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The Sims 3

A bistro is a rabbit hole in The Sims 3 where Sims can enter to dine at. The rabbit hole is rather similar to diner in functionality. Sims can get a dine out or get drinks alone, with other Sims, or with date[TS3:G]. Eating with other Sims will increase their relationships slightly. When entering the bistro, Sims will change into their formal wear. They can get a job in culinary career in the bistro. The bistro opens at 11 AM and closes at 11 PM.

Sims can attend cooking and mixology classes for §400 and §600, and they last for 1 and 2 hours, respectively. Sims who have enough money can invest their money to become a partner or buy out the property to earn more money. The cost of partnership is §12,500, while the cost of ownership is §25,000. Sims can collect money from the bistro for §2,100 (partnered) or §3,000 (owner) every week.

If Generations is installed, children and teens may visit the Bistro in a field trip. During the field trip, Sims will gain skills in cooking for teens, and child cooking hidden skill for children. After the field trip is over, there's an 80% chance they will get "Great Meal" moodlet and a 20% chance they will get "Nauseous" moodlet from eating bad food. Also, they might be rewarded with decorative bento, depending on the Sim's grade.

If Island Paradise is installed, Sims with sufficient scuba diving skills can get a commission at the bistro to receive a skill opportunity to catch some fish and earn money.

Generally, a bistro is often combined with an office building in a multi-purpose rabbit hole, such as Steve's Business Complex and Restaurant in Bridgeport and Broad Street Business Tower & Grill in Starlight Shores.

Bistro generate the following red map tag in-game:

Dining Out[edit | edit source]

Sims can eat inside or outside the bistro for §50 (breakfast, brunch, or lunch) or §75 (dinner) per Sim. They will get an early bird discount of 80% if they eat dinner between 5 PM and 6 PM. If Sims eat outside, they'll enter the bistro briefly and take out food and eat it at an available table outside. Eating inside takes up one and half an hour for Sims to finish their meal. During their lunch or dinner course, the players can drag the interaction in the queue to wait for dessert. Eating dessert adds up §12 to the bill and the total meal time by 20 minutes. Eating at a bistro will replenish hunger to full. Sims will get a "Great Meal" moodlet after they finish eating, or an "Amazing Meal" moodlet if they eat dessert.

Sims can also get drinks inside for §20 per Sim. Getting drinks takes up half an hour to finish. Getting drinks will replenish Sims' hunger, but they won't get any moodlet in exchange, unlike dining out. During the drink, there's a 25% chance Sims will meet someone new, and additional +50% chance if they have friendly and flirty traits each. If the Sim has the loner trait however, the event will not trigger.

Sims cannot cancel the interaction while eating or getting drinks inside. If Sims work at the journalism career, they can review the food and get free from charge. They will not be welcomed to eat if they have written a bad review for the bistro, however.

If the Sim is a vampire, they will get their thirst replenished from drinking or eating.[TS3:LN][TS3:SN] In addition, vampires will also receive "Sated" moodlet if they eat inside.

Restaurant events[edit | edit source]

While Sims are eating or getting drinks inside, there's a small chance a restaurant event will trigger. The event works like a chance card, where the players are given a scenario and have to choose between two options. Either options will give a different result.

Dining events
  1. The Sim is not happy with the quality of the food. They can choose to send it back or eat the food. Eating the food will free the meal from charge, give 5 excellent apples, but they will get nauseous. Sending it back will reward Sims §500.
  2. A table sings a song for someone's birthday, and the Sim can choose to sing along or keep quiet. Singing along will reward Sims a 25% raise, while staying quiet will free the meal from charge.
  3. A busboy trips and knocks the food to the Sim. They can yell or be kind to the busboy. Being kind will give a serving of perfect baked angel food cake. Yelling will reward the Sim §200. Both options will also free the meal from charge.
  4. The Sim gets a wrong order. They can eat it up or send it back. Eating it will give the Sim "Divine Meal" moodlet for +75 that will last for a week, while sending it back will only free the meal from charge.
Drink events
  1. The restaurant manager tries to sell a painting for §100 to the Sim, and they can accept or decline the offer. If the Sim declines the offer, they will be given a free wall-mounted fish instead.
  2. The Sim is offered by the bartender to try an experimental cocktail. Drinking the cocktail will give the Sim "Adrenaline Rush" moodlet, while refusing it will reward them an outstanding apple.

Comparison with diner[edit | edit source]

There are several differences between dining out at a bistro and diner, as stated in the following list.

  • The overall cost at a bistro is more expensive than a diner.
  • There's no early bird discount from eating at a diner.
  • Diner opens all day long.
  • Sims will change into formal wear when entering a bistro, but not at a diner.
  • Sims won't encounter a restaurant event while dining inside at a diner.
  • Sims cannot attend a mixology class at a diner.[TS3:LN]
  • Children and teens will not have a field trip at a diner.[TS3:G]

Additionally, Sims can transfer the workplace between bistro and diner if they work in the culinary career. There's no difference between working at either place.

Varieties[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There's a 50% chance Sims with natural cook trait will learn a random recipe after eating at the bistro.
  • There's a 20% chance Sims with kleptomaniac trait will steal something after eating or getting drinks at the bistro.
  • Barnacle Bay has two different bistros. Including Hogan's Deep Fried Diner, this world has 3 different workplaces for culinary career.

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