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Haunted House Residential

There is something... special about this place. While living in a Haunted House adds an extra bit of risk, it's not without its rewards! Just a fair warning, things are gonna get weird. Good Luck!

Haunted house residential is a lot assignment introduced in The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff. It is a regular residential lot that includes various "spooky" occurrences that only happen at night. Small ghosts known as Specters are seen roaming around the lot, which Sims can interact with. Other events such as flickering lights, pipes rattling or creepy dolls are also regularly found on this lot type.[1]

Lot Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Ghostly Assistance: Meet Guidry the Ghost, he’s quite the charmer.
  • Specters: Floating apparitions roam the lot at night! They can range from friendly to hostile.
  • Haunted Treasure: Specters have all sorts of strange valuables on them!
  • Paranormal Activity: Things get weird around here, especially at night… Your Sims will definitely take notice.
  • Accursed Objects: Occasionally strange artifacts find their way into your house. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • It’s Alive!: Try keeping the entities of the house on your good side.
  • Be Brave: Each successful night yields Reward Store Points for all Sims!
  • Aspiring Investigators Welcome: Become a Paranormal Investigator with the help of Guidry.
  • ????????: SHE’S COMING FOR YOU!

Night Time[edit | edit source]

From the first day Sims move into a haunted house, every night they will experience some paranormal activity from flickering lights to strange noises. On the second night Claude René Duplantier Guidry will appear and offer help and questions for players and specters begin to appear. The specters will start off happy but will continue to lower in mood until they're angry specters unless Sims can clean up occult marks and destroy cursed objects. Sims must survive in the house until they've lived seven days inside the haunted house. On the fifth night Temperance appears. Each night Sims go through they will receive 275 satisfaction points and by the end of the 7 nights Guidry will gift his clothing items in Create a Sim for all the Sims in the household.

Spiritual Volatility[edit | edit source]

Haunted houses have a status of spiritual volatility which dictate how much paranormal activity, haunted items, and ghostly presence appears during the night. Mediums can use a seance table to sense the spiritual volatility and even help calm it down by interacting with the specters and performing ceremonies. Sims who don't get rid of haunted objects will start to experience more paranormal activity as well as the specters start becoming angry.

Guidry the Ghost[edit | edit source]

Claude René Duplantier Guidry is an NPC that appears after a day or two after a Sim has moved into a haunted house, and he will offer questions and help teach Sims the basics of how to interact with specters and other paranormal happenings as the days go by. When Sims achieved maximum medium skill, they can talk to Guidry about the paranormal investigator license so the Sim can have the option in the career Freelancer.

Bonehilda[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bonehilda

Bonehilda is another NPC that is capable of being summoned after a few levels in the medium skill. Other than operating as a maid as well as a home friend, Bonehilda is capable of fending off evil specters for Sims.

Temperance[edit | edit source]

Temperance is a ghost NPC who will appear quite a while after the Sim has moved into the haunted house and she will try to make sure that Sims have a hard time trying to appease the ghosts so that the spiritual volatility will get worse and thus more spooky and scary events start to happen.

Cursed Objects[edit | edit source]

Living within a haunted house, Sims will notice overtime there will be strange objects appearing throughout the lot. The range of cursed objects are a creepy doll, a sculpture of hands, creepy branches, ectoplasm puddles, etc. When encountering these objects Sims will get the scared emotion and thus makes trying to destroy them hard. Cursed objects collectively bring down the spiritual volatility faster. If Cats & Dogs is installed, pets will react negatively to cursed objects.

Benefits of Haunted House[edit | edit source]

Sims can receive a couple benefits from being friendly with their specters, specters can leave behind spooky candy and ecto cupcakes every now and then and Sims can receive special items after the specters leave such as soul scraps, sacred candles, etc. The added bonus of specters is that they are able to protect your home from unwanted visitors such as vampires like Vladislaus Straud or even the Welcome Wagon.

Heroic Mode[edit | edit source]

Players can purchase the "Helping Hand" sculpture from the build mode catalog that allows players to stop Guidry from appearing, but more usefully is able to enact "Heroic Mode" which is a challenge mode where spiritual volatility decays faster and earn more satisfaction points. This mode makes Sims experience a more challenging side of living within a haunted house, it will be beneficial to get the Brave trait from the rewards store to help go through this challenge easier.

Once heroic mode has been activated, it cannot be stopped until after 24 Sim hours from when it was activated.

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References[edit | edit source]

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