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Lucky Palms
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Lucky Palms
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With ample parks, recreation opportunities, and a thriving culinary scene, Lucky Palms is an island of green amid shifting sands. This desert enclave offers manicured gardens, modern estates, and cozy abodes nestled on the banks of a pristine lake. At the heart of town a mysterious well is said to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart... what will you wish for?
Name Lucky Palms
Game TS3Shop Icon.png The Sims 3 Store
Cost (in SimPoints) 2450 (3915 Gold)
Official Item Official item
Store item Store item
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Lucky Palms is a world for The Sims 3. It was announced on June 18, 2012 and released on June 28 of the same year. It is the fifth world released for The Sims 3 Store.[1] Lucky Palms is set in a desert setting with small pockets of green scattered throughout the world. There are 50 residents (and 5 unborn babies), making Lucky Palms the same size population-wise as Bridgeport, Hidden Springs, and Riverview.

It is available in a Standard and Gold edition. The Gold edition contains The Lucky Simoleon Casino, as well as several extra objects, including the blackjack table and the slot machine.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Explore an All-New World – Discover the Wonders of Lucky Palms Today!

Rest and relaxation is the name of the game at The Sims 3 Lucky Palms! With ample parks, recreation locales, and a thriving culinary scene, you'll find yourself on an oasis of green amid shifting sands. This desert enclave offers manicured gardens, modern estates, and cozy abodes nestled on the banks of a pristine lake. At the heart of town lies a mysterious well that is said to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart…what will you wish for?

All New: The Wishing Well –Does your Sim long for Love? Wealth? Power and Fame? Perhaps they yearn for the pitter patter of little feet, or maybe they just want to be happy… The Wishing Well can help your Sim achieve all of these things and more! Just toss a coin and make a wish and see if dreams come true...

Overview[edit | edit source]

Lucky Palms is a small resort town set in an oasis, modeled on Palm Springs, California, a real-life desert resort and a famous playground for the rich and famous in the 1950s and 1960s, an inspiration that can be seen in the architecture and the abundance of palm trees and wind turbines.

Lucky Palms is actually two towns in one, segregated by a highway; on one side is Lucky Palms, set at the edge of a beautiful blue lake, and on the other side rests a dried up lake with a small collection of houses and abandoned community lots surrounding it. There is also a gas station, a pharmacy and a yacht club that have been abandoned and converted into residential lots. A large percentage of the world's lots are empty, giving the player freedom of mind to build as they please. If Seasons is installed, the Civic Center Park behind the City Hall will be replaced with festival grounds.

The town features two returning Sims from Pleasantview in The Sims 2: Darren Dreamer, who is living by himself, and his future wife Darleen Matlapin, living with her parents Mariana and Omar.

There is a wishing well in the middle of the town, located in the Botanic Garden, just in front of city hall.

Children and teenagers in Lucky Palms all have pre-set C grades at school at the start of the game.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Backstory Render LP.png

Darren Dreamer

Looking for love in Lucky Palms! Within 3 miles of City Hall, Lucky Palms

Relationship: Never Married
Have Kids: No
Want Kids: With the right woman!
Profession: Artist!

Darren Dreamer here, artist in residence to the fabulous town of Lucky Palms! And by artist I mean REAL artist, not the bumming on my best friends couch hopefuls! I am a single adult male whose interests include painting, computer games, and preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't really enjoy spending much time outdoors, but I do love painting landscapes!

Something I love about our town of Lucky Palms is how many unique and beautiful things there are to paint. Whether it's the rich orange and reds of the mountains, the desert green on the skin of the cactus, or the rising sun's reflection on the surface of the lake our surroundings are bursting with natural beauty and vibrant color!

The Blooming Cactus Bistro offers the best views of the city at sunset and my place to grab a bite and a bit of inspiration. Are you looking to be inspired? If so, you can find me at 59 Gobi Road. I look forward to meeting you!

Lots[edit | edit source]

There are 96 lots in Lucky Palms: 35 community lots, 37 residential lots, and 24 empty lots.

Residential[edit | edit source]

Name Br Ba Address Size Worth Household Difficulty Money
The Breakers West 1 1 119 Lakeside Drive 10x15 Bard 1 10,000
Wave Motion Laboratory 2 2 13 The Lake 29x13 Best Friends 2 10,000
Happy Hour House 3 3 68 Gobi Road 40x40 Claremont 4 14,000
Lakeview Manor 2 2 117 Lakeside Drive 20x30 Diwan 3 10,000
Block Model 1 2 59 Gobi Road 40x40 Dreamer 1 20,000
Palazzo Paradiso 3 1 121 Lakeside Drive 20x25 Gilbert 3 6,000
Betty Barracuda 3 1.5 21 The Lake 29x13 Golden Gals 2 18,000
Casa Xanadu 1 1.5 67 Golf View Road 40x40 Hendrix 1 75,000
Irony Ranch 1 1 79 Sunset Boulevard 40x40 Hudson Hipsters 2 15,000
Super House 2 2 130 Lakeside Drive 40x20 Irwin 3 7,000
Pillars of Society 3 2.5 69 Golf View Road 64x64 King 3 30,000
The Lido 1 1 125 Lakeside Drive 20x20 Lancaster 1 5,000
Halcyon Hideaway 1 2 66 Sand Road 40x40 Loera 1 10,000
A Bridge Apart 2 2.5 73 Golf View Road 40x40 Lovers? 2 100,000
Intersecting Planes 2 2 74 Pleasant View Road 40x40 Matlapin 2 13,000
Nefertiti's Abode 1 1.5 75 Golf View Road 40x40 Price 1 45,000
Baby Bungalow 2 2 93 Sonora Street 40x40 Ross 3 16,000
Classic Compound 1 2 70 Great Sand Road 64x64 Shaw 1 10,000
Modernista 1 1.5 71 Golf View Road 40x40 Sosa 1 20,000
Adorable Adobe 2 3 95 Sonora Street 40x40 Sparks 2 12,000
Hearts of Palm 1 1 77 Sunset Boulevard 40x40 Steel 1 12,000
The Deadliest Danger 2 2 18 The Lake 29x13 Survivalist 1 10,000
La Casa 3 2 96 Sonora Street 40x40 Tanner 3 25,000
Crib Fantastique 2 1 118 Lakeside Drive 20x20 The Unlikely Twosome 2 4,000
Sangria Arms 2 1 97 Sonora Street 40x40 Young Trio 2 10,000
Name Br Ba Address Size Price Unfurnished Price Furnished
That 70's House 2 1 65 Golf View Road 40x40 §55,557 §75,133
Chic Retreat 1 1 61 Sand Road 40x40 §78,615 §210,025
Symphony on the Cube 2 3 80 Sunset Boulevard 39x40 §81,801 §106,456
Highgate Hacienda 1 1 120 Lakeside Drive 15x19 §9,203 §11,098
Landlubbers Loft 1 1 17 The Lake 29x13 §14,068 §16,313
Mid Century, Not at All Modern 1 1 74 Wellspring Parkway 40x40 §14,194 §16,156
Petrol Palace 1 2 124 Lakeside Drive 35x24 §32,226 §41,103
Pharm Haus 1 1 126 Lakeside Drive 14x20 §27,791 §43,171
Salty Springs Resort 7 8 133 Lakeside Drive 39x39 §83,420 §131,015
Sandy Knoll Retreat 1 1 140 Lake View Road 14x19 §10,558 §12,773
The Claw 3 3.5 77 Golf View Road 50x50 §150,252 §215,648
The Fo'c'sle 1 1.5 127 Lakeside Drive 34x25 §50,731 §59,728

Commercial[edit | edit source]

Name Size Address Price Type Rabbithole
Area-52 Test Labs 40x40 105 Lakeside Drive §11,387 No Visitors Allowed Science Lab
The Blooming Cactus Bistro 60x64 The Overlook §51,137 No Visitors Allowed Bistro
Botanical Garden 25x50 33 Garden View Lane §20,969 Small Park -
Brittlebush Academy 60x60 19 Civic Circle §70,364 No Visitors Allowed School
City Hall 64x64 10 Civic Circle §30,148 No Visitors Allowed City Hall
Civic Center Park[3] 64x64 The Park at Civic Circle §54,329 Big Park -
Wonderful Wells Community Garden 30x20 70 Wellspring Parkway §18,275 No Visitors Allowed -
Grand Canyon Community Library 50x50 17 Civic Circle §195,068 Library -
Community Parking Lot 35x13 10 The Lake §4,840 No Visitors Allowed -
Desert Arms Military Base 60x55 145 Lakeside Drive §12,999 No Visitors Allowed Military Base
Desert Diner 25x20 62 Wellspring Parkway §7,574 No Visitors Allowed Diner
Drinks at Diamondbacks 30x30 30 Garden View Lane §60,947 Hangout -
The Golden Simoleon Gymnasium 50x50 35 Kalahari Crossing §162,429 Gym -
Goody's Groceries 30x30 90 Sonora Street §9,795 No Visitors Allowed Supermarket
Imagine That! Theater 30x30 94 Sonora Street §8,284 No Visitors Allowed Theater
Lakeside Retreat 36x39 20 Sunshine Way §22,819 Beach -
Local Law Enforcement 30x30 30 Civic Circle §13,109 No Visitors Allowed Police Department
Lovely Lake Park and Playground 64x64 114 Lakeside Drive §27,626 Big Park -
Lovely Lake Public Pool 25x25 116 Lakeside Drive §29,238 Pool -
Lucky Llamas Stadium 64x64 200 Sahara Boulevard §22,306 No Visitors Allowed Stadium
Paint A Desert Art Gallery 50x50 32 Civic Circle §147,663 Art Gallery -
Palms Park 40x40 36 Kalahari Crossing §13,528 Small Park -
Perfect Paradise Pool 40x40 60 Wellspring Parkway §142,325 Pool -
The Perfect Park 20x25 115 Lakeside Drive §32,343 Small Park -
Rio Vista Park and Playground 40x40 21 Civic Circle §8,639 Small Park -
Sun Health Hospital 40x40 25 Civic Circle §11,254 No Visitors Allowed Hospital
Sahara Corporate Headquarters 30x40 100 Sahara Boulevard §6,392 No Visitors Allowed Office Building
Sunshine Art Gallery 20x50 111 Lakeside Drive §25,739 Art Gallery -
The Sandy Place 20x20 113 Lakeside Drive §15,152 Hangout -
Silver Swallow Day Spa 50x50 25 River Road §65,407 No Visitors Allowed Spa
The Solitary Novel 30x30 69 Lake Access Road §10,097 No Visitors Allowed Bookstore
Sport Fishing 40x40 34 Garden View Lane §75,660 Fishing Spot -
Sunwest Graveyard 50x50 10 Tombstone Drive §26,227 Graveyard Mausoleum
The Warehouse 40x40 103 Lakeside Drive §5,769 No Visitors Allowed Warehouse
The Wishing Well 15x15 1 Wishing Well Way §1,320 No Visitors Allowed -

Empty[edit | edit source]

Address Size Price
14 The Lake 29x13 §754
28 Civic Circle[4] 40x30 §2,400
52 Golf Links Lane 50x50 §5,000
54 Golf Links Lane 64x64 §8,192
55 Vista Boulevard[5] 40x40 §3,200
63 Gobi Road[6] 30x30 §1,800
65 Sand Road[7] 30x30 §1,800
70 Lake Access Road[8] 20x30 §1,200
71 Lake Access Road[9] 20x30 §1,200
75 Pleasant View Road[10] 30x40 §2,400
78 Golf View Road[11] 40x40 §3,200
80 Golf View Road 40x40 §3,200
98 Sonora Street 40x40 §3,200
100 The Fairway[12] 40x40 §3,200
100 The Green 40x40 §3,200
107 Lakeside Drive 64x64 §8,192
109 Lakeside Drive 20x30 §1,200
110 Lakeside Drive 50x50 §5,000
136 Lakeside Drive 35x25 §1,750
137 Lakeside Drive 64x64 §8,192
150 Casino Boulevard 60x60 §7,200
228 Sedona Lane 64x64 §8,192
230 Sedona Lane[13] 40x40 §3,200
232 Sedona Lane 30x30 §1,800

Families[edit | edit source]

New families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 1
Isadora Bard
Isadora needs everything to be shiny! Her hair, her clothes, her imagination, they all shine brighter than the sun. If life gave her lemons Isadora would make lemonade...and she would probably throw a handful of glitter in for good measure.
Difficulty: 2
Roy Phillips, Palmer Hayes
Roy and Palmer knew each other as children, but grew apart as the years went by and they followed different paths in life. Reunited when they both happened to retire in the same desert town these two were fast to rekindle their friendship. Roy and Palmer... best friends forever!
Difficulty: 4
Morgan Claremont, Sammi Claremont, Tabbi Claremont, Endora Kravitz
When Morgan took a new job in a new town he had no idea that his mother-in-law would be tagging along! What was supposed to be a "short visit" when their first child was born has turned into an extended stay. Will true love triumph over a meddlesome mother-in-law?
Difficulty: 3
Taj Diwan, Zahra Diwan, Sahan Diwan
Special Agent Taj Diwan is deep undercover in his investigation of the drained lake bed and the Sims who live there! To aid his deception he's brought his family with him. Aided by his dedicated and supportive wife, Zahara, he has infiltrated the small neighborhood and is investigating criminal activities in the area.
Difficulty: 3
Barry Gilbert, Hanson Gilbert, Joshua Gilbert
After the death of his beloved wife, Barry felt a change of scene was in order and bought property over a popular online auction site. Unfortunately he paid double what the "cozy lake front abode" was worth and is stuck with his poor investment. The bills are high and the lake is dry... will the family stick together through these tough times?
Difficulty: 2
Gennie Gomez, Beulah Patterson, Evangeline Finch
Three gifted women, best friends through thick and thin, are living together during their golden years. Gennie is a talented artist, Beulah is an expert angler, and Evangeline enjoys gardening and hacking. These brilliant women are determined to make the best of the rest of their lives!
Difficulty: 1
Jaycen Hendrix
A confirmed bachelor for life, Jaycen works hard and plays harder! He loves fast cars, beautiful women, and a well made grilled cheese sandwich. Can he continue to grow his father's business empire, or will his playboy ways cost him everything?
Difficulty: 2
Kinslee Hudson, Ariel Hudson
Madly in love and daring enough to break convention, this young couple is pregnant with their first child and shunning the civil trappings of wedlock, though they have decided to share Kinslee's last name. Can these wily hipsters maintain their unique perspective on life amid a more conservative desert crowd?
Difficulty: 3
Emi Irwin, Richard Irwin, Cricket Irwin
Unemployed, unreliable, and unfaithful Richard is hardly a good role model. And though beautiful Emi Irwin is deeply troubled and working on the wrong side of the law... is there any hope for their daughter to have a normal childhood?
Difficulty: 3
Brayden King, Kadia King, Abrielle King, Abrianna King
The Kings are pillars of respectability and popularity. Their twin daughters excel scholastically and are both gifted with creative talents. As these two cultivated teens grow into adulthood where will their life paths take them? And what will their parents do once their little birds have flown?
Difficulty: 1
Lola Lancaster
Dazzling former showgirl Lola has been entertaining a steady string of gentlemen since the untimely, and according to the police "accidental", death of her husband. But one affair may have gone too far...pregnant and in love with a married man, what's a girl to do?!
Difficulty: 1
Marisol Loera
An ambitious young author, Marisol left her fast paced life behind in order to focus on her writing. She is working on her debut novel, a murder mystery set in the town of Hidden Springs during an unrelenting blizzard. Marisol intended to move back home after completing her novel, but a certain police cadet may cause her to relocate permanently...
Difficulty: 2
Eli Vokoban, Lina Lancaster
Eli is a lifelong ladies man and his current lady is the lovely - and much younger - Lina Lancaster. Lina claims to love Eli, but neighbors whisper that she is only in love with his fortune! Rumors say that Lina is pregnant... but is Eli the father?
Difficulty: 1
Kitty Price
Former starlet and eccentric art collector Kitty divides her time between cooking and decorating her underground girl cave. A former action movie star Kitty first and foremost believes in Girl Power! Rarrr! Will she find a special someone to enjoy her retirement with, or will she scare all the potential suitors away?
Difficulty: 3
Marissa Ross, Phoenix Ross, Addison Ross
Marissa has been very successful in her pursuit of a top tier business career, but Phoenix has failed to find success in the military. As Marissa spends more and more time at work Phoenix finds himself raising their daughter alone. Will these former lovebirds find their way back to one another, or does a separation loom in the future?
Difficulty: 1
Yolanda Shaw
Short skirts and persistent flirts, Yolanda likes the boys and the boys like her! This good time gal shirks responsibility and hates to be tied down, but recently she noticed some changes in her daily routine. Is she really expecting a baby? If so, can she possibly put her fast paced life on hold to raise a child alone?
Difficulty: 1
Lennon Sosa
A top student from the prestigious Formage Grille cooking school, Lennon has a big appetite and even bigger dreams! Known for his lavish parties, robust garden, and scrumptious cuisine he quickly became a town favorite, but can he surpass Romon Tanner and become known as the number one chef in town?
Difficulty: 2
Walker Sparks, Piper Sparks
Widowed when his daughter was just a baby, Walker has struggled to balance his career and raise his child. His want to provide Piper with financial security has turned him into a workaholic and an absent father. Too late Walker sees the damage that has been done... can he mend his relationship with his daughter before he loses her forever.
Difficulty: 1
Donnovan Steel
A young cadet with a winning smile and a passion for justice, Donnovan is the face of the police force, literally! He was recently featured on the cover of the annual "Hot Desert Cops" calendar. Will this young enforcer stay on the correct side of the law, or will fame lead him astray?
Difficulty: 1
Naomi Nita
Naomi's motto is "Prepare for the worst so that you will survive the zombie apocalypse." Her home is small and sparse, but her underground bunker is designed to outlast anything the world throws at her. Rumor has it that she is investigating a long life serum on the side while pursuing her job as a scientist.
Difficulty: 3
Romon Tanner, Aya Tanner, Ethan Tanner, Yuna Tanner
Four generations of cooking excellence define the Tanner family name, but now has an upstart with a fancy pedigree has come to challenge the Tanners as the best chefs in town. Will Ethan's home grown culinary skills triumph over the formal training of his nemesis?
Difficulty: 2
Ezekiel Reid, Pansy Northrop
Ezekiel inherited his father's home back when there was still a lake. Unfortunately for him, when the water vanished the real estate's value did too. Unable to sell and too poor to leave he found a paying roommate in military cadet Northrop. Can this unlikely twosome cohabitate in peace, or will their differing personalities lead to conflict?
Difficulty: 2
Oscar Arellano, Vivienne Vasquez, Clark Bellamore
Young lovers Vivienne and Oscar relocated after Viv was offered her dream job at the local science lab. Oscar's best friend Clark tagged along, but, unable to find work, ended up crashing permanently on their couch. Can this young romance survive their unexpected house guest?

Returning families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 1
Darren Dreamer
A talented artist with eccentric tastes, Darren hates the outdoors, yet has a passion for painting landscapes through large windows. Rumor has it that his home came with a swimming pool, but he had it filled in so he could build a cactus garden in his backyard. Though art is his passion, being a stay-at-home bachelor is lonely business... is there a special Sim somewhere who is a perfect match for Darren?
Difficulty: 2
Darleen Matlapin, Mariana Matlapin, Omar Matlapin
The Matlapin family are new in town, but thanks to Mariana's natural charm and social graces they are already well known and well liked by their neighbors. Their daughter Darleen has a dreamy disposition and an interest in the arts... and romance! Will Darleen find the man of her dreams amid the shifting sands?

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Townies[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All the rabbit holes (except the Bistro) are recolored versions of the ones in Sunset Valley.
  • Sedona Lane in Lucky Palms refers to the beta desert neighborhood of The Sims 2 called Sedona.
  • Lucky Palms is one of the locations where postcards can be obtained from in The Sims 4.
  • The Young Trio household's story and situation is similar to the plot of the movie You, Me, and Dupree.
  • Lucky Palms was the first world in The Sims 3 to feature new trees.
  • The design and theme of Lucky Palms was inspired by Palm Springs and Las Vegas, as well as desert towns in California and Nevada.

References[edit | edit source]

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