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Oh My Ghost! is a special opportunity that allows a Sim to resurrect someone who has died, by creating a playable ghost.

Opportunity details[edit | edit source]

(These opportunities will be presented by other Sims you know or by wandering around your town. They are not related to specific skills or your job. Some have to be completed at specific locations in a specific time period, so once again be sure to check your status in your opportunities panel. These opportunities can also be a good way to meet new Sims and build relationships.)
Location: Science lab
The local science lab is conducting super secret experiments involving the Automagic Ghost-O-tron 1220-DR previously rumored to be "under construction." If you're interested in a glimpse of the after-life, bring the remains of a loved one to the lab for some "tests."

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To get this opportunity, a Sim needs to be close to the person who died. They must be a friend, good friend, best friend, boy/girlfriend, husband, wife, or BFF. It will take a few days after the Sim has passed away. The Sim does not need any logic skill. It does not matter how the Sim died. They can be resurrected even if they died of old age.

Another important note is that Sims who complete this opportunity once will be able to do it again without getting a prompt, but they will be charged §5000 for each resurrection.

See also: Game Guide:Resurrecting tips#Getting the "Oh My Ghost!" special opportunity

Tasks[edit | edit source]

A few days after a death, the science lab will call a Sim and tell them to go to the lab with their urn, giving them the Oh My Ghost! opportunity.

Take the urn to the science lab. The Sim will return with their friend as a ghost. The urn now exists in the resurrected ghost's inventory, and cannot be removed from it.

Sometimes, ghosts may carry bonus items on them when resurrected, such as skill books or laptops - these can be sold and/or used just like any other items.

Mods[edit | edit source]

Mods like the SimTransformer can make a ghost playable with one click or even instantly make a regular Sim into a ghost.

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