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The Sims Medieval

Merchants are Hero Sims featured in The Sims Medieval. They are able to trade with other citizens of the Kingdom. They sell exotic items from far away lands and they have connections that can be used to help expand the influence of the kingdom. They become available to the player once a Market is placed in the Kingdom.

Merchants live in the Market and work out front by selling their goods from the Market Stalls. Players must fill these stalls before they can sell anything. Almost anything in your inventory can be sold for Simoles at the market stall. Tip: Bookcases are especially good investments for traders, as they can sell all of the books that turn up in their inventory.

Once you have stocked your stall with the Kingdom's found treasures (Or trash), you can open it for business! When the market stalls are open, various sims will browse and buy the items you are selling. Special interactions (Some of which are key to your responsibilities) are available when the stalls are open. These interactions include; Butter Up, Compliment Taste, Hustle, and Persuade to Buy.

Merchants can also trade by boat, sailing to other territories to swap goods. This takes more time since setting up a trade involves a number of steps (Open the cargo hold, place items from inventory in the cargo, merchant disembarks, then gets on the boat again to sail to other territories), so using this method to do business will earn less Experience Points (XP) per minute compared to selling from the stall. But since importing does not require a successful level or a high focus, earning Simoles and XP using this method will always succeed.

Level Progression[edit | edit source]

As the Merchant levels up, rewards and benefits are given to the player to make selling goods more successful and profitable. These rewards include, higher chances to convince sims to buy goods and high profits margins.

  • Initially, the hero's title is Shopkeeper
  • At level 5, the hero's title is Trader
  • At level 10, the hero's title is Master Merchant

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