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In The Sims 3 Malcolm Landgraab lives in Sunset Valley and is a good boy trying to fit in and be a normal kid. In The Sims: Console Malcolm Landgraab is a malicious repo-man stealing items from everyone in town. Which Malcolm is which? Are they different people or the same? Which version of the Landgraab Family tree is correct? Post your theories here.

Landgraab Family/Theories[edit | edit source]

  • First of all, the family from The Sims (console) and The Sims: Bustin' Out are not the Landgraab family, they are the Landgrabb family. They are not relatives with the Landgraab family. Malcolm Landgraab (The Sims 3) moved from Sunset Valley (which is Pleasantview now) to Moonlight Bay in order to extend the reach of the Landgraab family. Shortly after the start of The Sims 3 (console), he had Malcolm Landgraab II, which means he is Malcolm Landgraab I. (Moonlight Bay and Neighborhood 1 (Pleasantview in The Sims 1) are at the same time. It is unknown what happened to Moonlight Bay 25 years later. Also, The Sims Wiki says if Malcolm from The Sims 3 is Malcolm I, he would be two generations older than Mortimer Goth, considering Malcolm IV is in Bluewater Village. However, neighborhoods don't have to be at the same time with other neighborhoods (for example, Sunset Valley and Barnacle Bay are at different times) so, that would mean Bluewater Village is 2 generations younger than Pleasantview.) Later, Malcolm II moved to Bluewater Village. Two generations later, Malcolm Landgraab IV adopted a child, and named him Malcolm, which made him Malcolm Landgraab V (he had dark skin). Malcolm V married to Bambi. They found the town Beacon Bay, then more people started to move to Beacon Bay (including the Altos (not to be confused with the Altos from Sunset Valley and the Altos from Lunar Lakes) and Alexander Goth (After he dyed his hair to red and broke up with Lucy Goth (nee Burb), he moved here. He later met Cecilia here and got married with her)), which means Malcolm V is the Malcolm from The Sims 3 (Nintendo DS).
  • People need to understand the way of the names are spelt... Malcolm Landgrabb (the one from Bustin out) has his name spelt with two B's and one A (Malcolm Landgrabb) insted of Malcolm Landgraab. This flaw on The Sims Wiki is not shown but is a fact which can be found by all Bustin Out players! Mimi and Dudley also have the last name Landgrabb insted of Landgraab. This could mean that these Landgrabb's could not belong to the Landgraab's.
  • I think Malcolm Landgraab (console) had Malcolm Landgraab II, Dudley, Mimi and the player so a total of 4/5 children.
  • When you play The Sims Bustin' Out, Mom is the mother of Mimi and Dudley Landgraab and the player. So your living with Mom Landgraab in the start of the game which means the player must be Malcolm Landgraab II despite whatever gender or name the player gave their character.
  • I think Malcom Landgraab from Sims 3 and Malcom Landgraab IV are not related at all but just have the same last name.
  • Malcom Landgraab from Sims 3 is the Bustin' Out Malcom Landgraab. He had Malcom II at a very young age, while Dudley and Mimi came after. Malcom II had Malcom III at a young age, just like his dad did. Malcom III had Malcom IV at a young age as well, which explains everything.
  • It is possible that Malcom from The Sims 3 was named after a relative, also named Malcom, who is Malcom from The Sims console. Malcom from TS3 is the father of Malcom II, while the other Malcolm is merely a distant relative.
  • Could Malcolm I be the father of Dudley,Mimi and Malcolm II?
  • I think that the Malcolm Landgraab in The Sims 3 is the same one as the one in The Sims: Console and The Sims: Bustin' Out. How did he turn from good to bad? Once he lived happily as a modest businessman with his wife and kids. But Mom got sick of Malcolm going away all the time so they divorced, turning Malcolm's personality completely upside down. And what about the rest of the family? They added the Goth Senior Family to The Sims with The Sims: Unleashed so I think that they will add the rest of the Landgraab Family in a future expansion pack. How? Kermit Landgraab had two children--Chester Landgraab and Malcolm Landgraab I. Nancy Landgraab aspired to be like her uncle so named her son after him. MJ567 08:24, December 18, 2009 (UTC)
  • Malcom from the sims 3 is different because Bustin Out takes place after the Sims 3 and before The Sims 1. It would be impossible to already have 2 kids that are adults. How do I know that Bustin Out takes place before Sims 1, look at Bella Goth's article.--Amigop 22:56, December 30, 2009 (UTC)
  • This family tree is impossible.
  • Why is that both trees vary slightly because on the 2nd one some of the landgraaabs are gone and some lead no where
  • I think that the Landgraabs introduced in The Sims 3 are the missing members of Malcom II's tree. It starts with Admiral Landgraab eventually having a descendent Kermit Landgraab. Eventually Malcom is born. He grows up and first marries Hannelore and has Adrien. He then divorces and marries Bambi. They have three children: Malcom II, Dudley, and Mimi. When Bambi dies, he becomes bitter and mean. He marries Mom for a short time before they divorce. He ends his life bitter and alone. Although Malcom II continues the family line. He was born way before his younger siblings and left for Bluewater Villiage to live a sucessful life. Malcolm Landgraab on TSC is not Malcolm Landgraab I. Malcolm Landgraab on TSC is roughly Mortimer's age, Malcolm I is Chester Landgraab's brother. (Fanon photo of a young Malcolm I) This is what I think the Landgraab family tree is like.
  • I think that Nancy Landgraab is "Mom" Landgraab and that she and Geoffrey were so different that they got a divorce (or he died or something) so she married a man called Malcolm (Malcolm landgraab the sims console) and they had 2 children then divorced. then Nancy's son Malcolm becomes close to his step father and then becomes Malcolm Landgraab II. also, i think Admiral Landgraab is Kermit's father.
  • I think that the two Malcolms live in like, seperate universes, so the other doesn't exist in each other's worlds. The evil Malcolm never existed in the good Malcolm's world. Or maybe the creators didn't even consider the evil one's existence when TS3 was made.
  • I have a whole new theory...what if MalcolmIV was Malcolm Console and that Nina's lookalike was Mom? What do you think of that?--Amigop 18:33, January 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • I believe that Malcolm in Bustin' Out and the Malcolm in TS3 is the same person. My theory is that the Malcolm in TS3 got married to a snobby lady who only liked him for his money. She stole all his money and divorced him, leaving him heartbroken. He then married a rich citizen (Mom), took most of her money, and divorced her. He became obsessed with money and wanted everyone to experience the pain he had to go through in his first marriage. Bleeh [iTalk] 18:51, February 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • The Landgraabs in the Sims Console and the Landgraabs in Open for Buisness cannot be directly related, and Malcolm in the Sims Console and Malcolm in the Sims 3 cannot be the same. Bearing in mind Malcolm in TSC has 2 adult children, he must be old. Too old to have been a kid 25 years earlier and to old to have had Malcolm II. 13:34, February 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Malcolm Landgraab Fr
    The Landgraab family, what I think it is!
    om The Sims 3 is also Malcolm Landgraab From The Sims: Bustin Out. I also think Admiral Landgraab Is Malcolm Landgraab I.den i
  • well, only on Dudley's page (not incuding family trees, etc.), there is a Malcolm the first and he is the console Malcolm Landgraab's son, and on malcolm's page, there are two possible parent couples, and for the family tree to make sense, Malcolm sims 3 has to be Malcolm conosle. my theory is that maybe, when he had the family's power in his hands, and the other's died, he just wanted more, depsite the good trait. this even happens in real life.
  • I've noticed that when you leave the Story Progession mode on in The Sims 3. Nancy and Geoffery have another child either a boy or a girl. That could be Malcom Landgraab the 2nd or the girl adopted a boy and called it Malcom as Malcom Sr has no children. 00:01, May 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Here is my theory about the Landgraabs. First off, I think Admiral Landgraab is really Kermit Landgraab just to straighten that out. Now about the Malcolm in the Sims 3, he is aroung Mortimer's age. By the time Bustin Out came out, he had Dudley and Mimi (along with his oldest son, Malcolm Landgraab II) and they are a few years older than Cassandra (who is probably in college during Bustin Out). When Open for Buisness comes out, Malcolm Landgraab IV lives in Bluewater Village and (if you add Bluewater Willage to Pleasantview) he appears to be around Cassandra's age. Now, my theory about that is that the EA/Maxis expected people to have Cassandra to be atleast a grandmother by the time Malcolm IV comes along in Open for Buisness. What I am basically saying about this is that EA/Maxis wants simmers to get at least 2 generations farther in Pleasantview, so Bluewater Village lines up to it. Hope I made some sense about explaining this.
  • A Big family is what I think about the Landgraabs. For me, the Admiral Landgraab was the brother of Magnus Landraab, the one who appears in the career. They are the sons of Gregory Landgraab and a misterious women. The Admiral Landgraab had Malcolm Landgraab I, that married Mom and had Dudley, Mimi and Malcolm Landgraab II. Then is the story of The Sims 2. Magnus had Kermit and they continue the family up to Malcolm Landgraab of The Sims 3 on another family tree, Magnus descendants family tree. Vida de una Esfera WIKI 21:50, July 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • Did someone noticed if Landgraab in the sims 2 are spelled Landgrabb. So Landgraab in the sims 2 and 3 are not same family, i think in the sims bustin out, Malcolm Landgraab are kids of Geoffrey and nancy, but in the sims 2 are new sim, i think in the sims 2, Landgrabb are not relation with Langraab family in the sims 3.
  • Xxgreenbunnyxx i sort of copyed one i did sorta agree with
  • I think that Malcolm's personality just changed with the years...
  • Hmmm... I really don't know. --Guilherme Guerreiro (talk here) 21:47, December 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Admiral Landgraab is Kermits Father. i also think that Mangus Landgraab is the missing link between Malcolm IV and Malcolm (Sims 3). possibly magnus'ss middle name is Malcolm or Magnus is a fake name and Malcolm is his real name
  • I think that Malcolm Landgraab from the Sims 3 is Malcolm Landgraab, the greedy landlord with the two kids, Mimi and Dudley. I think Dudley got married and had Malcolm Landgraab II and so on. Than, Malcolm Landgraab IV had the next Malcolm who then married Hannelore and continued the family
  • --Sumaes01 15:18, April 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • IMO, Sims 3 Malcolm is Malcolm I from Sims 2 and Malcolm from Sims Bustin Out.
  • Malcom Landgraab III is the malcom is TSC. We don't know his personality but do know that Malcom Landgraab IV has a similar cut throught business atitude to Nancy so it's likely his dad did too and he (Malcom III) married Margret Buckingham after his divorce from 'mum'.

What about Hannelore Landrgraab from sims3 xbox 360

Maybe there are alot of people in the family called Malcom?

I think that both Landgrabb famillies are real but they are diffrent famillies with the same surname

Generation 1 Gregory Landgraab

Generation 2 Admiral Landgraab Magnus Landgraab

Generation 3 Kermit Landgraab-Kitty Landgraab Malcolm Landgraab I

Generation 4 Chester Landgraab-Queenie Landgraab Malcolm Landgraab II-Marion Landgraab

Generation 5 Nancy Landgraab-Geoffrey Landgraab Malcolm Landgraab III-Margaret Landgraab

Generation 6 Malcolm Landgraab-Mom Landgraab Malcolm Landgraab IV-Hannelore Landgraab

Generation 7 Dudley Landgraab-Mimi Landgraab Adrien Landgraab

Basically, Malcolm ended up like his mother, as stated in the Sims 3 family bio.