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Rabbit hole

The Soil and Water Research Facility in Riverview, an example of a rabbit hole

Rabbit holes are objects usually depicting a building and are massive in size, that Sims can enter or do activities in, but which the game camera cannot enter. Rabbit holes fade away when the camera gets closer to them, and Sims cannot be seen while they're inside one. They exist in every world in The Sims 3 and are also present in The Sims 4: Discover University and The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Most rabbit holes function as workplaces where Sims are employed and work in. Most of them are building-sized, though some of them, such as mausoleum, gypsy wagon, or arboretum are not. Sims can perform various activities inside rabbit holes, such as getting employed, attending a show, attending a class, and so on. Some rabbit holes give a lot assignment to community lots. A rabbit hole placed on a community lot will also replace the lot's map tag with the rabbit hole's map tags.

Some rabbit holes can be invested in, allowing Sims to become partners in them and own them. Sims who become owners can rebuild the lot to improve it so that it becomes more attractive, rename the rabbit hole, and also fire Sims at their will. They can't, however, fire the last employee who works there.

In some careers and professions, some of their duties or opportunities require entering certain rabbit holes to perform an activity. For example, firefighters sometimes have to respond to a building disaster in a rabbit hole. When Sims do this, they will just enter the rabbit holes and complete the tasks themselves, so exactly what they do doesn't really matter.

Although rabbit holes will fade when the camera gets closer, players can see their contents with cameraman view by pressing the Tab key. Everything inside the building is 2-D decorative textures that serve to make the rabbit holes or buildings more realistic when players peek through their windows from the outside. Environment sounds and music can be heard when Sims are inside the rabbit holes. Usually, that will be a sound effect related to the rabbit holes, such as a school bell at school or eerie voices at mausoleum, with audible background music.

If a rabbit hole gets deleted, Sims employed in any careers and professions associated with the rabbit hole should switch to other rabbit holes in the world of the same type. If there are no other rabbit holes of the associated type, those Sims will become unemployed. Likewise, children and teens will be moved to different schools if a school rabbit hole is deleted, and will no longer be required—or be able—to attend school if the last school is deleted.

Advertising deal[edit | edit source]

Sims who are at the top of Professional Sports career can do an advertising deal at the grocery or bookstore, which will reward them with §1,500 (good result), §500 (medium result), or nothing (failed result). How good the result is based on the Sim's mood. Sims can make another advertising deal 4 days after a successful deal or 1 week after a failed deal. Sims cannot have two deals at a time; which means they need to wait for a week to make a deal in a grocery if they've made one in a bookstore.

Autograph session[edit | edit source]

Sims who are at their top of Music or Professional Sports career can hold autograph sessions in some rabbit holes. While in an autograph session, Sims must give autographs to as many visitors as possible. The more Sims that get autographs, the more money the player will earn. Sometimes, this will also advertise to Sims, attracting them to enter the rabbit holes to watch a show or game, which will give an additional bonus. Technically, Sims can hold autograph sessions in rabbit holes that Sims can enter to attend a show or purchase items or services, i.e. theater, spa, diner, and grocery.

Multi-purpose rabbit holes[edit | edit source]

Since Late Night, some multi-purpose rabbit holes are present to preserve neighborhoods, such as Bridgeport, that lack enough space for big lots. Although this seems practical, there are some issues with multi-purpose rabbit holes, such as the inability to complete opportunities that are related to rabbit holes. Sometimes, the option to perform tasks from opportunities is not available, which prevents the player from completing the opportunities. For example, the afterschool activities-related opportunities cannot be completed at school in Moonlight Falls.

Issues with the multi-purpose rabbit holes can be fixed by installing Overwatch.[1]

Types of rabbit holes[edit | edit source]

Types Function Workplaces and classes Notes EP
Abandoned warehouse None Criminal career, Art Appraiser career Sims in the Law Enforcement career may receive an opportunity to raid the warehouse in exchange for a cash reward. This usually causes Sims unable to go to their workplace in abandoned warehouse. &BG
Administration center Reassign roommates, clear name, record anti-cheating video None None &EP09
Annex University graduation ceremony Handiness class &EP09
Arboretum Enter gardening competition, search for fairies, play with fairies, tour arboretum, None This house is exclusive to fairies. Not investable.[2] &EP07
Bistro Eat in or outside, hold autograph session Culinary career, Cooking class, Mixology class Sims can eat inside or outside the bistro. Sims who eat inside sometimes receive a chance card. Sims will change to formal wear when going to bistro. &BG
Bookstore Buy books, hold autograph session, make advertisement deal Bookstore Clerk part-time job None &BG
City hall Protest, receive service awards, celebrate the top-level profession, tour city hall, change your name, sue for slander[3] Political career, Architectural Designer profession, Charisma class Protests can happen outside of city hall. Not investable. &BG
College College class Various skill classes There are 3 types of classroom rabbit holes. Each of them have different variety of activities. &EP09
Diner Dine in Culinary career, Cooking class, Mixology class Sims employed in the Culinary career can transfer their workplace between the Bistro and the Diner rabbitholes, as they are functionally the same. &BG
Equestrian center Watch horse competition, breed mare, offer stallion as stud, buy a horse, enter a horse competition Riding class None &EP05
Film studio Attend film screening, hold autograph session, tour film studio Film career The set outside the building will periodically change. &EP03
Grocery Buy grocery, sell fresh fruit and vegetables, hold autograph session, make advertisement deal Grocery Store Clerk part-time job
Fishing class
Vampires can raid the grocery for plasma fruit. &BG
Gypsy wagon Have fortune told, WooHoo Fortune Teller career None &EP07
Hospital Giving birth when the baby is coming, get plastic surgery, wax body hair, receive flu/allergy shot Medical career Vampires can raid the hospital for plasma packs. &BG
Mausoleum Tour mausoleum, explore catacomb, manage the dead Mausoleum Clerk part-time job Does not generate a map tag, unlike other rabbit holes. Not investable. &BG
Military base Tour base camp Military career, Handiness class At 5 AM, "Reveille", which is a military music, plays on the military base. Not investable. &BG
Office building Dispel rumor,[3] pay off paparazzi[3] Business career, Journalism career, Video Game Developer career, Writing class, Social Networking class None &BG
Plumbot competition arena Bot Arena career, Bot Building class None &EP11
Police department None Law Enforcement career, Investigator profession Sims in the criminal career can be arrested. Sims can also receive investigation cases here. Not investable. &BG
School Prank, attend prom, sign up for afterschool activities Education career, Painting class Not investable &BG
Science lab Sell insects and spirits, tour science lab Science career, Ghost Hunter profession, Logic class, Gardening class, Inventing class, Science class, Scuba Diving class Sims can claim their clone when they have a clone voucher purchased from lifetime reward. &BG
Skydiving center Skydiving simulator None Sims can increase Athletic skill by using the skydiving simulator. This is a special rabbit hole from Ford Focus Skydiving Simulator from store content. &Store
Spa Get salon, facial, massage, body treatment, and package service; get tattoo, wax body hair, hold autograph session Spa Receptionist part-time job, Spa Specialist part-time job None &BG
Stadium Attend game, attend concert, hold autograph session Professional Sports career, Sports Agent career, Athletic class The Binder Clips Center in Starlight Shores also functions as a big show venue as part of shell-rabbit hole. &BG
Stellar observatory Experiment with Zero-G, search for stellar observatory, watch planetarium show Astronomer career, Advanced Technology class Not investable &EP11
Subway Travel, play for tips None Subways can be individually named, and travelled between for free. There is a chance for sims to be mugged when using the subway or playing for tips in the station. Sims can replenish their Bladder need in the station. Not a building. &EP03
Theater Attend play, attend symphony, tour theater, hold autograph session Music career, Instrument skills The Hoi Polloi Event Center from Showtime also functions as a big show venue as part of a shell-rabbit hole. &BG
Vault of Antiquity Enter trivia contest, research supernatural, tour archives Alchemy class On the right of the door there is an Eye of Providence symbol, which consists of a pyramid containing an eye. &EP07
ZEPHYR stop Travel, WooHoo None Not investable &EP11

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4: Discover University[edit | edit source]

Rabbit holes returned first in The Sims 4: Discover University. In Britechester, students can go to class, attend sports games or participate in skill classes in campus rabbit holes. Like in The Sims 3, the player cannot see the inside of these rabbit holes or any Sims inside of them, although sound effects depicting whatever activity the Sim is performing can be heard. However during classes or exams the player can choose work tones similar to careers, such as "work hard","slack off" or "cheat on exam".

The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu[edit | edit source]

In the vacation world of Batuu, Sims can visit various rabbit hole buildings - such as ordering food at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo or buying a droid at the Droid Depot.

References[edit | edit source]

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