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A massage is a kind of relaxation Sims can receive, which is generally from a massage table. Sims can give or receive a massage to another Sim if the massage table is present on the lot.

The Sims: Superstar[edit | edit source]

Impruv U Pettegrew Massage Table
Relax and rejuvenate with the Impruv U Pettegrew Massage Table. Not unlike a blue, padded, magic-carpet drifting into the clouds of wonderland, the 2-inch thick luxury massage mat, with patented tension-absorbing-weave, will float away the stress of a hectic day. Your home spa is complete with the Impruv U Pettegrew Massage Table and a phone call to a massage professional. You deserve it!
Game The Sims: Superstar
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §236
Object type(s) Comfort
Size 1x2

Massages can be obtained at the Impruv U Pettegrew Massage Table introduced in The Sims: Superstar. The massage table can be purchased on both residential and community lots. If placed on a community lot, it will automatically spawn a masseuse; otherwise, the Sim must pick up the phone and hire one. On a residential lot, all massages are free (although hiring the masseuse is not), and Sims can choose from a Normal, Rough, or Energy massage. On community lots, Sims can choose from a Normal, Rough, or Chi massage, each of which costs §135. Receiving a massage will boost a Sim's comfort motives.

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage[edit | edit source]

Soft'n'Tender Massage Table
There comes a time in all our lives where all we want to do is lie face down on a padded table and feel the firm hands of a professional masseuse on our skin. The Soft'n'Tender Massage Table makes such moments possible, providing a soft, plushy surface to plop down upon and convenient head-hole to stick heads into. One visit to the Soft'n'Tender Massage Table and you'll never be the same again.
Game The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §750
Object type(s) Comfort
Size 1x3

Massage is a feature in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. It is one of the main attractions in each vacation destination. By default, all Sims know the Swedish Massage. Each vacation destination has its own unique massage, which Sims can receive for §100 or learn for §500 from the masseuse. Learning a massage will enable Sims to give it to other Sims, and get a vacation memento. They cannot, however, teach it to other Sims. The massages are Deep Tissue Massage from Three Lakes, Acupressure Massage from Takemizu Village, and Hot Stone Massage from Twikkii Island.

Massages are given via the Soft'n'Tender Massage Table. Only an adult or elder can give or receive a massage.[1] If there are more than two adults or elders on a lot, clicking on the massage table will allow the selected Sim to give a massage to a specified Sim, or ask another Sim to give them a massage.

Receiving a massage replenishes a Sim's comfort, energy, and fun motives, as well as social which also builds relationship with the giver. Different types of massage have different effects; i.e. Acupressure Massage gives the most energy, while Swedish Massage gives the most comfort. Below is the list of massage effects:

Massage Comfort Energy Fun Learned from
Acupressure 1 4 1 Takemizu Village
Deep Tissue 2 2 2 Three Lakes
Hot Stone 2 1 3 Twikkii Island
Swedish 4 1 1 -

With Open for Business, Sims can sell massages to customers in a business. Customers won't autonomously buy a massage though, so they have to be offered one.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Infinite Zen Massage Table
Feeling overworked? Sore or tired? Or just wanting to get loosened up so you can spend a few more hours at the gym? Then the Infinite Zen Massage Table is the perfect way to find Nirvana. Your Sims will be on pins and needles during Acupunture, they will feel the heat with a Hot Stone Massage, or they may get steamy with a Romantic Massage - the choice is yours!
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §550
Object type(s) Comfort
Size 3x3

In The Sims 3, Sims can receive a massage as a romantic interaction, from the spa, or from the massage premium content. Receiving any of these massages can get rid of the "Sore" moodlet, as well as the wish to get a massage.

From the spa, Sims can purchase Shiatsu Massage (§50), Swedish Massage (§250), or Deep Tissue (§500). Getting these massages will give Sim "Relaxed" moodlet for 12 hours with +25, +50, or +75 mood depending on the massage. The Infinite Zen Massage Table has 5 types of massages. Unlike Bon Voyage, the massage table from the store doesn't have a masseuse NPC, so Sims must ask from or offer massage to anyone.[2] The massage table is free from charge, but the table itself costs §550.

The types of massages from the massage table are the following:

  • Swedish Massage - "Relaxed" moodlet
  • Deep Tissue Massage - "Loose and Limber" moodlet
  • Acupuncture Massage - "Finding Nirvana" or "Pinched Nerve" moodlet
  • Hot Stone Massage - "Pebble Prepped" or "Hot Stones" moodlet
  • Romantic Massage - "High Fertility" moodlet
Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Relaxed +25, +50, +75 12 Hours Day Spa, Massage Table Sims love the rhythmic pounding of well-trained hands on the overly tense muscles of the body. So relaxing! Select "Massage" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost. Eliminates "Sore" moodlet. Gained from a Swedish massage from the massage table for +50.
Loose and Limber +20 12 Hours Massage Table Massage a little to the left...a little higher...right there! Ahhhhhh! From Deep Tissue massage
Finding Nirvana +20 4 Hours Massage Table (Sim Name) is now happy that many years ago, someone decided to poke needles in their back to see what happened. From Acupuncture massage
Pinched Nerve -25 4 Hours Massage Table Apparently the acupuncture pressure points chart needs an update! From Acupuncture massage
Pebble Prepped +20 4 Hours Massage Table Smooth. Warm. Relaxing. That is a combination that (Sim Name) could get used to! From Hot Stone massage
Hot Stones -20 4 Hours Massage Table That felt more like hot coals than hot stones! From Hot Stone massage
High Fertility +20 24 Hours Infinite Zen Massage Table There was just something magical about that Romantic Massage. (Sim Name)'s fertility has increased. From Romantic massage to female Sim. During this moodlet trying for Baby will result in twins or triplets.

The Sims 4: Spa Day[edit | edit source]

With The Sims 4 Spa Day, Sims can receive massages from the Massage Chair or Massage Table. As Sims build their wellness skill, they gain the ability to perform certain massages at home.

Moodlets[edit | edit source]

Image Massage Name Moodlet Effect Cost Time Game Description
Swedish Happy +1 120 12hrs No stress, no mess, no fuss, no worry. Such as relaxing rub.
Stone Happy +1 300 24hrs The warmth of the stones, smoothed from thousands of years of erosion pleases the body.
Sports Energized +1 230 12hrs Muscles have been massaged perfectly into place and are now ready to work!
Fertility Happy +1 380 12hrs The blood is boiling from vitality and procreative energy!
Deep Tissue Happy +1 180 24hrs Ooooooo. Soothed fully into submission. A cliff face of relaxation emanates from your person.
Lavender Focused +1 140 12hrs Lavender focuses the mind like few other aromas.
Lotus Bolossom Confident +1 140 13hrs The mere scent of Lotus fills the nasal passages and mind with confidence.
Mint & Rosemary Energized +1 140 12hrs Hints of mint and aromatic rosemary has energetically moved from the nasal cavity to the muscles!
Ylang Ylang Inspired +1 140 12hrs Inspirational Ylang Yland aromas bear the scent of creativity.
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Happy Hands and Feet Chair[edit | edit source]

Happy Hands and Feet Chair
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You will want to save up for this gem. Feel the ultra plush feather cushion, so many per square inch! Have a seat and see what happens next.
Game The Sims 4: Spa Day
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §435
Size 1x1

The Relaxer Massage Table[edit | edit source]

The Relaxer Message Table
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When your back hurts after a long day, there's nothing like a good massage to rub the ache out of those muscles, Kay down on The Relaxer and let a masseuse knead it all out.
Game The Sims 4: Spa Day
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §875
Size 1x3

Stress Relief: 9

Discomfort Relief: 9

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This mod allows teens to give and receive massages.
  2. The Romantic Massage can only be offered to or asked from the Sim's romantic interest.