Moonlight Bay

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Moonlight Bay
Moonlight Bay.png
Name Moonlight Bay
Game  The Sims 3 (console)
Not to be confused with Moonlight Falls.

Moonlight Bay is a pre-made neighborhood that shipped with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of The Sims 3.[1] The Wii version uses a beach town known as Vista Beach[2] and the Nintendo DS version uses a separate neighborhood known as Beacon Bay. The neighborhood's name may be a pun on Sunset Valley. Although there are many families, only six are playable (excluding the families in the family bin), and only eight out of fifteen lots in the neighborhood can be lived in. It is possible to play as the other Sims by asking them to move in or by marrying them, but they can only live in the same house as the player.

Returning Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 3
Malcolm Landgraab, Hannelore Landgraab, Adrien Landgraab
Malcolm Landgraab moved from Sunset Valley in order to extend the reach of the Landgraab family. With good looks and a sharp wit, Malcolm has carved out a nice section of the town as his own. Now he has eyes on the mayor's office as he grooms his son to overtake the business centers in town.

New Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty : 1
Penny Aragon
Penny has lived in Moonlight Bay all her life. She is completely dedicated to its preservation and the safety of her neighbors. Too bad her neighbors think she's a little overzealous with their safety.
Difficulty: 1
Trevor Burton
In high school, Trevor Burton broke a lot of hearts on his ever-present quest for the next conquest. Will living on his own in a new town soften his outlook?
Difficulty: 4
Cevin Faron, Willow Lynd, Morgan Flynn, Rain Leary
Cevin and Willow grew up in Moonlight Bay and were looking for a way out from under their parents constant grief over, "...all that black clothing." When Morgan moved into town, he was thrilled to find at least a couple of people that understood him and they became quick friends. The only question is, when did their new friend Rain decide to move in and should they kick her out?
Irwin Idaho, Georgia Idaho, Marie Idaho
Difficulty: 1
Liara Kozen
An affable woman, Liara has already made quite a few friends despite being new to town. She seems friendly enough, but she's often seen skulking about the shadier parts of town.
James Leary, Kara Leary, Cookie Leary, Sunshine Leary
Marcella Monroe, Randy Monroe, Herger Monroe
John Nelson, Roxy Nelson, Rita Nelson, Sofi Nelson, Crichton Nelson
Alice Rannt, Byron Rannt
William Conner, River Conner, Leonard Ryan, Logan Ryan
Difficulty: 3
Tyler Vasquez, Heather Vasquez, Elaine Austen
Heather has been dancing on clouds since marrying her new husband, Tyler. Tyler loves to dote on his wife despite the ribbing he gets from his coworkers about marrying an older woman. Elaine, on the other hand would have rather stayed with her bio-dad. Can Tyler and Elaine work out their differences or will things always be uncomfortable between them?
Michael Zhang, Alia Zhang, Atticus Zhang

Families in the Family Bin[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 1
Christina Lin
Christina's unlucky streak just won't end. Can she land a big break on a new novel?
Difficulty: 5
Brennan Keegan, Julie Keegan, Sydney Keegan, Aiden Keegan, Peter Keegan
Brennan and Julie appreciate the value of good healthy living and hard work. Can they impress these values on their three children?
Difficulty: 3
Larry Hanson, Shauna Hanson, Alex Hanson
Larry will do anything to make his family happy. Can he keep up with Shauna's elitist needs?

Community Lots[edit | edit source]

Central District


North District

  • Synder Community Theatre
  • Moonlight Bay Memorial Stadium
  • Studious Sculpture Garden
  • Buff's Gym
  • Specter Family Mausoleum
  • Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse

East District

  • School for the Logically Adept
  • Moonlight Bay Central Hospital
  • Landgraab Library of Learning
  • Industrious Industries Research Pond
  • Camp Gnome Military Depot
  • Landgraab Industries Science Facility

Miscellaneous Places around the City of Moonlight Bay

  • McGregor's Community Garden
  • Fairy Tale Park
  • Moonlight Falls Fishing Hole
  • Art's Feng Shui Garden
  • Rendezvous Cove
  • Park 'n Grill Barbecue Park
  • Little Henry's Cliffside Gazebo
  • Pity Committee Community Playground

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

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