List of songs in The Sims Social

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This is a list of songs from The Sims Social. All of the radio station music was taken from The Sims, The Sims 2 (including console versions), and The Sims 3; the only original music the game featured was in the Create a Sim screen.

In-game music[edit | edit source]

Title Mode Composer Preview
The Sims Social Theme Loading Screen Junkie XL N/A
Fly Away CAS Junkie XL
Epic Dreams CAS Junkie XL
Consumerism Simplified Buy/Build Mode Steve Jablonsky
Ohhh Ahhh Pop Galactic N/A
Sta Moogie Pop Eric Pressley N/A
Ramooned Pop Eric Pressley N/A
Just a Little Bit Pop Charles Pettus N/A
Born Again Exercise Sasha
Gluten King Exercise Junkie XL
Milkweed Electro Sasha
Groove On Electro Junkie XL
Live Wired Electro Junkie XL N/A
TDRM Electro Hans of Six Mas N/A
Last But Not Least Indie Darrell Brown N/A
Cat and Mouse Indie Darrell Brown N/A
The Best You Got Indie Darrell Brown N/A
Don't You Cry Indie Darrell Brown N/A
Sooner or Later Indie Charles Pettus N/A
Podie Tie Indie Eric Pressley N/A
Shun Me Out Metal John Cobbett
Grau es Frettesche Metal John Cobbett
Man's Fire Metal John Cobbett
Old Folks Bluegrass Dix Bruce
Hurt No Nobody Bluegrass Prescot
Monroe Stomp Bluegrass Dix Bruce N/A
Rubber Backup Bluegrass Dix Bruce
Beaumont Rag Country Dix Bruce
Downroad Country Dix Bruce
Turkey Country Dix Bruce
Simnata #4 Classical Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Simnata #5 Classical Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Simnata #12 Classical Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Dorm Beat Jazz Darren Johnston
Simply Bop Jazz Chris Brown
Sim on the Edge Jazz Chris Brown
Good Evening Bella Jazz Darren Johnston
Fire of the Newbie Latin Rebeca Mauleón
Salsa Saka K Latin Rebeca Mauleón N/A
Cha-cha Minga Ticami Latin Rebeca Mauleón N/A