Gramma Hattie

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Gramma Hattie
Gender Female Female
Age Elder
Life state Human
Outspoken firebrand and social activist, Gramma Hattie gets more done in a day than you could in three lives.
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Skin color Tan
Other information
Game The Urbz: Sims in the City (console)
Playability NPC
Neighborhood Miniopolis

Gramma Hattie is an Urb residing in Miniopolis. She gives the player advice on how to get to Simquarter through a protest and the protest is successful. When the Player guards the Graveyard she will give a cook book.

She then meets you after exiting the underground tunnel when leaving the bayou in order to inform you that glasstown is now an accessible area.

She ends up in prison with you at the time when the law of running is put into place

Interests and Interactions[edit | edit source]

Interest Relationship Change
Aliens -2
Annoy -2
Apologize 1
Art +2
Bayou +1
Books 0
Brag -3
Call Name -2
Carnival -2
Cars -3
Cheer Up +3
Coffee Shop +2
Complain +1
Compliment +2
Computers -2
Construction -3
Cooking +4
Cosmos +3
Crime 0
Cry +2
Dancing +2
Entertain -1
Exercise +2
Flirt +3
Games -2
Give an Opinion +3
Gossip -2
Graveyards +2
Health +2
Hobbies +2
Home +3
Home Decor +1
Hygiene +1
Insult -5
Intimidate -4
Jail +1
Jobs +3
Joke -1
Law +2
Lounge -2
Market +3
Miniopolis -2
Movies +2
Museum 0
Music +1
Nature +2
Newspaper +2
Ninjas -3
Politics +2
Rep Groups -1
River 0
Rude Gesture -8
Science 0
Shopping -2
Simoleons -2
Sleeping +1
Sports 0
Supernatural +1
Tease -1
Tell a Bad Pun +2
Tell a Secret -2
Theater -1
The World +2
Travel +1
TV -2
University +3
Weather +1
Work +2

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is one of the few Sims to not like Jibba Jabba but she doesn't dislike it either and will say "Not you too".[clarification needed] (edit by random person: could mean that she is serious about getting work done and is annoyed at trendy things that go on around her. this could be the case as it fits her charater as a realistic person