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The Sims 3 Store

The Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon.png
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §12,900
Size 10x10

Official Item Official item
Store item Store item

Hot air balloon is a premium content in that is included with Aurora Skies. Prior to this, hot air balloons only existed as animated decorative objects around the neighborhood, as seen in neighborhood view in The Sims 2 or map view in The Sims 3.

The hot air balloon is a form of transportation around town, as well as a new place to relax and enjoy a day outdoors. Sims can enjoy a day of sightseeing, teleporting around, and even a little woohoo. You can find the hot air balloon in buy mode under Misc. Entertainment for 12,900 Simoleons. The Hot Air Balloon can only be used by Sims Teen-Elder. The Hot Air Balloon only accommodates up to two Sims.

The following options are available with the Hot Air Balloon:

  • Get in
  • Prepare for takeoff
  • Sightsee
  • Fly to
  • Drink
  • Propose
  • Woohoo
  • Land
  • Get Out

The hot air balloon is a large 10×10 object, which hovers about 10–15 feet directly above the point of takeoff. It is important to know that the Hot Air Balloon does not glide over the town. Instead, it serves as a teleportation pad that teleports along with the Sim(s) to another location.

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