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Movement is a toddler skill in The Sims 4, allowing toddlers to play, climb stairs, and dance. It will later advance into the motor skill when the toddler grows up.

Like all toddler skills, movement only has five levels.

Description[edit | edit source]

Toddlers who focus on Movement really get around. Movement skill helps toddlers walk faster, run, climb stairs and dance, dance, dance. Improve it by walking around, building with Nesting Blocks, dancing, or via Play wrestling with adults.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unlike in previous games, toddlers can walk as soon as they age up, although they will frequently stumble when walking. Toddlers can be trained in the movement skill to stumble less. At Level 2, they can start to climb stairs and play wrestle with adults. At Level 3, they can walk faster and dance to music, and at Level 4 they can run and play with the block set. At Level 5, their stair-climbing will improve.