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The Sims: Makin' Magic The Sims Medieval

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Quests are featured in The Sims: Makin' Magic and The Sims Medieval. They function differently in both games.

The Sims: Makin' Magic[edit | edit source]

Quests are given from Apothecary Todd, Faerie Queen Mara and Vicki Vampiress in Magic Town when using the "Talk To" interaction. Once completed, a Sim can talk to the vendor again to receive a rare ingredient as a reward. Only one quest can be active at a time and quests do not have to be completed. If a Sim leaves the lot while undertaking a quest, it will automatically be cancelled and they are free to begin a new one when returning to a Magic Town lot.

Vendors can be spoken to during quests for advice and will also mention if the objective has not been met. It is also possible to fail some quests if the objective is not fulfilled in time. When this happens the vendor will comment on your performance and no reward will be given. After failing a quest, a new one can be started immediately after.

Find The Item[edit | edit source]

The vendor requires a Golden Apple, Heavy Brick or Red Banana of Doom. All visiting Sims on the lot can be asked if they have the item, and random Sims will offer to sell the item for §25. A Sim can keep the item by leaving the lot while it's in their possession, but it has no function and cannot be removed from the inventory.

Toadstool Challenge[edit | edit source]

Several yellow and green toadstools will pop-up across the lot. The vendor will challenge the Sim to a race where they must touch the most toadstools to win. Vicki Vampress is the easiest vendor to challenge this quest with as she simply walk to each toadstool. Apothecary Todd will run between the toadstools while Faerie Queen Mara will teleport to each one, making her very tricky to beat.

Sleeping Cloud[edit | edit source]

Sandman's Clouds will appear and rapidly spread across the lot, causing visiting Sims to fall asleep. You must select the clouds and Disperse them, though this doesn't stop them from spreading again. The clouds will eventually clear on their own after a long while. The vendors, janitors and your own Sim is immune to the sleeping effect of the clouds.

Delivery Mission[edit | edit source]

The vendor will ask you to deliver an ingredient to a random visiting Sim on the lot, while sternly warning you not to keep the item for yourself. Simply "Ask About Item" with the specified NPC to deliver it. Despite the warning, there is no penalty for keeping the item other than not being able to complete the quest and receive a reward.

Magic Arena[edit | edit source]

The vendor challenges your Sim to a magic duel at the Diametric Dueling Device. You must beat the vendor in order to complete the quest. This quest will only begin if the duelling arena object is present on the lot.

Spooky Tombstone Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The vendor wants your Sim to fix the "broken" Spooky Tombstone Puzzle. To do so, you must raise the tombstones until all nine of them have risen. However selecting an individual tombstone will lower some of the others directly next to it. This quest will only begin if the tombstone puzzle object is present on the lot.

Help Another[edit | edit source]

The vendor will ask your Sim to cheer up their friend who is in a bad mood. The friend will be a random visiting Sim on the lot. Positive social interactions will raise their mood, or alternatively use the Get Happy spell to achieve the same effect (this spell is one of the few that will not backfire when used on magical Sims).

The Sims Medieval[edit | edit source]

The quest screen for The Sims Medieval

Quests are one of the three pillars of The Sims Medieval. The player can complete quests to advance their Kingdom and gain experience for characters.

The Player is given a menu with all available quests. After selecting a quest the player must select an approach to the quest. Each approach has certain Hero Sims who can participate and a quest leader must be selected. Some quests can only be completed by one Hero Sim, though some quests can be done by any of the Hero Sims.

Sims involved gain an achievement depending on how well the quest was completed. Achievements are divided in to platinum, gold, silver and bronze level. A quest rewards Sims with experience, the possibility to level up, gaining Kingdom Points and earning money from treasures discovered along the way.

Some quests may also reward a Hero Sim with a legendary trait, which will replace the fatal flaw. Usually, this requires you to make the right decisions during the quest and when your Hero Sim already has a legendary trait, a new one will not be available.

Every quest uses up quest points. Each Kingdom has a limited amount of Quest points depending on the ambition, and once all the Quest Points are used up the game ends and how well you have performed to your ambitions is shown from Bronze to Platinum.

Players have the opportunity to replay quests and discover new ways of solving them.