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Subsequent IP blocking, also known as an autoblock, is a feature of the MediaWiki software that runs The Sims Wiki. If enabled, it will automatically block a blocked user's IP address, and will automatically block any account that tries to edit with the address. A subsequently blocked IP from a blocked username will appear in the block list with only an ID number (eg. #944). These blocks are not logged in the block log and the administrators are not notified of them. This is to protect the anonymity of registered users. These IPs will be blocked for 24 hours every time they try to edit. During that time, any account that tries to edit with such IPs will be autoblocked as well.

Care should be taken when enabling subsequent IP blocking on a user. If the user is on a large shared IP network, such as AOL, enabling said option could result in hundreds of innocent users being affected before the block expires.

Please note that while the original block is set by the administrator, autoblocks are set by the MediaWiki software. If you are autoblocked, please remain patient. If you can edit your talk page, you may ask for the block to be lifted.

Administrators: If you are unblocking a user, be sure to unblock any related subsequent IPs as well, as the version of MediaWiki that The Sims Wiki uses does not automatically lift autoblocks if the original block is lifted.

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