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A lot assignment is an option that defines what a lot is used for.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

In The Sims, lots are only distinguished between residential lots and community lots. The objects placed on a community lot have no affect on the demographics of townies that visit it. Rather, the neighborhood or sub-neighborhood it is built in determines who visits it. For example, adults and children will visit community lots in Old Town, whereas only adults will visit lots in Downtown.

However, the objects placed on a community lot determine what NPCs spawn. For example, placing a DJ booth summons a DJ to operate it.

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 2, lots can also only be designated as residential or community lots. However, some lots have a special "sub-assignment" known as lot zoning, which is not normally visible to the player. Types of lot zoning in The Sims 2 include dormitories, hotels, apartments and secret society lots. Lot zoning cannot be changed without the use of cheats.

List of lot zoning types[edit | edit source]

Bon Voyage
Apartment Life

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 3, players are able to explicitly set a lot's assignment in Edit Town as of patch 1.12. Lot assignments determine the specific purpose the lot has, when it opens and closes, how much it costs to rent for parties, and what demographic of Sims it attracts. For example, a park is usually an outdoor space with grills and playground equipment.

Changing a lot assignment prior to patch 1.12[edit | edit source]

Prior to patch 1.12, players could not explicitly decide the assignment of a lot. Instead, it was determined by the objects placed on the lot. The list below details the objects that were required to set a particular lot assignment, arranged in ascending priority. This means that if a lot meets the requirements of an art gallery, it will not be considered a pool no matter how many swimming pools are on the lot.

  • Empty - none
  • No visitor allowed - Any of these rabbit holes: school, police station, office building, abandoned warehouse, science lab, military base
  • Fishing spot - 1 fishing spawner
  • Small park - 3 park objects[which?] with no rabbit holes
  • Big park - 12 park objects[which?] with no rabbit holes
  • Beach - 1 beach object[which?]
  • Pool - 1 swimming pool
  • Art gallery - 16 paintings and sculptures in total
  • Library - 12 bookshelves
  • Gym - 4 gym objects
  • Graveyard - 4 tombstones or 1 mausoleum

Changing a lot assignment after patch 1.12[edit | edit source]

As of patch 1.12, lot assignments can be chosen in Edit Town. The default assignment of a community lot is "no visitors allowed". However, lots assigned as empty lots before this patch are not updated, and appear blank when their assignment is edited. This is especially noticeable in Sunset Valley.

Different lot assignments attract different groups of Sims (based on their age, life state, traits, skills, career, celebrity status and NPC role), as well as allow or forbid certain types of animals, define lot density, and enforce autonomous behavior (such as skill building and object advertisement).[1] Lot assignments also determine what opportunities, gigs and interactions are available. For example, some mixology bar drinks are restricted from some assignments.

Starting with The Sims 3: Late Night, whether a lot is considered a hotspot or dead zone also determines its density. Likewise, in The Sims 3: Supernatural, a full moon will also cause all lots to increase in density.[2]

List of lot assignments[edit | edit source]

By default, some lot assignments can only be found in certain sub-worlds, such as the market assignment, but the player is free to assign these to lots in other worlds. However, some special lot assignments are hidden and can only be applied in Create a World or unlocked with the enableLotLocking cheat.

Residential[edit | edit source]

Main article: Residential lot

Residential lots are one of the two primary lot categories. Sims mainly live on these types of lots. Some expansion packs introduce new assignments in this category.

Base game
  • Regular lot
World Adventures
University Life
Island Paradise
  • Private lot (Create a World only)
Into the Future
  • Ownable lot (Future world only)

Community[edit | edit source]

Main article: Community lot

Community lots are one of the two primary lot categories. They are typically public spaces in which Sims can gather.

Base game
World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Lot assignments set by rabbit holes[edit | edit source]

These lot types are available in CAW but are normally only assigned to lots by associated rabbit holes.

Base game
Into the Future

Map tags[edit | edit source]

Map tags are colored markers that appear over lots in the Map View. By default, they will appear over all community lots and the residential lots of known Sims. They will also appear for active opportunities and adventures, and will also appear over the currently selected Sim's workplace or school. Clicking on a map tag allows the player to direct Sims to the lot without having to exit Map View; functionally, it provides the same options as clicking on the lot in live mode. If the currently selected Sim is on a lot, their plumbob will appear next to that lot's map tag.

Map tags are colored based on the type of lot they belong to:

  • Green tags indicate the currently played household's home lot.
  • Dark blue tags indicate community lots.
  • Light blue tags with the career symbol on it indicate the selected Sim's place of work.
  • Light blue tags with a star indicate opportunities.
  • Orange tags indicate the residential lots of other Sims that the current Sim knows. Map tags will not appear for empty lots or for lots inhabited by unknown Sims.
  • Red tags indicate rabbit holes.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

The lot assignment selector as of patch 95.
In The Sims 4, lot assignments now have required objects that must be placed before they can become functional. In the case of penthouse lots, the player is forbidden from saving their game until an elevator and an apartment mailbox are placed. Only NPCs that belong to a particular assignment will appear. For example, a mixologist will arrive if a bar is placed in a lounge, but not if it is placed in a museum. In this case, a mixologist can be hired for a fee.

In patch 42, lot traits were introduced. These traits along with lot types can characterize a lot's functionality and create an effect on the Sims that visit them.

List of lot assignments[edit | edit source]

Base game
Outdoor Retreat
Get to Work
Spa Day
Get Together
Dine Out
City Living
Cats & Dogs
Jungle Adventure
Get Famous
Island Living
Realm of Magic
Discover University
Tiny Living Stuff
Eco Lifestyle
  • Apartment (hidden)
  • Community space (including the below sub lot-assignments)
    • Community space
    • Community garden
    • Marketplace
    • Maker space
Journey to Batuu
Snowy Escape
Paranormal Stuff

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Due to the game's poorly implemented method of populating a lot, lots might not be as crowded as the game would imply.

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