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For Quest Gallery, see Quest (The Sims Social)/Quest Gallery.

Quest is a feature in The Sims Social . Completing quests will give the player bonus rewards, such as Simoleons, XP, Lifetime Points, or unlocking of special items or additional quests.

Basic Quest[edit | edit source]

Basic quests are quest that available to all player (some need to be unlocked by leveling up or finishing another quest) and doesn't have time limit.

Basic quests are tutorials for new players, because we need to do basic things from the game to finish them.

Picture Quests Picture Quests


  • Finish Unpacking
  • Tend Your Garden
  • Sow the Seeds
  • Beautify Your Garden
  • Keeping Up with The Joneses
  • Roominating
  • Home Improvement


  • Start Earning Simoleons
  • Look Your Best
  • Raising The Bar
  • A Welcome Gift
  • Garden of Delights (chain)
  • Invest for Success (chain)

Mike Rib

  • Smart Start (chain)
  • Electric Dreams (chain)
  • Raise The Benchmark (chain)
  • Toast Master General (chain)

Shane Shaw

  • Friends will be Friends
  • Something for Everyone
  • Right On Clue (chain)
  • Holding Out for A Hero (chain)


  • Double Rainbow (chain)
  • Press A for Adventure (chain)
  • What Does It All Mean? (chain)
  • Needs to Know (chain)


  • Getting Flirty
  • 1st Base


  • Animal Instinct (chain)
  • Citizens on Patrol (chain)
  • Shining Example (chain)
  • In A Fix (chain)

Scarlett Shaw

  • All About You (chain)
  • Get A Celebrity Stalker (chain)
  • Play Misty For Me (chain)
  • Get A Whole New Look (chain)
  • Like, Total Emergency (chain)
  • Take My Advice (chain)
  • Art Imitates Virtual Life (chain)


Penelope Pemberton

  • Where The Art Is (chain)
  • Business Time (chain)
  • A Fresh Start


  • Chart Topper (chain)
  • Hardy Ha-Ha! (chain)

Bella Goth

  • You've Got Talent!
  • Career Ahead
  • Job Well Done!
  • Life's A Virtual Beach (chain)
  • Landing Party
  • Nice Set of Wheels


  • Pooling Resources
  • Fantasy Pool

Driving Teacher

  • I Believe I Can Drive

Tabitha Grey

  • Lofty Aspiration
  • Penthouse? Sweet!
  • Get To The Choppa!

Special/Timed Quest[edit | edit source]

Special/timed quests are quests that can only be completed in a limited period of time (and not available anymore after it). It is not always just one; it can be a chain of quests. Each week almost have at least one timed special quests, with various time limit, such as 6 days, 9 days, 14 days, and more. These quests always have rewards if you finished it.

You can find the list of special/timed quests here.

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