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You know how Sunset Valley was the predecessor of Pleasantview? Well anyways I just noticed how the Pleasant Family wasn't depicted in Sims 3 even though they go many generations back. I also noticed that the Pleasant Family has their name in the neighborhood of Pleasantview. Could there be some patch of important history that has to do with the Pleasants with the founding of Pleasantview? Or did the Pleasant clan live in the area before the neighborhood's founding?

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • They are the same town, founded by the Goths and developed by the Landgrabs. When the greedy and evil Altos arrived in The Sims 3, the Landgrabs decided to leave, evading a confrontation. Then either the Goths, who have the control of the town, kicked out the Altos with the support of the neighbors, or they died and Holly got married and change her surname. Later, in The Sims 1, the Pleasant arrived to Sunset Valley and gained popularity and wealth. When Gunter Goth died, there was a lack of control of Sunset Valley, so the young Daniel Pleasant and his wife Mary Sue, who has a carreer in politics, assumed the government and changed the name of the town to Pleasantview.
  • Well i think that maybe sunset valley is the old town from the sims unleashed and pleasantview is neighborhood 1 from the sims (this is why the neighborhood doesn't have name).
  • Everyone should remember that Gunther Goth founded the town in the original sims. So that is the same town. They just changed the name because many families had peaceful lives. Then the peace destroyers( Calientes and Don) arrived as stated in the neighborhood bio.
  • I think it's got something to do with the Landgraabs, you know. See, in The Sims 2's Pleasantview, the Landgraabs are not mentioned while in The Sims 3 (which is set long before Pleasantview exists) the Landgraabs founded the town with the Goths, if I'm not mistaken, while in The Sims 2's Bluewater Village lives Malcolm Landgraab IV. So Mortimer married Bella and had children, thus the legacy continues and the family does not die in male line. Malcolm, the only child of the Landgraabs, perhaps did not marry or had no children, thus the family line dies and the Landgraabs are never mentioned anymore. And the Pleasants are the family that the players are supposed to make, if they wanted to keep the storyline the way it happened in The Sims 2. I think. But then again, it's just a theory!
  • Probably Pleasants and Goths founded the town. I'm pretty sure that it's got something to do with Pleasants but I'm not so sure about that. Both Pleasants and Goths are almost as big families and both families appeared in the first Sims game. But Pleasant seems just like a regular family to me, so I doubt they're related to Pleasantview or its founders. Though, who knows if Pleasants founded it?
  • It's actually not so mysterious. The Landgraabs founded the town of Sunset Valley with The Goths. The Pleasants later moved to the city, and The Landgraabs moved away. Together with The Goths, The Pleasants was the dominant family in the city, and therefore became the city's name changed to Pleasantview.
  • I believe that Pleasantview was founded by the Goths and the Pleasants, respectively. What that means, is that the Goths wanted to make a town, and the Pleasants heard and wanted to help them, and came up with Pleasantview, because they wanted it to be a pleasant place to live. The Pleasants could've also possibly lived in a different town (I believe they lived in Desiderata Valley before coming to Pleasantview). So, to sum it up, I believe that the Pleasants and Pleasantview have nothing in common.Bleeh [iTalk]00:19, January 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • The Pleasants are a lower middle class family, they would have had very little influence. I think the name Pleasantview comes from the film Pleasantville and the Pleasant family are just a representation of your standard 50s nuclear middle class family, as is the Goths upper class and the Newbies lower class. If you want to go down the route of incidental naming, how is Bella Goth connected to Belladonna Cove? Thetford 00:14, February 11, 2010 (UTC)
  • The Pleasants moved away from old town (Aka. Sunset Valley in The Sims) and founded Pleasantview, after that everything went terribly wrong for the Goths, Gunther and Cornelia burned to death in two separate fires and Mortimer accidently burned down his house, scaring the townsfolk into moving to Pleasantview to avoid being burned to death, the town was left empty and Mortimer eventually moved to Pleasantview.
  • ok, first, the pleasant clan? wtf!? second, coinsidence. GOTHS FOUNDED IT
  • The two towns are neighbours, and the Goths helped found both. Sunset in conjunction with the landgrabbs, Pleasantview in conjunction with the Pleasants. The Pleasants have since slipped in wealth and position, down to middle-class, but the town still bears the family name. Some time later Mortmer and Bella move to Pleasantview, probably right after they marry. The Landgrabbs also spread out, resulting in Malcom IV ending up in Bluewater Village.
  • I think that Sunset Valley was founded by the Goths and built up by the Landgraabs so the Goth Family moved shortly after The Sims 3 took place, and founded Old Town, while the Landgraabs took control of Sunset Valley. Between The Sims and The Sims 2, The Landgraab family grew smaller and they moved to Bluewater Village, so the Goths combined Sunset Valley and Old Town with another piece of land, (where The Sims 2 took place) and created Pleasantview, named after the pleasant view of the area. Maybe the Pleasant family moved to the piece of land and built a cottage before The Sims and when the Goths moved there as well and it became more like a town, then the Pleasant family updated their cottage to make it look like it does today.