They live in a small house on Old Fisherman's Pass, outside of the main village.

In Monte Vista, which is set earlier, Eduardo GilsCarbo and Carlotta GilsCarbo are taking care of their toddler son, Goopy. They live in Cozy Cottage, at 8 Via Veronaville.

The family shares its name with Goopy GilsCarbo, who is a townie from Pleasantview in The Sims 2. The game strongly hints at a connection, and strongly implies that the toddler Goopy from Monte Vista is the adult Goopy from Pleasantview. However, it does not formally show a relation between the adult Goopy and either GilsCarbo family from The Sims 3, thereby leaving any theories about possible relationships up to individual players.

Family tree

Info information icon.png
Article speculation
The link between Alice, Celeste, and Goopy is unconfirmed by the video game developers

GilsCarbo Family Tree.png


The GilsCarbo Family

Eduardo GilsCarbo · Carlotta GilsCarbo
Goopy GilsCarbo · Alice GilsCarbo
Celeste GilsCarbo

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