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Lolita Goth has the surname Goth, but she is not found in the Goth Family Tree, so, who is she?

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • I think she is or the sister of Gunther and Frida (possibly she is crazy and Victor and Gretle deleted her from the family tree) or first wife of Victor or Gunther. She married with Gunther or Victor and then he or broke up and Lolita has kept her name, Goth or Lolita died electrocuted when she was married. In the Goth house in The Sims 3 isn`t a TV probably because Lolita died of a TV. Lolita isn`t Frida Goth.
  • She is NOT Frida Goth. It wouldn't even be possible for her to have her name changed and age into an elder and die of old age before Gunther starting as a young adult, as Frida Goth is dead in The Sims and Gunther isn't.
  • Her name makes no reference to the Japanese fashion, she is plainly based off of the novel "Lolita" which fits more than Victorian clothing trends. With Gunther being an old professor, it furthers it even more. Think about it.
  • The Goth Family was based on The Adams Family. Debbie in the second film Married Fester and died of electrocution. And the book, "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov was based on a underage student sleeping with her professor, which connects with her traits. and Gunther was an older professor in The Sims, which also connects. So really, Lolita is based off of 2 things, the book "Lolita" and Debbie from the second Adams family film. Lolita was the underage mistress of Gunther whom was her professor and they married, and somehow Lolita died of electrocution, so really how she died is the mystery here!
  • I stand by the theory that Lolita was Gunther's ex-lover who died. In my game, Cornella accidentally died of being hit by an asteroid. Right after the "Oh My Ghost" opportunity came up so I recovered her. Right away, Lolita started hitting on Gunther-even when they were only friends. This makes me believe that she was hit ex-lover. So, yeah, that's what I believe...
  • Lolita may not be related to the Goth family because when Gunther is talking to her as she is a ghost it will just say friend. Another thing is strangely EA made a mistake they put the Goth family on Sims and it has these following people Gunther, Cornelia, Simon, Gretle, Prudence, Victor, Agnes, and Lolita and it says that Victor and Gretle adopted her but if you look at her she kind of looks like a female Gunther Brown hair, Brown eyes and thats all i know and strangely when i had Cornelia give birth to a girl the girl harvested brown hair like Gunther's and liked everything Lolita liked when editing Lolita in CAS as a ghost you can see what she likes all i know now is her fav color is Yellow like her ghost.Lolita may just be a townie who harvest the same name for instance Steward Curious, Mathilde Goth, and Her name is a type of goth for instance, Lolita is a type of style for Goths and Lolita is wearing that type of style it is Classical Style goth. EVERYONE LOLITA IS NOT FRIDA, i know this because Frida is being added into the Sims 3:Supernatural along with 2 other unknown goth relatives and another thing is that Frida's hair genetics are Black not Brown(like Lolita's (It is ironic that both Lolita and Frida died of electrocution. Frida is a playable electrocution ghost in the Sims 3:Supernatural. Lolita might be a reference to Debbie in the Addams family though in a different way, Oh and Frida was not added in the family tree because she was an accidental birth in the Sims 2 They gave birth to a girl(By accident) and Frida is older than Gunther because Mortimer has no memories of her so she must have been older than Gunther and died before the birth of Mortimer. so they made Victor and Gretle try woo hoo again and then gave birth to Gunther . Thank You friend me @ AminRobinson24
  • maybe she's the first wive of victor goth,she died and victor goth remaried so thats why lolita goth not in a family tree
  • I have just found Lolita on the family tree,so she is not Frida,She is just Lolita. THE END! (P.S. I'm going to use her in Total Drama Sims)
  • Am I the only one who sees a clue in her name? Google the book "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov. I don't think it's any accident that EA named this sim Lolita. Lolita in the book was the underage mistress to an older professor. Her traits sort of point to that too. Childish, hopeless romantic, and great kisser. And Gunther was an older professor in Sims 1.

The Sims creators have always put literary references in the game, such as the Shakespearean characters in Veronaville, and the mythological character names in Strangetown (Loki and Circe for example). I think Lolita is another literary reference.

  • I thought maybe she was a distant cousin, but I thought since Lolita and Frida are so similar, I now think Lolita changed her name to Frida and they are the same person.
  • She is Frida Goth. After she was electrocuted, she got resurrected by the Resurrect-O-Nomitron. She later changed her name to Frida, so people wouldn't have a question on their head like "Didn't she die?" or something. 15 years later, she died by old age, and she continued haunting the Goth mansions.
  • I think she was a rich girl and Victor or an older ancestor, who was a gold digger member of the family tricked her into marrying them to get her money and that's where the Goth family's wealth comes from. She has the hopeless romantic trait so it would have been easy to achieve that.
  • I think Lolita is Gunther's first wife, and they had a TV. one day the TV broke. Lolita was washing her hands when the TV broke, and ovbiously while she was fixing the TV... BZEEERTT! She died of electrocution. Later, Gunther sold the TV so any other Goth member wouldn't die of electrocution. The reason why there is no tombstone of Lolita may be because they may have forgotten Lolita's tombstone while Mortimer and Bella was moving to 5 Sim Avenue. Or it may have crushed or something.
  • Ok! My theory is this: Cornelia and Gunther were set for an arraigned marriage, but Gunther, who didn't love Cornelia, was in love with Lolita. Cornelia was mad that her love loved someone else, so, before her and Gunther's wedding day, she rigged the t.v. And asked day and asked Lolita, who was doing something water related, to kindly fix it for her. Lolita immediately said yes and went to work fixing the t.v. And got electrocuted. Gunther came home and saw Lolita dyeing and quickly exchanged rings with her/ didn't? And that's the reason they A. Don't have t.vs and B. Cornelia and Gunther' marriage was a bomb.

~ Lizzy 3/28/12

  • I actually think she married Victor, not Gunther, after all, it doesn't have to be a solid answer on why they had Mortimer so late. But what confuses me is that when she comes out for the night from Netherworld, Gunther doesn't have her in his friends list, and when they met, there is no symbol, the same for Victor Goth as well. Actually, I just found a solution: When someone divorces a sim, a symbol comes up with two rings and a black outlined red cross on the bottom right hand side under the bar that shows how much you know them from conversation ~ but, there is also a way to hide it. EA knows everything there is behind the magic of the sims 3 and I'm here to tell you, they had me fooled for a second there; they simply made either Gunther or Victor divorce her or Lolita to divorce either one of them and then when they apologize, there's an "ask to just be friends" button under either mean or friendly. They most likely did that then killed her off to make it a Goth mystery. Thanks for reading! ~Jessica.
*If the Goths are meant to be based on the Addams family there is one character in the second movie called Debbie,who marries into the family but dies of electrocution.It may be possible that this is who Lolita is based on. Perhaps she married Gunther but also died of electuction.
  • Lolita is Gunther's first wife, which is why, as the article states, Gunther and Cornelia had Mortimer at an older age. If she was Gunther's aunt or sister, she would be in the family tree. She's not, so Lolita being Gunther's first wife is the only real explanation. Gunther could've sold all the electronics in the Goth home after she died so nobody else would get electrocuted.
  • I think Lolita married a Goth because on her family tree it says she's not related to any Goth and when a sim dies they break up but Frida could be Lolita's mum because they look similar and Frida's knowledge aspiration and Lolita's bookworm trait.
  • I think she is the daughter of Frida Goth because many people reckon the same thing. I have noticed that she has the bookworm trait and Frida's aspiration is knowlege there could be some gene realation there.
  • Well, when I notice that there's never a TV in all the Goth homes of The Sims 1, 2 and 3, I thought if its maybe because Lolita died by electrocution once

she was trying to fix the TV. Because of her early death, the Goths took away all the TV there were in the house, and thats because you will never found a TV

in the Goth home! Its kinda deep... There are some eletronics in the Goth home from TS3, like Gunther's notebook and the stereo in Mortimers home (in my game Lolita and the other ghosts always turn it on, its very boring because Mortimer has always to wake up and turn the radio off), but NEVER A TV, they have a such a problem with TVs, and its so maybe because of Lolita. Dawn01 16:48, January 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • I belive she is the first wife of Gunther Goth and her grave has been covered in flowers but who laid these.Could it have been Gunther and maybe he loved her more than it seems or my other guess she is the first daughter of Frida Goth and that her knowledge aspiration and Lolita is a bookworm so there may be some gene realation there.
  • I think Lolita Goth is Frida Goth's Child because they look alike in a way or she was Guther wife
  • I believe Lolita was Gunther's wife, but Cornelia killed Lolita because Cornelia wanted him so bad that she killed Lolita just to have him. Maybe Guther still misses her.
  • I think Lolita Goth is Gunther Goth's ex-wife. I think Gunther killed her after she found out he was engaged to Cornelia while he was still married to Lolita.
  • I think Frida Goth (Gunther's sister) adopted a child--Lolita (remember Frida never married or had her own kids). When EA didn't add Frida to the games family tree, they couldn't really add Lolita to the family tree as the true relation she is, so they just didn't relate her to the tree at all, but kept her grave in the family graveyard to spark curiousity. This would explain the many similarities between Lolita and Frida, but also show that they aren't the same person. I know people will say that it is impossible for Gunther to flirt with his niece, but if EA actually did delete Lolita and her mother Frida from the family tree, she wouldn't actually be his niece in normal game play, so she would still flirt with Gunther. it's just a theory. Of course it is plausible that Lolita is Gunther's ex-wife, but when she is resurected, it would show Gunther's past relations with her on his relationships bar. It does not, so therefore I don't think Gunther and Lolita could ever have been married. Of course it is plausible that Lolita could have been Gunther's ex-wife, but I think EA just wants us to wonder. Just like how there is a Grady Elfman the maid in Sunset Valley, and another Grady Elfman burried in Riverview. Those are different people, btw
  • New Theory: someone posted THERE'S NEVER A TV IN THE GOTH HOMES THE FIRST TIME YOU PLAY which is completely true. I would also like to point out that in the sims3 Goth mansion, where Lolita is buried, there are also NO STEREOS. I think the real question is how did Lolita die of electrocution, if there are no electronics? I haven't needed to repair a stove on the sims 3 yet, that is the only plausible way I can see that she died. Can stoves break on the sims 3? She either died trying to fix the stove, or she was out on the town or at a neighboors house while trying to fix something. A good story about that would be that Cornelia Goth was sick of Lolita stealing Gunther's heart, so she called her sister Agnes Crumplebottom. Agnes then invited Lolita to the Crumplebottom estate for a week and while Agnes was showing Lolita around, Lolita noticed Agnes' broken TV/stereo. Lolita had never seen one before, as she had been confined to the Goth mansion all her life. Lolita thought it was a toy, as she was childish, and tried to fix it. Agnes and Cornelia only meant for Lolita to leave the Goths alone for a couple of days so Cornelia could fix her relationship with Gunther. But when Lolita frizzled up in electricity and died, Agnes freaked out. Her not-dead-yet boyfriend Erik Darling  came home from work, to see Lolita lying dead on the floor. Erik called the police, but the police believed Agnes and Erik were murderers, and locked them up in prison. Agnes and Erik were desperate to escape together, but feared they never would, and they married in prison. Erik then took the blame for Lolita's death and was sentenced to drowning. Agnes never forgave herself, and stole Erik's grave when she was released. She now lives alone, knowing that her true love Erik and her possible sister-in-law Lolita were dead and it was all her fault. She hopes to die soon and that her money will go to her nephew Mortimer, instead of her sister Cornelia, who is happy that Lolita is dead and can never claim 'her' money or live in 'her' house, or flirt with 'her' future husband again.
  • I think Lolita may be Auntie. Both Auntie and Lolita have unknown times of death and it may be that the Goths have been living there for almost as long as the area was known to man. After all it say the town may be founded by the Goths. Or she is Gunther's ex-wife. When they where all teens Lolita, Cornelia and Gunther where all friends. Lolita and Gunther began to date and Cornelia was then left out. For the rest of her teenage time she was friends with Agnes. When they turned young adults Guther and Lolita got married and Cornelia was mad so that day she killed Lolita. Then Cornelia and gunther got married but Gunther never quite got over Lolita and still flirts with her ghost, causing the low relationship between Gunther and Cornelia. If they had kids they are dead and may very possibly be bratty and boy Lolita may have got divorced and remarried to uncle. But since no kids are on the family tree Lolita can't be.
  • I agree with those of you who think that Lolita was a past love of Gunther. Given that the Goth family appears to be an "Old Money" affluent family, I would guess that it is likely that Gunther's marriage to Cornelia was arranged. [I think this is supported by the fact that he doesn't appear to be much "in love" with her]. I think that Gunther knew he was "arranged betrothed" and fell in love with Lolita and eloped with her when he was young. Then Gunther's parents found out and decided to "do what was best for their son" and murdered Lolita so that Gunther could marry Cornelia.
  • Lolita Goth is Gunther's ex-wife when he was very young. she died after trying to fix an electrical device.
  • I've read some theories and most people think that it is Gunther's first wife. But after reading most, I now think Lolita could actually be Mortimers older sister, which died before he was born. That's why Cornelia and Gunther took long to have Mortimer, becuase they were so heartbroken of Lolita's death, and so they kept it secret from thier son so it wouldn't be thought of again. I'm probably wrong but that's what i thought of.
  • Definatly Gunther's first wife, no doubt about it, shes always trying to flirt with him and Gunther had Mortimer so late and has a poor relationship with Cornelia, I think he still loves Lolita more but had to fix his life back together so forcefully married Cornelia
  • Lolita is Gunther's ex-wife who died while trying to fix an electronic device while Gunther was at work. Gunther came home and found his wife dead and buried her in the backyard. She's also the only grave to have flowers spread across it.
  • I think she's Gunther's ex-wife Gunther and her met when they were teens and got married when they were very young adults. A few years later Corniela met Gunther and fell so madly in love with him she knew what she had to do. kill Lolita! A) So when the two of them were alone she electrocuted Lolita to death.B) When Lolita was bathing she shocked her to death! And since Gunther have been married for so long and most of their relatives died no one knows. Except for Agnes Crumplebottom!!!!!(Corniela's sister)
  • Shes an Alien in disguise =O ( Leifaigne)
  • She's the great-great-great-grandmother of Victor Goth. This means she was around too far back to appear on the family tree. She flirts with Gunther because she's attracted to him, and doesn't recognise him as a relative as he was born at the hospital and she didn't meet him until he was a child/teen. She could've assumed he was adopted. Kitty-Heart 04:19, June 6, 2010 (UTC) -
  • She is most likely Gunther's first wife, which would explain why she doesn't appear in the family tree (like in the case of Olive Specter's first two husbands) and why she flirts with GuntherTrueWolf1993 21:20, May 6, 2010 (UTC)
  • The most logical explanation, in my opinion, is that she was Gunther's wife as a young adult, before he met Cornelia. However, she died of electrocution, as it would seem and Gunther married Cornelia. At this point, the two of them were already getting somewhat old, and had Mortimer a bit late in life. However, Lolita's ghost still appears to have feelings for Gunther.
  • Gunther's cousin
  • She can't be Gunther's sister! I was playing my game and I saw Gunther flirting with her! It would be logical if she was his ex-wife, then she wouldn't be on the family tree. Thats why Gunther and Cornelia took so long to have Mortimer.
  • Why does everyone keep saying "there was no room for her"? Don't you realize, there is/was a cheat to let you have more than 8 people in a household at once? Therefore, obviously, it had to have a purpose at least once in-game. So, scratch that off your little theories list :]. Also, remember you can change your name at town hall. But, seriously, don't make a big deal out of it. It's probably just an easter egg.. I'm upset there's a theory for every person that died 'young' -.- xRockettex 04:08, February 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • She's Victor Goth's ex-wife. People say it's Gunther's sister or ex-wife, but it say so in his LTR, which says 'acquientence'. She could also be Victor's great aunt or grandmother, seeing as she has the family genes.
  • She's probably just a cousin by marriage who died young
  • I personally think she is indeed Frida but i do not know why they changed the name but I know how they could have got her on the tree. They could have played as Victor and Gretle and made them have two children a boy and a girl by making Gretle eat apples(Gunther)and watermelons(Frida)during her pregnancies. 
  • I think she was Gunther's first wife, but Gunther's family didn't like her so his mom or dad broke the tv and peed under/near/around it, and made her fix it so she would die of electrocution.
  • I think she was Gunthers First wife. But maybe she was poor so his parents did not like her. So Victor broke the tv and put water under it he asked her to fix it then she died
  • I think she is the daughter of Victor Goth in another relationship, then Lolita's mom could died when she was a child so Victor let her to live in his house, some time later, Victor met Gretel and had a child, Gunther Goth. Between this time, Lolita dies by electrocution. Lolita is Gunther Goth's stepsister. Peter RKO 00:59, October 16, 2009 (UTC)
  • I just think she was Gunther's first wife, and then she died, and he met Cornelia and so on. I don't think she is Frida Goth. Frida just wasn't put on the family tree as a mistake, and Lolita obviously isn't her.
  • Can't you guys just stop looking for logical assumptions about everything? IT IS JUST A MISTAKE BY EA BLACK BOX. KTHXBAI. - JEA13 iTalk 18:28, September 11, 2009 (UTC)
  • She is from another Goth Family.
  • She is Victor Goth's Niece
  • She is Gunther's first wife.
  • Actually, this is quite possible as when her ghost came to the Goth Manor on mine once Gunther Goth had the ability to flirt with her (which he did).So who is Lolita Xxgreenbunnyxx
  • She is Victor's teenager mother who died.
  • She is Gunther's Sister who died while he was a baby, therefore no rememberance. The parents have kept Lolita as a secret.
  • Victor's Lover who assumed the last name Goth, Relation to the novel, Lolita.
  • She is actually Frida Goth, Since Frida's tombstone cannot be found anywhere.
  • She is actually Mrs.crumplebottom from nightlife, She got resurected and was so upset her ex-husband Victor broke up with her so changed her name to Mrs.Crumplebottom and then hit people with her bag —Preceding unsigned comment added by Caterers (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • She was the young maid in the Goth Manor, when Gunther returned to live home Gunther and Lolita fell in love, but since she was only a maid Gretle wouldn't allow it. So they ran off and married in secret. Gretle was furious that her son married a maid. She tried to get ride of her with large amounts of money but when she found out Lolita was pregnant she killed herself. With her money she covered it up to make it look like a brake in and the robber had murdered her.
  • Lolita doesn't appear on the Goth family tree, so she was unrelated. Supporting this idea is that all of the Goths have British or German names, while Lolita is a European [not Japanese] fashion style. Therefore, she's not blood related, but she still gained the Goth surname. Mortimer is still very young, but his parents are almost elders. This means that he would have been born around the time Gunther and Cornelia became Adults. Why wasn't he born earlier? Because Gunther and Cornelia weren't married yet, because Gunther was married to Lolita. Lolita died of electrocution, a horrible accident. Gunther married Cornelia sometime later, after he had gotten over Lolita's death, erasing Lolita from the family tree to be replaced with Cornelia. And she still haunts Gunther, in love even after death. ----KazeNoYouko 23:02, 22 June 2009 (UTC)
  • In the German translations, she is Frieda.--Rodolphus 18:52, 26 June 2009 (UTC)
  • She didn't marry anyone, she's a young adult And she doesn't have any relations with the Goth family, cause when the family members talk to her, they would have a family icon displaying under her face in their relations panel. Maybe she was the child of someone who lived in the house and died, so she changed her family name to Goth, or something like that. She's not blood related to the family.
  • There is joke of author.
  • She was the secret young lover of Victor Goth and when she finally realised that he would never leave his wife for her, she decided to get back at him by seducing and marrying his son, Gunther (before he was married to Cornelia). It was however not long after that Lolita very suspiciously passed away.
  • I think that they meant for her to be part of the Goth family, but they realized that when they made the Goth Family, there were 9 members and they could only make 8 in one family. This was a problem that they could have worked around, but they obviously didn't want to put in more work editing family trees, as edvidenced by the fact that the Goth family is one of probably 5 families featured in-game that have ancestors, meaning that it was already enough work for them to keep the dead parents married. M. H. Avril 00:11, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
  • I have 2 theories. She is Frida Goth's secret daughter...Frida got pregnant but Victor didn't approve because she wasn't married,so she gave her up. 23 years later,Victor killed Lolita so she counldn't ever see her Mum.Number two:She is Mortimer's sister...They had her as young adults and when Cornelia and Gunther had just become Adults and Cornelia was pregnant with Mortimer,she was electrocuted.
  • She was a former afair of Gunther, she became obssesed and changed her last name assuming Gunther would leave Cornelia. When he didn't, she took a bath and dumped a toaster into it, thus commiting suicide. She had a friend bury her in the Goth graveyard while the family was away.
  • My theories 1. Developers made a mistake while creating the Goth family like always and were thinking of the dead relatives. They created Lolita Goth forgetting about Frida for a while then they remembered her and changed her name to Lolita which in german trranslation her name is Frida. 2. She is Gunther's first wife and she died while he was at work while fixing a broken television. Gunther later met Cornelia which replaced Lolita in the family tree. 3. Gunther's sister and as someone said before she died while he was a baby so he didnt remember and there parents kept her a secret. 4. a random person with the last name Goth. The Goth family falsely believed they were related and buried her in the graveyard. Sorry i'm letting my mind wander
  • She was the fiancée of Gunther Goth, and they were engaged. It was really close to the wedding day, she changed her last name early. Then she was shocked by a broken TV Gunther was sad, but eventually moved on and married Cornelia when they were adults. (Lolita was his young adult lover)
  • Either Victor or Gunther's first wife.
  • She could be a dead reletive that the Goth familly tree just doesn't go far enough back to show, that and it could have just been a mistake by Maxis.
  • When Maxis made the Goths they got Victor and Gretle to woohoo. (i think Frida is older than Gunther beacuse she dead in sims 1) But Victor and Gretle had a boy (Gunther) so they did not want to do it again so the kept going. so in the end the made Frida but called her Lolita.
  • I just think that perhaps shes meant to be Gunthers cousin. That would work as we don't know if Victor had siblings but its a strong possibility.Matta jr 00:16, 25 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Since she's related to nobody in the house, the only way she's called Goth and that she's still here is that she was the beloved wife of either Gunther or Victor. Her death remains mysterious, but regarding to her totally obsolete clothing, she was most likely Victor's first wife, and her death might have occured 40 or 50 years before the story starts. Maybe the T.V., but since she's just dead and that there's no reason this death occured in the only ways the sims can die in the game, she also might have been electrocuted by thunder, while reading a book across a tree.
  • 1.) It's possible that she could have been a wife of any of the Goth family members, probably Victor, only because she has no record of parents and neither do any of the Sims in Victor's generation, so maybe she married Victor Goth and died when they were young adults. (the color of her ghost suggests that she was electrocuted) Therefore she must have died before Victor married Gretle or 2.) Maxis created this character specificlly to arise suspicion and make a mystery. Which is like what he did in the Sims 2 with Bella Goth. It never says she was abducted by aliens, but it is a fun mystery to make up stories of what happened to her.
  • I find Lolita Goth to be an Easter Egg to tickle our fancy, but I guess that she would be Victor's first wife before Gretle - she was electrocuted and Victor remarried Gretle. Or maybe she was Victor's live-in girlfriend/fiancée that was electrocuted.
  • Think about it, everyone on the Goth Family Tree excluding Erik Darling Simon Prudence Agnes Cornelia Mortimer Gunther Victor Gretle, thats 8 people, my theory is that she was originally supposed to be Frida Goth, Gunther's Sister but as there were already 8 sims so they couldn't thus they changed her name to Lolita Goth, killed her at Goth manor, then moved the Goths in to move the grave causing us to think that she was Gunther/Victor's first Wife*
  • Actually, Lolita is Victor's first wife, no relation to Gunther because she died before he was born. She is not related to Gunther and spouses dissapear when they die so that explains why she's not on the family tree. When she was dead, Victor married Gretle.
  • Frida and Lolita are pratically lookalikes, as shown in the pictures below, which boosts the lost sister theory
  • I think that perhaps she was an illegitimate child of Gunther and Cornelia. This would explain why she looks similar to Frida, but not entirely. She may have been kept a secret and sent away, but then happened upon an untimely death by electrocution. Before her murder but after her birth, Gunther and Cornelia could have gotten married and had Mortimer to take the place of their lost daughter. Upon her death, police would have taken a DNA sample and traced her to the Goth couple who only saw their daughter dead and insisted upon having her buried in the family grave yard.
  • Lolita is Gunther and Cornelia's first child who, by mistake was taken away because they never spent enough time with her, her Social need dropped, and within an hour the evil Social Worker can and took her away.* As a teen, she was let out to live with the Roomies or someother household. When she came back as a young adult to meet them, they claimed the infant Mortimer as their only child at first and then Cornelia remember her first birth, and called her and she lived there a while(a couple days, long enough for a electronic to break, at least) and heard the sparks and tried to fix it but upon crossing the wrong wires, was pronounced dead when Cornelia came back from the grocery store and Gunther came back from work. The paniced, took young Mortimer to Agnes to babysit him while the took her to the emergency room to be checked. They waited until midnight, when they left and came back two days later, only to find her in a death bed. Mortimer cried and Cornelia and Gunther decided to bury her in their yard. Upon her abuction from the Social Worker she was erased from the family tree. Simple as that(This is not exact but the abuction and reunited Goth family and electrocution are very well, true, possibly)*
    • Contradiction here, sorry, you cant have kids if the social workers take one away.
    • Another contradiction, Lolita's ghost is the same age as Cornelia which would mean that she must be on the same generation as Cornelia The Samster 21:02, September 19, 2009 (UTC)
    •  A contradiction to the contradiction^ here, Ghosts do not age unless restored, meaning she could have died anytime in the sunset valley timeline,this is why you don't see the "cant be restored" notice for old ghosts.-- 12:09, November 1, 2009 (UTC)
  • Lolita Lápida es Frida Lápida / Lolita Goth is Frida Goth

by Elviralapida

  • I think she might be Victor Goth's sister, or maybe Gunther or Victor's first wife who died young. But if she was Frida, why change her name and why isnt she on anyones family tree?
  • Hello! I play TS3 in spanish because is my maternal language,i think that Lolita Goth is Frida Goth,for example Kaylynn Langerak in the Sims 2 in spanish her name was "Claudia López" now in the sims 3 her name is "Lalila López".
  • Stop saying that she is Frida Goth.Ghosts don't age, so she wouldn't have been able to jump from Young Adult to Elder. Also just because Frida isn't on the game doesn't necesarilly mean she's dead. As I have prieviously stated, ghosts don't age, so she must have been Elder when she died, meaning that if she was dead in the Sims 3, she must have been and Elder but Gunther is only Adult so this makes her being dead extremely unlikely. My theory is that She is some distant relative (something like Gunther's great-great-great-great grandfather's great-great-great-great granddaughter) that is so far away on the family tree, it is barely possible to fit on, that's parents died and she went to live with Gunther and Cornelia and electrocuted herself. (She is the same age as Cornelia and Gunther).  The Samster 21:02, September 19, 2009 (UTC)
  • She was probably the first wife of Gunther or Victor. If you marry but your spouse dies they don't appear on the family tree, at least I think they don't.--Liquid Ink 10:02, September 24, 2009 (UTC)
  • maybe she was a daughter that they kicked out that happens.
  • She's Goth Girl aka Alexander Goth's daughter. Zordon123456789mlw7 02:13, October 17, 2009 (UTC)
  • Maybe she was related, but then she moved into the library and lost her relationship status?
  • I just thought she was an ancestor of the Goths... that house is really old.Lolita could trace it back to the Victorian times...
  • I think Lolita is Gunther's very first wife. Lolita died young!
  • We know for sure that she is noone's sister, and she is not Frida, (she could be, but the chances are so minimal.) She could either be a divorced wife (this is possible as this would erase her from family tree and memories in TS2 aren't in TS3. Also, Lolita's first 3 letters make Lol, implying she could be a laughing stock.) Or, she could be a distant relative, or just simply an Easter Egg made to make people laugh or question who she is. Hopefully, her identity will be revealed in a future expansion.
  • I believe it was a mistake, but the mistake drew from their joke of making her just like the character Dolores Hazes in Lolita.
  • I think it was either a joke or a mistake. The joke seems plausible as her name is Lolita. Maybe she died in a humiliating way.
  • Lolita is not there just because of "lol" in her name, Her name originates from things like "Gothic Lolita" read the articles
  • I have. I just think it's a joke by EA. Of course the name Loluta originates from there and the actual name Lolita.
  • I think Lolita was engaged to Gunther Goth, lovers don't appear on family trees unless their married / Engaged or Boyfriend/Girlfriend . She shortly died of Electruction as a young adult. As everybodies said, Frida wasn't able to fit.
  • True, they also don't appear if the person divorces them and also for so,me reason I find if a married couple has 1 death by anything, then the tree looks broken. This remains so when the other parent dies. Anyone know why?
  • She could be a lot of things, but I think she can't be Gunther's first wife... She is so sweet, and Gunther is so gothic!!!! And I also think they look more like brothers 0_0' Maybe Ea made her to put more mistery in the family, you know, Bella is a child in TS3, and all the mystery of her abducion can't be on the game because it's shows her past. So, knowing about Frida, they decided to make Lolita to make us, poor simmers, crazy. Maybe they will tell all the misteries on one Exp. pack... I also think it's important to show the past of the Goth family (a new neighborhood showing the Victor's generation would be interesting...). Dawn01 02:43, November 8, 2009 (UTC)
  • I guess Elviralapida is right. If not, where is Frida Goth? By the way Lolita has been playable through the Oh My Ghost! opportunity that she aged into an elder.
  • Lolita is the granddaughter of Mortimer that's why she isn't in the familytree,because she hasn't been born yet! She was sent back in to the past to stop something maybe Bella's abduction, but she was sent way back before Mortimer was born,then she died and started to haunt the Goth's house.
  • Think about it Lolita Goth and everyone knows LOL means Laugh Out Loud which is funny or a joke, It's quite simple really but believe in what you want. This is just my theory.
  • i think she is some woman who stalked the goth family, and changed her name to goth. when one of the members found out, they must of invited her to there house, and spilled something down her so she had to take a bath, and dumped a tv or something in there.
  • I think Lolita was Gunther's first wife before he met Cornelia, and then she got electrocuted when they were young and had just gotten married. Gunther could have met Cornelia after Lolita died. --Sparrowsong 04:35, December 1, 2009 (UTC)
  • I think that lolita was a repairwoman that had the same last name as the goths,but that wasn't related to them (explaining why she isn't in the family tree).She tried to claim their fortune and to get rid of her,Ghunter asked her to repair a TV.She got electrocuted and died.
  • how could you guys be so foolish, obviously Lolita and Frida have a few similarities, and because she, Gunther and Cornelia are in the same age range, its easily assumed that she is just a sister of Gunther's who was killed when they were all young adults, and because she has similarities to Frida, they could have been twins, but Lolita died. its just stupid to think that she is an ex wife of Gunther's, because she and Cornelia are in the same generation, that would mean she was really young when she married Gunther, and thats not right.
  • I think since the Goth family lives close to the pleasant rest graveyard, she is just somebody who grave was desroyed in the making of the Goth family home and she just happened to have the same last name.
  • It makes perfect sense that she is Gunther's first wife. I mean, both Gunther and Cornelia are pretty aged adults, and their son is young, so they must have had him when they were already adults (unlike most families who had their kids as young adults)...Therefore, Lolita could have been in his life before Cornelia did. Or she is really Lolita...Like, Laughing Out Loud.....I'm pretty sure an EA creator of the Sims 3 must be laughing out loud himself while reading these nutty ideas. Katy 18:31, December 18, 2009 (UTC)
  • Lolita is a secret daughter of Victor and Gretle they had her when they were not ready...she came to the Goth Home when Victor and Gretle were dead and she tried to convince Gunther she was his and Frida's sister but they didn't believe her and in sadness she electrocuted herself and Mortimer seeing all this moved her grave into their yard in place of Frida. or 2. she is Frida
  • i think that she was Gunther's cousin
  • I think Lolita was Gunther's first wife. She died young when she was repairing something, and his grief over her took control, therefore he married Cornelia when he was an Adult already, because he couldn't find the perfect woman to replace Lolita. And maybe Cornelia didn't want to marry quickly because she wanted to accompany her sister, Agnes, who was left by Erik. Perhaps Gunther also married Cornelia because he didn't want the family to die in male line, even though Cornelia was, although beautiful, not flirty. And Cornelia actually still wanted to have more children after she had Mortimer, that's why there was a baby's room on the highest floor of the manor. But Gunther thought one child was enough, since his child was male thus his son could continue the bloodline. He was not interested on having babies with Cornelia, actually, because he had always loved Lolita.
  • ^ So, that would explain why is so difficult to put Gunther and Cornelia to woohooo... Makes a lot of sense! Poor Cornelia :( Only EA can tell the truth about Lolita. For me, they made her to put more mystery in the game.Dawn01 (just helping supporting other theories)
  • For some reason me and my mates if you look back at the first pics you see a robber with ginger hair and we think she changed her name at town hall to Lolita Goth then she died and her grave sent to the Goth house because the Goth family and Victor just put her in there grave because he's so nice :)
  • i think she is Gunther's and Frida's sister, and i agree with one of the statements above that Lolita and Frida are twins because they do have similarities, but one reason she is not on the family tree is because the game couldn't fit her in, or she was estranged from her family.
  • I think she was a repair women that came to the Goths to fix something but got eletrucuted and when she died one of the Goths kept her grave
  • Another theory here. Lolita isn't related through blood, but her relation to the Goths dates back to when slaves were exported from Afsimca. Lolita's ancestors were slaves but on of them was freed by one of the goths. Her family still did their part around the house, though. Lolita fixed something and electrecuted herself.--The Samster 16:50, January 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • now remember if you make Gretle Goth human again, her hair is similar to Lolita's and if Gretle had a child with Victor they could easily have Lolita, she would just look like her mother, duh. and the Goths only burried members of the family in the private cemetary, which means she does have to have relations to them
  • I think that she's maybe Auntie from the Goth house in TS1. But I'm not sure. See the auntie page, and maybe it'll make sense. Katy 13:56, December 29, 2009 (UTC)
  • I dunno... dont really play Sims 3 much
  • I think she is a woman who was in love with Gunther to the point of obsession, so she must have changed her last name to Goth, Cornelia, Insane with Jealousy, must have invited her round to Goth manor, spilt something down her so she had to take a bath, and dumped a tv or something in there. just a thought--Awesomebloodvamp 20:05, January 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • i was reading a book and it said "i don't want to stand out like a goth Lolita i dunt no how it has anithing 2 do with anithing, but waeva

~We killed all the caterpillars then complained there were no butterflies~

  • She and Frida may be the same person, as the developers of the game may have accidently renamed her Lolita or she changed her changed her name before the Sims 2.Tditda2010 00:21, January 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think she was Gunther first wife. She had died shortly after they married, and Gunther was mad. So then he fell for Cornelia a while later. They thought they weren't going to have kids, then Mortimer came along.
  • - Secret Undercover Sims 3 Lover
  • I think we can defintely scratch of the list that she is related by blood to the Goths because of her features. For example, she has red hair and grey eyes, while the Goths have dark hair and eyes. I agree that she was the first wife of Gunther. Everything makes since. Shame on EA for not adding Frida! They make this whole thing completely whacked up.
  • She's probably Gunther's first wife. Bleeh Pjfroggie 03:22, November 8, 2010 (UTC)iTalk 22:30, February 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think she is Gunther Goth's half sister.DavidMC123 Talk2Me
  • I think that Lolita might be Frida. If you look at the picture in one of these theories, you will see alot of similarities between them (i.e. eyes, nose, facial structure.) Also, Lolita does mean Frida in german, sso Frida's name before could have been Lolita before, but then some one changed her records so her name would be Frida. Then, some time later, they resurected her, some how made her a blood member of the family, and she grew old and died a peaceful death. (But remember, this is just a theory.) ^-^
  • I think her name is just a pun on the term "Goth Lolita". Since her name is a joke, they just never bothered to give her a family with a matching last name. ~Shann
  • I think she could be the original owner of the house, and coincidentally has the same last name as Gunther's family. After she died, Gunther's family moved in. Just my theory.
  • I think she is the first wife of Gunther or Victor
  • I think that, maybe just maybe, not by blood, she is some great decendant of Frida!!!!! Lol, jk. Seriously She might just be a stalker of Gunther, changed her last name, but since she couldn't get him to be with her, killed herself in their house, with help from Cornelia, so they buried her there. This of course, was before Mortimer was born, and while Gunther was with Cornelia, but Cornelia was getting angry that Gunther had a stalker and refused to have sex with him. But it could just be a joke on Goth Lolita. So please don't strain yourselves.
  • she is obvisiously Gunther's 1st wife!! she flirts with him,she's not related. its obvious they married,then she died of electrocution before they had kids because she's a young adult. then Gunther married Cornelia late and they had Mortimer late.
  • She was going to marry a Goth relative she changed her name before the wedding but died a day before. She was forgoten by some and was never a member. 20:15, April 21, 2010 (UTC) Case
  • It seems most plausible that Lolita is either Victor or Gunther's first wife. Anything else is a bit far-fetched. It isn't likely she's Frida, because Frida died as an elder, while Lolita died young. With the references to "Gothic Lolita", her appearance in the game may just end up being an easter egg.Dortheabea 23:22, April 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • I Think Lolita was made to arise more msytrey and suspission in the Goth Family. Lolita could have wanted to marry Gunther so changed her name to Goth but he married Cornelia and one night in thunder and lighting Lolita and Cornelia were fighting and Cornelia pushed her in to a puddle and the lighting hit her.
  • People,it's obvious that she is Gunther's ex-wife!!! If she was his sister, she'd be in the family three! Besides, the ghost of Frida was an elder. And Lolita is a young adult.Once i was playing with Gunther while Cornelia and Mortimer were sleeping and Lolita's ghost came.And guess what....She started to flirt with Gunther! This means she wants him back. No offence, but i just think that the theory that she is Frida is just pointless. If she was his sister, why isn't she in the family three and why does she flirt with him?!
  • Lolita is Gunther's ex-wife who was enemies with Cornelia. One day, Cornelia just had it with Lolita, so she locked Lolita out and she got electrocuted. After hearing the news, Gunther married Cornelia and the two had Mortimer.
  • ok most the therories i hear are about she being gunthers ex-wife and i think that is totally true for 3 reasons
  • (1)at night she flirt´s with Gunther when Cornielia isn't looking
  • (2)if she was married to Gunther then she wouldn't appear in the family tree but Gunther must have been so sad he put her grave in his yard
  • (3)if she was the other person in sims 2 then why did she die young?
  • i think Lolita Goth was Gunther's first wife becuse if you playing with 190 days is Mortimer only 7 days to grow to a teen and Cornelia is only 7 days to grow to a elder.
  • I think she's Gunther's first wife who died. Especially when she and Gunther are flirting. Shes also the only grave at Goth Manor with flowers spread over it, suggesting that she was "loved" by possibly Gunther.
  • Lolita is a person with the same last name and believes she is somehow related to the Crumplebottoms but she is actually not. UBFunkaneer 01:24, June 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • She was Gunther's sister who was disowned by the family and committed suicide as a conseqence.
  • I always assumed that Lolita was Gunther's first wife - her ghost always flirts with him, and in my game, he had no problems with it! Perhaps they were planning for a baby (possibly Mortimer) but before they could Try for Baby, Lolita died of electrocution somehow and therefore wasn't in the family tree. Broken TV with low Mechincal skill while she still had the Singed moodlet? Who knows! If Gunther and Lolita did have a baby, and then she died, she and the baby whether or not the hypothecial baby is Mortimer, or dead or live even would've been in the family tree.
  • I think that Lolita could be Gunther's half-sister that Victor had with someone. She would only appear on the mum's family tree because she was illegitimate, but her name got changed to Goth when they went to City Hall. Nobody except Gunther liked her very much and Frida decided to let her "fix" the TV. Then I guess you guys know what happened... =O --tigerdonut say rawr! 01:15, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • Gunther loves Lolita and proposed to her and his parents disapproved but they got married and then Gunther was at work and his parents were at home with Lolita. His parents knew she came from a poor family and though he would be better to be with someone from a presented family like Cornelia Crumplebottom. So they contracted a idea to kill Lolita and make it as an accident.
  • She is not even related, most likely she just has the same last name.
  • Lolita is obviously Gunther's ex-wife. Just like Erik Darling who was engaged to Agnes Crumplebottom) since she's dead, she doesn't show up in the family tree. Lolita and Gunther probably married and Cornelia and Lolita probably knew each other in school, and Cornelia was jealous that Lolita was happily married, so she decided to send her a broken TV and Lolita tried to fixed it, and got electrocuted. Cornelia was thrilled she had destroyed someone's happiness, and proceeded to marry Gunther, by claiming she was friends with Lolita. Cornelia was always jealous that Lolita was pretty, because she wasn't as 'well-bred' as Cornelia.
  • I think Lolita is just a poor, forgotten, unloved daughter of the late Victor Goth. I think maybe since she is childish, in other words, had an actual personality when she died young, Victor did not include her in the family tree because he did not want to remember his youngest, more dissapointing child, who embarassed him to call his own. She kept the last name Goth because she was not disowned or married when she died, in her very, very early young adult days. Her grave was shallow and basically just a hole covered in dirt, very unlike the burials of the other family members, because of her unimportance to Victor. Her grave is covered in flowers because Frida put them there. Frida was the only on who missed her sister.~(I know the Gunther/Lolita stories are way more likely, but I like to think this could have happened. In real life, anyway. Not in the game)~ She died because their old radio had broken and her father asked her to fix it because Gretle was a technephobe (or could have been), Frida and Gunther had already moved out, and Victor was 'very, very busy'. In a last effort to please her father before she moved out, she tried to fix it, but, as her ghost implies, was electrocuted and died. ~MadiCullen
  • This is obviously EA's way of messing with us. I don't think she's Frida--Frida could be in an urn somewhere in the Goth house, or in a graveyard somewhere, for all we know. I think it's very possible she is Gunther ex-wife, since Cornelia and Gunther had Mortimer in their Adult or late young adult life stages. That's why she doesn't resemble the Goth's and why she and Gunther flirt when she comes out from beyond the grave. They want us to puzzle over her until our simming days are over ~angel of mercy
  • I was reading the new theories and someone said here Lolita died fixing the TV... And then it came for me like: THERE'S NEVER A TV IN THE GOTH HOMES IN THE FIRST TIME YOU PLAY, I ALWAYS NOTICED IT IN THE SIMS 2 AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED IN THE SIMS 3 **I don't know about The first The Sims** You can go check!! Lolita died for eletruction, it explains everything or maybe it's just a big coincidece by EA Dawn01 00:47, September 6, 2010 (UTC)
  • My opinion is that Lolita is Alexander Goth's future wife,that's why she isn't on the family tree,she travelled on time,but when she was coming back the machine broke and killed her,and so on.
  • Maybe Lolita came from the future or past but she died by electrocution.
  • My theory is very similar as some of the other theories. I think that Lolita married Gunther when they were young adults (when Victor and Gretel were alive) so then Lolita died electrocuted. I just disagree with people that commented that Gunther's patents hated Lolita, thing that I can assure is not true, because I resucitaded her and Gunther's parents and they have a good relationship. Also Lolita couldn't be Gunther's sister because I've seen Victor Goth and Lolita Goth flirting :S. -- Anonymous
  • The Person above with the bold writing is right, guys!!! There has never ever ever been a TV in the Goth family house! And someone else said that she was Victors great great great grandmother who died fixing a TV. Think about it! If The Sims 3 is set 50 years before The Sims 2, I must be set about 1955. Not many people had TVs then. And if Lolita is Victors great great great grandmother, electricity in homes would not even be out then, left alone Tvs!!!!!!! Shes obviously Frida's Daughter!!! They look so much like each other and Frida's personality passed onto Lolita!!! Didn't think of that one, did you?!!!!
  • Um, just a reply to the suggestion above, 1) The Sims never says it's 1955 during Sims 3. Maybe the Sims 2 was set in 2050. Or 3000. Or 2047. Who knows? 2) Even if Sims 3 is set in 1955, this is the sims, not real life.Maybe SimNation had TVs in 1955. Anyways. I think Lolita is Gunther's ex-wife. I don't see many contradictions to that theory. -Anonymous
  • The only story that seems to fit is Lolita being Gunther's first wife. I would think if she was Frida, they would've just named her Frida to save the confusion (but you never know). It's very likely that she was Gunther's first wife, given how late in Gunther and Cornelia's life Mortimer was born. It just seems to make more sense than any other theory. Getzfan15 00:06, November 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • Just one thing: IF IT LOOKS TO OBVIOUS TO YOU THEN STOP SAYING SHE WAS GUNTHER's FIRST WIFE! REMEMBER DON LOTHARIO DID COME BACK IN TIME? SHE COULD MAKE IT SO!Examples: Gunther's first wife(just maybe), Victor's first wife(why it needs to be just Gunther?G hosts don't age,remember?and if you did see her flirting with him,whatever,they don't even know themselves), Mortimer's lover(If Dina Caliente can,why not?), Alexander's future wife(the 2 last,of course,with time traveling), a lot of possibilities,not exactly Gunther first wife.
  • Lolita was Gunther's first wife, and they both really loved each other, until she got electrocuted and died. Gunther then met Cornelia, but although he loves her too, the reason he doesn't have a great relationship with her is because he still hasn't forgotten Lolita. -CLRB
  • Why to Don you say a lot of future, past and present possibilities, and to Lolita you say only Gunther's first wife and shut up, that's why? Don did come back in time, Dina and Nina did come back in time, why she can't? You all just come here and post Oh, Lolita is Gunther's wife, Lolita is Gunther's wife, Lolita is Gunther's wife... As that guy said, there are lots of things she could be, even the fact that she isn't related (Bernard Broke on Riverview isn't on the family tree, and he could.
  • Think about it. Her name is Lolita Goth. What is that a reference to? Gothic Lolita - a fashion style. This style involves dressing up in old Victorian inspired dresses with a Gothic twist to it. Victorian - oh, that's years ago! From this logic, I believe she is just some old old old relative. I reckon EA though it would be funny to have a Goth called Lolita (due to the pun I mentioned earlier) but there really wasn't anywhere to put her because she's not really necessary, if you see what I mean. So they made her as an old relative, but she's not on the family tree because in order to do that, EA would have needed to create loads more relatives (great grandfathers, great-great grandfathers, etc.) to trace her to, and that is obviously way to pointless and time consuming. She's just there. No conspiracy. She could be an ex-wife of Gunther, due to her flirtatiousness with him and his crappy relationship with his current wife, but her flirty nature could also be another pun - perhaps they additionally modelled her after the girl in that Lolita movie. "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a Goth called Lolita?" "Haha! That would be cool - hey, couldn't we model her traits after that girl in that one movie?" "Omg! Yeah! Let's do that!" Also in Victorian times, people married relatives, so that may be why she flirts with Gunther. Also I doubt that, so maybe it's just because she's flirty and he lives there. Like I said before, she's just there, man. Stop getting so emotional over it. I don't think this was supposed to be the next Bella.
  • I have three theories: A. Lolita quite possibly could be Gunther's ex-lover. She probably met Gunther at a young age, and they went steady. Since she and Gunther were in a very deep relationship, she knew they would marry, so she changed her name to Lolita Goth. While she was at Gunther's house one day, she needed to go to the bathroom, but she also wanted to repair the TV, which was broken. She wanted to improve her handiness skill, so she went to fix it, and she accidentally peed on herself. She continued to fix the TV, and it shorted out and electrocuted her. :( Gunther was miserable, so he buried Lolita in the cemetery, and covered her grave with flowers. This would explain why her ghost flirts with him. B. Lolita could be Gunther's twin sister, since they have similar features and they share the same hair colour. C. It is also possible that the creators of the Sims Series wanted to imply that there are generations of Goths earlier that Victor And Gretle. Lolita could be the parent of Victor's grandfather. That way, she would have the surname Goth, which would make her Victor's great-grandmother, Gunther's great-great-grandmother, and Mortimer's great-great-great-grandmother, which would be why she does not show up on the family trees of Gunther, Mortimer, or Victor.
  • I look at her name, carefully then I notice I could separate her name into: Lol it a Goth. I'm not sure maybe it could be: Lol, it's a Goth! I think it was joke from EA and they seemed forgot Frida Goth. I assumed that EA has read about Lolita fashion, they would like to add Lolita Goth. It's possible unrelated, maybe her have same surname but that pretty weird she had same hair colour as Gunther. DiamondSim 10:56, December 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let me just say a little thing to all your guys...Lolita is not related to the Goth family!!! Let me explain it: Does everyone that haves the same surname you have is your related? No? That's what i tought. Let me just make some calcules to gets how many families named Jones are on earth. It just get millions of Jones around the world. And is the little Derek Washington from New York related to the australian Ellen Washington or even to George Washington? Yeah, no! Just because she is there don't means nothing. She could be just visiting them, went to the cemetery and had a heart attack by looking at so many graves, or the Goth family bought the first cemetery lot to be their house, and sent everyone to the new cemetery, but forgot about Lolita. How i did get on this conclusion? Simply: In the city you live there are at least 2 families with the same surname, and there is at least one family with the same surname your family have. If you still keep in mind that she is Gunther's first wife because it is too hard to think on something that has half a percent possibilty to be real,just explain to me: Is Bernard Broke from Riverview related to the rest of the Broke family? Cause the Broke family is there and no one says that he is a relative to them. Is the Baker family from the family bin related to the Baker family from Twinbrook? Is the Jones family from Riverview related to the Jones family from Bridgeport? If every family from The Sims 3 needs to be related, then the Riverview Jones family have a daughter that don't have the same skin tone (not that i am a racist) and is a papergirl.
  • I've read that she really was Gunther's first wife. Plus, what else could she have been, as she is buried in Goth Manor, so that eliminates the theory of simply sharing a name. She is not related to Gunther because her ghost flirts with him and yet she still has the same last name. So, unless EA really did want to annoy us, I think they definitely meant for her to be his wife until she died and Gunther got remarried.
  • Lolita was probably an EA blunder,like Bella. She was orginally a townie and happened to have the same last name as the Goths. She was visiting the Goths during testing and had an accident. So EA put her grave there and set her relationship with Mortimer to love to confuse us all. That's my theory,but here's a crazy theory as well. Lolita was like Gunther's first wife!!!!!!!!! Cornelia loved Gunther and killed Lolita.
  • It's possible that Lolita had no link to the Goth's. They could've had a TV, as the first theory stated, and she tried to fix it, but since she died and had no family, she could've had friends, so they change her last name somehow :-)
  • I think that, if she isn't just an Easter Egg, it's completely possible that she may have been a repairwoman, and was hired to fix a TV. She was electrocuted, they decided to add her to the graveyard, and sell the TV.
  • A lot of people have already said this, but she is obviously Frida Goth. Since Frida wasn't very important in The Sims 2, the creators forgot her name while creating The Sims 3 and were too lazy to check. So, they guessed it was Lolita and just went with it.
  • Lolita Goth is defintely Gunther Goth's ex-wife. Her grave was lost during a renavation of the Goth house. Cornelia was widowed at a young age, like Gunther, and they were engaged when they were adults. They had Mortimer shortly before they became elders, and that is exactly why Lolita Goth is not on the family tree.
  • I believe that Lolita Goth was adopted by Frida Goth for several reasons. One is that Frida was never married and never had children. I think she adopted Lolita because she was lonely and needed a child to keep her busy. Lolita was never added to the family tree because she isn't related to the Goth family by blood, so she is not part of the family tree. EA decided to make an adopted child because it would keep the players guessing as to who she was. Better yet, they kept her relation to Frida a secret to entertain us and let us make our own theories (much like a book does with a cliff-hanger ending).
  • I think it's two options.

1. When maxis played the sims 2, they mader her as a Gunther's ex-wife and Gunther cheated onher with Cornelia and then Cornelia and Lolita were enemies, but Gunther was always apartof it so he broke up with Lolita and then she died somewhere else and maxis deleted her tombstone.

2. When maxis played sims2, Frida who was sister of Gunther,she adopted Lolita, but maybe when Frida died, their connections in family-tree were deleted automaticly or maxis changed family-tree with SimPe or something else, then she died somewhere else and maxis deleted her tombstone.

So maybe they deleted tombstones and connections, to read theories in sims 2,and redone all that in sims 3.

I don't have sims 3, but when i read this i just started thinking.

  • Maybe she was not related to any of the Goths in Sunset Valley. Maybe Wulf Goth from Vista Beach used to live with Gunther and was married to Lolita, but she got electrocuted and Wulf moved to Vista Beach and got married there.-The Samster a.k.a. Darth Rictus- 21:06, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • Since Frida and Lolita both share the same eyes and aspiration of knowledge, it maybe because that Lolita was Frida's original name, and died getting electrocuted in the Goth home. So it is hinted that Lolita was Gunther's first wife.
  • Lolita A: Was Gunther's or Victor's first wife Or B: Could've been part of EA's attempt to add upper ancestors to the Goth household. She could've been married, but the child could've came out as a girl or something and they just decided to stick with the old story and not add ancestors.
  • Here is what I think. She is one of these 4 things. 1. Gunther's First Wife 2. Gunther's/Victor's Sister 3.Frida Goth 4. Victor Goth's mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well I Think she is Gunther's ex-wife because she is known to flirt with him and he is know to flirt back and i was fliming the video camera at tht time and i was watching Gunther and Lotita's ghost was out so i got it on camera Frida is definatly Lotita's mother so much in common but they Could fit Lotita in the family tree because only 8 ppl in a family and thats why Cornelia is very angry with Gunther and doesnt have a good relationship with him and she hates Lotita.I also think Lotita could possibly be Mortimer's older sister and she died from elticution bc when u see Lotita's ghost shes young and has sparks running though her ghost.
  • Maybe she is Agnes Crumplebottom's daugher who was born when Agnes was a teenager. Agnes gave the baby to Cornelia who was older. Cornelia changed the baby's name to Goth, but she was never recorded in the family tree, she was kind of a secret. She is a bookworm and has blonde hair like Agnes.
  • I think Lolita is suppst to be Frida Goth Gunthers sis but she was accidently deleted from the family tree so in the result she didn't Become his sister [and they accidently changed her name.]
  • I think Lolita might be Mortimer's older sister, like someone previously posted, but if that was the case then when he communicates to her ghost it would list as sister, and be in the family tree. But really, I think she is Gunther's first wife. She probably tried fixing a broken TV when she got electrocuted and died. Gunther got very sad and to keep her in his life he put her grave with all of his other cherished loved ones. If you notice, her grave is still disturbed. Then he met Cornelia and they had Mortimer at a later age (he ages up while Mortimer is still a child).
  • I don't know who- or what- Lolita Goth is, but I know something, that she is the new Bella Goth that came to disturb our minds with it's mystery.22:30, April 18, 2011 (UTC)22:30, April 18, 2011 (UTC)~~
  • Lolita is Gunthers cousin that died before Gunther was born
  • I think Lolita met Gunther as a child or teenager, and they were really close friends. So obviously, they wanted to get married when they were both of age. However, they were really young, and Gunther's parents did not approve of this "Lolita" girl - anyway, they already had someone in mind for him, and that was Cornelia Crumplebottom. Gunther secretly married Lolita, but once his parents found out, they told Cornelia she had to steal him away. Cornelia and Gunther had an affair, but Cornelia accidentally broke the T.V. at his place, and made Lolita fix it. Unfortunately, the flooding from the toilet earlier that week spread to the living room... Thus, poor Lolita was electrocuted. Gunther sought console in Cornelia's arms, and they got married. One day they were relaxing on the bed and Gunther was just going to ask Cornelia if she wanted to have a baby sometime, when she told him the real story of Lolita's death... After a big fight, they kind of made up, but Gunther still somewhat hates Cornelia.
  • I think she's a roommate of someone (possibly Victor), who died (possibly by fire or starvation) and resurrected later. Then she met gunther(possibly when they're young adults) then they got "love at first sight" , who married shortly after. And she electrocuted to deat a few days later. And when gunther is a. Middle-aged adult, he met cornelia and they got married.
  • I think Lolita and Gunther were engaged but Lolita died of electrocution while moving into the house and Gunther was so heartbroken that he banned electronics from the house.
  • quot: "She's the great-great-great-grandmother of Victor Goth. This means she was around too far back to appear on the family tree." That cannot be possible because as a great-great-great-grandmother, she would probably have lived in the 1800s, which would not allow her to wear such a short dress! And it would also be impossible at that time to die of electrocution (at least from modern household devices). However, also, if she was supposed to be gunthers wife, the gamers probably would have made them linked together as married in the family tree (for the gamers, this IS possible, see Dina Caliente and Michael Bachelor, the latter also deceased, but still has the married status remained in the tree!), but they aren't, which means that she has not been his wife for sure.
  • I think she was Gunther's lover as a young adult. She asked to be just friends, and their relationship bar dropped, becoming accuantices. However, when they were lovers, she moved in and changed her name to Goth expecting they would get married some day. She repaired a T.V. and died. Gunther not wanting an accident to happen again, got rid of the T.V.. That's why Mortimer was born when Gunther and Cornelia were adults and why Gunther can flirt with Lolita! TAH-DAH!
  • I have a few different theories as to who Lolita really is possible (without the whole thing where she and Gunther flirt at every possible chance) that maybe she was Gunther and Cornelia's first child, whom they had when they were first married and very young. The flowers and dirt that cover her grave could suggest she died not long before the game begins, probably while Motimer was very young. It is possible on "Normal" lifespan, that Lolita could have been born when Cornelia and Gunther were early into their YA years and died as a young adult. Lolita does look slightly like Gunther, with her red hair and bone structure. Though this could also be becase she looks startlingly like Frida Goth, Gunther's sister, who does not appear in the Sims 3, dead or otherwise. I also think she could be Frida's daughter (again with the flirting impossibility, but when she's not in the family tree, and her last name is Goth...what ccan you do?). Again, they look almost identicle, and have slightly similar personalities (ex, Frida had the Knowledge aspiration and Lolita is a book worm). I find this is one of the more unlikely possiblilities. The most indesputable theory I believe is that Lolita is Gunther's dead first wife. She has a very different personality from him, which could have been an attractive factor in their relashionship. While her name suggests otherwise, she is very unlike the Goth's, excluding from Gretle and Victor Goth, who were friendly. Maybe, after being married for most of their YA years, Lolita died in a freak electrical accident. The lack of electronics in the Goth house could suggest either they are just traditional, or they were banned by someone after Lolita's freak death. With Lolita gone, Gunther was urged, either by his parents or himself, to remarry. Perhaps his dwindling relashionship with poor Cornelia is evidence that he will never love again, after the death of Lolita. Or, maybe they are bitter because of their daughters death. So, based on my ideas, I think that either Mortimer has a long-lost cousin, (yet I doubt it) a loved and remembored sister, or...well, I guess a previous wife of Gunther's wouldn't relate to him at all, but you know what I, yep, that's what I think! ~Madi~ **July, 2011**
  • I think that Lolita Goth is mortimer's great-great-granddaughter. She possibly stumbled into a time machine and went back in time to before Pleasantville one day. She found the present Goths of the time and took refuge in their house, not knowing what to do, or even how to get home. The goth's have a spare room, so she possibly stayed in there. They kept her cofined to her room so she couldn't roam around town telling everyone she is from the future. As odd as the Goth's are, they still had some respect for reputation and didn't want to be known for the people with the crazy girl, hence the rash confinement.Gunther started to become obsessed with Lolita, asking her questions about the future every spare second he had. Cornelia felt jealous and very unwanted with all the attention Lolita, some stranger in her house, was getting. She started to loathe her husband, causing their realationship to drop. So one day while Gunther and Mortimer were at school and work, Cornelia thought of a way to get rid of this Lolita girl once and for all. She called for help, asking Lolita to fix Mortimer's radio that she tampered with. Lolita tried to fix it, but had no idea how to. She accidently touched a live wire and electricuted to death. Cornelia rushed into town and picked up some grocerys to seem as if she was out on a day long errand and Lolita just somehow did this herself. When Gunther found Lolita dead, he simply buried her outback, trying to forget. They replaced the old radio with a nice new one that Mortimer has now. So if Lolita really is a great-great-granddaughter to mortimer we will probably never know, but it's not impossible for her to be. She isn't on the family tree simply because her randparents and parents aren't born yet. She could also be Gunther's first wife, but whatever :) Aaron-- 15:08, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

I think Lolita is Frida's sister seeing they are together as normal ones are. And Victor and Gretle's daughter. She was fixing the T.V with a puddle on the ground and got electrocuted. Thats why her ghost is yellow. Now she lives in the Goth's yard and talks to Mortimer and Cassandra at night.

  • I think that Lolita was Gunther's first Wife which explains why Gunther and Cornelia are so close to becoming Elders at the start of the game and Lolita worked as an Electrition and got electrocuted while on the job which explains why there are never any electronics in there house.
  • She could be Gunther's wife who died of electrocution due to her Childish trait and maybe the reason theres no electronics is because Gunther got rid of all of them because someone else might get electrocuted aagin.Or she could be Victor Goth's wife who had the same theory as Gunther's then he married Gretle gGoth.

I think that Lolita was Gunther Goth first romantic interest(Romantic interests don't appear in family trees). They met when they were teens and became best friends by young adulthood. Gunther asked Lolita to move in and became romantic interest and Lolita changed her name to Lolita Goth, assuming she would get married with Gunther. But one day she saw the TV was broken and since she had the childish trait, she experimented with it and got electrocuted. When Gunther saw what happened, he cried and buried her at the backyard putting flowers over it. He removed all appliances after that incident ( That's why there are no TV's in the Goth house). After a long time, he met Cornelia and got married immediately. They had Mortimer not long after during adulthood, which explains why Mortimer was born so late.

^^^ I have to agree with this. Everything seems to fall in place. This guy is right.

  • Lolita was a long-distant relative from everyone, but she really wasn't close enough to be on the family tree. So on the day she died, she went to the town hall and asked someone to put her on the family tree. They said no, and when everyone was gone from the mansion, she was angry at herself and did suicide. She broke the stove and when she 'tried to fix it' she killed herself. Lolita thought the sims who didn't let her in the family tree would notice she passed away and got her on the family tree, but they didn't do anything.

I guess they just forgot to put her in the family tree during the creation of the game.

  • I think Lolita may be Gunthers first wife. They were probably married for a little while when one day, she saw the TV was broken and I guess Gunther was at work so she fixed it but she got electrocuted and died. And then maybe Mortimer came home, found her body and had a funeral for her and buried her in the backyard. Then I guess he then married Cornelia and you know what happens from there!

Back in the old times, there was a mansion in a country. It was said that the mansion was inhabited by vampires but it was actually inhabited by Victor and Gretle Goth, a married couple which had their ancestry traced back to the royals of Germany. Victor and Gretle had twins named Gunther and Frida. They also had one cat, and a lot of servants. Frida was taken by the social workers by mistake as a baby, so Gunther made himself an imaginary friend named Lolita. Victor created a raimbow potion and fed it to Lolita, wich became a real kid. Gunther began a relationship with Lolita as a teen. In the meantime Frida runned outta the orphanotrophie and became a pirate. Gunther then married Lolita, and they founded Sunset Walley together with a few other families. Then Lolita was killed by evil-doers, not before having a kid: Alexander Goth from The Sims 3 Console. Gunther gave Alexander to Frida, and then married Cornelia, who just broke up with Erik Darling s' jerk-ass twin brother. Gunther and Cornelia had Mortimer, and you know the rest. --Kaylabaraonda 14:39, September 18, 2011 (UTC) Gaia

  • Not dumping on everyone else's theories, but if she was meant to be an aunt/sister/blood relative that is one definite thing that EA wouldn't (and have never) have missed out on, when it comes to family trees. Since lovers/married sims lose their romantic/marriage status when one of them dies, hence the reason that they are just "acquainted" when the socialize, and if they were related, Lolita wouldn't flirt with Gunther, and it would say in front of the relation bar sister/aunt/e.t.c. So I think that Gunther and Lolita were married, and where just about to try for a baby, but Lolita was fixing something in the house, and, obviously, died. Also the reason why the only electronical item in the house is Mortimer's radio in his bedroom (because Mortimer is younger, and, of course, enjoys music), which could also suggest he hasn't told Mortimer. Whether Gunther told Cornelia about Lolita, I don't know. And, about Frida, I think the theory at the top (that she was taken by social services) could be true, though usually when one baby is taken, all babies are taken away, which would mean that Gunther was born after Frida was taken. And, if that was the case, in the time of the sims 2, Frida may have traced her natural family.

This is me, LolitaG!
I've just noticed that she shares her Hopeless Romantic and Bookworm traits with Agnes. So I guess she's somewhat related to Agnes.
  • Guys, this is a new theory no one did think before: She was a repairwoman! One of Gunther's laptops broke, so he called a repairwoman to fix it. It was Lolita. While she was fixing it, she mwas acidentally eletrocuted, and died. Gunther couldn't send her to the town graveyard, because people would think he is a killer, and then, to hide this, renamed her Lolita Goth, and buried her on the family graveyard, so the people would think she was a relative, and Lolita remained there afterwards. If you look that she isn't related, and the only eletronic appliance that can break is Gunther's laptop, you can see this is another good theory.
  • She has to be Gunther's first wife. First, they had no children, and when you die, it is considered a break-up. Since they had no children, there is no connection. Gunther most likely married her as a young adult, which possibly explains his level as a CEO. He married Cornelia as an adult, possibly still mourning. Likewise, he has a poor relationship. Which explains no electronics in the house. (Can a stereo be broken?) Lolita was probably electrocuded from a T.V since there was no trace of T.V. Her surname makes it the most likely she was his first wife. She is the only one with a small grave(except for Simon).
  • My theory is that Lolita might have been adopted.
  • This isn't really a theory because I don't believe it, but I thought I'd share. So I had this dream the other night (yes, this is why it's illogical) and it was that before the Goth family we've all come to know and love, a different Goth family lived in the house and Lolita died so they buried her and left. Very unlikely but still funny nonetheless.
  • First of all it is possible that the Goths don't have a TV because they might not like to change their home their relatives put it in, and TVs weren't around back then. Second I think that it was a glitch that her last name was Goth, and her last name was supposed to be something else. The reason why EA games wouldn't fix this would be because it would make confusion, or they didn't relies this.
  • I think Lolita died from fixing a TV so Gunther took it away but 25 years later (because the Sims 3 is a prequel to Sims 1) in Sims Unleashed Gunther thought it was safe enough to have a TV back. Plus she's a distant relative like Mrs. Crumplebottom.
  • Lolita Goth is Frida Goth because in the german Sims 3 Lolita's name is Frieda Grusel and Frida's name is Frieda Grusel, too. Except for that Frida has the Knowledge aspiration and Lolita is a bookworm. They also have some facial similarities as shown by a picture above. The fact that there are no electric things in the Goth Manor and the fact that Cornelia and Gunther had Mortimer so late do not proof anything. The only thing against Frida being Lolita is that Gunther is not related to her but if he were, there would be no secret. But the thing with the german names proofs a lot!

Lolita is not Gunther's first wife nor Victor's. She is maybe a stranger.... but, i think (since Frida looks like Lolita and Lolita looks like Frida) that they were conjoined twins at birth and that they were seperated but, Lolita died while Frida survived. Lolita is not on the family tree be cause since they were conjoined the counted as one (like i said before i played with the Ottomas family in the sims 2 the twins were conjoined and counted as one player) but only Lolita died so she has a grave and is not in the family tree because Frida is her conjoined twin so since they count as one they have the same thumbnail and it says only Frida because Lolita died!!!!!!!!!!! (talk) 17:41, April 6, 2012 (UTC)Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield

hi. we want you to stop putting this junk on this page. you may ask us all your questions instead since our father founded MAXIS. so we know all the secrets about the Sims. and we do not want you to insult our father's good work.-- (talk) 23:07, April 8, 2012 (UTC)Lucas Twins

In my theory,She isn't Frida Goth nor Victor or Gunther's first wife.In fact,She wasn't related to them at all.Here is how i think she is:

One day Victor and Gretle got a visit from a neighbor.Her name was Lolita.She was a beautiful,young woman.Gretle welcomed her in.Gretle "toured" her around the house.She noticed that they had no Electronics.Lolita gave them a TV that easily breaks.Lolita left and Gretle thanked her for it.One day,While watching their TV,It broke.Instead of calling the repairman they called Lolita instead.What they didn't know was Lolita didn't even know what to do in repairing.Lolita still accepted to help.Lolita noticed the TV.It was smoking and gray colors were at it's monitors.She was nervous at first but got on anyways.She got her Screwdriver and in a snap...When she was about to screw a plug outlet,ZAPPPP!Electricity fell down from her head to her toes.Victor and Gretle went crazy.They do not know what to do with her,But they later decided to change her last name to Goth since the townspeople might think they killed her.

That is how I think who Lolita is,my friends :)

  • Lolita can't possibly be related to Gunther! She flirts with him when Cornelia isn't looking, for goodness' sake! I think she might have been Gunther's first wife, but since he and Lolita had no children and he remarried (to Cornelia), Lolita don't appear on the family tree. Or, perhaps, the creators just like to have fun with us, hence the reason for all these unsolved mysteries floating about on the Wiki. If I got information or summat wrong for TS3, don't blame me, I haven't actually played it!

Maybe it's like that glitch i had with Erin Kennedy and Jessica Talon(from Bridgeport) A random sim with the oppisite gender joins the family(if your not playing as the family) and has the same last name and is not related.

  • I think it's simple. Gunther achieve to ressurect her, and she changed her name to Frida in order not to make the ressurection known to the rest of Sunset ValleySim fan until death 08:15, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

  • She was probably adopted or something.
  • There are several clues which may lead to who Lolita Goth is. 1: She died from electrocution as a young adult. 2: She does not appear on the Goth family, which rules out some relationships (e.g. sister, daughter). 3. Her traits don't match the other Goth members' (except the bookworm trait), suggesting she isn't a blood relative. 4: She died from electrocution, but there aren't any electrical appliances in the Goth Manor. 5: In later versions of Sims (when the house is owned by Bella and Mortimer), there are still no electrical appliances, and Lolita's grave is no longer there. 6: None of the Goths' have the technophobe trait, despite not having any electrical appliances. 7: Cornelia and Gunther don't have a very strong relationship. 8: Lolita flirts with Gunther as a ghost when Cornelia isn't looking. 9: Cornelia and Gunther had Mortimer late. So my theory is that Lolita married Gunther young, but Lolita got electrocuted and died, before they could have children. Gunther then sold all the electrical appliances, so no other Goths' could get electrocuted. He then married as an adult Cornelia, who replaced Lolita on the family tree, and since her and Gunther didn't have children, she can't be found on there. But at night, Lolita flirts with Gunther as a ghost, but Cornelia and sees, which is why they don't have a very strong relationship. Mortimer also finds out about Lolita, and who she is. Then since Mortimer grew up without electrical devices, he didn't need them as an adult when he owned Goth Manor. Since Gunther was dead, he decided to dig up Lolita's grave as Cornelia was his mother, not Lolita. ~Max
  • She is possibly an ancestor or a great great great great great grandmother cause she kinda has clothing from about 1800.

I have a couple of theories about Lolita Goth. I think she is either the first wife, been engaged to, or been an ex-girlfriend of Gunther Goth, as most of these theories suggest. But I also think she may have been a half-sister to Cornelia Goth and Agnes Crumplebottom as she bears some resemblance to them, or at least Agnes, such as face shape and her eyes, aswell as being similar to them in personality; she is Charismatic like Cornelia, but also a Bookworm and a Hopeless Romantic like Agnes. This is my theory:

                            Lolita was born from a different mother than Cornelia and Agnes, but had the same father - Simon Crumplebottom. As her and Agnes were very similar in personality, and Cornelia was slightly 'strange', Agnes and Lolita spent a lot of time together and became good friends - although she always felt a bit left out as her sisters were best friends.  So when Agnes' husband passed away, she was the first to console and move in with her, but Lolita soon grew weary of her sister's constant crying and moaning. She then decided to put aside her differences with Cornelia and moved in with her, then spontaneously decided to change her name to Goth like Cornelia. She had a fling with Gunther, of which both of them thought Cornelia knew nothing about, but in fact she did. 
   One day there was a broken television. As Lolita was childish, she decided to investigate and try to fix the sparking tv set, but it exploded in her face and she immediately died. This caused Gunther and Cornelia to get rid of all electrical equipment in the house so that there could be no more electrical accidents.
     I know there are quite a few problems with this story, but still, it's nice to think about what could have happened isn't it?! So, my three theories: Lolita was Gunther's first wife; Lolita was Agnes and Cornelia's half-sister; or the Sims 3 creators meant it to be a mystery or they just accidentally didn't put her on the family tree and are laughing at all our random (or logical!) guesses!

  • I think it's just Gunther's ex-wife. Chill... or possibly some dead relative from `1700 BAHHAHA!!!Like Anna-Liza Riddle for example has a relative like that but she's not on the family tree. I mean the Goths are intrested in death right? SimVampire200 (talk) 18:02, July 19, 2012 (UTC)SimVampire200

  • I think Cornelia and Gunther has a child, Lolita, when they were younger. and that's why Mortimer was born when they (Gunther and Cornelia) where about to become elders. So, I think Lolita is Cornelia's daughter. -PotterSims

  • I think Lolita was Gunther's first wife,then they had divorce (so she was removed from the family tree). Then she tried to fix a computer and she died of electrocution. This can explain the two computers in Gunther's inventory.

  • I think she was the daughter of Frida Goth
  • She might be an ancestor of the Goth family, but is unlikely because of the grave,which has dirt on it. She is unlikely to be related to Gunther in any other way besides romantic interest, girlfriend, or ex-wife due to her flirting with him. It is also possible that she was somehow moved in, therefore changing her name to Goth.
  • She might be the daughter of Samuel Goth and Olivia Goth and she moved to Sunset Valley after Frida moved to Moonlight Falls with Samuel and Olivia.
  • I think she's a member of the Goth family, but very distantly related, so she doesn't appear on the family tree. (Maybe one of her parents married a distant Goth cousin or something). She tracked down the rest of her family and went to live with them in their fancy manor. She and Gunther had a bit of a fling, which didn't please Cornelia one bit. Lolita died after getting electrocuted (maybe Cornelia had a hand in it), as a result Gunther removed all the electrical items in the house. For years he and Cornelia were pretty hostile towards each other (though getting divorced would've caused a massive scandal). Eventually, they made up and had Mortimer. That's my theory, anyhow.
  • I think that she was resurrected with the Resurrect-o-nomitron or ambrosia and she changed her name and removed herself from the family tree to avoid suspicion. In The Sims 1 she moved for a short period of time, and when she moved back to Pleasantview she died of old age.
I think Lolita might have simply been a good friend of Gunther, just sharing the last name without being related, and Cornelia thought they were together and was jealous. So she put the TV into the bathroom, smashed it up, and asked Lolita to fix it. She attempted to, but died, and this might be why she is in the Goth family graveyard. XXxCrazyThingXxX (talk) 16:45, January 31, 2013 (UTC)
  • Much like everyone who has said above, I think Lolita Goth was the first wife to Gunther Goth but when she found out about Gunther wanting to marry Cornelia she tried to kill him by electrocution but ended up killing herself instead. The facts are all there - Gunther and Cornelia had Mortimer at an older age which would of explained their deaths a couple of days after Mortimer aged up to a Young Adult.
  • I think Gunther and Cornelia's relationship is shaky because they did not acually want to get married in the first place, they only slept together in college and Cornelina found out she was pregnent, so then they had to get married and they had Lolita. 19 years later Lolita was struck by lightning and she died. Then they chose to have Mortimer as an attempt to make things right. Lolita is Mortimer's older sister who he never knew.
  • I think she's Gunther's first wife. She probably died after repairing a TV or a stereo. In the Goth Mansion, no electronics (Like TVs and stereos) can be found. Or maybe it's just a pun. Gothic Lolita is a type of Lolita. Maybe she just shares surnames with the Goth family. She's not related to any of the Goth relatives, so both of these common theories are possible. —Preceding unsigned comment added by XxJoshixX (talk)
  • I believe she is the child of Alexander and Cecilia Goth. Since she never met her grandmother, she was interested in helping her father save Bella from disappearing. She goes back in time with him to leave a copy of his book "Murder In Pleasantview" for one of the Goth or Bachelor family members to find and use to help save Bella. However, during the return trip something goes wrong (a possible malfunction in the time machine?) and she is electrocuted and is buried in the Goth's backyard by her grieving father before he returns to his proper time. Her ghost never states to her ancestors her true intentions or who she really is for fear of ruining the mission her and her father set out to complete. This can also explain why she is in the game prior to time travel being invented in Ambitions: because she arrived from a future where time machines already exist. Her absence from the family cemeteries in Sims 1 and Sims 2 can be explained by existing information: Gunther moved his family to a new house in Sims 1, which contained a cemetery that had no ghosts (Lolita may have been re-buried here but since there are no ghosts there is no genuine proof). After a fire in that home (in which either he or Cornelia was killed) some graves were destroyed, one of which was probably Lolita's. Since her grave was destroyed, it does not appear in the family cemetery in Sims 2.
  • Correction to some of the posts above, in the Vladimir Nabokov novel, Lolita, Lolita was being sexually abused by her step father. Gunther and Cornelia being such old parents makes it possible that Gunther had a previous relationship with Lolita (The Sim), but she died a young adult and at the game's start Gunther is only an adult, not making for a significant age difference. If Lolita really is based off of the Nabokov character, it would be an extremely grim and serious connection made by the Sims creators, which I don't believe they would make due to the twisted sexual nature of the book's character's relationship. Other than having the childish trait and matching name I don't believe Lolita Goth has any similarities to Lolita the character. I think they just chose the name because it is a nickname for "Dolores" meaning pain and sorrow in Spanish, after all, all the Goth family members have pretty grim names.

Lolita in TS3 is not one of the Goth's It may also be one in TS2 they share Last names In TS3 she is a Bookworm in TS2 she is a knowledge meaning it was her already!! -BMOandFINN