Midnight Hollow

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Midnight Hollow
Downloadable World · Featured in: The Sims 3 Store
Midnight Hollow
Midnight Hollow thumbnail.png
Explore a landscape where all you're really required to be is yourself. Under the subdued sky of Midnight Hollow, it's the residents who really shine. Eccentric townsfolk have taken a century-old Victorian town and made it a place they can call home. What life will you make in a town where creativity and individuality are at the center of it all?
Name Midnight Hollow
Game TS3Shop Icon.png The Sims 3 Store
Cost (in SimPoints) 2426 (3524 Gold)
Official Item Official item
Store item Store item
Midnight Hollow Reflect.png
Midnight Hollow is a world from The Sims 3 Store that was released on September 26, 2013. It was first announced on September 12, 2013. This world is based on sleepy towns from classical monochrome horror movies. The whole town has a dull and darkened color scheme. It features brand new locations, new retail businesses, and new characters.

Description[edit | edit source]

Midnight Hollow Logo.png

Find your light in the dark splendor of Midnight Hollow

Explore a landscape where all you're really required to be is yourself. Under the subdued sky of Midnight Hollow, it's the residents who really shine. Eccentric townsfolk have taken a century-old Victorian town and made it a place they can call home. What life will you make in a town where creativity and individuality are at the center of it all?

Will you be the owner of an art gallery bringing culture to the town? Or run a vintage furniture boutique to add class to Sims homes? Or a car showroom showing Sims life in the fast lane? The business opportunities are endless!

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Backstory Render MH.png

It's Rarely Sunny in Midnight Hollow!

Hello there friend,

  • Are you sick of feeling out of place?
  • Sick of feeling bad that there's no one around like you?
  • Sick of those smiling neighbors telling you to enjoy the "sunset" in the "valley?"

Then come to Midnight Hollow where it's good to be one of a kind!

Life is hard and people will always have something to say about you. "All of her husbands die mysteriously and suddenly" or "I think her son was fathered by the Grim Reaper" or "I'm pretty sure she's a murderer" ...Where do they come up with this stuff??

I moved here to get away from the "normal" life to find a life that's normal for me. Let them have their "Starlight" and "shores," I'll take my century-old Victorian mansion, eerie landscape and interesting neighbors every time.

Here's hoping you're next! - I meant being my new neighbor; not the whole murder thing FYI.

See you at Midnight Hollow!

-- Olive Specter

Cultural references[edit | edit source]

Like many worlds in The Sims 3, Midnight Hollow contains various references to real world culture. For example, the Yates family are a spoof of Norman and Norma Bates from the Psycho franchise, Lucien Hyde might be a spoof of shock rocker Marilyn Manson, and Julian Poirot shares his last name with Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie's mystery novels. He might also be a reference to Pierrot, the classic sad clown from Commedia dell'arte.

The names John Doe and Jane Doe are used as placeholder for a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action, case, or discussion in many English-speaking nations. The names are also used to refer to a corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown.

The Flynn family may be a spoof of the Baudelaire family from the book series A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by Lemony Snicket. Also, many of the community locations are named in the same alliterative style that is used by Lemony Snicket in the same series, and there is also a large burnt house at the end of a street which may be a reference to the Baudelaire mansion. Other locations referencing popular culture include Misty Lake, which resembles a suburb of Silent Hill. Also, in the forest with red grass next to the house Winchester, there is a standing lamp, which is clearly a reference to the Chronicles of Narnia. Mr. Hyde is a reference to Jekyll and Hyde. The Winchester house may be a reference to the Winchester brothers in the TV show Supernatural, or to the house of Sarah Winchester, wife of treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, William Winchester. She famously built the Winchester Mystery House, supposedly being instructed to by spirits.

The business office, Simagon Alley, is also a spoof, in this case of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Midnight Hollow has a total of 92 lots consisting of 55 residential lots (25 occupied, 13 unoccupied and 17 empty) and 37 community lots (32 with items and 5 empty).

Residential[edit | edit source]

Residential Lots
Address Lot Name

Resident Household

BR BA Cost Unfurn.
Size Vista
41 Breach Bend Relevant Residence Ainsley 1 1 §78,027 §45,930 20x25 0
43 Breach Bend Orderly Quarters Synapse 3 3.5 §140,742 §86,695 20x25 0
44 Breach Bend Somber Home Watts 1 2 §99,580 §58,198 30x30 0
45 Breach Bend Old Haunt Limb 1 1.5 §89,909 §53,908 20x30 0
48 Breach Bend Historic House Specter 2 1.5 §85,478 §54,084 25x25 0
49 Breach Bend Traditional Lodging Prince 3 3 §131,613 §81,579 50x50 0
72 Breach Bend Strange Lodging Vasquez 2 3 §110,196 §63,847 25x50 0
75 Breach Bend Shaded Shack Hyde 1 2.5 §90,974 §46,031 20x25 0
77 Breach Bend Typical Shanty Poirot 1 1 §44,588 §27,614 20x25 0
121 Poffald Place Atypical Habitat Flynn 2 2.5 §127,857 §82,882 30x30 0
123 Poffald Place Extraordinary Home Lau 3 2.5 §110,537 §60,315 20x30 0
124 Poffald Place Serious Shack Winchester 2 3 §117,121 §67,502 20x40 0
125 Poffald Place General Roost Bledsoe 1 1.5 §177,878 §106,790 20x40 0
103 Shearin Stroll Deviant Shanty Pham 1 2 §82,664 §49,955 20x20 0
107 Shearin Stroll Eerie Den Wheeler 2 3 §55,464 §46,420 25x20 0
110 Shearin Stroll Grimy Residence Ziggfield 2 3 §312,891 §126,650 50x50 0
11 Swallow Street Sooty Abode Yates 2 2 §110,410 §78,041 64x64 0
25 Swallow Street Abnormal Habitat Doe 4 3.5 §142,548 §81,900 40x40 0
26 Swallow Street Unusual Abode Nguyen 1 1.5 §108,865 §64,215 25x35 10
27 Swallow Street Irregular Quarters Salas 3 3 §133,540 §81,680 25x50 0
30 Swallow Street Weird Shelter Entrepreneurs 3 2.5 §167,704 §90,394 25x50 10
80 True Terrace Murky Dwelling Carter 1 1.5 §59,854 §40,399 50x25 25
84 True Terrace Mysterious Domicile Stewart 1 2 §100,040 §58,811 30x20 15
87 True Terrace Classic Shelter Finley 1 2 §98,096 §50,605 25x25 0
90 True Terrace Peculiar Roost Sombre 4 1.5 §122,605 §77,533 25x50 0
Address Lot Name Status BR BA Cost Unfurn.
Size Vista
40 Breach Bend Fanciful Residence Unoccupied 1 1 §16,398 §14,138 15x20 0
42 Breach Bend Prim Roost Unoccupied 2 1.5 §124,080 §78,278 20x40 0
46 Breach Bend Conventional Domicile Unoccupied 2 2.5 §114,834 §75,565 25x35 0
47 Breach Bend Curious Home Unoccupied 1 1 §16,447 §14,322 20x25 0
50 Breach Bend Demure Habitat Unoccupied 4 4 §182,086 §114,451 64x64 0
70 Breach Bend Antique Lodging Unoccupied 2 2.5 §182,663 §106,082 40x40 0
74 Breach Bend Fantastic Den Unoccupied 1 1 §16,433 §13,493 15x20 0
122 Poffald Place Vintage Shelter Unoccupied 1 2 §122,080 §74,706 30x30 0
108 Shearin Stroll Proper Shanty Unoccupied 3 3 §172,795 §96,309 50x25 0
109 Shearin Stroll Eccentric Abode Unoccupied 1 1 §13,533 §10,593 20x20 0
32 Swallow Street Bizarre Dwelling Unoccupied 1 1 §16,597 §14,372 20x30 0
82 True Terrace Whimsical Shack Unoccupied 1 1 §16,418 §14,058 25x25 0
88 True Terrace Common Quarters Unoccupied 2 2 §117,889 §80,844 50x50 0

Community[edit | edit source]

Community Lots
Address Lot Name Community
Rabbithole(s) Cost Size Vista
53 Breach Bend Moldy Missives Library Library §225,058 25x50 0
55 Breach Bend School of Hard Knocks No visitors allowed School §13,184 25x25 0
56 Breach Bend Pitch Park / Midnight Hollow Festival Ground[1][2] Big park / Festival grounds §77,334 50x50 0
57 Breach Bend City Hall No visitors allowed City hall §145,077 64x64 0
58 Breach Bend Deserted Gymnasium Gym §54,943 30x30 0
59 Breach Bend Antiquity Art Museum Art gallery §149,187 50x25 0
61 Breach Bend The Just Us Justice Department No visitors allowed Military base
Police department
§12,689 40x40 0
63 Breach Bend Talentless Theatre Visitors allowed Theater §13,698 20x40 0
1 Lake View Rd. Blackish Fish Pond Fishing spot §19,286 50x50 0
120 Poffald Place Precarious Pub Visitors allowed §92,875 20x25 0
1 Rojo Road Grave Grocer Hangout §56,534 20x20 0
2 Rojo Road For Lease Hangout §117,672 40x20 0
3 Rojo Road Avant-Garde Gallery Art gallery §158,737 40x20 0
4 Rojo Road Noble Noshery No visitors allowed Bistro §18,775 25x35 0
5 Rojo Road Simagon Alley No visitors allowed Office building §89,495 64x64 0
6 Rojo Road Darkside Books Hangout §114,007 25x35 0
7 Rojo Road For Rent Hangout §65,026 20x30 0
8 Rojo Road Fanciful Furniture Store Hangout §97,662 35x25 0
100 Shearin Stroll Bizarre Beach Beach §31,352 40x40 0
102 Shearin Stroll Fledgling Fishing Pond Fishing spot §2,694 20x20 0
104 Shearin Stroll Stately Stadium No visitors allowed Stadium §36,807 50x50 0
106 Shearin Stroll Fast or Fresh No visitors allowed Grocery
§22,047 20x40 0
111 Shearin Stroll Lonely Literary Café Hangout §61,173 40x40 0
112 Shearin Stroll Passé Park Small park §24,780 40x20 0
113 Shearin Stroll Peculiar Pool Pool §140,993 40x40 0
15 Swallow Street Hazardous Hideaway No visitors allowed Hideout §17,989 30x30 0
18 Swallow Street Fascinating Facts Observatory No visitors allowed Science lab §20,904 30x20 0
23 Swallow Street Gloomy Garden Visitors allowed §34,826 25x50 0
24 Swallow Street St. James Simitarium No visitors allowed Hospital §59,499 40x40 0
8 Swallow Street Ghastly Graveyard Graveyard Mausoleum §108,958 50x25 0
93 True Terrace Bubbles N' Books No visitors allowed Bookstore
Day Spa
§41,516 30x30 0
97 True Terrace Somber Beach Beach §49,030 40x40 0

Empty[edit | edit source]

Empty Lots
Address Lot Name Lot Type Community Type Cost Size Vista
51 Breach Bend Residential §3,200 40x40 0
10 Swallow Street Residential §5,000 50x50 0
12 Swallow Street Residential §1,250 25x25 0
16 Swallow Street Residential §1,200 30x20 0
19 Swallow Street Residential §5,000 50x50 0
20 Swallow Street Residential §3,200 40x40 0
22 Swallow Street Residential §3,200 40x40 0
28 Swallow Street Residential §8,192 64x64 0
29 Swallow Street Residential §8,192 64x64 0
9 Swallow Street Residential §800 20x20 0
86 True Terrace Residential §600 20x15 0
89 True Terrace Residential §1,250 25x25 0
91 True Terrace Residential §800 20x20 0
92 True Terrace Residential §1,800 30x30 0
94 True Terrace Residential §5,000 50x50 0
95 True Terrace Residential §8,192 64x64 0
96 True Terrace Residential §3,200 40x40 0
65 Breach Bend Community No visitors allowed §3,200 40x40 0
67 Breach Bend Community No visitors allowed §1,200 30x20 0
68 Breach Bend Community No visitors allowed §1,200 20x30 0
69 Breach Bend Community No visitors allowed §1,200 20x30 0
14 Swallow Street Community No visitors allowed §1,200 30x20 0

Families[edit | edit source]

New Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 1
Eliza Ainsley
Eliza lives alone with solitude as her best friend. She doesn't like neighbors or visitors or the outdoors or children. All she likes is reading books and being alone. To be honest, no one in town really knows what Eliza looks like let alone how she's fairing and that's the way she likes it.
Difficulty: 1
Phineas Bledsoe
Phineas is at the height of fashion and the height of poetry (if there ever was one). He can tell in an instant if a piece of writing or clothing will be a hit or a gauche rerun to be quickly forgotten by the masses. It's best to get and stay on his good side if you want near the "it" list.
Difficulty: 1
Kara Carter
Kara Carter is a leading chef in town with an eccentric sense of fashion. She grabs inspiration where she can find it, whether it's the modern Vivienne Simwood, or Marie Simtoinette of the past. She may be described as "Shabby Chic" but her Goopy Carbonara is to DIE FOR.
Difficulty: 5
John Doe, Jane Doe, Joseph Doe, Jennifer Doe, James Doe
Jane is the perfect housewife, from her neat hairstyle to her fashionable yet conservative dress. She's neat, nurturing, loves her kids, and can make a mean pot roast! Meanwhile, John is rising in the ranks at his corporate job. He feels successful in life and supported by his family. He works hard but comes home in enough time to teach his kids a lesson or two about life and talk to his wife about her day. Nothing mysterious seems to be happening here, but didn't their house used to have a basement?
Difficulty: 2
Todd Landgraab, Karl Simon, Seema Sielen
Seema has the charm, Karl has the smarts, and Todd has the money. They're pressured by friends, family, and society to make something of themselves and they have a plan! Entrepreneurship is a real thing...right?
Difficulty: 1
Conrad Finley
Conrad was born for the evening news. He has the wit, the brains, and the nose for news. The only things he's lacking in the world is melanin. But he doesn't miss it and he's not letting it hold him back. He'll be the anchor on the evening news in the next 5 years or his name isn't Conrad Finley.
Difficulty: 4
Edmund Flynn, Maggie Flynn, Mitchell Flynn, Cora Flynn
When Jackson Bishop received a letter from the Flynn estate lawyer detailing the poor, rich orphans who were coming to live with their long lost Uncle they've never met, he decided this was his chance to improve his standing and become guardians of the children for their fortune. Good old Edmund Flynn passed in a tragic accident and the kids *did* need a guardian after all. He's just being charitable!...right.
Difficulty: 1
Lucien Hyde
Lucien is a tortured artist whose only torturer is himself. He enjoys being sad and the better he is, the sadder he gets. It's his thing.
Difficulty: 2
Mai Lau, Annie Lau, Lucy Lau
The Lau triplets were the foremost scientists in the field of optimizing the human body to better the earth. After an experiment went awry the women were left with super fit physiques and the need for a new purpose in life. Each sister took on a new career that would employ their newfound physical prowess.
Difficulty: 1
Jack Limb
Jack is the resident toy collector. New in Box, Vintage, First Edition, are all phrases in his vocabulary and he keeps his collection pristine. He'd like to go into toy making but lacks the proper skill, so in the meantime he's drafting a daring rescue of his dear love Sarah from the evil Dr. Synapse.
Difficulty: 1
Samantha Nguyen
Samantha has a number of tattoos on her body and each one tells a story of something she's loved, places she's been, and where she hopes to be. Also they just look really great on her. Midnight Hollow is just one stop on her grand adventure of bringing affordable medicine to the world and who knows where she's headed next.
Difficulty: 1
Trang Pham
Trang is an artistic savant. She paints some of the most brilliant paintings in the world and is renowned for her unqiue avant garde style. It's really too bad that she can't stand art. At all.
Difficulty: 1
Julian Poirot
Julian has been a performer all of his life. He shined on the stages of Champs Les Sims and brought wonder and excitement to all those who viewed him. But those watching him didn't know that the light they saw on stage was not talent, but the light actually inside his heart. As time wore on and life got harder his light began to fade and performances became more and more sad. Can love bring Julian's light back? Or will he be the saddest clown?
Difficulty: 3
Monty Prince, Clarice Prince, Cornell Evans, Cecelia Evans
Cecilia and Cornell have had enough. Instead of living the life of normal children their mother has forced them into a regimented existence that has stifled their creativity and freedom. Sure they know more skills in their early youth than most Sims would know in a lifetime, but at what cost? They've run away to live with their grandparents hoping to find out who they are and who they want to be before adulthood sets in.
Difficulty: 4
Tatiana Salas, Jay Salas, Sandra Salas, Frieda Salas
Tatiana couldn't believe her luck at the ghost mixer when the attractive Jay walked her way and asked her name. Now years later she has the home she always dreamed of and the family she thought she'd missed out on. Science doesn't explain how it works, but she thinks their family is powered by Love.
Difficulty: 3
Hyun-Moon Jun, Jin Sang Kim, Young Jae Sung, Nadia Cho
Nadia had a hard time convincing her bandmates that she should be taken seriously as the lead vocalist in their band, but one metal growl during an argument and they were sold. Don't let her size fool you, this girl can rock.
Difficulty: 1
Katarina Stewart
Katarina's love for dolls came at a young age. She adored all of the fashion and possibilities. As she aged, her only dream was to be like her beloved doll. Now with pristine skin and an almost expressionless face she loves everything she sees in the mirror and doesn't want to be alone. She has her eyes set on collector Jack Limb because if anyone can appreciate perfect upkeep of a doll, it's him; but his feelings for that perfect Sarah Holden are standing in her way.
Difficulty: 2
Roderick Synapse, Sarah Holden
Dr. Synapse never meant to be an evil scientist. He loved science, he just didn't love Love. It was far too complicated. So he did what any scientist would do. He kidnapped the sweetest girl in his former town to dissect her brain and figure out just how Love works. You know, For Science!
Difficulty: 2
Marina Rosa Vasquez, Fausto Alvarado Vasquez
Fausto has always been known for his good looks and his charming personality and he rode on those traits for most of his life. Now as he sees his youth fading and realizes he has no real talent or experience to speak of, he realizes he needs a new plan. He can love someone significantly older than him right? Or at least pretend to for awhile?
Difficulty: 1
Nathan Watts
Nathan Watts is leading energy and technology. He's trying his new inventions around town, but his discoveries will revolutionize the way we use energy around the world. How does he get everything done? Sheer organization. He's naturally quite neat but everything has its place and everything needs to be in it or he can't concentrate. Whatever you do, don't start counting in 3's around him, once you start he won't be able to stop.
Difficulty: 1
Jules Wheeler
Jules knows that the only way to keep money is by not spending it. An impoverished childhood didn't prepare him for the success that would find him in his later life. Now that he has a small fortune he intends to keep it. No point in wasting money on fancy furnishing or an expensive car. He will only buy the cheapest that money can buy, because he never wants to be poor again.
Difficulty: 2
Cedrick Winchester, Odessa Winchester
Odessa and Cedrick come from a long line of blue-blooded royals but had their throne usurped when the townsfolk felt that they were a bit too crazy to be rulers. They've found a town where they feel comfortable and they're trying their hand at Politics. Royalty here, Royalty there, what does it matter when you're royalty?
Difficulty: 2
Viola Yates, Morgan Yates
Morgan loves his mother. More than anyone or anything. There's nothing creepy about this. They're just best friends and hang out alone together in their large quiet home. Visitors can hear her, and passersby can see her in the window, but no one has ever actually seen her face.
Difficulty: 2
David Ziggfield, Alia Ziggfield
David and Alia Ziggfield are all about reinvention, innovation, and striking visual presentation. She's a model turned surgeon and his current style is a glam rock flamboyant androgynous alter ego out to change the world.

Returning Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 3
Olive Specter, Nervous Subject
Olive has had her share of death in her life with every romantic relationship she had ending in a sudden and untimely death. Furious at Death, she decided to track him down to give him a piece of her mind. What she didn't expect was to start a relationship with him! That ended quickly, but she was left with something to remember him by. Now it's just her and her young son, who is quite the Nervous Subject indeed.

Homeless Sims[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The two phrases "All of her husbands die mysteriously and suddenly" and "I'm pretty sure she's a murderer" heavily reference the conspiracies during the time of The Sims 2, where players had the idea that Olive was a murderer.
  • Midnight Hollow has the most plants for a store world, but they are a darker recolor of most of the base game plants.
  • All the Sims from the world lack individual personal biographies. All female Sims have the biography "High freedom and high fashion? What more can a girl ask for?", while all male Sims have the biography "This gentleman is living the good life in a place where being himself is all there is!". Midnight Hollow is the fifth world in The Sims 3 to have biographies written in first-person perspective.
  • It is unknown yet if Minerva Goth is directly related to the famous Goth family of The Sims franchise.
  • It is unknown yet if Todd Landgraab is directly related to the famous Landgraab family of the The Sims franchise. However, he does share in their tendency to be wealthy.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. If the player has The Sims 3: Seasons, the lot can be converted into a Festival Ground by downloading it from SimGuruSmitty exchange page for free.
  2. Sometimes the lot will not show up properly in the lot bin. A workaround is explained on SimsVIP to fix this issue.
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