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  • I have a good theory. Grunt and Lyla were fighting about Grunt's way of raising their children so she left him and went to her friend Olive. One day they were sitting around, talking and watching TV with a nice cup of coffee. Suddenly, a wire connected to the TV breaks so Lyla tries to fix it because Olive is too weak. Lyla gets some tools to fix it, but trips in the process, splashing the coffee in her hand on her, and landing on the wire, killing her. Olive watched in horror as her friend died in front of her. She buries her, reports her missing, and his forever haunted by the image of her friend. All of these event made her emotionally unstable, thus losing Nervous, and killing everybody that came to her lot, All because of Grunt's parenting issues. -Creedthree
  • During development of The Sims 2 and the making of Strangetown and it's storyline sims were killed off to make family storyline unfortuantly Lyla was one of the sims killed off but when the game was being made the didn't release that some of the sims were "Incomplete" Lyla was one of them when the sims 2 was released Lyla was also shipped with Missing DNA and character data causing her to become corrupt.

The reason she is burried at Olives lot is because Olive actually owns a cemetery and Lyla had to be placed somewhere so she was placed here. ParanormalJ (talk) 02:03, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

  • Well I gotta say somthing you know Olive's young husband when she was a cougar she had a affair with him Buzz found out and they had a divorce well she tried to wear Olive out but of course we all know olive has some mental disease where she goes on and tells her (remember Lyla's blonde and not being mean but some blondes are dumb) and tell her which Ophelia locked her in the chamber and her big daddy Grim Reaper striked her with lightning :P.
  • This is an easy one. Lyla got sick and tired of Buzz acting more like the general at home than a husband and father. So the two got into a huge fight and Lyla divorced him. She knew her children were going to be more miserable there without her. So, she wanted to gain full custody of the kids. On the night of her divorce, she went over to Olive's house too tell of her plan. Olive knew it was late and she gave Lyla a room to sleep in. In the middle of the night, a ghost turned on the T.V. and caused Lyla to fix it. But, when she did she electrocuted her self, thus dying. The next morning, Olive got up early and found Lyla dead. So, she carried her to the graveyard, where her other "victims" are. She called the police and told them Lyla was missing. Later on, Buzz comes to Olive and admits he saw Olive drag Lyla's body to the grave. That's why they're enemies.
  • Lyla left because she was investigating the mysteriously departed Sims in Olive's Garden... Olive realized Lyla had figured her out and killed her, zapping her in the face with a live electric wire. Buzz found some of Lyla's research and that's why he hates Olive, because he has proof that Olive probably killed Lyla... And that's also why he goes to her house, because he wants to catch her in the act. (Even if he's next on her list) ~AmphyPrincess

  • Lyla divorced Buzz because of the way he treated their children. She moved out of the house and having no other place to go went to Olive Specter's creepy house. Olive invited her in but blacked out shortly afterwards waking up to a dead Lyla and out of fear buried her in the garden with the many other mysteriously departed Sims. Buzz suspects that Olive killed Lyla which is why he hates her.--Thelamppost 23:01, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

  • Buzz Grunt caught Lyla cheating on him with (wait for it)...Pollination Technician 9! (Lyla's Aspiration was Romance, remember?) So he ordered Lyla out of the house and she went to live with Olive Specter. However, Olive was also having an affair with Pollination Technician 9, and she caught him with Lyla. Knowing that Lyla had no Mechanical skill, Olive broke a dishwasher on purpose and tricked Lyla into fixing it. Thus, Lyla died of electrocution. This would also explain why Buzz and Pollination Technician 9 are enemies. Sparrowsong 22:44, January 23, 2010 (UTC)

  • I believe that Lyla didn't approve of the way Buzz was treating their children so she left him and eventually Buzz got custody of their children. Lyla moved in with her good friend Olive Mueneda. Olive was pregnant to Nervous at the time and when Olive went to visit her elderly mother, Lyla could've tried to fix the TV and died. When Olive came back, she found Grim there and eventually Olive had told Buzz. Buzz thinks Olive killed Lyla and this is the reason why they don't like each other. User:SexyShugar.

  • What I think it that Lyla in her lifetime had 21 lovers including buzz who`s the only one without romance aspiration they always forgave eachover for cheating and once buzz caught her he broke up Maxis got rid of the memory of cheating though and how she died on Olive's lot she was looking for a home she only had 1 simoleon Olive welcomed her and Lyla tried to help her home and tried to fix a tv and all the ghosts made puddles and the ghosts of drowned sims in her yard killed her

  • She had problems, broke up with her husband, Olive and her Ex murdered her.

  • I think, Lyla was getting abused by Buzz and she was sick of seeing her children in pain and she in pain, and so she told him she was leaving him, and he slapped her for the last time and she ran out! So, she went to her good friend Olive, but Olive was jealous of Lyla, because, she had children, that loved her and knowed her and she murderd Lyla, or Lyla kept on crying and Olive was sick of it and Murderd her, or Olive was dating again, so she went out, and Lyla was watching a horror movie and the tv just stop working, so a ghost that died in a pool went through the tv and spilled some water on the tv, so she decided to fix and got electrouded and died. So, Olive just got rejected and she was very sad so when she came back home she found Lyla dead, and then she got depressed and told Buzz, but, he didn't belive her and said you killed her you killed Lyla you Bit**!

  • I think, since murder is impossible in The Sims 2, Lyla had an affair with a townie[Not getting into names because that would be lying] and Buzz caught her in the act, thus he dumped her. She moved out, changed her appearence[She wore different clothes in a storytelling photo] so no one could recognize her, but she had nowhere to go so she moved in with Olive and which added 20000 Simoleons to her lot[Which explains Olive's fortune slightly], so she tried fixing something[Say a TV, I don't care what point is it was an electronic] with no skills of any kind. Thus she "mysteriously" died. Viola! Thats what I think happened, the beliveabled story without impossible Sims events. There you have it =)
That's right! Pure and simple. --- Rodrigo X 15:03, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

  • I believe that Lyla left buzz because he lost the fight the alien.She must of marry due to he storng by winning all those fight as an teen.Lyla left to Olive and some how she died because I never believe tht she murdered the she died.

  • Whoever said murder is impossible is wrong, you can download things such as guns and shoot the Sims with them. I think that most of these theories are stupid; stop it; this is no joke. I think that when Lyla divorced Buzz (No idea why..) she went to live with Olive Specter. The affair with Pollination Tech 9 and Buzz beating him up could be untrue; because Buzz beat up several people in his lifetime, like the Curious brothers. She died somehow with Olive (I do not know how, I never saw her ghost, so I do not know the color). Or, Olive killed her; she killed her husbands when she was mad with them.
Well, when the creators made the game, they sure didn't create guns (which are custom content and were created after the game was released and therefore she was already dead). So murder is impossible on clean games without CC. --- Rodrigo X 15:03, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

  • Lyla was a romance Sim, which is probably why she moved out. Romance sims fear marriage and aren't the most dutiful parents, which probably explained why she left them with General Buzz. She went to Live with her friend Olive and died on Olives lot. General Buzz resents Olive for allowing it all to happen.

  • I think after they got divorced General Buzz got Olive to kill Lyla.

  • Olive killed tha fool.

  • Lyla definatelly broke up with Buzz of course, but there are 2 theories of how she died, electrocuted by Olive or commited suicide in means of electrocution. In the suicide term, she still can't get away from the pain that her children are being abused by Buzz, so she had enough of the tolerence of life and proceeded to kill herself using an appliance or some sort.

  • Lyla left her family because she hoped that Buzz would wake up and change his behaviour. Buzz reacted by threatening to divorce. None of the two of them really wanted to seperate. Olive had promised the Grim Reaper that he could talk to a living sim. She told the unhappy Lyla that she could meet another man. Lyla agreed because she hoped to make Buzz jealous. But when she saw that her date was the Grim Reaper, she died of shock. Neither Olive nor the Grim Reaper could help her. Olive told Buzz what happend, but he believes that she had murdered his wife. He tried to proove it, but failed. This is the reason why Buzz and Olive hate each other, and why Olive wants to talk to Buzz.

  • Lyla's grave can be found at Olive Specter's house. Does this mean she was murdered? Also, why did she leave her husband?

  • One of the theories above has to be wrong because Olive Specter could not have visited her elderly mother because her mother was already dead. I think what happened was Lyla was upset about money and the way Buzz treated their kids, so she divorced him. After she left, she went to live with Olive because she knew that Olive's husband had recently died. Then, Olive went out on a date with Hugh Thanasia. While Olive was gone, the telephone broke. She would have called Olive or a Repairman but she couldn't. So she tried to fix it, but since she had no mechanical skill, she got electrocuted. When Olive got home, she found Lyla dead. She then buried her in her yard so she could mourn her death. And the reason why Lyla's family didn't know of her death was because Olive was afraid Buzz would hurt her out of anger.
  • My guess is that she was friends with Olive and when she moved out she stayed the night at Olive's. And since Olive's

maid Jessica died she made Lyla fix the dishwasher or another appliance and she died and Olive knew it would kill her and then buried her in her garden, but general Buzz was still in love with her, that's why he hates Olive.

  • I think Lyla left Buzz because of the way he treated Tank (and possibly Ripp and Buck, but it doesn't seem as if they were as affected by Buzz) but I do think Buzz still loved her. I think Buzz knew of Lyla's death but, possibly, kept it from the children. I also think he suspected Olive of murder, hence the reason the two of them are not fond of each other. I think (I need to stop saying "I think") he confronted her but she denied it, and the game nudges the player towards Buzz being Olive's next victim (And he was in my game, by the way.) It's possible that Lyla's death was an accident, or (as someone above me said) suicide. Maybe Lyla felt bad that she left her children with Buzz (though I'm positive Tank was raised better with Buzz than he would've been with Olive.)
  • Lyla was fed up with Buzz's Military style home-life. She started arguing with him and divorced him and left him and she planed to get the custody of her children later. She moved went to stay with good friend Olive who could understand losing a Husband (Earl Left Olive at the Altar). Olive gave Lyla a nice dress and a room for the night. Lyla woke in the night and the Lyla noticed the TV was on she turned it off and it broke she went to fix it but she didn't noticed the water on the floor and she was killed the Grim Reaper helped his close friend Olive hid her death and used his special power to fool the others. Buzz believed like others Lyla woke early and fled the country but when he went round to Olive's one day to see how she was after Lyla's disappearance he turned and saw the Grave stone that simply said 'Lyla Grunt Dearly missed'. The Grim helped Olive and made Grunt forget but the small part in his brain has a faint memory that is not full that makes him hate Olive. My case is settled.
  • I don't know if anybody said this, but I think Olive had problems with the General before Lyla's death. So, after their divorce, she did sth. to hurt Buzz. This is, killing Lyla. TA-DAH!
  • I think that Buzz treated Lyla and their children badly, and Lyla couldn't take it.She wanted to move out, and sense she had no place to live, she went to Olive's house. Then she died.
  • What i know is that Buzz acted in house that he's a boss, and did everything he can to live alone with his kids, he argued with lyla, but mainly she had an affair with a townie so they break up for that. Lyla moved into Olive's house trying to have a plan but when Olive broke something, Lyla had poor mechanical skill while trying to fix that thing and she died.
  • I think Lyla was sick of General Buzz and so she divorced him. She moved in with Olive Specter and while Olive was out something broke and Lyla tried to fix it but she had bad mecanical skill and died. Buzz thought Olive killed her so thats why they are enemies. K.F, Simmer.
  • When Lyla was living with Olive, I think that General Buzz sent someone to kill Lyla when Olive was away (probably at work). But still, Buzz and his sons doesn't remember her death- that was probably a mistake. But I'm not gonna try resurrecting her!
  • This is what i THINK, because i don't have sims 2 so... here goes: Lyla never really liked General Buzz Whatever, so they just divorced becuase they never really liked each other :P. Olive told Buzz that Lyla was dead. So she invited him over for some coffee. Buzz thought he saw something, and said he had to go home. But he really sneaked into the garden, saw Lyla's grave in OLIVE'S garden BROKE the door OPEN and said "YOU KILLED LYLA DID'NT YOU?!?" and Olive went quiet and said quietly ".....No." So Buzz phoned the police. But the police fined him for "lying." Olive does a secret smile. Now Buzz tries to tell his friends but nobody belived him.
  • Simple, Lyla hated the way Buzz was raisinng their kids, they fought over it and divorced. She must have been friends with Olive, which is why she went to stay with her. However, she probabaly saw all the graves and figured Olive out. Olive, to save herself, killed Lyla. Since no one knew she went there, she apppeared to have gone missing. However, Buzz must have knwo she went there and upon going there, he mus have figured out Olive killed her, which is why he hates her
  • That beautiful girl was murdered :( SaraRomania1
  • I think that this is what happened: At first, the Grunt kids didn't have such a bad life, because they had Lyla, their mother, to teach them that real strength comes from the heart. But Lyla and Buzz started drifting farther and farther apart, and they started arguing daily. Eventually, Lyla said "F*** you, the heck is wrong with you? I can't take this anymore..." and left, bitterly wanting to see Buzz struggle with the kids. Olive felt sorry for her old friend and gave her food, company, and a place to stay for a while. One day, Olive got stuck at work for the night because of a bad thunderstorm. During this time, the electronics powered down. At around 9 PM, or 21:00, the storm stopped. Lyla got OCD about the electronics being broken (because I know I'm not the only female who gets OCD at the most random things) and started fixing them. When she got to the TV, water started dripping on her and she got electrocuted. Then Olive got home and saw Lyla's body on the floor. She said "S**t..." and buried her in the garden. Ever the watchful spirit in the house, Jessica Ebadi was the one to see it all. (Eh, had to mention her in this- she's my favorite of the ghosts in the garden, has to do with the fact that when I played the Specter, even though she starved to death, she was such a peaceful, well behaved ghost.) Of course, she can't say a word to you about it, being dead. -CherryLedian
  • Easy! When Lyla left she was passing Olive's home. And since Olive is suspected of being a killer, she sniped Lyla in for the kill, and murdered her! In the sense that Buzz saw Lyla dead in Olive's Lot. That's what happened to Lyla and why Buzz and Olive are enemies.