Sugar Maple Coast

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Sugar Maple Coast
Name Sugar Maple Coast
Game  The Sims 3: Pets (console)

Sugar Maple Coast is a pre-made neighborhood that was shipped with The Sims 3: Pets for console. It was revealed at GamesCom 2011. The town includes the basic lots as well as several new ones.[1]

Sugar Maple Coast features a variety of new map tags, such as a bait shop and a lighthouse. Sugar Maple Coast also has the combined map tags also seen in neighborhoods such as Bridgeport.

Families[edit | edit source]

Playable Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 4
Molly Dalton, Brooke Branson, Brimmy Branson, Brady Branson, Brock Branson
Brady and Brooke seem to have the perfect marriage and family. He is a popular and respected journalist and she is the hometown sports star. Their son Brock seems to be following in his mother's footsteps and is an accomplished angler. Yes, life is good! But can this ideal family survive Molly, Brooke's crazy aunt, moving in? Brooke invited her to visit and now she seems like she's here to stay. Brady puts on a good face but Molly's antics are certainly wearing him down.
Difficulty: 2
Zachariah Dungworth, Eleanor Dungworth
The Dungworth's are not known well around town. Eleanor has been making some attempt to enter the dating pool as of late, with mixed results. Those few who do know her describe her as excitable, inappropriate and overall odd. Her father Zachariah is truly an enigma. It is clear he is wealthy, but how he came by his money no one seems to know.
Difficulty: 4
Johnstone Gilman, Vincent Gilman, Eva Gilman, K8 Gilman, Catherine Gilman
The Gilman family is the richest in town. They are also the oldest family in the area, with an unbroken line of descendants going back to when the town was known as Gilman Hill. The elderly Johnstone recently passed on the running of the family company to his son Vincent and now spends his days doting on his new granddaughter. Vincent and his wife find themselves overworked at times between the pressures of careers and a new child.
Difficulty: 4
Jo Kingsley, Pennington Kingsley, Andrew Kingsley, Carla Kingsley, Andy Kingsley
Andrew has done very well as a businessman over the years, while his wife Jo has quickly risen through the ranks of law enforcement. Andrew is the perfectionist's perfectionist. This has been great for his career, but not so much when it comes to his family. His wife has grown used to his ways over the years. However, the kids chafe from his need for everthing to be perfect. Andrew particularly worries for his teenage son Andy, who seems to want to do nothing but play Planet of SimCraft.

Non-Playable Families[edit | edit source]

Adriana Angel, Eron Angel, Apocalypse Meow, Christina Hernandez
Marcel Gattus, Austin Gattus
Rebecca Goth, Buttons Goth
Jackson Rattlebag, Buttercup Rattlebag
Fancy Friar, Friendly Friar, Phillip Friar, Lilith Plain, Dirk Harrison
Fryda Wolff, Clothos Wolff, Lachesis Wolff, Atropos Wolff
Peng Xu, Dai-Xai Xu, Daisy Xu, Xilla Xu

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

  • Goth Family Cemetery 311 Harvest Nook
Timaeus Goth
Angela Gilman
  • Gilman Hill Graveyard 1119 Rocky Pine Run
Max Dalton
Samuel Gilman
Piper Pixel

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The town used to be named "Gilman Hill" before it was named Sugar Maple Coast according to the family biography of the Gilman family.
  • The players can make the non-playable Sims playable by asking them to move in. It's impossible for playable Sims to move into their house, however.
  • If there are empty houses in the city the game will generate families and additional in the house.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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