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Game The Sims 3: Ambitions
Buyability Only at the Consignment shop
Price in game Varies
Size 1x1

The Harvester is a new object created by Sims in The Sims 3: Ambitions who possess the Inventing skill. It can also be randomly found for sale at the Consignment Store. Resembling a real-life blower, and the object the Repo-man uses (but with a slightly different functionality), the Harvester is portable and can be used and carried everywhere a Sim goes. When it is activated, the Sim using it will turn on the Harvester and start to spin around sucking up any objects within a large circular radius, including gardening produce, space rocks, gems, metals, insects, scrap metal and junk while gaining Fun in the process. The Harvester does not suck up everything instantly, and it is sometimes faster to just manually pick up objects - with the exception of produce and insects that take additional time to collect normally. A Harvester that is not of the Masterful level can occasionally backfire on a Sim, resulting in a Dizzy moodlet, which can result in vomiting and cause the Sim's Fun need to plummet to zero. The Harvester is very useful in tombs.

Harvesters bought at the Consignment Store seems to backfire more than the ones made by Sims.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some players report a glitch that makes the Sims who used the harvester no longer travel in their vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.). Instead they will travel via cab or limousine (if they have access to it). This can be fixed with resetting the Sim with the "resetsim" cheat.
  • Using the harvester on gardening produce raises the user's Gardening skill. This can also cause the "The Perfect Garden" LTW to pop up on teens if the produce is Perfect quality.

Gallery[edit | edit source]