Hermit's House

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The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat

Hermit's House
Lot type Hermit's Hut
Value §45,420
Lot size 30x20
Number of floors 1
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
World Granite Falls
Game The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat

Hermit's House, also called Deep Woods, is a secret lot in Granite Falls, the sub-world introduced in The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat. Sims can only access the area via a shrub hole in the forest surrounding Granite Falls Forest. Before a Sim can fully enter the area, they have to go through a rabbit hole adventure, with the player choosing options via pop ups. After the initial visit, household Sims can simply enter the portal to travel directly to the Deep Woods.

The shrub hole entrance to the Hermit's House is located on the farthest side of the Granite Falls Forest and the player can use the "Explore" option to make Sims jump in to the adventure. During this adventure, many choose-your-own adventure style pop-ups will appear and have around two options to choose from. Multiple tries may be required before successfully accessing the secret lot. If a Sim unsuccessfully returns from the adventure, they may get an uncomfortable moodlet for a few hours and they cannot explore again until the moodlet expires. The most reliable route is to step forward, go through web, ignore the object (taking it causes the Sim to return with a tense moodlet) or sally forth, and finally approach the Sim. The adventuring Sim will then arrive to the Deep Woods and the Hermit's House.

The area surrounding Hermit's House is heavily rocky and forested, with the secret lot residing near a steep cliff dominated by various waterfalls. Near the Hermit's House is another waterfall with a fishing spot, where Sims can try catching the rare mountain lionfish that cannot be found anywhere else. Close to the waterfall there is also a campfire spot. Many wild plants, crystals, metals, fish and insects make the secret lot a great place for fishing, collecting and herbalism enthusiasts. The rare will-o-the-wisp insect can be found in the area as well and like with the mountain lionfish, it cannot be found any where else.

The hermit, a randomly generated NPC greatly isolated from the society, lives in their small house to whom Sims can freely talk to. If a Sim becomes good friends with the hermit, they can give the Sim the option to learn the "Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy" that can only be learned directly from the hermit. The house in which the hermit resides is mostly made of wood and includes many gardening boxes with harvestable plants outside alongside a campfire and a woodworking table.

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