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This page is kept for humorous purposes. Please do not take it seriously — just have a good laugh!

Here's a list of some memorable quotes from The Sims Wiki's IRC Channel. If you would like a quote to be removed for whatever reason, feel free to contact an administrator.

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Big Ego[edit source]

[01:29] <LostInRiverview> Yeah, it's okay. Not all of us are perfect, like me.
[01:30] <Bleeh> ?
[01:30] <LostInRiverview> crap, what I meant to say is:
[01:30] <LostInRiverview> "Not everyone can be as perfect as me."
[01:30] <Bleeh> LOL
[01:30] <Bleeh> that's a major fail

Duskey describes food[edit source]

[23:17:46] <JEA13> srsly, I don't get what "voice" means in the IRC
[23:17:50] <JEA13> call me a noob
[23:17:51] <+Duskey> It's youghurt with garlic and cucumbers, more or less. It's great as a bread or salad dressing

Duskey hates salt[edit source]

[05:21:28] <+Bleeh> he doesn't care about Canada or salt :p
[05:21:47] <+Duskey> Salt is ok
[05:21:51] <+Bleeh> Grr

Grammar police[edit source]

[22:26]	<Duskey> I'm still surprised at how little The Sims Wiki is considering we're 
spanning multiple games with alot of expansion packs
[22:26]	<Bleeh>	a lot is two words
[22:26]	<Bleeh>	I've told you that A LOT of times :p
[22:28]	<Bleeh>	On the news there's a story about a 3 feet tall rabbit :D

Bleeh dreams of Michael Jackson[edit source]

[05:55:26] <+Bleeh> After Michael Jackson died I actually had multiple nightmares about him, scary.
[05:55:29] <+LiR> standing behind you
[05:56:00] <+Bleeh> No, breaking into my room while I sleep in a neon blue/yellow/red or green jumpsuit.
[05:56:08] <+Bleeh> I had 4 different ones.

LiR kills wildlife[edit source]

[22:49]	<Bleeh>	It was too warm this past winter D:
[22:49]	<LiR>	So, how about them unicorns, huh?
[22:49]	<Bleeh>	You shot them :'(
[22:49]	* LiR	revives the unicorns
[22:49]	<Bleeh>	YAY!
[22:49]	<Bleeh>	What about the fairies?
[22:49]	<LiR>	never mind, it's not worth it
[22:50]	* LiR	shoots the unicorns again
[22:50]	<Bleeh>	NOO!!!

Connection issues[edit source]

[03:09:10] * Joins: Bleeh (451a54ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
[03:09:54] * Quits: Bleeh (451a54ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ (Client Quit)
[03:13:16] * Joins: Bleeh (451a54ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
[03:15:32] <Bleeh> This is annoying :p
[03:16:19] <Bleeh> Lol it's working now
[03:16:19] * Quits: Bleeh (451a54ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ (Client Quit)

A quote taken out of context[edit source]

<+LostInRiverview> I'm just going to do Bebe Hart

Euphemisms[edit source]

[15:53]	* Duskey	slaps LiR around a bit with a large trout
[15:54]	* LiR	resists Duskey's trout-slapping
[15:54]	* LiR	manages to make things sound much dirtier than they actually are.
[15:54]	<Duskey>	Yeah baby, slap that trout
[15:54]	<LiR>	do you call it that because it's cold, wet and slimy?
[15:55]	<LiR>	....and it smells bad?
[15:55]	<Duskey>	Yes
[15:56]	<LiR>	...awkward silence
[15:58]	<Duskey>	Love it

America is #1[edit source]

[22:03] <+Bleeh> Greenland > Manitoba > Alberta > Quebec > the territories > the Atlantic provinces > Ontario > Saskatchewan
[22:03] <+Bleeh> ...and BC is before Ontario :o
[22:04] <RandomRanaun> And the US is before all of them. :p
[22:04] <+Bleeh> BEFORE? BEFORE!?!?!?!?!?!
[22:04] <RandomRanaun> haha jk
[22:04] <RandomRanaun> I'm adding this to the IRC quotes. :p

Geography fail[edit source]

[22:14] <+Bleeh> Guess the capital of Manitoba :o I like how a couple Canadians I asked didn't know... :p
[22:15] <RandomRanaun> Uhhh....
[22:15] <RandomRanaun> Ummmm.....
[22:15] <RandomRanaun> Wait....
[22:15] <RandomRanaun> I know this.....
[22:15] <RandomRanaun> Sacramento!
[22:16] <+Bleeh> No, good try :p
[22:16] <RandomRanaun> Ummm.... Detriot!
[22:16] <+Bleeh> No. :p
[22:16] <+Bleeh> It starts with a W.
[22:17] <RandomRanaun> OOH OOH Watertown!
[22:17] <+Bleeh> It ends with a g :o
[22:17] <RandomRanaun> Oh, just tell me.
[22:17] <RandomRanaun> lol
[22:18] <+Bleeh> No.
[22:18] <RandomRanaun> Fine then I'll search it. :p
[22:18] <+Bleeh> No. Guess x_x
[22:18] <RandomRanaun> Ok...
[22:19] <RandomRanaun> Ummm....
[22:19] <RandomRanaun> Tell me the first syllable.
[22:19] <+Bleeh> No.
[22:19] <RandomRanaun> Fine!
[22:19] <+Bleeh> There's 8 letters...
[22:20] <RandomRanaun> Ok, tell me the first 8. :p
[22:20] <+Bleeh> It has the biggest population in all of Manitoba :o
[22:20] <RandomRanaun> Well, of course, its the capital! :p
[22:20] <+Bleeh> The first TWO are W and i. So that makes it Wi_____g :p
[22:21] <+Bleeh> Well if it was like Alberta it would be different.
[22:21] <+Bleeh> Since Calgary has a higher population than Edmonton but Edmonton's the capital and way cooler
[22:23] <RandomRanaun> Witchberg!
[22:23] <+Bleeh> It's Winnipeg :p
[22:23] <RandomRanaun> OHHHHH.....
[22:23] <RandomRanaun> I still wouldn't know that. lol

Significant shrinkage[edit source]

[21:25] <GeorgieGibbons> I'm trying to figure out how the community gradually got smaller
[21:25] <Ariette> Someone put it in the washer for too long
[21:25] <Ariette> =(

OK[edit source]

[00:06] <BobTheZ> k. means kick right?
[00:06] <+Bleeh> ...lolol
[00:06] * Ariette facepalms
[00:06] <+Bleeh> no it means okay.

Auror and RandomRanaun, sitting in a tree...[edit source]

[00:00]	<Auror>	Hi there, Bleeh, LiR, and BobTheZ.
[00:01]	<BobTheZ> RR gets no love
[00:01]	<Auror>	:/
[00:01]	<Auror>	Hi there RandomRanaun.
[00:01]	<LiR> yaay! Auror loves RandomRanaun!
[00:01]	<RandomRanaun> Hi Auror.
[00:02]	<BobTheZ> :D
[00:02]	<LiR> It's a happy love fest all around!
[00:02]	== RandomRanaun has left freenode

...Then comes little Archie in a baby carriage.[edit source]

[06:35] <RandomRanaun> >_>
[06:36] <RandomRanaun> BLEEH AND BOB ARE EDITING A PAGE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
[06:37] <+Bleeh> wtf.
[06:37] <RandomRanaun> :p
[06:37] <BobTheZ> GRR
[06:37] <Auror> XD
[06:37] <+Bleeh> It's Bleeh and Archie or nothing at all.
[06:37] <BobTheZ> YOU ADMIT IT!
[06:37] <RandomRanaun> lol
[06:37] <Auror> :O

AnvilBot tells the truth[edit source]

[16:05] <RandomRanaun> !AnvilBot is annoying the crap out of everyone here and should just be kicked from the IRC
[16:05] <AnvilBot> i'll remember that
[16:05] <RandomRanaun> !AnvilBot
[16:05] <AnvilBot> AnvilBot is annoying the crap out of everyone here and should just be kicked from the IRC
[16:05] <GeorgieGibbons> LOL
[16:05] <RandomRanaun> :p

Captain Obvious[edit source]

[00:50] <+LiR|Laundry> Comedy is funny

Channel shutdown fail[edit source]

[17:50] <+LiR> DRUM ROLL EVERYBODY!.....
[17:50] == mode/#the_sims [+o LiR] by ChanServ
[17:50] <@LiR> Now, as a ceremonial measure
[17:50] <@LiR> ******GREENLAND IS HEREBY UNBANNED ON #The_Sims FOREVER!******
[17:50] <GeorgieGibbons> but banned on #wikia-sims
[17:51] <rarqwrgsd> YAYYYY and NOOOO
[17:51] <@LiR> Goodbye #The_Sims!
[17:51] <@LiR> in 30 seconds...
[17:51]  * UnBobNewbie cries
[17:51] <@LiR> everyone finish up
[17:51] <UnBobNewbie> bye!
[17:51] <GeorgieGibbons> We'll be back for you Linkita
[17:51] <UnBobNewbie> I LOVE YOU!
[17:51] <UnBobNewbie> I'LL MISS YOU!
[17:51] <rarqwrgsd> ):
[17:52] <@LiR> 5
[17:52] <@LiR> 4
[17:52] <@LiR> 3
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> PLEASE, REMEMBER US!
[17:52] <rarqwrgsd> BYEEE <3
[17:52] <@LiR> 2
[17:52] <@LiR> 1
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> WHERES MY KEYS
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> <3
[17:52] == mode/#the_sims [+i] by LiR
[17:52] <rarqwrgsd> and brb my laptop's on now.
[17:52] <@LiR> was that supposed to do something?
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> Bye...
[17:52] == rarqwrgsd [wyhpoc@] has quit [Quit: Chatmosphere - IRC for Blackberry]
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons>  /mode +f #wikia-sims
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> +i is invite only
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> lol fail
[17:52] <@LiR> ok
[17:52] <@LiR> lol
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> So that it will forward everyone
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> Keep +i
[17:52] <@LiR> alright....
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> or it won't work
[17:52] <@LiR> 10
[17:52] <@LiR> 9
[17:52] <@LiR> 8
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> LOVE YOU
[17:52] <@LiR> 7
[17:52] <@LiR> 6
[17:52] <@LiR> 5.5
[17:52] <UnBobNewbie> WE LOVE YOU
[17:52] <GeorgieGibbons> 54321
[17:52] <@LiR> 5.2
[17:53] <@LiR> 5
[17:53] <@LiR> 4
[17:53] <@LiR> 5 again
[17:53] <@LiR> 3
[17:53] <@LiR> 2
[17:53] <UnBobNewbie> I'LL MISS YA BABY!
[17:53] <@LiR> 1
[17:53] <@LiR> 0
[17:53] <@LiR> -1
[17:53] <UnBobNewbie> Bye....
[17:53] <@LiR> ah
[17:53] <@LiR> I need to op on #wikia-sims :p

The death of the channel...and Random Ranaun[edit source]

[20:27] <+Another_Zombie> This place is pretty dead suddenly :/
[20:27] <+RandomRanaun> ...
[20:28]  * RandomRanaun is dead
[20:28] <+RandomRanaun> :p
[20:28]  * Another_Zombie is dead
[20:28] <+Another_Zombie> lol irony

Low self esteem[edit source]

[12:41] <@GeorgieGibbons> !8ball does RuneScript suck?
[12:41] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "does RuneScript suck?": Yes

Ah, Geography...[edit source]

[21:03] <+RandomRanaun> I thought Denmark was in Colorado. :?
[21:03] <+Bleeh> ... Denmark is in Europe.
[21:03] <+GeorgieGibbons> 0_o
[21:03] <+RandomRanaun> OH
[21:03] <+Bleeh> It's a Scandinavian country.
[21:03] <+RandomRanaun> I'm thinking of Denver. :p

The plot of an upcoming horror movie[edit source]

[09:40] <XoTulleMorXo> I have lost my hearing.
[09:41] <WoganHemlock> Rebecca Black?
[09:41] <WoganHemlock> GET.
[09:41] <WoganHemlock> OUT.
[09:41] <WoganHemlock> Listening to Rebecca Black has been proven to cause the person listening to die.
[09:41] <WoganHemlock> Painfully.
[09:42] <XoTulleMorXo> Sorry, I have lost my eyesight, as well.
[09:42] <WoganHemlock> And a loss of hearing and eyesight.
[09:43] <WoganHemlock> For the good of everyone on the channel, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.
[09:43] <WoganHemlock> Unless you want to die.

For the record, you're all nutjobs[edit source]

[13:36] <WoganHemlock> Oh good. But most of the ones who come here are nutjobs.
[13:36] <WoganHemlock> Or irritating.
[13:37] <+RandomRanaun> You got that right, girlfriend! :D
[13:37] <+RandomRanaun> Whoops, wrong time period. :p
[13:37] <+RandomRanaun> GHAHAHAHAHA
[13:37] <+RandomRanaun> Away I go!
[13:37]  * RandomRanaun goes away
[13:38] <WoganHemlock> ...that was odd...
[13:38] <+RandomRanaun> lol that was the whole point. :p
[13:38] <WoganHemlock> I know.
[13:38] <+RandomRanaun> :DD
[13:38] <WoganHemlock> We should add that to the IRC quotes.
[13:39] <+RandomRanaun> Yeah. :D
[13:39] <WoganHemlock> I will.
[13:39] <+RandomRanaun> But, just to make sure, I'm not a nutjob. :p
[13:39] <+RandomRanaun> Right?
[13:39] <WoganHemlock> Yes.
[13:40] <+Bleeh> K SO
[13:40] <+Bleeh> JUST TO MAKE SURE
[13:40] <+Bleeh> I'M NOT ONE
[13:40] <+Bleeh> pshhhhhhhahhaqhwhwhwh.
[13:40] <+RandomRanaun> I'm not one either.
[13:40] <+RandomRanaun> jjjjjjuuuussstttooommmaakkeesuurreee
[13:41] <+RandomRanaun> looloolooloolooloo!!!

Alejandro gets what he wants[edit source]

[22:22] <+GeorgieGibbons> !8ball do you like it here?
[22:22] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you like it here?": No!
[22:24] <+LiR> lol
[22:24] <+LiR> !8ball you should just go
[22:24] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "you should just go": How should I know?
[22:24] <+LiR> Hey that rhymes
[22:25] <+GeorgieGibbons> !8ball do you want +b or +q?
[22:25] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you want +b or +q?": Yes
[22:25] <+GeorgieGibbons> ok then
[22:25] * ChanServ sets mode +q *!* for #wikia-sims
[22:25] <+GeorgieGibbons> he wanted it

The Haunting[edit source]

[09:37]  * GeorgieGibbons kills WoganHemlock
[09:37]  * WoganHemlock is angry.
[09:37]  * RandomRanaun kills GeorgieGibbons
[09:37]  * GeorgieGibbons dies...again
[09:38] == Ghost_of_GG [~marmalade@uncyclopedia/GEORGIEGIBBONS] has joined #wikia-sims
[09:38] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v Ghost_of_GG] by ChanServ
[09:38] <+Ghost_of_GG> RandomRanaun
[09:38] <+Ghost_of_GG> why kill me?
[09:39] <+RandomRanaun> Because you killed Wogan, duh. :p
[09:39] <+Ghost_of_GG> my ident says marmalade :s
[09:39] <+Ghost_of_GG> at least it doesn't say ladygaga like it once did
[09:39]  * Ghost_of_GG haunts RandomRanaun
[09:39]  * Ghost_of_GG haunts everyone
[09:39] <+Ghost_of_GG> YOU CAN'T KILL ME
[09:39] <+Ghost_of_GG> NOT EVEN NICKSERV CAN

He really doesn't want your opinion[edit source]

[18:03] <Andronikos>''-2-8G hz-4G-1TB.html
[18:03] <Andronikos> Is this a good price?
[18:04] * Andronikos (59d2cabd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit ( Quit: Page closed )
[18:04] <+RandomRanaun> lol
[18:04] <+GeorgieGibbons> even though he left, no it isn't
[18:04] <+RandomRanaun> Accident?
[18:04] <+RandomRanaun> Someone add this to the quotes.

Alejandro tells it like it is[edit source]

[13:14] <+Bleeh> !8ball Do you like Greenland?
[13:14] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you like Greenland?": Hell no.
[13:14] <+Bleeh> D;
[13:14] <+RandomRanaun> :D
[13:14] <WoganHemlock> XDDDDDDDDDD
[13:14] <+RandomRanaun> !8ball Do you like Bleeh?
[13:14] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you like Bleeh?": No!
[13:14] <+RandomRanaun> HAHA
[13:14] <+Bleeh> )":
[13:14] <+RandomRanaun> That's just icing on the cake! :P
[13:14] <+Bleeh> adding this to the IRC quotes :P

Dr. Alejandro[edit source]

or, how I learned to stop thinking independently and nuke Greenland
[13:29] <WoganHemlock> !8ball Should I launch a nuclear missile strike on Greenland?
[13:29] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Should I launch a nuclear missile strike on Greenland?": Probably.
[13:29] <WoganHemlock> OK.
[13:30] <+Bleeh> no.
[13:30]  * WoganHemlock nukes Greenland.
[13:30] <+Bleeh> no.
[13:30] <+Bleeh> you just messed up a lot of the Arctic enviroment. :|
[13:30] <+Bleeh> ARE YOU HAPPY?
[13:30] <WoganHemlock> Very.
[13:32]  * RandomRanaun tries to hide from the nuclear missile strike by using an umbrella. ☂
[13:32] <+RandomRanaun> :p
[13:33] <WoganHemlock> Hope it's a lead umbrella.

WoganHemlock spams the channel[edit source]

[13:44] <Mortelle> Meep.
[13:44] <+RandomRanaun> Meep! Meep!
[13:44] <Mortelle> Meep!
[13:44] <WoganHemlock> meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep
[13:44] <+RandomRanaun> Meep.
[13:44] <Mortelle> Meep
[13:44] <WoganHemlock> meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meep meepmeep meep meep meep meep meep meep
[13:44]  * RandomRanaun says "In this case, meep means spam." :p

Alejandro lies[edit source]

[11:13] <+GeorgieGibbons> my connection died :/
[11:13] <WoganHemlock> You really should get that fixed.
[11:13] <+GeorgieGibbons> internet where I live is poor overall
[11:14] <+GeorgieGibbons> my connection is meant to be the fastest
[11:14] <WoganHemlock> That's pretty depressing.
[11:16] <+GeorgieGibbons> I'm meant to get 8Mbps
[11:16] <+GeorgieGibbons> I only get 1
[11:16] <WoganHemlock> Ouch.
[11:16] <WoganHemlock> !8ball Does Georgie's connection suck?
[11:16] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Does Georgie's connection suck?": Hell no.
[11:17] <WoganHemlock> We need to replace RuneScript's batteries.

Greenland's #1 fan is a box[edit source]

[14:14] <WoganHemlock> Who is i am a box?
[14:14] <+I_am_a_box> me.
[14:14] <+I_am_a_box> I'm a box.......................
[14:15] <WoganHemlock> But, who are you usually?
[14:15] <+I_am_a_box> I'm a box.
[14:15] <+I_am_a_box> always.
[14:15] <+RandomRanaun> Bleeh.
[14:15] <+RandomRanaun> :p
[14:15] <+I_am_a_box> no.
[14:15] <WoganHemlock> Oh.
[14:15] <+I_am_a_box> )':
[14:16] <WoganHemlock> Are you Bleeh?
[14:16] <+I_am_a_box> I'm a box.
[14:16] <WoganHemlock> You're Duskey, then.
[14:16] <+LiR> I_am_a_box = Bleeh
[14:16] <+I_am_a_box> nooo!!
[14:16] <WoganHemlock> So... what's with the name?
[14:16] <+I_am_a_box> I'm a box!!!
[14:16] <+LiR> Duskey = R.I.P.
[14:16] <+I_am_a_box> I'm a Greenlandic box.
[14:16] <+I_am_a_box> and lol.
[14:16] <WoganHemlock> That gives it away.
[14:17] <+I_am_a_box> no.
[14:17] <+I_am_a_box> everyone likes Greenland.
[14:17] <WoganHemlock> No.
[14:17] <+I_am_a_box> that's why there was something about it on some show called Historic Weather!!!!
[14:17] <+I_am_a_box> or something like that.

Mmmm, Bacon[edit source]

[19:40] * GeorgieGibbons is now known as bacon
[19:40] * I_am_a_box is now known as is_gross
[19:41] <+bacon> Asorailahd bacon is_gross <-- that a new brand?

Proof of cloning[edit source]

[16:14] == Cerisa [4cb077e1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikia-sims ["having a clone is weird :3"]
[16:15] <+GG|school> she has a clone?
[16:15] <WoganHemlock> Science has come a long way.

MTDM gets surprised[edit source]

[22:23] * Mortelle (4cb077e1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-sims
[22:23] * Mortelle blinks
[22:23] <+Bleeh> o.o
[22:23] <+Bleeh> wassup
[22:24] <Mortelle> Need to get my lazy butt out of the computer and do my homework.
[22:24] <MTDM> Get Morteeeelle.
[22:24] <Mortelle> wut
[22:24] <MTDM> Hey*
[22:24] <MTDM> Fail.
[22:24] <MTDM> xD

Bleeh spams multiple channels[edit source]

[09:28] <+Bleeh> Twilight Sparkle is horrible.
[09:28] <+Bleeh> she's yelling at Spike.
[09:28] <+Bleeh> but I like her unicorn powers.
[09:29] <WoganHemlock> -sigh-
[09:29] <WoganHemlock> No.
[09:29] <WoganHemlock> More.
[09:29] <WoganHemlock> Ponies.
[09:35] <+Bleeh> I miss the old My Little Pony ponies.
[09:38] <+Bleeh> the weather pony just cleared the sky
[09:38] <+GeorgieGibbons> I really don't see the point of that
[09:38] <+GeorgieGibbons> NOONE LIKES MY LITTLE PONY
[09:38] <+Bleeh> everyone likes My Little Pony.
[09:39] <WoganHemlock> NOONE.
[09:39] <WoganHemlock> LIKES.
[09:39] <WoganHemlock> MY.
[09:39] <WoganHemlock> LITTLE.
[09:39] <WoganHemlock> PONY.
[09:39] <+Bleeh> there's a Britlandish pony.
[09:39] <+GeorgieGibbons> where's Britland?
[09:39] <+Bleeh> or French.
[09:40] <+Bleeh> cuz it has a Britlandish accent but it said a French word. o.o
[09:42] <+Bleeh> fine then after the episode is done I'll talk about Greenland.
[09:42] <+GeorgieGibbons> then she'll talk about the ponies that she's already mentioned
[09:43] <+RandomRanaun> I love Twilight Sparkle! :D
[09:43] <+GeorgieGibbons> everyone move to #wikia-sims-alternate
[09:43] <+RandomRanaun> And I love My Little Pony!!! :DD
[09:44] <+Bleeh> ouch
[09:44] <+Bleeh> and so the musical pony's name is Fluttershy
[09:44] == RandomRanaun [434411cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims-alternate
[09:44] <RandomRanaun> What's this place for?
[09:44] <WoganHemlock> Escaping Bleeh.
[09:44] == RandomRanaun [434411cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikia-sims-alternate []
[09:48] == mode/#wikia-mylittlepony [+o WoganHemlock] by GeorgieGibbons
[09:48] <Bleeh> do you like the show?
[09:48] <@GeorgieGibbons> do you?
[09:48] == Bleeh was kicked from #wikia-mylittlepony by WoganHemlock [NO MORE PONIES]
[09:48] == Bleeh [] has joined #wikia-mylittlepony
[09:48]  * GeorgieGibbons turns this into a troll channel
[09:48] == Bleeh was kicked from #wikia-mylittlepony by WoganHemlock [Bleeh]
[09:48] == Bleeh [] has joined #wikia-mylittlepony
[09:48] <@GeorgieGibbons> damn auto-rejoin
[09:49] == Bleeh was kicked from #wikia-mylittlepony by WoganHemlock [DO. NOT. COME. BACK.]
[09:49] == Bleeh [] has joined #wikia-mylittlepony
[09:49] <@WoganHemlock> Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh
[09:52] <+Bleeh> the princess disappeared
[09:52] <WoganHemlock> Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[09:52] == mode/#wikia-sims [+o GeorgieGibbons] by ChanServ
[09:53] == mode/#wikia-sims [+b *!*] by GeorgieGibbons
[09:53] == Bleeh was kicked from #wikia-sims by GeorgieGibbons [NO]
[09:53] <@GeorgieGibbons> she's gone
[09:54] <@GeorgieGibbons> she'll eventually realise how to unban herself
[09:54] == mode/#wikia-sims [-b *!*] by ChanServ
[09:54] == Bleeh [] has joined #wikia-sims
[09:54] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v Bleeh] by ChanServ
[09:54] <+Bleeh> hi
[09:54] <@GeorgieGibbons> HEY
[09:55] <@GeorgieGibbons> no pony references pl0x
[09:55] <+Bleeh> Greenland references now.
[09:55] == mode/#wikia-sims [+b *!*@uncyclopedia/GEORGIEGIBBONS] by GeorgieGibbons
[09:56] == GeorgieGibbons was kicked from #wikia-sims by GeorgieGibbons [bye]

Impersonators[edit source]

[10:01] <+RandomRanaun> LOL
[10:01] == RandomRanaun has changed nick to Sally-_-
[10:02] == mode/#wikia-sims [+o GeorgieGibbons] by ChanServ
[10:02] == Sally-_- was kicked from #wikia-sims by GeorgieGibbons [Duskey]
[10:02] == mode/#wikia-sims [-o GeorgieGibbons] by GeorgieGibbons
[10:03] == Duskey [ca7c495b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[10:03] <Duskey> Hi.
[10:03] <+GeorgieGibbons> @ip
[10:03] <RuneScript> *** [ IP ]: Hostname: ISP: Vodafone Hutchison Three Organization: Vodafone Hutchison Three Proxy: None detected Type: Broadband Assignment: Static IP Country: Australia State/Region: New South Wales City: Sydney Latitude: -33.8833 Longitude: 151.2167
[10:03] == Sally-_- [434411cb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[10:03] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v Sally-_-] by ChanServ
[10:03] <+GeorgieGibbons> lol three
[10:03] <Duskey> CRAPPPPP.
[10:03] == Sally-_- has changed nick to RandomRanau
[10:03] <+GeorgieGibbons> lol fail
[10:03] <+RandomRanau> Anything happen while I was gone?
[10:03] <+GeorgieGibbons> RandomRanau
[10:03] <Duskey> I returned.
[10:03] == RandomRanau has changed nick to RandomRanaun
[10:04] <+GeorgieGibbons> notice something missing?
[10:04] <+RandomRanaun> Hu Duskey
[10:04] <+RandomRanaun> *hi
[10:04] <Duskey> Hi.
[10:04] <+Bleeh> wtf has happened
[10:04] <Duskey> How are you?
[10:04] <+Bleeh> she's like wearing a shirt as a dress
[10:04] <+RandomRanaun> Good. :)
[10:04] <+Bleeh> the world has gone crazyyyy
[10:04] <+GeorgieGibbons> cool story, bro
[10:04] <+RandomRanaun> Are you going to return to the wiki Duskey?
[10:04] <Duskey> I was playing Fallout 3 for the past few months.
[10:04] <+GeorgieGibbons> that is NOT DUSKEY
[10:05] <+Bleeh> ^
[10:05] <+GeorgieGibbons> Duskey's IP is...idk
[10:05] <+RandomRanaun> That isn't Duskey?
[10:05] <+GeorgieGibbons> login as Duskey
[10:05] == Duskey [ca7c495b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikia-sims []

GeorgieGibbons tells it like it is[edit source]

[15:28] <+GeorgieGibbons> I hate you Bleeh
[15:28] <+BobTheZ> ^
[15:28] <+Bleeh> aw
[15:28] <+Bleeh> :'( 
[15:29] <+Bleeh> at least Francois luvs me

GeorgieGibbons complains about his internet... AGAIN[edit source]

[11:33] <+GeorgieGibbons> my ISP claim to be doing maintanence
[11:33] <+GeorgieGibbons> WHAT maintanence?
[11:33] <+GeorgieGibbons> I don't think stealing bandwidth is maintenance

The Bleeh insults continue[edit source]

[18:52] <GeorgieGibbons> /j #Bleeh_is_a_creep
[18:53] <RandomRanaun> I'm so joining that. :p

Name Change[edit source]

[08:16] <+WoganHemlock> I'm sick of this nick.
[08:17] == WoganHemlock has changed nick to TonyThePelican
[08:17] <+TonyThePelican> Better.

RandomRanaun is indecisive[edit source]

[22:48] <+RandomRanaun> "As Random Ranaun proposed the idea, he is obviously in support." <-- LiR
[22:48] <+RandomRanaun> Oppose - I agree with the two users above. —Random Ranaun (Talk to me!) 06:39, May 16, 2011 (UTC)
[22:48] <+RandomRanaun> xD
[22:48] <+RandomRanaun> irony :p

Alejandro chooses his favorites[edit source]

[22:33] <RandomRanaun> !8ball Do you love Linkita?
[22:33] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you love Linkita?": Undoubtedly so.
[22:33] <RandomRanaun> :D
[22:33] <RandomRanaun> !8ball Do you love Bleeh too?
[22:33] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you love Bleeh too?": There is a good chance.
[22:33] <RandomRanaun> :O
[22:33] <RandomRanaun> !8ball How about Auror?
[22:33] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "How about Auror?": Are you crazy?!

The truth is revealed...[edit source]

[19:19] <+WoganHemlock> !8ball Is Bob a zombie?
[19:19] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Is Bob a zombie?": Hell no.
[19:19] <+WoganHemlock> !8ball How about me?
[19:19] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "How about me?": Yes
[19:19] <BobTheZ> excuse me?
[19:19]  * WoganHemlock eats BobTheZ's brain.
[19:20] <+WoganHemlock> arrrgggghhhhhhhhhh

Fail-A-Bot win[edit source]

[13:20] == Fail-A-Bot [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:20] <Fail-A-Bot> You Fail.
[13:20] <Fail-A-Bot>
[13:20] == Fail-A-Bot was kicked from #wikia-sims by WoganHemlock [YOU FAIL.]
[13:20] == Fail-A-Bot [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:20] <Fail-A-Bot> This Channel Fails.
[13:20] <Fail-A-Bot>
[13:20] == Bleeh [] has quit []
[13:20] == Fail-A-Bot was kicked from #wikia-sims by WoganHemlock [Fail-A-Bot]
[13:20] == Fail-A-Bot [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:21] <Fail-A-Bot> Just how much can someone fail?
[13:21] <@WoganHemlock> ARRRRRRGHHHH.
[13:21] <Fail-A-Bot>
[13:21] == mode/#wikia-sims [+b Fail-A-Bot!*@*] by WoganHemlock
[13:21] == Fail-A-Bot was kicked from #wikia-sims by WoganHemlock [Fail-A-Bot]
[13:22] <+RandomRanaun> That Fail-A-Bot is quite a character. :/
[13:22] <@WoganHemlock> Yeah.
[13:22] <@WoganHemlock> Trololololololololol.
[13:22] == Fail-A-User [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:22] <Fail-A-User> You Fail at banning IPs.
[13:22] <Fail-A-User>
[13:22] == mode/#wikia-sims [+b *!*@] by WoganHemlock
[13:22] == Fail-A-User [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Fail, Fail, Fail]
[13:23] <MTDM> WTF.
[13:23] == mode/#wikia-sims [+o RandomRanaun] by ChanServ
[13:23] <MTDM> :|"""
[13:23] == mode/#wikia-sims [-b *!*@] by RandomRanaun
[13:23] <@RandomRanaun> Don't ban IPs.
[13:23] <@WoganHemlock> But Fail-A-User will just keep coming...
[13:23] <@RandomRanaun> It just causes other users to not be able to join the channel.
[13:24] <@RandomRanaun> No, he's probably gone now.
[13:24] == Fail-A-User [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:24] <@WoganHemlock> We hope.
[13:24] <Fail-A-User> You Fail at being merciful.
[13:24] <Fail-A-User> *!*@
[13:24] == Fail-A-User was kicked from #wikia-sims by WoganHemlock [Fail-A-User]
[13:25] == Fail-A-User [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:25] <Fail-A-User> You Fail at recognizing my IP.
[13:25] == mode/#wikia-sims [+b Fail-A-User!*@*] by WoganHemlock
[13:25] <@WoganHemlock> BAN FORCE ACTIVATE.
[13:25] == Fail-A-User [4630b984@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

Imposter[edit source]

[13:28] == RandomRanaun_ [] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:28] <MTDM> I'M CONFUSED.
[13:28] <MTDM> :'(
[13:28] <RandomRanaun_> That prick stole my password!
[13:28] <RandomRanaun_> I'M RANDOMRANAUN
[13:28] <+RandomRanaun> NO, I'M RANDOMRANAUN
[13:29] <+RandomRanaun> HAH! Why would I pretend to be you!
[13:29] <+RandomRanaun> Oops.
[13:29] == RandomRanaun [4630b984@wikia/Random-Ranaun] has quit [Client Quit]
[13:29] == RandomRanaun_ has changed nick to RandomRanaun
[13:29] == MTDM [~MTDM@wikia/Mr--Totaldramaman] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:29] == RandomRanaun [] has quit [Changing host]
[13:29] == RandomRanaun [~chatzilla@wikia/Random-Ranaun] has joined #wikia-sims
[13:29] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v RandomRanaun] by ChanServ
[13:29] <MTDM> The one with the cloak is RR.
[13:29] <+RandomRanaun> FINALLY
[13:29] <+RandomRanaun> Wogan, why did you kick me? :/
[13:30]  * WoganHemlock is very very very confused.

Creative Differences[edit source]

[00:47]	<LiR> RandomRanaun, did I just blow your mind?
[00:47]	<RandomRanaun> No.
[00:47]	<LiR> So, just change the character sheet
[00:47]	<RandomRanaun> Because I am going to write the next chapter.
[00:47]	<RandomRanaun> *My* way.
[00:47]	<WoganHemlock> What is going to happen?
[00:48]	<LiR> RandomRanaun, if you write more people into the family, there is going to be a freak train accident that terribly takes the lives of all of them
[00:48]	<WoganHemlock> DO NOT say Wait and see.
[00:48]	<WoganHemlock> Agreed.
[00:48]	<RandomRanaun> Ooooh.
[00:48]	<RandomRanaun> That would be a great twist LiR!
[00:48]	<WoganHemlock> And don't write me in, 'cause I don't want to be killed by a train accident.
[00:48]	<RandomRanaun> And Bleeh ends up being the last one.
[00:48]	<LiR> Then after the train passes, a pack of ravenous wolves will descend on the bloody remains and eat them to bits
[00:49]	<RandomRanaun> Cool!
[00:49]	<RandomRanaun> What happens to Bleeh though?
[00:49]	<WoganHemlock> And then a dance scene to a 1980's classic.
[00:49]	<LiR> Then the wolves themselves will be hit by another train, just to ensure that those people will NEVER be seen again
[00:49]	<RandomRanaun> >_>
[00:49]	<RandomRanaun> LiR, that's a little far-fetched.
[00:49]	<WoganHemlock> But I like it.
[00:49]	<RandomRanaun> I don't want the chapter to focus on the wolves.

Pointless topic[edit source]

[20:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> the whole of IRC agrees with me
[20:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> [20:07] <Lyrithya> Guys, why is Linux swap so much slower than FreeBSD swap?
[20:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> [20:08] <GeorgieGibbons> because Linux is poor
[20:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> [20:08] <PoopManPoop> ^^
[20:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> [20:09] <e|m|c> ^^^
[20:19] <MTDM> ^^^^

Alejandro gets what he wants, again[edit source]

[13:55] <+UnWogan> !8ball Do you want voice?
[13:55] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you want voice?": No!
[13:56] <MTDM> !8ball How 'bout op?
[13:56] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "How 'bout op?": No!
[13:56] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "How about being kicked?": Yes
[13:56] <+UnWogan> So he wants to be kicked and opped.
[13:57] == mode/#wikia-sims [+o RuneScript] by UnWogan
[13:57] == RuneScript was kicked from #wikia-sims by UnWogan [he wanted it, for some reason]

Bleeh and A_morris, sitting in a tree...[edit source]

[00:10] <+Auror|Away> If TSW was a democratic republic, a_morris would be president.
[00:10] <+Auror|Away> Dharden would be vice president.
[00:10] <+Bleeh> i'd be lady bleeh
[00:10] <+UnWogan> LiR would be the secretary.
[00:10] <+Auror|Away> Bleeh would be first lady
[00:10] <+UnWogan> Dharden is the vice president.
[00:10] <+Bleeh> wut
[00:10] <MTDM> Bleezie would be First La --
[00:11] <+Auror|Away> wait, nevermind.
[00:11] <+Bleeh> but then i'd be married to a morris

Auror gains power[edit source]

[00:14] <+Auror|Away> Bleeh, we flip a coin. If it's tails, your PM, if it's heads, your the new cleaning lady.
[00:14] <+Auror|Away> !coin Bleeh
[00:14] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's tails.
[00:14] <+UnWogan> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Shocking salad news![edit source]

[00:18] <DJKLMNOP> im craving a really good salad for some reason
[00:18] <DJKLMNOP> i think im pregnant

Welcome to system size[edit source]

[15:38] == UnWogan changed the topic of #wikia-sims to: こんにちは、ウィキア-シムズを歓迎する。すべてのチャネルルールを遵守してください。なくchanopsがある場合は問題が援助#ウィキア- vstfをで聞いて、発生します。ありがとう!
[15:39] <MTDM> @translate Japanese>English  こんにちは、ウィキア-シムズを歓迎する。すべてのチャネルルールを遵守してください。なくchanopsがある場合は問題が援助#ウィキア- vstfをで聞いて、発生します。ありがとう!
[15:39] <RuneScript> *** [ JA -> EN ]: Translation: Hello, Wikia - welcome to system size. Programmer should comply with the rules for all channels. Case there is no support issues chanops # Wikia - vstf hearing on the causes. Thanks!
[15:39] <MTDM> "SYSTEM SIZE"?
[15:39] <MTDM> O_O
[15:39] <+UnWogan> LOL!
[15:39] <MTDM> xDDDDD
[15:39] <DJKLMNOP> put a topic that people can read!

Coin flip fail[edit source]

[00:42] <MTDM> If it's heads, then Bleezies will overuse :<.
[00:43] <MTDM> If it's tails, Bleezies won't overuse :< and I'll be her servant for a week.
[00:43] <MTDM> @coin Bleeh
[00:43] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. Bleeh is tails.
[00:43] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's tails.
[00:43] <MTDM> O_O
[00:43] <MTDM> DDDDDx
[00:43] <Bleeh> awesome
[00:43] <RandomRanaun> xD
[00:44] * MTDM walks up to Bleezies with a suit on.

MTDM gains (and loses) freedom[edit source]

[19:14] <MTDM> Heads, I'm not your servant anymore.
[19:14] <MTDM> Tails? I'll be your servant for another week.
[19:14] <MTDM> @coin Bleeh
[19:14] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. Bleeh is tails.
[19:14] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <+Bleeh> NOOO
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <MTDM> :DDDD
[19:14] <+Bleeh> :<
[19:14] <MTDM> Now I want a servant.
[19:14] <MTDM> Heads? You're my servant for a week.
[19:14] <+Bleeh> D=
[19:14] <MTDM> Tails? I'm your servant for a week.
[19:14] <MTDM> @coin Bleeh
[19:14] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. Bleeh is tails.
[19:14] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <+Bleeh> ):
[19:14] <MTDM> YUS.
[19:14] <MTDM> :DDDD
[19:15] <MTDM> Double or nothing. :@
[19:15] <MTDM> Heads? You my servant for TWO WEEKS.
[19:15] <MTDM> Tails? No servant-ship.
[19:15] <MTDM> @coin Bleeh
[19:15] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. Bleeh is tails.
[19:15] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:15] <+Bleeh> NOOO
[19:15] <+Bleeh> :< :< :<
[19:16] <MTDM> Heads, you're my servant for THREE WEEKS.
[19:16] <+Bleeh> noo
[19:16] <+Bleeh> :<
[19:16] <MTDM> Tails? ...I'm your servant for three weeks.
[19:16] <+Bleeh> BE HEADS
[19:16] <MTDM> @coin Bleeh
[19:16] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. Bleeh is tails.
[19:16] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's tails.
[19:16] <MTDM> :-O
[19:16] <+Bleeh> ffs
[19:16] <MTDM> :'(
[19:16] <+Bleeh> I meant tails
[19:16] <+Bleeh> BUT YAY

Typing fail[edit source]

[21:08] <MTDM> Link meh to irv quotes.
[21:08] <MTDM> *irv
[21:08] <MTDM> **urv
[21:08] <MTDM> ***irv
[21:08] <MTDM> ****urv
[21:08] <MTDM> *****irc

Alejandro hates MTDM[edit source]

[20:07] <MTDM> Bleezies, if it's heads, I'm your servant for another week.
[20:07] <MTDM> If it's tails, you're my servant for four weeks.
[20:07] <MTDM> :@
[20:07] <+Bleeh> but you already are
[20:07] <+Bleeh> :o
[20:07] <MTDM> Agreed?
[20:07] <+Bleeh> no
[20:07] <+Bleeh> D:
[20:07] <MTDM> D:
[20:07] <MTDM> But you'll get an extra week.
[20:08] <MTDM> 'Cause Alejandro wuvs you.
[20:08] <MTDM> (hacks Alejandro)
[20:08] <+Bleeh> fineee
[20:08] <MTDM> @coin bleeh
[20:08] <RuneScript> You're heads, MTDM. bleeh is tails.
[20:08] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[20:08] <+Bleeh> WOOO
[20:08] <MTDM> WHAT.

Wogan insults Mortelle[edit source]

[13:05] <+UnWogan> If it's a choice between a horde of zombies/vampires and Mortelle singing, i'll take the zombies and vamps.

Wogan dies[edit source]

[20:11] <Andronikos> Let's flip a coin. Heads and UnWogan dies, Tails and vampires ie.
[20:11] <Andronikos> *die
[20:11] <Andronikos> !coin UnWogan
[20:11]  * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[20:11] <+UnWogan> ...
[20:11] <+UnWogan> That just ain't good.
[20:12] == UnWogan has changed nick to wh|dead

Wogan tells it like it is[edit source]

[13:01] * UnWogan (ca7c4adb@wikia/Woganhemlock) Quit ( Quit: /j Greenland is no good. NO GOOD, I SAY! )

Alejandro is upset[edit source]

[10:32] <+UnWogan> !8ball Do you prefer IRC over Wikia Chat?
[10:32] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you prefer IRC over Wikia Chat?": Hell no.
[10:33] <+UnWogan> You are a traitor, RS.
[10:33] * ChanServ sets mode +q *!* for #wikia-sims
[10:33] <+GeorgieGibbons> if you hate IRC, you won't talk here
[10:33] <+GeorgieGibbons> stupid traitor bot
[10:33] * ChanServ sets mode +o UnWogan for #wikia-sims
[10:34] * UnWogan sets mode -q RuneScript!*@* for #wikia-sims
[10:34] <@UnWogan> We need him.
[10:34] <@UnWogan> To ask pointless questions, and whatnot.
[10:34] * ChanServ sets mode -o UnWogan for #wikia-sims
[10:34] --ChanServ-- Unquieted RuneScript on #wikia-sims (1 ban removed).
[10:34] * ChanServ sets mode -q *!* for #wikia-sims
[10:34] <+UnWogan> !8ball Are you on +q?
[10:34] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you on +q?": Try Again Later.
[10:34] <+UnWogan> !8ball Are you on +q?
[10:34] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you on +q?": Yeah!

LiR is a murderer[edit source]

[15:46] <Kraps> runescape ey?
[15:47] <+GeorgieGibbons> we're using a RuneScape bot because every other bot that has even been here is either broken or used to troll
[15:47] <MTDM> Linkitaaaa. :'(
[15:48] <+GeorgieGibbons> why did LiR have to kill unilinky?
[15:48] <+GeorgieGibbons> just...why?
[15:48] <+GeorgieGibbons> :(
[15:49] <MTDM> IKR.
[15:49] <MTDM> :'(
[15:49] <MTDM> I was at her death.
[15:49] <MTDM> :'(
[15:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> [22:18] * unilinky was kicked by LiR|Laundry ( Reason (unilinky)
[15:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> I say we set up an anti-LiR party
[15:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> who will join me?
[15:50] <MTDM> ANTI-LIR. ^^

Auror in love[edit source]

[21:09] <+Auror|NewVegas> Oooh, back to New Vegas.
[21:09] <+GeorgieGibbons> I can tell that Auror loves NV
[21:09] <tailsthefox> awwwww
[21:09] * Auror|NewVegas (~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome) Quit (  )
[21:09] <+GeorgieGibbons> lol

Alejandro finally tells the truth[edit source]

[10:18] <+UnWogan> !8ball Does Georgie's connection suck?
[10:18] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Does Georgie's connection suck?": Anything could happen.
[10:18] <+UnWogan> !8ball Are you going to give me a solid answer?
[10:18] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you going to give me a solid answer?": There is a good chance.
[10:18] <+UnWogan> -sigh-
[10:18] <+GeorgieGibbons> !8ball does my connection rule?
[10:18] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "does my connection rule?": Are you crazy?!

Alejandro the cheater[edit source]

[19:20] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball would you marry someone and keep Bleeh as a secret lover?
[19:20] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "would you marry someone and keep Bleeh as a secret lover?": Definitely.
[19:20] <+GuiGuerreiro> OMG!
[19:21] <+GuiGuerreiro> Cheating is not a good way 8ball!
[19:21] <+UnWogan> Haha, we all knew he had a dark secret.
[19:21] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball would you dump your spouse for Bleeh?
[19:21] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "would you dump your spouse for Bleeh?": Yes
[19:21] <+GuiGuerreiro> Oh no!
[19:21] <+UnWogan> 8ball, you are digging yourself into a hole...
[19:21] <+GeorgieGibbons> !8ball shut up
[19:21] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "shut up": There is a good chance.
[10:32] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball has ever Bleeh rejected your proposal?
[10:32] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "has ever Bleeh rejected your proposal?": Undoubtedly so.
[10:32] <+GuiGuerreiro> OMG!
[10:32] <+GuiGuerreiro> He loves her but keeps getting rejected?
[10:32] <+GuiGuerreiro> !

Alejandro loves and kills Bleeh[edit source]

[10:45] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball are you with Bleeh at the moment?
[10:45] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "are you with Bleeh at the moment?": It seems possible.
[10:47] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball are you killing Bleeh?
[10:47] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "are you killing Bleeh?": Maybe..
[10:47] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball but don't you love her :O!!!
[10:47] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "but don't you love her :O!!!": Yeah!
[10:47] <+GuiGuerreiro> 8ball must be crazy...
[10:49] <+GuiGuerreiro> !8ball don't you need treatment?
[10:49] <+[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "don't you need treatment?": Yes

The failure names Square Enix[edit source]

[21:45] <+RandomRanaun> Tomb Raider also has RPG elements. :p
[21:45] <+RandomRanaun> Tomb Raider FTW!!!!
[21:46] <+RandomRanaun> Who would be the best voice actress for Lara Croft?
[21:46] <+GeorgieGibbons> idk
[21:47] <+RandomRanaun> Also, the new Tomb Raider game is being made by Square Enix. :DD
[21:48] <+Auror|TS3> ...
[21:48] <+Auror|TS3> oh my god..
[21:48] <+Auror|TS3> NO
[21:48] <+Auror|TS3> NO
[21:48] <+Auror|TS3> NO

Interuppting MTDM[edit source]

[21:55] <MTDM> I have a good poem.
[21:55] <MTDM> Bleezies, oh Bleezies.
[21:55] <MTDM> I love cookies. Don't you? WEWT.
[21:55] <+RandomRanaun> xD
[21:56] <+RandomRanaun> I got a better one.
[21:56] <+RandomRanaun> :p
[21:56] <+RandomRanaun> Bleezies, oh Bleezies,
[21:56] <MTDM> Love ya', Bleezies, gurl!!
[21:56] <MTDM> ^^;
[21:56] <MTDM> ONG.
[21:56] <MTDM> OMG*
[21:56] <+RandomRanaun> Whenever it's breezies
[21:56] <MTDM> AREARE.
[21:56] <MTDM> I WASN'T DONE.
[21:56] <+RandomRanaun> I always seesies
[21:56] <MTDM> IT WAS A HAIKU.
[21:56] <MTDM> :@

Alejandro the kidnapper[edit source]

[13:44] <+RandomRanaun> !8ball Are you holding Bleeh captive?
[13:44] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you holding Bleeh captive?": Yeah!
[13:45] <+RandomRanaun> !8ball Are you going to kill her?
[13:45] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you going to kill her?": There is a good chance.
[13:45] <+RandomRanaun> !8ball Is it because Bleeh was mean to you?
[13:45] <[TH]RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Is it because Bleeh was mean to you?": Probably.
[13:45] <+UnWogan> You should be scared, Bleeh...
[13:45] <+UnWogan> Very scared...

Melvin's true identity...[edit source]

[14:00] == LiR has changed nick to Melvin
[14:00]  * Melvin is peeking out
[14:00]  * Melvin disappears
[14:00]  * Melvin peeks out again
[14:00]  * Melvin disappears

Bots hate LiR[edit source]

[16:58] <+FlowerGui> !8ball do you wish LiR a happy birthday?
[16:58] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you wish LiR a happy birthday?": Are you crazy?!
[16:59] <+FlowerGui> Oh no! You dislike LiR!
[17:00] <+FlowerGui> !8ball do you hate LiR?
[17:00] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you hate LiR?": Undoubtedly so.

Random Ranaun's obsession only went against him[edit source]

[09:52]	<+UnWogan> =========LET'S PLAY A GAME!=======
[09:52]	<+UnWogan> Describe wikians in a word.
[09:55]	<+UnWogan> Random Ranaun
[09:55]	<+GeorgieGibbons> obsessed_with_voice_actresses
[09:56]	<+RandomRanaun>	Grey DeLisle
[09:56]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:56]	<+RandomRanaun>	Tara Strong
[09:56]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:56]	<+RandomRanaun>	Kath Soucie
[09:56]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:56]	<+RandomRanaun>	Tress MacNeille
[09:56]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	Cree Summer
[09:57]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	Tom Kenny
[09:57]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	John DiMaggio
[09:57]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	Lauren Tom
[09:57]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	Billy West
[09:57]	<+UnWogan> FAIL.
[09:57]	<+RandomRanaun>	Frank Welker
[09:57]	<+UnWogan FAIL.
[09:57]	=-=	RandomRanaun was booted from #wikia-sims by GeorgieGibbons (RandomRanaun <+UnWogan> FAIL.)

More captivity[edit source]

[22:00] <MTDM> Bleeh: From this moment forward, your username will now be pronounced as "Blee."
[22:00] <MTDM> Thank you.
[22:00] <Bleeh> noo!!!!
[22:00] <Bleeh> it's bleh. :x
[22:00] <Bleeh> like what the vampires in TS2 say :3
[22:01] <Bleeh> never.
[22:02] <Soar|CS> ... but aren't you Bleeh's servant, and not the other way around? O.o
[22:02] <MTDM> If it's tails, I'm your servant for another four weeks.
[22:02] <MTDM> Plus six days, if you count this servant-ship.
[22:02] <MTDM> Heads, you be my servant for a week.
[22:02] <MTDM> Deal? :)
[22:02] <Bleeh> okay.
[22:03] <MTDM> !coin Bleeh
[22:03] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's tails.
[22:03] <MTDM> Haw.
[22:03] <MTDM> Wait.
[22:03] <MTDM> Fail.
[22:03] <Bleeh> YYA
[22:03] <Bleeh> YAY *

Embarrased bots[edit source]

[22:26] <MTDM> Oh. Did anyone hear I'm Bleeh's servant for another four weeks? -_-
[22:26] <+GeorgieGibbons> HAHA
[22:26] <MTDM> RuneScript <3s Bleeh.
[22:26] <+GeorgieGibbons> !8ball is this true?
[22:26] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "is this true?": Of course not.

Random Ranaun's discovery[edit source]

[23:46]	<+RandomRanaun> Soar, I can't find your userpage. :/
[23:47]	<Soar|CS> o.o
[23:47]	<Soar|CS>
[23:49]	<+RandomRanaun> Oh. duh xD
[23:49]	<+RandomRanaun> :O
[23:49]	<+RandomRanaun> You're a GIRL!?!?!
[23:49]	<Soar|CS> LMAO
[23:49]	<+RandomRanaun> xD
[23:49]	<Soar|CS> I know I get people all the time, but I never expected I'd fool anyone here
[23:50]	<Soar|CS> what name did you try to use btw? When searching? XD
[23:50]	<+RandomRanaun> User:Soar :p
[23:50]	<Soar|CS> lol silly RR
[23:52]	<Soar|CS> yet... you've seen my new signature? XD
[23:56]	<+RandomRanaun>	xD

Georgie's ISP want a word with him[edit source]

[20:15] <hurr_durr> What ISP are you on?
[20:15]	<+GeorgieGibbons> all TV sucks
[20:15]	<+GeorgieGibbons> and hurr, I'm on Three
[20:15]	<+RandomRanaun> grrr
[20:15]	<hurr_durr> Well isn't that a coincidence? I work for Three
[20:16]	<hurr_durr> We're capping someone
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> I bet you you're capping GG
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> XDDDDD
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> I wouldn't be surprised
[20:16]	* GeorgieGibbons did download 25GB today :S
[20:16]	<+GeorgieGibbons> oh sh-...
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> LMAO
[20:16]	<hurr_durr> It was you?
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> XDDDDD
[20:16]	<+GeorgieGibbons> it wasn't me
[20:16]	<Soar|CS> this world just got reaaaaaally small
[20:16]	<+GeorgieGibbons> it was Steam
[20:16]	<+GeorgieGibbons> cap Valve
[20:16]	<+GeorgieGibbons> not me
[20:17]	<Soar|CS> XDDD
[20:17]	<hurr_durr> Well your IP doesn't show
[20:17]	<+GeorgieGibbons> yeah, I'm cloaked
[20:17]	<hurr_durr> Well that's just too bad
[20:18]	<hurr_durr> We won't know if it was you
[20:18]	<+GeorgieGibbons> good luck bro :)

A request for a murder[edit source]

[20:23] <+GeorgieGibbons> where is RandomRanaun?
[20:23] <Ariana_x_MTDM> In my closet.
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> loljk.
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> :|
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> ...
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> :|
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> ._.
[20:24] <Ariana_x_MTDM> o.o
[20:24] <SoaringDragon> XD
[20:25] * Ariana_x_MTDM thinks that'll be on IRC quotes and then RR will kill me. :'(
[20:27] * GeorgieGibbons won't add it
[20:28] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Naw. I wanted RR to kill me.
[20:28] * GeorgieGibbons adds it anyway

Fanon Battles[edit source]

[18:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> omg, Bob's fanon is going to win many awards
[18:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> I must compete
[18:58] <+BobTheZ> lol.
[18:58] <+FlowerGui> xd
[18:58] <+FlowerGui> *XD
[18:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> I will create Night of the Living Servo

DumbScript[edit source]

[17:59] <+DumbFlower> !8ball do you think I am dumb?
[17:59] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you think I am dumb?": Of course!
[17:59] <+DumbFlower> Oooh
[17:59] <+DumbFlower> That's harsh :'(
[17:59] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Haw.
[17:59] <Ariana_x_MTDM> !8ball Will you say sorry to Gui?
[17:59] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Will you say sorry to Gui?": Are you crazy?!
[18:00] <+DumbFlower> :'(
[18:00] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Haw. @Gui
[18:00] <Ariana_x_MTDM> !8ball No, I'm not. Are you?
[18:00] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "No, I'm not. Are you?": Maybe..
[18:00] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Haw.
[18:00] <+DumbFlower> !8ball you said you love me but do you think I will love you if you say those things >:(?
[18:00] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "you said you love me but do you think I will love you if you say those things >:(?": Yes
[18:01] <+DumbFlower> Then you're the one who's dumb.
[18:01] <+DumbFlower> !
[18:01]  * DumbFlower slalps Runey
[18:01] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Hawhawhaw.
[18:01] <Ariana_x_MTDM> Someone put this on IRC Quotes. :3
[18:01] <+DumbFlower> !8ball do you feel good after I slapped you?
[18:01] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "do you feel good after I slapped you?": Of course!
[18:02] <+DumbFlower> OMG
[18:02] <+DumbFlower> !8ball will you love me more if I beat you?
[18:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "will you love me more if I beat you?": Probably.
[18:02]  * DumbFlower beats Runey to death
[18:02] <Ariana_x_MTDM> !8ball Ow?
[18:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Ow?": Try Again Later.
[18:02] <+BobTheZ>
[18:02] <Ariana_x_MTDM> !8ball Ow?
[18:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Ow?": Undoubtedly so

Never a straight answer...[edit source]

[21:02] <Andronikos> !8ball Do you think I am a genious?
[21:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you think I am a genious?": How should I know?
[21:02] <Andronikos> !8ball Are you dump?
[21:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you dump?": Of course!
[21:02] <Andronikos> See!
[21:02] <Andronikos> !8ball Do you want to die?
[21:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you want to die?": Are you crazy?!
[21:02] <Andronikos> !8ball Do you want me to kill you?
[21:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you want me to kill you?": How should I know?
[21:03] <Andronikos> !8ball Are you kidding me?
[21:03] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you kidding me?": Undoubtedly so.

SmartScript? Make up your mind Alejandro[edit source]

[13:02] <DanPin> !8ball Are you smart?
[13:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you smart?": Yeah!
[13:02] <DanPin> !8ball Are you lying?
[13:02] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are you lying?": No!

The man you just downloaded[edit source]

[18:12]	<+LiR> this one is possibly the best one...
[18:12]	<+LiR> Google translate that latin back to english: "Wiki is your Sims series of collaborative also is related to the fact that a man of your downloaded! There are articles and grows, February, 2005 in which this also was a 7.757. Customers who bought this product in the foot or some article of a soft, we can log in and all things work together more now installed Positions."
[18:12]	<+LiR> XD XD XD XD XD	
[18:13]	<+LiR> The fact that a man of your downloaded!
[18:13]	<+WoganHemlock> lololololololol

Joining the dark side may be hard[edit source]

[22:33] <DanPin> join teh dauk saide, Gui!
[22:33] <+BlossomGui|TS3> What :o?
[22:34] <DanPin> join the dark saide
[22:34] <DanPin> dide*
[22:34] <+BlossomGui|TS3> XD
[22:34] <DanPin> sode**
[22:34] <+BlossomGui|TS3> *side
[22:34] <+BlossomGui|TS3> XD
[22:34] <DanPin> SIDE!

Trouts and bans[edit source]

[00:06] * RandomRanaun slaps GeorgieGibbons around a bit with a semi-large trout.
[00:07] * GeorgieGibbons bans RandomRanaun
[00:07] * RandomRanaun slaps GeorgieGibbons around a bit with a larger trout.
[00:07] * GeorgieGibbons reports RandomRanaun to Wikia for being 10, he gets globally blocked
[00:08] * RandomRanaun is globally blocked, GeorgieGibbons wins.
[00:08] * GeorgieGibbons bans RandomRanaun's IP range so he can't evade

Random Ranaun's wishes come true[edit source]

[21:53] <RandumbRanaun> IS SHE REALLY PLAYING THE ICE QUEEN!?!?!?!?!?!
[21:53] <RandumbRanaun> :DDDDD
[21:53] <+MTDM> Yes.
[21:54] <+MTDM> In a special episode.
[21:54] <+VioletGui> OMG I have to go, bye all
[21:54] <+MTDM> When everybody's the opposite sex.
[21:54] <+GeorgieGibbons> bye
[21:54] <+MTDM> xD
[21:54] <RandumbRanaun> YESSSSS!!!!!!!
[21:54] <RandumbRanaun> I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW THEY WOULD HIRE HER!!!!
[21:54] <RandumbRanaun> SHE'S THE BEST CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[21:54] <+GeorgieGibbons> wat
[21:54] <+MTDM> ... Congratz? :p
[21:54] <RandumbRanaun> OH THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW!!!!!!!! :DDDD
[21:54] <+GeorgieGibbons> wath is dis about?
[21:55] <+MTDM> DeLisle is playing the Ice Queen in a special ep in Adventure Time. @GG
[21:55] <+GeorgieGibbons> oh
[21:55] <+MTDM> Where everybody's the opposite sex. :3
[21:55] <+GeorgieGibbons> should have guessed, seeing as it set RR off :P
[21:55] <+MTDM> Cake the Cat.
[21:55] <+MTDM> Fionna.
[21:55] <RandumbRanaun> I WISHED SHE WOULD!!!!!
[21:55] <+MTDM> Prince Gumball.
[21:55] <+GeorgieGibbons> ffs, another 7 hours of this download
[21:55] <RandumbRanaun> I GUESS WISHES REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!!!!!!

Alejandro is immature[edit source]

[20:36] <DanPin> !8ball Do you know where everyone is?
[20:36] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Do you know where everyone is?": Of course!
[20:37] <DanPin> !8ball Are they in Strangetown?
[20:37] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are they in Strangetown?": Hell no.
[20:37] <DanPin> !8ball Are they in Pleasantview?
[20:37] <RuneScript> *** [ 8 BALL ]: The magic 8 ball says in response to "Are they in Pleasantview?": There is a good chance.
[20:37] <DanPin> OH GROW UP!

Georgie is all-seeing, even when away[edit source]

[08:08] <RandumbRanaun> Remember when GG hated school? :p
[08:08] <+WoganFishb0t> lol yeah
[08:08] <RandumbRanaun> He said he left during the day once. xD
[08:08] <+GG[Away]> I did
[08:08] <+GG[Away]> and hi :D
[08:08] <RandumbRanaun> :o
[08:08] <RandumbRanaun> Hi!
[08:08] <+WoganFishb0t> he said he didn't go because of his science teacher
[08:08] <+GeorgieGibbons> bet that was strange :P

Wogan finds social wannabes[edit source]

[05:21] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Cncfanic     ALL THE SOCIALCHANNELS I FIND ARE EMPTY
[05:21] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Lane     So create one
[05:21] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Lane     Bring your friends
[05:21] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Lane     Have a jolly good time.
[05:21] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Cncfanic     I DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS
[05:22] <+WoganHemlock> [14:17]     Lane     Well, that sucks to be you then.
[05:22] <+WoganHemlock> lol
[05:22] <@GeorgieGibbons> LMAO
[05:22] <@GeorgieGibbons> quoted
[05:22] <+MTDM> lmfao.
[05:22] <+MTDM> :3

Odd timing[edit source]

[05:38] <@GeorgieGibbons> wow
[05:38] <@GeorgieGibbons> all of the US are gradually going to sleep
[05:38] <+MTDM> I'm gonna go to bed. I dun' want to die of tiredness.
[05:38] <@GeorgieGibbons> bye
[05:38] <+WoganHemlock> bye
[05:38] <+MTDM> ... Lulz. :| @GG
[05:38] <+MTDM>  GeorgieGibbons:      all of the US are gradually going tosleep     [ 0:38 ]
[05:38] <+MTDM>  MTDM:      I'm gonna go to bed. I dun' want to die of tiredness.      [ 0:38 ]
[05:38] <+MTDM>  MTDM:      ... Lulz. :| @GG      [ 0:38 ]
[05:38] <+MTDM> This was not done intentionally.
[05:38] <@GeorgieGibbons> I know :P

The Friday singing session...[edit source]

[15:55] <+RandumbRanaun> Hey GeorgieGibbons
[15:56] <+RandumbRanaun> Last Friday Night!
[15:56] <+RandumbRanaun> We had fun, fun, fun, fun.
[15:56] <+RandumbRanaun> :p
[15:56] * GeorgieGibbons headdesks
[15:56] <+RandumbRanaun> Gui, why is Marissa suck a skank? xD
[15:57] <+RandumbRanaun> *such
[15:57] <DanPin> hai
[15:57] * BlossomGui_ (4fa86d4d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-sims
[15:57] <BlossomGui_> Gosh x_x
[15:57] <BlossomGui_> Please kick BlossomGui
[15:57] <DanPin> Marissa sucks skanks
[15:57] <DanPin> xD
[15:57] <DanPin> RR's TYPO WIN.
[15:57] <BlossomGui_> DANPIN!!!!!!!!
[15:57] <+MTDM> Last Friday night!
[15:57] <+RandumbRanaun> xD
[15:57] <+MTDM> Yeah we danced on tabletops!
[15:57] <+MTDM> :3
[15:58] * BlossomGui_ is now known as RoseGui
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> THEN WE TOOK TOO MANY SHOTS
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> And we took too many shots!
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> damn
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> :p
[15:58] <+MTDM> @yt last Friday night TGIF Katy Perry
[15:58] <RuneScript> *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) | Uploader: KatyPerryVEVO (2011-06-10) | Duration: 08:11 | Views: 60,508,236 | Favorite: 215,946 (Likes: 330,618 | Dislikes: 24,347) | Rating: 4.725641 (354,965 ratings) | URL:
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> Think we kissed but I forgot!
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> now i feel like listening to that
[15:58] <+MTDM> LAG.
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> LAST FRIDAY NIGHT
[15:58] * ChanServ sets mode +v RoseGui for #wikia-sims
[15:58] <DanPin> Last Friday Night!
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> Last Friday Night!
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> Do it all again!
[15:58] <+RandumbRanaun> That song is soo cool. :3
[15:58] <DanPin> This Friday Night!
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> THERE'S A STRANGER IN MY BED
[15:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> THERE'S A POUNDING IN MY HEAD
[15:59] <+GeorgieGibbons> GLITTER ALL OVER THE ROOM
[15:59] <+GeorgieGibbons> cccombo breakerrr
[15:59] <+GeorgieGibbons> yeah I have a YT ad
[16:00] <+GeorgieGibbons> PICTURES OF LAST NIGHT
[16:00] <+GeorgieGibbons> ENDED UP ONLINE
[16:00] <+GeorgieGibbons> I'M SCREWED
[16:00] <+GeorgieGibbons> OH WELL
[16:00] <+MTDM> DAAAAAMN.
[16:00] <DanPin> LAST FRIDAY NIGHT
[16:01] <+MTDM> Yeah, we danced on tabletops!*
[16:01] <+GeorgieGibbons> YEAH WE MAXED OUR CREDIT CARDS
[16:01] <+RandumbRanaun> THIS FRIDAY NIGHT
[16:01] <+GeorgieGibbons> AND GOT KICKED OUT OF THE BAR
[16:01] <+RandumbRanaun> cccombo breakerrr
[16:01] <+MTDM> lol #wikia-sims singing session. Every Friday. 11AMEST. Be there. Or be square! :@
[16:02] <+GeorgieGibbons> I'd lol if we quoted this
[16:02] <+MTDM> Quote it. So many people would come for the Friday singing session! :@

The story of a taco[edit source]

[15:41] <DanPin> Tacos are tasteful and I am hungry. RUN, MTDM, before I eat you! ROAR!
[15:41] <+AFreakingTaco> DDDDDDDD=
[15:41] * AFreakingTaco hides under a rock. c:
[15:41] <+GeorgieGibbons> poor Taco
[15:42] <DanPin> Eats the whole Taco Bell food chain
[15:42] <+GeorgieGibbons> lol we only have one Taco Bell in the UK
[15:42] * DanPin lifts the rock MTDM is hiding under
[15:43] * DanPin finds a MTacoDM
[15:43] * DanPin picks MTacoDM up
[15:43] * AFreakingTaco is now known as MTacoDM
[15:43] <+MTacoDM> :(
[15:43] * DanPin opens his mouth
[15:43] * MTacoDM runs.
[15:43] * DanPin eats MTacoDM
[15:43] <+MTacoDM> :(
[15:43] <+MTacoDM> :'(
[15:43] * DanPin poops MTacoDM 6 hours later
[15:44] <+MTacoDM> ewwww.
[15:44] <+GeorgieGibbons> and that is the story of how a taco is digested
[15:44] <+GeorgieGibbons> class dismissed

The Sunday night tradition of Top Gear...[edit source]

[19:57] ->> GeorgieGibbons is now known as GG|TopGear
[19:57] <+GG|TopGear> watching top gear, ping me if needed
[19:57] * CommanderShepard is now known as CommanderTopGear
[19:57] <CommanderTopGear> watching top gear, ping me if needed
[19:57] <+GG|TopGear> lololol
[19:58] * Fluttershy is now known as CoD4|TopGear
[19:58] <+AnInactiveTaco> lmao.

Why you shouldn't sing a song by Rebecca Black[edit source]

[02:29] <+WoganHemlock> FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY
[02:29] <+WoganHemlock> FUN FUN FUN FUN
[02:29] * WoganHemlock (~melvin@wikia/Woganhemlock) Quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[02:29] <+GeorgieGibbons> and that's what you get for singing Rebecca Black

Why you shouldn't mess with Georgie[edit source]

[00:30] * LostInRiverview punches GeorgieGibbons
[00:31] * GeorgieGibbons murders LostInRiverview
[00:31] * LostInRiverview was kicked by LostInRiverview ( Reason (*dies*)

IRC members share similarities with Dani[edit source]

[22:37] <+Bleeh>  I HAVE THE SAME BOOTS AS DANI. O:
[22:37] <+GeorgieGibbons> I have a similar hair colour to Dani
[22:37] <+GeorgieGibbons> well...a bit lighter

Auror is forgetful[edit source]

[23:22] <DanPin> when are you going to update All Blue?
[23:23] <Asorailahd> What's All Blue?
[23:23] <RoseGui> Your fanon o.o
[23:23] <Asorailahd> Oh, nevermind. =|

RoseGui thinks Georgie is God[edit source]

[01:36] <+Rosey|Away> Who's that user? o.o
[01:36] <+GeorgieGibbons> god knows who that is
[01:37] <+Rosey|Away> You know who it is?
[01:37] <+Rosey|Away> O:
[01:37] <+GeorgieGibbons> no

Rebecca Black's legacy[edit source]

[01:20] <JRCrichton> September! September! Gotta get down in September
[01:20] * LostInRiverview kicks JRCrichton
[01:20] <JRCrichton> :D
[01:21] <+LostInRiverview> September! September! Gotta get down in September! Everybody's looking forward to the autumn, autumn!
[01:21] <+GeorgieGibbons> Tuesday! Tuesday! Gotta get down on Tuesday!
[01:21] <+GeorgieGibbons> fun fun fun
[01:22] <+LostInRiverview> September! September! Gotta get down in September! Everybody's looking forward to the autumn! Leaf-rakin', leaf-rakin' (yeah!), Leaf-rakin', leaf-rakin', fun fun fun fun....
[01:22] <JRCrichton> Studyin' Studyin' YEAH! Studyin' Studyin' YEAH!
[01:22] <+GeorgieGibbons> Boring! Boring! September's gonna be so boring!
[01:22] <+LostInRiverview> December! December! Gotta get down in December! Everybody's looking forward to the winter, winter!
[01:23] <+LostInRiverview> shoveling, shoveling! (yeah!) shoveling, shoveling! snow, snow, snow snow...
[01:23] <+GeorgieGibbons> January! January! Gotta get down in January! Everybody's looking forward to the new year, new year!
[01:23] <+GeorgieGibbons> Rebecca Black would be proud
[01:23] <JRCrichton> what have I done?
[01:23] <+GeorgieGibbons> unleashed a rapture :P

Not that Fluttershy[edit source]

[09:31] * WoganHemlock is now known as wh|MyLittlePony
[09:32]	<+wh|MyLittlePony> Fluttershy is soooooooo cute
[09:32]	<Fluttershy> :D
[09:32]	<+DanPin> :D	
[09:32]	<+DanPin> :D	
[09:32]	<+DanPin> :D	
[09:32]	<+wh|MyLittlePony> crap, didn't realise you were here

Internet connection fix[edit source]

[02:23] == Jones143 [443ce23a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Disconnected by services]
[02:23] <+WoganHemlock> oh my
[02:23] <+WoganHemlock> he should fix his connection ;)
[02:23] <+RoseGui> XD
[02:23] == WoganHemlock [~morten@wikia/Woganhemlock] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

Linkita lives![edit source]

[19:02] <WoganHemlock> [[test]]
[19:02] <unilinky>
[19:02] <WoganHemlock> omg
[19:02] <WoganHemlock> SHE LIVES
[19:02] * WoganHemlock never thought he'd see that

Talking to an AI bot[edit source]

[20:18] <Jones134> @Alia hey
[20:18] <Alia> Hey hey what can i make a the sims 3 pets.
[20:19] <Jones134> @Alia sims 3 pets?
[20:19] <Alia> Pets need a sims fanon wiki.
[20:19] <Jones134> @Alia i wouldn't say that.
[20:19] <Alia> So you wouldn't understand. <--- You're lying to you.
[20:20] <Jones134> @Alia sure...
[20:20] <Alia> "Shut up," woganhemlock says jokingly, after alia makes a cameo! :D.
[20:20] <Jones134> @Alia :|
[20:21] <Alia> My full name is alia, and i can find the code.
[20:21] <Jones134> @Alia ok
[20:21] <Alia> And we desperately need to say something like, "you will be ok.
[20:21] <Jones134> @Alia mmmm...
[20:21] <Alia> Mmmm, i just think we have nominations?
[20:22] <Jones134> @Alia on what?
[20:22] <Alia> Does alia use quotes from me. Xd.
[20:23] <Jones134> @Alia on what?
[20:23] <Alia> Scare me alia.
[20:24] <Jones134> @Alia ok bye
[20:24] <Alia> Ok i am going have lunch, bye bye.

Anvil and Alia - friends to foes.[edit source]

[23:49] <Rainbow-Dash> !alia
[23:49] <AnvilBot> Alia is odd
[23:49] <Alia> AnvilBot: That is odd...
[23:49] <AnvilBot> I will remember that
[23:49] <GeorgieGibbons> wow
[23:49] <JRCrichton> orly
[23:49] <GeorgieGibbons> they're actually talking to each other
[23:49] <Rainbow-Dash> oh crap they're self aware
[23:49] <Rainbow-Dash> !alia
[23:49] <AnvilBot> Alia is odd
[23:50] <Alia> AnvilBot: That is odd...
[23:50] <AnvilBot> I will remember that
[23:50] <JRCrichton> !that
[23:50] <AnvilBot> That is odd...
[23:50] <JRCrichton> :D
[23:50] <Rainbow-Dash> !anvilbot
[23:50] <AnvilBot> AnvilBot is a modified version of....NOONE! I AM THE ULTIMATE BOT!
[23:50] * AnvilBot kills Alia
[23:50] <Rainbow-Dash> !georgiegibbons
[23:50] <AnvilBot> GeorgieGibbons is a pretty great guy, and he's very helpful.
[23:50] <GeorgieGibbons> !I is in lurv wiv Alia <3
[23:50] <AnvilBot> I will remember that
[23:50] <GeorgieGibbons> !I
[23:50] <AnvilBot> i is stoopid
[23:51] <GeorgieGibbons> fu
[23:51] <Alia> Alia is the base. You understand the rhythm of the big day of bf3.
[23:51] <Alia> !die
[23:51]	AnvilBot has quit (Client Quit)
[23:51] <GeorgieGibbons> NO
[23:51] <Alia> >.>

Alia's vengence[edit source]

[23:38] <+Princess-Luna> yup, that's linkita
[23:38] <+Princess-Luna> she liks stuff
[23:38] <+Princess-Luna> *links
[23:38] <+Princess-Luna> [[foo]]
[23:38] <unilinky>
[23:38] <SexyPixie> OMG, that's awesome. :D
[23:39] <+Princess-Luna> wait until you meet Alia
[23:39] <Alia> I have no right to call me alia.
[23:39] <+RandomRanaun> Alia, shut up, idiot.
[23:39] <Alia> RandomRanaun: That is an idiot, georgiegibbons is an idiot, georgiegibbons is an idiot.
[23:39] <+GeorgieGibbons> ...
[23:39] <+RandomRanaun> Hey now.
[23:39] <+RandomRanaun> No need to call others idiots.
[23:39] <+Princess-Luna> Alia y u no like GeorgieGibbons
[23:40] <Alia> Princess-Luna: Yes, but i put "introduced in the u.
[23:40] <+RandomRanaun> Alia y u so rude
[23:40] <Alia> RandomRanaun: I'm bored and in the u.

Nick Change Fail[edit source]

[09:26]	=-= RandomRanaun is now known as TwilightSparkle
[09:26]	<+TwilightSparkle> NOOO
[09:26]	<SexyPixie> A pony, eh?
[09:26]	<+RoseGui> yes.
[09:26]	<+TwilightSparkle> WHOS THE JACKHEAD WHO GROUPED THAT!?!?!??!?!?
[09:26]	|<--TwilightSparkle has left freenode (Disconnected by services)
[09:26]	<+Princess-Luna> me
[09:26]	<+RoseGui> :D
[09:26]	<+Princess-Luna> and I ghosted him

Everyone's Something[edit source]

[18:10]	*RoseGui is dumb. Dx
[18:12] *DanPin is stupid. :P
[18:12] *Xd1358 is pro
[18:12] *sww is me :P

How Christmas was ruined[edit source]

[21:41] <Ariana_Grande> hahaha Justin Bieber has a Christmas album
[21:41] <DanPin> O.O
[21:43] <Cabecote> o.o
[21:44] <Cabecote> I wonder what would happen If someone started to sing JB in here...
[21:45] <Ariana_Grande>	ill thought
[21:45] <RoseGui> Justin Bieber is not that bad. =c
[21:45] <Ariana_Grande> inb4 RandomRanaun sings JB songs
[21:45]* MTDM ( has joined #wikia-sims
[21:45] * MTDM has quit (Changing host)
[21:45] * MTDM (~MTDM@wikia/Mr--Totaldramaman) has joined #wikia-sims
[21:45] * ChanServ gives voice to MTDM
[21:45] <Ariana_Grande>	Bieber should be convicted for his crimes against humanity
[21:45] <Ariana_Grande>	hi MTDM
[21:46] <MTDM> hai
[21:46] <MTDM> glee returns today. :3
[21:46] <RoseGui> Hiii MTDM =)
[21:46] <Ariana_Grande>	next we just need Pitbull to release a Christmas album and then every celebrity has ruined Christmas
[21:47]* Cabecote is now known as Sir_CabAlot
[21:47] <RoseGui> o-o
[21:47] <Sir_CabAlot> loool
[21:48] <MTDM> I'm lol-ing so hard right now.
[21:48] <MTDM> xDDD
[21:48] <Ariana_Grande> heck even Rebecca Black will probably make a Christmas song soon
[21:48] <Ariana_Grande>	Sexy and I Know It is a horrible song
[21:48] <Ariana_Grande>	but nice parody xD
[21:49] <Sir_CabAlot> eheheh

1337 74lk (Leet talk)[edit source]

[21:31] <Georgie|iPhone> G30rg13
[21:36] <DanPin> D4NP1N
[21:37] <DanPin> R4ND0MR4N4UN
[21:37] <Auror>	AUROR
[21:37] <DanPin> 4UR0R
[21:37] <RandomRanaun> 4UR0R
[21:37] <DanPin> D3RP
[21:37] <DanPin> 41I4
[21:37] <DanPin> or 4L14
[21:37] <RandomRanaun> B133H
[21:37] <DanPin> MTDM
[21:37] <DanPin> ^ xD
[21:37] <RandomRanaun> W0G4NH3ML0CK
[21:38] <DanPin> JRCR1CH70N
[21:38] <RandomRanaun> N1K3L
[21:38] <DanPin> 4_M0RR15
[21:38] <DanPin> DH4RD3N
[21:38] <RandomRanaun> TH351M523
[21:38] <DanPin> V55231P
[21:38] <DanPin> J0N35143
[21:39] <RandomRanaun> B0BN3WB13
[21:39] <RandomRanaun> B4Y0UB45H
[21:39] <DanPin> L0571NR1V3RV13W
[21:39] <DanPin> DU5K3Y
[21:39] <RandomRanaun> RUN3SCR1P7
[21:39] <DanPin> CH4N53RV
[21:40] <DanPin> 4NV1L807
[21:40] <RandomRanaun> R0S3GU1
[21:40] <DanPin> R0MC0M80
[21:40] <RandomRanaun> K4Z3N0Y0UK0
[21:40] <RandomRanaun> MH4VR1139
[21:40] <DanPin> C483C073
[21:43] <RandomRanaun> F1U773R5HY
[21:43] <DanPin> N7
[21:44]<DanPin> ^ lol fail
[21:44] <RandomRanaun> C0D4

How MTDM lost track of the week...[edit source]

[20:24] <MTDM> GeorgieGibbons: bbrp in half an hour
[20:24] <GeorgieGibbons> kk
[20:24] <MTDM> and we're missing five people.
[20:24] <GeorgieGibbons> from a guess, Bleeh is in school (and she came here the other day)
[20:24] <GeorgieGibbons> DanPin said Portugal is on strike
[20:24] <GeorgieGibbons> so idk bout him
[20:24] <GeorgieGibbons> RoseGui doesn't even know iirc
[20:25] <GeorgieGibbons> Auror - thanksgiving
[20:25] <GeorgieGibbons> romcombo - dead
[20:25] <MTDM> Bleeh has Sunday school!?
[20:25] <GeorgieGibbons> today is Thursday
[20:25] <MTDM> Portugal's on strike? :|
[20:25] <MTDM> and rosegui is also in Portugal iirc so that's probably her reason too.
[20:26] <MTDM> And, I'll probably play her.
[20:26] <Andronikos> why, oh why won't directx games run on mac? :(
[20:26] <MTDM> OH.
[20:26] <Andronikos> *mac
[20:26] <MTDM> LOL I FAIL.
[20:26] <GeorgieGibbons> LMFAO
[20:26] <MTDM> I FAIL I FAIL.
[20:26] <MTDM> HAHAHAHA.
[20:26] <MTDM> I SUCK
[20:26] <MTDM> HAHAHAHA.
[20:26] <MTDM> HAAAAAA.
[20:26] <GeorgieGibbons> this I've got to quote :P

How to choose the wrong person to buy you a game[edit source]

[20:27] <MTDM> hey GG
[20:27] <MTDM> how'd you like to amazon me TS3:LN and TS3:P?
[20:27] <MTDM> ;)
[20:27] <GeorgieGibbons> kk
[20:28] <MTDM> I meant buy not search.
[20:28] <MTDM> :3
[20:28] <GeorgieGibbons>
[20:28] <GeorgieGibbons> oh ffs
[20:28] <GeorgieGibbons> I ain't even got my credit card yet lol
[20:29] <MTDM> xD

Love/Hate[edit source]

[21:39] <DanPin> !LiR
[21:39] <AnvilBot> LiR is kewl
[21:39] * AnvilBot destroys LiR|Laundry's washing machine
[21:39] <LiR|Laundry> haha
[21:39] <DanPin> lol
[21:39] <DanPin> !GG
[21:39] <AnvilBot> GG is also a fail
[21:39] <GeorgieGibbons> ...
[21:39] <DanPin> is also?
[21:40] <DanPin> !RR
[21:40] <LiR|Laundry> but can she !die ?
[21:40] <GeorgieGibbons> btw the XML for the bot is messed up
[21:40] <AnvilBot> RR means nothing to me
[21:40] <LiR|Laundry> !die
[21:40] * AnvilBot has quit (Client Quit)
[21:40] <GeorgieGibbons> FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
[21:40] <LiR|Laundry> aaaahhhhh

Fruit Computer[edit source]

[20:38]  <DanPin> :(
[20:38]  * RoseGui removes channel operator status from RoseGui
[20:38]  * DanPin plugs in external hard drive
[20:38]  <DanPin> y u not load
[20:39]  * Andronikos plugs in a banana
[20:39]  <Andronikos> y u not load
[20:39]  <DanPin> *headdesk*
[20:39]  <Andronikos> External hard drives suck
[20:39]  <DanPin> really? a banana?
[20:40]  <Andronikos> nope
[20:40]  <DanPin> they don't fit in USB ports.
[20:40]  <Andronikos> a plumb 
[20:40]  <DanPin> ?
[20:40]  <Andronikos> *plum
[20:40]  <DanPin> they are roundish
[20:40]  <DanPin> they WON'T fit for sure.
[20:41]  <Andronikos> meh
[20:41]  * Andronikos tries with a cherry
[20:41]  <DanPin> and yes, Xd. I am Portuguese. You'd know that if you read my TSW userpage. :3
[20:41]  <DanPin> Try an apple since you're using a Mac
[20:41]  <DanPin> apple, since*
[20:42]  <Andronikos> no
[20:42]  <Andronikos> I don't have any :3
[20:42]  <DanPin> *facepalm*

Georgie may as well obey the law...[edit source]

[19:33] <GeorgieGibbons> k so i'm wondering whether i should pay the £3.54 to unlock Sonic CD for my PS3 or just torrent it for PC
[19:33] <Xd1358> k so i'm wondering where Rose is
[19:33] <Xd1358> also, buy it
[19:35] <GeorgieGibbons> the paid for version features Tails, 16:9 and the Japanese soundtrack
[19:35] <GeorgieGibbons> torrented version has none of that
[19:36] <DanPin> heads - you buy it. tails - you torrent it.
[19:36] <DanPin> !coin GeorgieGibbons
[19:36] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:36] <Xd1358> @coin GeorgieGibbons
[19:36] <RuneScript> You're heads, Xd1358. GeorgieGibbons is tails.
[19:36] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:36] <GeorgieGibbons> FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
[19:36] <Xd1358> best of three
[19:36] <Xd1358> lol
[19:36] <DanPin> !coin GeorgieGibbons
[19:36] * RuneScript flips a two sided coin. It's heads.
[19:36] <DanPin> three out of three
[19:36] <GeorgieGibbons> looks like i'm buying
[19:36] <DanPin> lol
[19:36] <DanPin> someone quote this.
[19:37] * DanPin is too lazy to do this
[19:37] <GeorgieGibbons> k

Wogan hates cute Pokemon[edit source]

[21:39]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	I find it ironic a tough character in my game uses this -
[21:39]	-->| LiR ( has joined #wikia-sims
[21:39]	<+RoseGui> wb.
[21:39]	=-= Mode #wikia-sims +v LiR by ChanServ
[21:39]	<+LiR>	hey
[21:39]	<+RoseGui> Your connection is terrible.
[21:39]	<+Xd1358> ^
[21:39]	<+Xd1358> LiR: ifeq takes four parameters
[21:39]	<+LiR>	It's my wireless router
[21:40]	<+Xd1358> also, what exactly should LOCALWEEK be to display info rather than a random qutoe
[21:40]	<+Xd1358> quote*
[21:40]	<+RoseGui> Togepi is so cute. (:
[21:40]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	yeah I one hit killed it
[21:40]	<+Xd1358> ...
[21:40]	<+Xd1358> lol
[21:40]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	long story short, don't mess with Flareon
[21:40]	<+RoseGui>	
[21:41]	* RoseGui cries.
[21:41]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	cute Pokemon are the most fun to KO
[21:41]	<+Xd1358> Rainbow-Dash: mean
[21:41]	<+RoseGui> You killed Togepi. D':
[21:41]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	well... made it faint
[21:41]	<+Xd1358> googles togepi
[21:41]	<+Xd1358> D'AWWWWWWWWWWW
[21:41]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	I'm so proud of myself
[21:41]	<+RoseGui> It's such a cute pokemon. D':
[21:42]	=-= YOU (Rainbow-Dash) have been booted from #wikia-sims by RoseGui (stop being proud of killing cuties. >:c)
[21:42]	-->| YOU (Rainbow-Dash) have joined #wikia-sims
[21:42]	<+Rainbow-Dash>	I deserved that

Op OR Deop Party?[edit source]

[23:21] * Rainbow-Dash has changed the topic to: Welcome to #wikia-sims - | Channel rules - | Everyone rate - | vote TSW up or else | herp derpy hooves
[23:21] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to DanPin
[23:22] * DanPin has changed the topic to: Welcome to #wikia-sims - | Channel rules - | Everyone rate - | vote TSW up or else | vote Bella Goth or else | herp derpy hooves
[23:22] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to RoseGui
[23:22] <DanPin> OP PARTY!
[23:22] <DanPin> :D
[23:22] * RoseGui removes channel operator status from RoseGui DanPin Rainbow-Dash
[23:22] <RoseGui> Ohhh.
[23:22] <DanPin> aww. :(
[23:22] <RoseGui> Lol.
[23:22] <GeorgieGibbons> more like deop party
[23:22] <RoseGui> XD
[23:22] <DanPin> xD

Merry Christmas![edit source]

[13:37] <RoseGui> I'm going to have lunch.
[13:37] <RoseGui> In case I don't come back, Merry Christmas everyone!!! (:
[13:37] <RoseGui> And byee.
[13:37] * RoseGui is now known as Rose|Lunch
[13:37] <JRCrichton> You sound like you're gonna get food poisoning or something
[13:38] <Rose|Lunch> LOL. XD
[13:38] <Rose|Lunch> No. ;)
[13:38] <Rose|Lunch> Or maybe. ;)
[13:38] <Rose|Lunch> Byeee.

DanPin kills LiR... Twice[edit source]

[22:50] <DanPin> did you know I wrote a rant letter to EA's CEO expressing my opinions about the decreasing quality of TS3
[23:03] * DanPin hopes LiR's connection doesn't fail now due to his Comclague
[23:03] * LiR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:03] <DanPin> lawl
[23:05] * LiR ( has joined #wikia-sims
[23:05] * ChanServ gives voice to LiR
[23:05] <LiR> hey folks
[23:05] <LiR> I'm watching LOST
[23:06] <Rainbow-Dash> numbers, numbers everywhere
[23:07] <DanPin> [22:50] <DanPin> did you know I wrote a rant letter to EA's CEO expressing my opinions about the decreasing quality of TS3
[23:07] <DanPin> [23:03]  DanPin hopes LiR's connection doesn't fail now due to his Comclague
[23:07] <DanPin> [23:03]  LiR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:07] * LiR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:07] <DanPin> gaaaaag
[23:07] <DanPin> gaaaah*
[23:07] <DanPin> Y I KILL LIR

DanPin kills LiR - Part II[edit source]

[13:33] * DanPin is now known as LiRKiller
[13:33] <LiR> lolz
[13:33] <LiRKiller> let's face it, 'tis the truth
[13:35] <LiRKiller> test
[13:35] * LiR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:35] <LiRKiller> see?
[13:35] <Andronikos> lol
[13:35] * LiR ( has joined #wikia-sims
[13:35] * ChanServ gives voice to LiR
[13:36] <LiR> what did you do that time, DanPin?
[13:36] <LiRKiller> said "test"
[13:36] <LiR> XD
[13:36] <Andronikos> [15:35]  <LiRKiller> test
[13:36] <Andronikos> [15:35]  * LiR has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:36] <LiRKiller> xD
[13:36] * LiR is now known as DanPinVictim

Apparently everyone loves DanPin[edit source]

[22:16] <+GeorgieGibbons> !lovemeter Alia
[22:16] <DanPin> Love-Meter! GeorgieGibbons loves DanPin [##### .  .  .  .  . ] 50%!
[22:16] <+GeorgieGibbons> WTF
[22:17] <Alia> <Alia> georgie, i think xbox360's name is alia.
[22:17] <+RoseGui> XD
[22:17] <+Xd1358> I think the script is broken
[22:17] <DanPin> it has to be two users
[22:17] <+Xd1358> </no shit>
[22:17] <+GeorgieGibbons> !lovemeter Alia DanPin
[22:17] <+Xd1358> !lovemeter RoseGui Xd1358
[22:17] <DanPin> Love-Meter! Xd1358 loves DanPin [#### .  .  .  .  .  . ] 40%!
[22:17] <DanPin> Love-Meter! GeorgieGibbons loves DanPin [######### . ] 90%!
[22:17] <DanPin> and I think I have to activate the command
[22:17] <+GeorgieGibbons> OMFG
[22:17] <+Xd1358> yeah no
[22:17] <Alia> !Danpin is a great pleasure to meet you.  I'm alia.
[22:17] <+Xd1358> lol
[22:17] <+N7> How does Mare_Do_Well go to bed at midnight when he has school 0-0
[22:17] <DanPin> Love-Meter! Alia GeorgieGibbons loves DanPin [#### .  .  .  .  .  . ] 40%!
[22:17] <+RoseGui> XD

How everyone killed LiR[edit source]

[07:42] <+GeorgieGibbons> yo
[07:44] <JRCrichton> yo
[07:44] == LiR [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[07:44] <JRCrichton> Everytime
[07:44] <+GeorgieGibbons> lol
[07:45] == LiR [] has joined #wikia-sims
[07:45] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v LiR] by ChanServ
[07:45] <+GeorgieGibbons> w
[07:45] <+GeorgieGibbons> *wb
[07:46] <+LiR> my mom does not understand the concept of cut and paste
[07:46] <+GeorgieGibbons> it's just...moving something
[07:47] <+LiR> she doesn't understand how to do it
[07:47] <+LiR> it's so simple though :p
[07:47] <+GeorgieGibbons> reminds me of the time i had to teach my mum how a wi-fi network works
[07:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> wow...i wish i had a better PC
[07:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> PS3 version of Crysis is as buggy as hell
[07:49] <+GeorgieGibbons> and no patch :(
[07:51] <+Auror> :<
[07:54] <+LiR> she still can't figure it out
[07:54] <+LiR> so we've given up
[07:56] <+GeorgieGibbons> wtf since when does barbed wire blow people up?
[07:56] == LiR [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[07:57] <+GeorgieGibbons> and my complaints about barbed wire have killed him once again :|
[07:57] == LiR [] has joined #wikia-sims
[07:57] == mode/#wikia-sims [+v LiR] by ChanServ
[07:58] <+LiR> *sigh*
[07:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> it's official - we're all trained assassins
[07:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> we're all contracted to kill LiR
[07:58] <+LiR> yay
[07:58]  * LiR shoots everyone secretly
[07:58] <+LiR> oh
[07:58] <JRCrichton> XD
[07:58]  * LiR = :(
[07:58]  * LiR dies
[07:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> DanPin is most likely the leader :)
[07:58] <JRCrichton> So far GG and I have hit the target
[07:58] <+LiR> it's like a sick twisted game of #wolfgame
[07:59]  * LiR is always the unlucky villager, but never a wolf :p

How Georgie used a Taio Cruz song to murder RoseGui[edit source]

[00:11] <GeorgieGibbons> Taio Cruz has sold out
[00:11] <Xd1358> wut
[00:12] <GeorgieGibbons> his other songs >
[00:12] <RuneScript> *** [ YOUTUBE ]: Title: Taio Cruz - Troublemaker | Uploader: TaioCruzVEVO (2011-11-11) | Duration: 03:42 | Views: 998,609 | Favorite: 5,173 (Likes: 0 | Dislikes: 0) | Rating: 4.9099984 (5,911 ratings) | URL:
[00:12] <Xd1358> listen to me baby
[00:12] <Xd1358> oh oho oh
[00:13] * RoseGui has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[00:13] <GeorgieGibbons> and i just killed her with dynamite

The Sims 3 is now available on floppy disks![edit source]

[18:11] <Asorailahd> I always get an error saying that fullbuild0.package won't install. I keep retrying it, but it stops later. I've tried to install it with a floppy disc at least five times.
[18:11] <DanPin> a floppy disk?
[18:11] <DanPin> o.o
[18:12] <DanPin> who even uses floppy disks?
[18:12] <Asorailahd> RAAAAAAAAAAGE
[18:12] <Asorailahd> * A regular CD

DanPin kills LiR - Part III[edit source]

[20:10] * ChanServ has changed the topic to: Welcome to #wikia-sims - | Channel rules - - Please abide by them or die | List of channel operators - | No advertising in any shape or form | ACTA FTL | We've found something more fail than LiR's router - Newt Gingrich | VOTE
[20:10] * LiR|Mining has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:10] <DanPin> huh.
[20:10] <DanPin> I killed him by changing the topic
[20:10] * RoseGui has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:11] <DanPin> and I killed her by saying that.
[20:11] <DanPin> :P
[20:11] * LiR|Mining ( has joined #wikia-sims
[20:11] <DanPin> I killed you.
[20:11] <DanPin> When I changed a link in the topic
[20:11] <DanPin> And then I killed RoseGui
[20:11] <DanPin> when I pointed it out.
[20:11] Xd1358> wat
[20:12] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Xd1358
[20:12] * DanPin has been kicked from #wikia-sims by Xd1358 (don't kill Rose, please)

DanPin is the ground[edit source]

[15:37]	<DanPin> sorry I killed you, LiR
[15:37]	<LiR> you're still talking about degrassi
[15:38]	<LiR> It's alright
[15:38]	<RandomRanaun> Fiona and Charlie are still living together, but Fiona might be allergic to her cat.
[15:38]	<LiR> think of it this way DanPin... if you were to jump off a high cliff, it's not the fall that kills you, but the sudden impact with the ground.
[15:38]	<LiR> In this relationship, you are the ground.
[15:38]	<GeorgieGibbons> "hay guiez, is it okay if i nominate Sforster123 for Featured Editor? kthxbai" 
[15:39]	<LiR> but my router is the one that jumped off the cliff :p

DanPin's 3 minute browines[edit source]

[01:31]	<DanPin> fancy
[01:31]	<LiR> lol
[01:31]	<LiR> I feel like making a pie
[01:31]	<LiR> in real life, not RCT
[01:31]	<DanPin> lawl
[01:32]	<DanPin> make 3 minute brownies
[01:32]	<DanPin> takes less time
[01:32]	<LiR> how long do those take?
[01:32]	<DanPin> 5 minute
[01:32]	<LiR> XD

How "over 9000" makes John kill his bot[edit source]

[22:06] <+RandomRanaun> What the heck is all this "over 9000" nonsense?
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps WoganHemlock
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps RandomRanaun
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <+WoganHemlock> yep, its a script
[22:06] <+RandomRanaun> over 9000
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps RandomRanaun
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <+DanPin> is it true that you have a script for over 9000 references?
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps DanPin
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <+DanPin> YOU LIE
[22:06] <+GeorgieGibbons> Alia over 9000
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps GeorgieGibbons
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <+GeorgieGibbons> yes
[22:06] <+RandomRanaun> do you hate over 9000 references?
[22:06] <+DanPin>
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps RandomRanaun
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <Alia> GeorgieGibbons: Wh - over 9000.
[22:06] * JRCrichton slaps Alia
[22:06] <JRCrichton> no
[22:06] <+GeorgieGibbons> LMAO
[22:06] <+RandomRanaun> xD

LiR is resurrected by DanPin... and quits after two seconds[edit source]

[22:22] * LiR quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[22:23] <DanPin> poor LiR
[22:23] * LiR ( joined #wikia-sims
[22:23] <DanPin> I RESURRECTED YOU
[22:23] * LiR quit (Client Quit)
[22:23] <GeorgieGibbons> lawl
[22:23] <DanPin> -.-
[22:23] <DanPin> I IS NOT AMUSED
[22:23] <DanPin> I IS QUOTING THIS

Domestic abuse and such[edit source]

[00:57] <JRCrichton> `randomdate
[00:57] <ecksbot> Fun fact: yx and Sophiie are dating, much to the disgust of yx
[00:57] <Sophiie> 0.o
[00:58] <JRCrichton> tough relationship
[00:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> I lolt
[00:58] <JRCrichton> sounds forced
[00:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> domestic abuse, eh?
[00:59] <Sophiie> yea :P
[00:59] <JRCrichton> `randomdate
[00:59] <ecksbot> Fun fact: AnvilBot and RuneScript are dating, much to the disgust of AnvilBot
[01:00] <JRCrichton> FORCED BOT DATING

Biology "trivia"[edit source]

[11:37:35] <AnvilBot> 7. Animal Trivia: The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans ages the equivalent of 5 human years for every day they live, usually expiring after 14 days. However, when stressed, the?
[11:37:45] <AnvilBot> Here's a hint, worm goes into a state of suspended animation that can la___ ____ __ _______ ___ ______ ____ ______ ___________ ______ ___ ___ ______ ____ ______ ----------
[11:37:51] <+GeorgieGibbons> wtf
[11:37:52] <+WoganHemlock> wtf
[11:37:58] <+GeorgieGibbons> you really think I'm answering that?
[11:38:15] <AnvilBot> Time's up! The answer was: worm goes into a state of suspended animation that can last for 2 months or more. the human equivalent would be to sleep for about ----------

$Randomname issues[edit source]

<+GeorgieGibbons> `kiss
<ecksbot> Sophiie and Sophiie, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
<+GeorgieGibbons> lawl
<Sophiie> wow
<Xd1358> lol
<MrBenC> If only there was a way not to use a certain random nick, after that nick was used once in a line.
<Sophiie> lol

Eckstra lame puns[edit source]

[19:22:51] <+WoganHemlock> I just realised something
[19:23:14] <+WoganHemlock> ecksphone's favorite gaming console would be the ecksbox360
[19:23:40] <ecksphone>	Yup
[19:26:08] <+WoganHemlock> that was the best pun ever
[19:26:52] <+WoganHemlock> I could go even further though
[19:27:38] <+WoganHemlock> I assume he plays eckstreme sports and goes for ecks-rays at the hospital
[19:28:02] <MrBenC> Ecksactly right.
[19:28:23] <ecksphone>	Eckstra good jokes here
[19:28:43] <+WoganHemlock> this will be an eckstra quote on the IRC page
[19:29:10] <+WoganHemlock> even though this is eckstra stupid

Bot abuse again[edit source]

[11:34:19] <Xd1358> `mp list
[11:34:20] <ecksbot> "ponies" (3),"highfives ecksbot" (4),"good bot" (5),"cake" (6),"ALIENS" (7),"bad bot" (8)
[11:35:02] * Xd1358 highfives ecksbot and ponies, good bot, bad bot, ALIENS
[11:35:03] <ecksbot> no
[11:35:04] <ecksbot> highfives back
[11:35:05] * ecksbot purrs at Xd1358
[11:35:06] <ecksbot> no
[11:35:07] * ecksbot cowers in a corner

Georgia...[edit source]

<GeorgieGibbons> whoa we have lurkers now
<GeorgieGibbons> we're finally progressing as a channel
<auror> GeorgiaGibbons :s
<GeorgieGibbons> who the hell is GeorgiaGibbons?
<Xd1358> lmao
<SoaringDragon> XDDDD
<GeorgieGibbons> I know of a GeorgieGibbons 

AnvilBot, the cheater![edit source]

<AnvilBot> 43. In which English town or city would you find The Christmas Steps?
<LiR> GG this is all you
<Andronikos> blackpool
<Andronikos> !hint
<AnvilBot> Here's a hint, bri____
<GeorgieGibbons> blackpool
<GeorgieGibbons> leeds
<GeorgieGibbons> glasgow
<GeorgieGibbons> edinburgh
<AnvilBot> bristol
<GeorgieGibbons> bristol
<AnvilBot> AnvilBot has moved up in rank: 18th
<AnvilBot> Winner: AnvilBot Answer: bristol Time: 22.766 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 3 Rank: 18th Previously: 22nd
<LiR> ?
<SoaringDragon> XDDDDD
<SoaringDragon> lmao
<GeorgieGibbons> lag
<Andronikos> quoting

DanPin's lucky shot in the dark[edit source]

[20:35:32] <AnvilBot> 13. TV/ Movies: Category: Actors In Film: Silkwood; Heartburn; She Devil?
[20:35:38] <DanPin> meryl streep
[20:35:40] <AnvilBot> Winner: DanPin Answer: meryl streep Time: 7.515 Streak: 1 Points: 135 WPM: 19 Rank: 3rd
[20:35:41] <AnvilBot> Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to restart.
[20:35:41] <AnvilBot> Record streak: GeorgieGibbons of 13. Record time: LiR of 2.719. Record wpm: GeorgieGibbons of 59.618442.
[20:35:43] <DanPin> OMG
[20:35:44] <LiR> wat
[20:35:47] <LiR> how did you know that?
[20:35:49] <DanPin> THAT SHOT IN THE DARK
[20:35:56] <LiR> NICE SHOT IN THE DARK
[20:36:04] <DanPin> "She Devil" reminded me of "Devil Wears Prada"
[20:36:09] <LiR> lol
[20:36:19] <DanPin> indeed
[20:36:25] <DanPin> someone quote this

EP Ideas[edit source]

[2012-08-28 12:38:55] <WoganHemlock> how about
[2012-08-28 12:39:04] <WoganHemlock> The Sims 3: The Sims Wiki stuff
[2012-08-28 12:39:29] <LiR> Sims can choose to be different kinds of editors
[2012-08-28 12:39:37] <WoganHemlock> new deaths: Death by Ban, Death by IRC kick, Death by nub
[2012-08-28 12:39:48] <WoganHemlock> new interactions: edit, vandalise, request rights, use IRC
[2012-08-28 12:39:56] <LiR> They can get banned, then create a new splinter wiki
[2012-08-28 12:41:12] <WoganHemlock> new career - admin, wikia staff member
[2012-08-28 12:41:23] <LiR> troll

Alia Strikes Back[edit source]

[9/1/2012 12:46:38 PM] <RandomRanuan> hey Alia :D
[9/1/2012 12:46:45 PM] <Alia> @Alia do you think of this d.
[9/1/2012 12:47:38 PM] <SoaringDragon> oh my, she's talking to herself.
[9/1/2012 12:47:50 PM] <+RoseGui> Lol.
[9/1/2012 12:49:38 PM] <RandomRanuan> Do you like Rose Alia?
[9/1/2012 12:49:46 PM] <Alia> Rose, how did you like rose alia?
[9/1/2012 12:49:48 PM] <+RoseGui> o.o
[9/1/2012 12:49:53 PM] <+RoseGui> WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.
[9/1/2012 12:49:56 PM] <SoaringDragon> XDDD
[9/1/2012 12:50:01 PM] <RandomRanuan> lolol
[9/1/2012 12:50:03 PM] <Xd1358> alia hi
[9/1/2012 12:50:03 PM] <SoaringDragon> Alia is broken
[9/1/2012 12:50:11 PM] <Alia> Xd1358: Say hi to mrbenc normally? :D.
[9/1/2012 12:50:17 PM] <Alia> SoaringDragon: I've broken the channel.

Instant facepalm[edit source]

<AnvilBot> <GeorgieGibbons> Is TSW a good place to go shopping?

Mourning Duskey[edit source]

[18:57:53] LiR	Duskey... Now you're just some admin that I used to know
[18:59:07] RandomRanaun	WoganHemlock: yep
[18:59:55] RandomRanaun	I miss Bob Newbie is kl :(
[19:01:06] WoganHemlock	But you didn't have to log off / Make out you never edited and that wiki's nothing / And I don't even need your edits / But you treat me like an anon and that feels bad man / No you didn't have to stoop so low / Have your friends collect your edits and then change your user rights / I guess that I don't need that tho / Now you're just some admin that I used to know
[19:01:30] WoganHemlock	"Some Duskey that I used to know"
[19:02:05] GeorgieGibbons	Hey I just blocked you / and this seems stupid / but you're a walrus/ so f*** off maybe
[19:02:26] LiR	I was going to quote this convo, but then GG ruined it
[19:02:26] WoganHemlock	if only I could use that as a ban summary

When the ZNCs go down...[edit source]

[18:07:06] <Pichu> [09:49:22]<Pichu> I blame ecks
[18:07:06] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:07:19] <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:08:35] <DanPin> [18:04:38] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:08:53] <Xd1358> 20:07:13 <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:09:02] <Pichu> [10:08:18]<DanPin> [18:04:38] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:09:07] <Xd1358> 20:08:47 <Xd1358> 20:07:13 <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:09:20] <DanPin> [18:09:02] <Pichu> [10:08:18]<DanPin> [18:04:38] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:09:25] <Xd1358> 20:09:01 <Xd1358> 20:08:47 <Xd1358> 20:07:13 <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:09:26] <Pichu> [10:09:03]<DanPin> [18:09:02] <Pichu> [10:08:18]<DanPin> [18:04:38] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:09:30] <Xd1358> 20:09:19 <Xd1358> 20:09:01 <Xd1358> 20:08:47 <Xd1358> 20:07:13 <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:09:32] <DanPin> [18:09:26] <Pichu> [10:09:03]<DanPin> [18:09:02] <Pichu> [10:08:18]<DanPin> [18:04:38] <Pichu> [09:49:43]<Xd1358> yes
[18:09:46] <Xd1358> 20:09:23 <Xd1358> 20:09:19 <Xd1358> 20:09:01 <Xd1358> 20:08:47 <Xd1358> 20:07:13 <Xd1358> 20:03:37 <Xd1358> i admit nothing
[18:09:52] <Rosamarianna> stopstopstopstsop omg.
[18:09:56] <Xd1358> :3
[18:09:58] <Xd1358> I blame DanPin

Net split[edit source]

[18:44] == ColinThePanda has left freenode (*.net *.split)
[18:44] <ecks> just make an /identify command and always use it
[18:46] <DanPin> wait I'm opped
[18:46] <DanPin> oh yeah I asked lily because cs was down and some troll could take advantage of it
[18:46]	=-= Mode #wikia-sims -o DanPin by DanPin
[18:46] <invariable> lol Colin XD

Citation Needed[edit source]

[00:36:44] <karle> ugh I hate when people make up statistics
[00:36:57] <karle> like 90% of statistics are made up -.-
[00:41:48] <[Ben]> So then they are incorrect 72% of the time.
[00:42:27] <auror> my score on the Math EOCT ;_;
[00:42:50] <karle> and 84% of the time it's just someone trying to stir stuff up
[00:42:55] <karle> so annoying smh
[00:43:33] <[Ben]> And they succeed about 61% of the time.
[00:44:42] <[Ben]> Auror has about a 50% of saying an "auror-ism" at least once in any given hour she is online.
[00:50:52] <[Ben]> There is also a 99% chance I have been making up numbers for the last 15 minutes.
[00:50:58] <[Ben]> Alright, I'm done.

RR and DanPin are twins[edit source]

[22:17:02] * Soar[AFK] (SoaringDra@gateway/shell/ has joined
[22:17:13] <RandomRanaun> Soar :O
[22:18:00] <Danny>  
[22:18:02] <Danny> soa
[22:18:06] <Danny> soar*
[22:20:17] <auror> the temptation to kick her
[22:20:19] <auror> omg
[22:24:41] <Danny> auror pls
[22:24:41] <RandomRanaun> auror: don't. you. dare.
[22:24:54] <RandomRanaun> Danny: omg we replied at the same time
[22:24:58] <Danny> ikr
[22:25:05] <RandomRanaun> it's like we're twins :D

Auror gets accurate[edit source]

[00:14:03] <auror> Topic of the day: School, age, smoking, credits, Steam, ecks's name, swagger, gender, london, US TV rip-offs, number of decreasing non-insane users on TSW, music genres, 12 year old user on Chat, Paramore, Fallout Boy, The Sims 4
[00:14:15] <auror> in that order
[00:14:37] <auror> and I'm well!
[00:15:31] <LiR> lol wow
[00:15:40] <LiR> how did any of those topics originate?
[00:18:05] <auror> GAHS's asked how I was -> I brought up how life has been -> school -> more school discussion -> question about how old a typical freshman was -> age discussion -> Dan brought out the chart to show ages -> Ben's random fact on the chart was that he smoked ->
[00:20:22] <auror> credits was apart of the school discussion -> lostlabyrinth appeared seeing active chat and brought up Steam -> ecks' name?? -> swag was brought up by Bleeh -> I referred back to the chart and noticed nyu was male -> i ranted about wanting to move to london ->
[00:21:47] <auror> RR agreed with -> UK to US spin-offs became a topic -> lostlabyrinth lost all faith in us as sane users -> GAHS brought up an underage user on Chat -> Paramore and Falloutboy became random topics -> chat died -> lab asked me about my thoughts on TS4 -> we had discussion -> Channel died again
[00:22:05] <auror> Bleeh and Danny left, and then you joined!
[00:22:16] <auror> that's pretty much what happened ^_^

"Doctors"[edit source]

<LiR> I'm going to do something I haven't done in at least a year
<LiR> Make ramen noodles
<MrC> Ew why?
<MrC> Unless you like them, of course.
<Danny> they are amazing
<Danny> because they are one of the 10 things I can cook
<LiR> Well nuts to that. it turns out I'm out of them
<LiR> also, because they make me feel better when my stomach is upset
<lostlabyrinth> I can diagnose your stomach problem but you might not like the prognosis
<LiR> nah
<Danny> is it your period
<Danny> I think it's your period
<Danny> either that or intestinal caner
<Danny> cancer*
<lostlabyrinth> he has a tumour, he only has 24 hours to live
<lostlabyrinth> and he's spending them on IRC
<Danny> we will miss you LiR
<Danny> <3
<lostlabyrinth> YES IT IS
<lostlabyrinth> I'm an expert
<Danny> fine, it's a <insert synonym hereZ
<LiR> DrLostLaybrinth?
* LiR is now known as DrLiR
<Danny> s/Z/>
<DrLiR> It's not a toomah
* Danny is now known as DrDannyMD
<DrDannyMD> wrong command
* DrDannyMD gets an xray machine
<DrDannyMD> DrLiR, it seems you have a broken intestine
<DrDannyMD> and it's looking bad
<lostlabyrinth> worst doctors ever
<DrDannyMD> your large intestine seems to have fractured right before the rectum
<DrDannyMD> I am sorry, but we will have to amputate
* DrLiR is now known as LiRMedicineWoman
<LiRMedicineWoman> :p
<lostlabyrinth> worst medical team ever
<LiRMedicineWoman> XD
<lostlabyrinth> see this is why I never ask for advice from here
* DrDannyMD gets a saw
<DrDannyMD> *cue Surgeon Simulator 2013 theme*

Important questions[edit source]

[18:55] <k6ka> So.... wikia-sims
[18:55] <k6ka> Coke or Pepsi?
[18:55] <ColinThePanda> Pepsi
[18:55] <ecks> pepsi
[18:55] <@LiR> pepsi
[18:55] <Beds> coke...
[18:56] <ecks> everyone's opinion is welcome but Beds' is just wrong, sorry
[18:56] <@LiR> cocaine
[18:56] <ColinThePanda> Pepsi tastes sugary and sweeter to me
[18:56] * k6ka glares at the audience as he mixes Coke and Pepsi together
[18:56] <ecks> pepsi max is THE s**t
[18:56] <k6ka> I drink BOTH.... b***hes!!! Hahahahaha
[18:56] <Beds> If I drink pepsi, I get really sore stomach cramps ._.
[18:56] <freezerbunny> Pepsi is way better than Coca Cola
[18:56] * k6ka runs off laughing
[18:56] <@LiR> Really? because I've always perceived coke as being sweeter than pepsi... it's almost too sweet
[18:56] <Beds> Cola gives me less pain when I drink...
[18:56] <ColinThePanda> I drink both too lol but I'd rather have Pepsi
[18:56] <Beds> it
[18:57] <ColinThePanda> for some reason though coke and pepsi just make me feel thirstier most of the time
[18:57] <ColinThePanda> so really I'd rather have like Fanta or Sprite or something xD
[18:57] <k6ka> Oh, which reminds me...
[18:57] <Beds> If I drink milk, it makes me even more thristy
[18:57] <k6ka> Sprite or 7-UP?
[18:57] <Beds> sprite
[18:57] <ColinThePanda> 7-UP xD
[18:57] <ColinThePanda> Again, I think it tastes more sugary and sweeter
[18:57] <ecks> 7-up
[18:58] <ecks> but sprite ain't bad
[18:58] <ColinThePanda> but Sprite is MUCH more common
[18:58] <ecks> #wikia-sims -- asking the important questions
[18:58] <freezerbunny> Mountain Dew or Mountain Dew?
[18:58] <ecks> next question
[18:58] <k6ka> Mountain Dew? eww
[18:58] <ColinThePanda> omg I haven't had Mountain Dew in ages
[18:58] <ecks> Mars or Snickers or Twix
[18:58] <ColinThePanda> I want some
[18:58] <k6ka> You pour that thing out and it looks like urine...
[18:58] <k6ka> Mars
[18:58] <ColinThePanda> although I HATE the cans of Mountain Dew they're gross
[18:58] <ColinThePanda> Twix
[18:59] <ecks> team snickers
[18:59] <freezerbunny> Twixxxx
[18:59] <Beds> Snickers
[18:59] <ColinThePanda> you like dem nuts :P
[18:59] <Beds> I really like nuts mixed in with chocolate
[18:59] * ecks snickers...
[18:59] <ecks> *badumtsh*
[18:59] <ecks> sorry that was terrible
[18:59] <k6ka> next question...
[18:59] <Beds> it was okay
[18:59] * freezerbunny throws a tomatoes.
[18:59] <k6ka> Dogs or Cats
[18:59] <ecks> dogs
[18:59] <ColinThePanda> CATS
[18:59] <Beds> CATS
[18:59] <freezerbunny> NEKOS
[18:59] <ecks> haha y'all are WRONG
[18:59] <ColinThePanda> I love both a lot but cats are just amazing
[19:00] <ecks> cats are evil f**kers
[19:00] <Beds> Cats are like awh :3
[19:00] <auror> carts are adorable! ^_^
[19:00] <ecks> yes, mario cart in particular
[19:00] <k6ka> carts ^_^
[19:00] <ColinThePanda> Cats are evil and that's what makes them wonderful xD
[19:00] <ColinThePanda> my friend has 4
[19:00] <freezerbunny> When I get a good job I'm gonna buy a cat
[19:00] <ColinThePanda> when I get a house I'm gonna buy a cat... and a dog
[19:01] <k6ka> next question...
[19:01] <k6ka> PCs or Mac?
[19:01] <Beds> IPCs
[19:01] <Beds> *PCs even
[19:01] <ColinThePanda> PCs ALL THE WAY
[19:01] <ColinThePanda> Macs are gross ew
[19:01] <freezerbunny> `eightball Will I get a good job?
[19:01] <ecks> PCs
[19:01] <delta> No.
[19:01] <freezerbunny> ;(
[19:01] <freezerbunny> `eightball Will I die this year?
[19:01] <delta> The outlook is good.
[19:01] <freezerbunny> T_T
[19:01] <ecks> guinea pigs or hamsters
[19:01] <ColinThePanda> guinea pigs
[19:01] <Beds> hamsters
[19:01] <k6ka> Well then freezerbunny, I'll show up at your funeral
[19:01] <k6ka> To kick your gravestone XD
[19:01] <ecks> you know Beds sure has a lot of INCORRECT OPINIONS
[19:02] <k6ka> Hamsters
[19:02] <ecks> guinea pigs
[19:02] <Beds> oh lol
[19:02] <ColinThePanda> Maths or English
[19:02] * k6ka high-fives Beds
[19:02] <k6ka> English
[19:02] <ecks> math
[19:02] <Beds> English
[19:02] <ColinThePanda> MAths for me
[19:02] <Beds> I suck at maths
[19:02] <k6ka> I'm Asian and I suck at math
[19:02] <ColinThePanda> I suck at English xD
[19:02] <ecks> here comes the most important question
[19:02] <k6ka> That's one of my quotes
[19:02] <ecks> STAR WARS or STAR TREK
[19:02] <ColinThePanda> Well actually I'm not too bad but I HATE IT UGH
[19:02] <k6ka> STAR WARS
[19:02] <freezerbunny> star trek all the way
[19:02] <ColinThePanda> STAR WAAARS
[19:02] <ecks> freezerbunny is dead to me
[19:02] <auror> STUURRRR WUAARRS
[19:02] <Beds> Star Wars
[19:03] <freezerbunny> noobies
[19:03] <Beds> Always will be
[19:03] <k6ka> Even when George Lucas ruined the series.... episodes 4 5 and 6 are awesome
[19:03] <ecks> now in for the killer
[19:03] <ecks> LiR or lostlabyrinth
[19:03] <k6ka> ....I was going to ask that
[19:03] <auror> memory alpha is superior
[19:03] <Beds> ... oh
[19:03] <ColinThePanda> uh neither they're both lame as hell :P
[19:03] <ecks> *tumbleweed*
[19:03] * k6ka goes eenie meenie miny mo
[19:03] <k6ka> ColinThePanda: lmao
[19:03] <ecks> alright, onto sports
[19:03] <ColinThePanda> no
[19:03] <ColinThePanda> ew
[19:04] <ecks> FOOTBALL or ANYTHING ELSE
[19:04] <ColinThePanda> ANYTHING ELSE
[19:04] <k6ka> ANYTHING ELSE
[19:04] <k6ka> Someone quote this
[19:04] <ecks> wrong answer try again
[19:04] <auror> >sports
[19:04] <auror> No.
[19:04] <Beds> Sports obviously
[19:04] <ColinThePanda> I think the only sport I actually like is skateboarding... can that even be considered a sport? xD
[19:04] <ecks> next question
[19:04] <ecks> auror or corymach?
[19:04] <k6ka> auror
[19:04] <ecks> corymach
[19:04] <ColinThePanda> corymach
[19:04] <ColinThePanda> he's my bae
[19:04] <ColinThePanda> ♥
[19:05] <ecks> PIZZA or HAMBURGER
[19:05] <k6ka> PIZZA
[19:05] <Beds> pizza
[19:05] <ColinThePanda> PIZZAAA ALL THE WAY
[19:05] <ecks> pizza has more... pizazz
[19:05] <ecks> (✌゚∀゚)☞
[19:05] <ColinThePanda> The Sims 2 or The Sims 3 :P
[19:05] <k6ka> THE SIMS 2!!!
[19:05] <auror> The Sims 3 :)
[19:05] <Beds> TS2
[19:06] <freezerbunny> TS3
[19:06] <ecks> EA or Hitler
[19:06] <ColinThePanda> EA since they haven't killed anyone... yet... xD
[19:06] <ColinThePanda> They killed my soul if that counts
[19:06] <k6ka> They both suck
[19:06] <ecks> trick question
[19:06] <ecks> EA *is* Hitler
[19:06] <k6ka> XD
[19:06] <Beds> heh
[19:06] <ColinThePanda> OOO:
[19:06] <auror> loool
[19:07] <ColinThePanda> OF COURSE
[19:07] <ecks> console or PC gaming
[19:07] <k6ka> Hitler is CEO of EA, I see!
[19:07] <delvaarrt> EA Stinks
[19:07] <Beds> PC gaming
[19:07] <freezerbunny> PC Gaming
[19:07] <k6ka> PC gaming
[19:07] <delvaarrt> Console Gaming
[19:07] <ecks> android or iOS
[19:07] <k6ka> iOS
[19:07] <ColinThePanda> I don't care really if I can play games on it then yey
[19:07] <ColinThePanda> iOS
[19:07] <ecks> android
[19:07] <Beds> iOS
[19:07] <ecks> summer or winter
[19:07] <k6ka> summer
[19:07] <auror> android
[19:07] <Beds> winter
[19:07] <auror> winter
[19:08] <delvaarrt> When I Met You In The Summer To My Heartbeat Sound
[19:08] <ecks> summer
[19:08] <ColinThePanda> I like both
[19:08] <ecks> day or night
[19:08] <Beds> night
[19:08] <ColinThePanda> although this summer's been s**t
[19:08] <freezerbunny> night
[19:08] <ColinThePanda> again I like both xD
[19:08] <delvaarrt> Day So I Can See Friends
[19:08] <freezerbunny> Left or Right?
[19:08] <ColinThePanda> Right since I use it more haha
[19:08] <ecks> FORWARD
[19:08] <Beds> I have a feeling I'm answering wrongly again.. heh
[19:08] <freezerbunny> The most revealing question of all heheheh
[19:08] <delvaarrt> Xbox Or Playstation?
[19:09] <ecks> playstation
[19:09] <Beds> Playstation
[19:09] <auror> Xbox
[19:09] <ColinThePanda> Playstation honestly
[19:09] <freezerbunny> playstation
[19:09] <k6ka> Playstation
[19:09] <auror> <<
[19:09] <ecks> poor auror
[19:09] <ColinThePanda> I have an Xbox but I'd rather have a Playstation honestly since I just hate Microsoft these days
[19:09] <ecks> heh
[19:09] <k6ka> Microsoft or Apple?
[19:09] <Beds> Apple
[19:09] <ColinThePanda> Microsoft
[19:09] <ecks> neither
[19:09] <freezerbunny> microsoftttttt
[19:09] <ColinThePanda> Although I hate both lel
[19:10] <k6ka> I thought you hated microsoft
[19:10] <delvaarrt> Microsoft Windows XP Professionel
[19:10] <k6ka> lol
[19:10] <ColinThePanda> I do... but I hate Apple more
[19:10] <k6ka> Windows 7 or Windows 8?
[19:10] <@LiR> Microsoft
[19:10] <k6ka> Windows 7
[19:10] <ColinThePanda> WINDOWS 7
[19:10] <Beds> 7
[19:10] <@LiR> Windows 7
[19:10] <auror> Windows 7
[19:10] <ColinThePanda> 8 is ew
[19:10] <delvaarrt> Windows 8
[19:10] <freezerbunny> 7 beats 8
[19:10] <k6ka> Windows XP or Windows 7?
[19:10] <@LiR> 7
[19:10] <auror> Windows 7
[19:10] <ecks> LINUX 3.11.10
[19:10] <k6ka> 7
[19:10] <Beds> 7
[19:10] <ColinThePanda> I purposefully avoided 8 when I chose the parts for my PC
[19:10] <ColinThePanda> 7
[19:10] <@LiR> I did the same when I built my computer
[19:11] <ecks> 8 is decent with a few tweaks
[19:11] <k6ka> 7 wins! Time to hold a riot outside MS's headquarters
[19:11] <k6ka> Rally to get Windows 7 back
[19:11] <delvaarrt> Obama Or Bush?
[19:11] <@LiR> Obama
[19:11] <k6ka> Obama
[19:11] <Beds> Obama
[19:11] <auror> Obama
[19:11] <ecks> PALIN
[19:11] <freezerbunny> Osama
[19:11] <freezerbunny> I mean Obama
[19:11] <k6ka> lmao
[19:11] <auror> :|||
[19:11] <@LiR> I did that the other day
[19:11] <ColinThePanda> ROMNEY
[19:11] <@LiR> I said Osama when I meant to say Obama :p
[19:11] <ColinThePanda> all the way
[19:11] <Beds> oh lolol
[19:11] <@LiR> Obama or Romney?
[19:11] <Beds> Obama
[19:11] <k6ka> Obama
[19:11] <delvaarrt> Romney
[19:11] <@LiR> Obama
[19:11] <ecks> idunno.png
[19:11] <ColinThePanda> (Isn't serious I heard Romney's a douche)
[19:12] <k6ka> The Sims or SimCity?
[19:12] <ColinThePanda> The Sims
[19:12] <ecks> sc
[19:12] <@LiR> I watched a documentary on Mitt Romney
[19:12] <Beds> The Sims
[19:12] <delvaarrt> The Sims 3 on Xbox 360
[19:12] <@LiR> he actually seems like a decent guy
[19:12] <ecks> I watched an entire binder of them
[19:12] <@LiR> I'm just not a fan of his social policies
[19:12] <k6ka> Nikel23 or Dharden?
[19:12] <@LiR> or his fiscal policies
[19:12] <ColinThePanda> isn't he homophobic
[19:12] <@LiR> idk if he is
[19:12] <ecks> alright
[19:12] * k6ka sees a tumbleweed
[19:12] <ecks> back to basics
[19:12] <ColinThePanda> isn't he sexist aswell though
[19:12] <ecks> to where it all started
[19:12] <ecks> TEA vs COFFEE
[19:12] <k6ka> COFFEE
[19:12] <Beds> TEA
[19:12] <freezerbunny> Coffee
[19:12] <ColinThePanda> neither lel
[19:12] <@LiR> It's really hard to say... he had to run to the right during the campaign in order to motivate his voter base
[19:13] <@LiR> Coffee
[19:13] <ColinThePanda> I'll have the milk you put in whatever
[19:13] <delvaarrt> Nicki Minaj Vs Iggy Azalia
[19:13] <ColinThePanda> actually in art our teacher lets us make tea/coffee/hot chocolate and I'm the weirdo who just has milk xD
[19:13] <ColinThePanda> and steals sugar cubes
[19:13] <ecks> hopefully neither
[19:13] <k6ka> Neither
[19:13] <freezerbunny> Pokemon or Digimon.
[19:13] <Beds> Iggy's hot, so yeah, Iggy.
[19:13] <ecks> now for the multiple choice
[19:13] <ecks> favorite band
[19:13] <ColinThePanda> POKEMOOOON
[19:13] <k6ka> Pokemon
[19:14] <@LiR> Pokemon
[19:14] <ColinThePanda> Oh god I don't have a favourite band really since it changes all the time
[19:14] <Beds> Pokemon
[19:14] == segv [~segv@] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:14] <@LiR> I don't have a favorite either
[19:14] <delvaarrt> Grand Theft Auto Vs Saints Row
[19:14] <ecks> GTA
[19:14] <k6ka> GTA
[19:14] <@LiR> but I'd probably say Led Zeppelin if I had to choose
[19:14] <ColinThePanda> Saints Row I guess...
[19:14] <Beds> GTA
[19:14] <@LiR> Saints Row
[19:14] * k6ka laughs at Colin standing outside the circle
[19:14] <ecks> Minecraft or death
[19:14] <k6ka> damn
[19:14] <k6ka> ......
[19:14] <Beds> hm
[19:14] <@LiR> well, that's really easy
[19:14] <ColinThePanda> If I had to choose I honestly don't know *cries*
[19:15] * k6ka pushes LiR to the "death" side
[19:15] <@LiR> Minecraft or The Sims?
[19:15] <ecks> MC
[19:15] <k6ka> The Sims
[19:15] <ecks> mostly because EA
[19:15] <ColinThePanda> MC
[19:15] <@LiR> honestly, Minecraft
[19:15] <ecks> and because MC is 11/10
[19:15] <Beds> I've never played MC...
[19:15] <ColinThePanda> The Sims pisses me off these days
[19:15] <delvaarrt> Deus Ex Machine Vs Chanserv
[19:15] == segv [~segv@] has joined #wikia-sims
[19:15] <@LiR> Beds, never?
[19:15] <k6ka> Deus Ex Machina
[19:15] <ecks> I finished the exterior of the mansion
[19:15] <Beds> Nope, never
[19:15] <@LiR> Beds, what's your favorite part of The Sims?
[19:15] <Beds> But, I'd like to try it
[19:15] <ColinThePanda> it's nothnig special really Hana
[19:15] <ecks> MC isn't for everyone
[19:15] <k6ka> The Sims 2: University or The Sims 3: University Life?
[19:15] <@LiR> if it's building/being creative, then you should definitely try Minecraft creative
[19:15] <ecks> but damn it's an addictive game
[19:15] <Beds> Building houses
[19:15] <ColinThePanda> I personally think it's a tad overated
[19:15] <ColinThePanda> University Life
[19:15] <ecks> I've been playing it almost non-stop since 2011
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> University is BORING AS F**K
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> it's just a chore
[19:16] <@LiR> it's true, he doesn't even sleep
[19:16] <k6ka> The Sims: Hot Date or The Sims 2: Nightlife?
[19:16] <delvaarrt> The Simpsons Vs Futureama
[19:16] <@LiR> Hot Date
[19:16] <Beds> Nightlife
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> I got MC near the end of my first year of high school so about 3 years I've had it??
[19:16] <k6ka> The Simpsons
[19:16] <@LiR> Futurama, though I like The Simpsons earlier shows
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> Futurama
[19:16] <Beds> Futurama
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> I prefer The Simpsons newer shows
[19:16] <ColinThePanda> *unpopular opinion*
[19:17] <ecks> I've played 0.57d of Minecraft since I updated to 1.7.10 on Tuesday
[19:17] <delvaarrt> Adam Sandler Vs Seth Rogin
[19:17] <@LiR> neither
[19:17] <ColinThePanda> I haven't played MC much recently really
[19:17] <k6ka> Popularity aspiration or Romance aspiration?
[19:17] <ColinThePanda> I honestly have no idea how I played it on my crappy laptop before
[19:17] <ColinThePanda> especially with all the mods I had
[19:17] <ColinThePanda> Popularity
[19:17] <@LiR> Winter vs Summer
[19:17] <k6ka> Summer
[19:17] <ColinThePanda> he did that one xD
[19:17] <Beds> Winter
[19:17] <k6ka> Already asked, LiR
[19:17] <@LiR> Winter
[19:17] <ecks> dammit LiR
[19:17] <@LiR> oh, I missed that one
[19:17] <ecks> get it together
[19:17] <Beds> haha
[19:17] <k6ka> no worries, no worries
[19:17] <delvaarrt> Underwear Vs No Underwear
[19:18] <k6ka> Underwear....?
[19:18] <@LiR> that depends
[19:18] <@LiR> am I in public?
[19:18] <k6ka> why did i even respond
[19:18] <ecks> the answer is no underwear
[19:18] <ecks> sea or pool
[19:18] <delvaarrt> No You Are Not In The Public
[19:18] <ColinThePanda> Pool
[19:18] <@LiR> then no clothes
[19:18] <Beds> sea
[19:18] <ColinThePanda> umm I don't even feel comfortable when I'm inside and wearing just underwear lol
[19:18] <ecks> 20C or 25C
[19:18] <delvaarrt> Dog Vs Cat
[19:18] <@LiR> In The Sims 4... toddlers or pools?
[19:18] <ecks> !convert 20 celsius to fahrenheit
[19:18] <k6ka> delvaarrt: Already done
[19:18] <ColinThePanda> I need to wear a top to bed no matter how warm it is
[19:19] <ecks> ,convert 20 celsius to fahrenheit
[19:19] <ecks> ,convert 25 celsius to fahrenheit
[19:19] <k6ka> `convert 20 C to F
[19:19] <delta> 68
[19:19] <ecks> delta pls
[19:19] <delta> ecks pls
[19:19] <ecks> `convert 25 C to F
[19:19] <delta> 77
[19:19] <ecks> 68 vs 77F
[19:19] <k6ka> ha, i pwned you ecks
[19:19] <@LiR> 68
[19:19] <@LiR> 68F/20C ftw
[19:19] <delvaarrt> Millie Cyrus Vs Rhianna
[19:19] <ecks> milk vs water
[19:19] <k6ka> 77 F. I like it when it's warm
[19:19] <@LiR> no.... just, no
[19:19] <@LiR> Water
[19:19] <ColinThePanda> Milk
[19:19] <Beds> water
[19:19] <k6ka> Water and Rihanna
[19:20] <ecks> rain or snow
[19:20] <k6ka> Rain
[19:20] <delvaarrt> Justin Bieber Vs Chris Brown
[19:20] <@LiR> Snow
[19:20] <Beds> neither
[19:20] <k6ka> Chris Brown... duh
[19:20] <ColinThePanda> I like it when it's around 15-20 degrees lol
[19:20] <Beds> and neither
[19:20] <ecks> bike vs walk
[19:20] <ColinThePanda> walk
[19:20] <@LiR> bike
[19:20] <Beds> walk
[19:20] <k6ka> Anything but justin beiber
[19:20] <k6ka> walk
[19:20] <ColinThePanda> (Doesn't know how to ride a bike)
[19:20] <k6ka> ...same here, Colin.
[19:20] <@LiR> Colin, it's all about balance
[19:20] <delvaarrt> America Vs Caneda
[19:20] <k6ka> I never had the childhood I should've had
[19:20] <ColinThePanda> OMG I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE
[19:20] <k6ka> Canada!!!!
[19:20] <@LiR> k6ka, what I told him
[19:20] <ecks> physics or chemistry
[19:20] <ColinThePanda> Canada
[19:20] <k6ka> neither
[19:20] <@LiR> USA! USA! SUA! USA!
[19:20] <Beds> chemistry
[19:21] <Beds> also, America
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> I find it weird because I can ride a skateboard but not a bike
[19:21] <k6ka> Books or Kindles?
[19:21] <Beds> books
[19:21] <delvaarrt> England Vs Scottland
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> Books
[19:21] <ecks> books
[19:21] <@LiR> you'd think the brit would favor the Canadian over the US
[19:21] <Beds> Scotland!
[19:21] <k6ka> England
[19:21] <@LiR> books
[19:21] <@LiR> and Scotland
[19:21] <ecks> MURICA
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> I like having physical copies of things
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> Neither they're both gross
[19:21] <@LiR> Steam vs Origin
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> STEAM
[19:21] <k6ka> Steam
[19:21] <delvaarrt> Origin
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> is that a serious question
[19:21] <ecks> origin
[19:21] <ecks> *gets shot*
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> WAT
[19:21] <@LiR> no it's not
[19:21] <k6ka> Guns or Swords?
[19:21] <@LiR> swords
[19:21] <Beds> Swords
[19:21] <ColinThePanda> I like both o:
[19:22] <Beds> I want a sword
[19:22] <ecks> Paris or Rome
[19:22] <k6ka> Colin is the true assassin!
[19:22] <@LiR> when's the last time you heard of a swording spree?
[19:22] <k6ka> Paris!
[19:22] <Beds> Rome
[19:22] <ColinThePanda> Paris
[19:22] <auror> hm, Steam is better - but I got Mass Effect 3 free from Origin
[19:22] <auror> hm...
[19:22] <@LiR> I've never seen either :(
[19:22] <ecks> It's okay, I've seen both
[19:22] <@LiR> Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog?
[19:22] <ColinThePanda> Mario
[19:22] <auror> ecks: You've also been to Turkey -.-
[19:22] <k6ka> Mario
[19:22] <Beds> Sonic
[19:22] <@LiR> Sonic
[19:22] <ecks> sonic because mario is too hyped
[19:22] <auror> Mario
[19:22] <delvaarrt> South Park Vs Family Guy
[19:22] <ColinThePanda> I've never left the uk
[19:22] <ColinThePanda> South Park
[19:22] <Beds> Family Guy!!
[19:22] <@LiR> South Park
[19:22] <auror> South Park
[19:22] <k6ka> South Park
[19:22] <ecks> south park
[19:22] <k6ka> Rock, Paper, or Scissors?
[19:22] <auror> Paper
[19:22] <ecks> GUN
[19:22] <Beds> oh.
[19:22] <ColinThePanda> I've been watching that since I was like 10 lol
[19:22] <@LiR> Dynamite
[19:23] <ecks> hmmm
[19:23] <Beds> rock
[19:23] <ecks> ,ping
[19:23] <delta> pong
[19:23] <@LiR> Ping or Pong?
[19:23] <k6ka> Ping
[19:23] <k6ka> :P
[19:23] <@LiR> delta ping
[19:23] <delta> pong
[19:23] <ColinThePanda> Google or Yahoo
[19:23] <@LiR> delta votes for pong, I guess
[19:23] <k6ka> Google
[19:23] <ecks> ,alias add rps "echo $nick gets $1. $2 gets [random rock paper scissors]"
[19:23] <delta> The operation succeeded.
[19:23] <Beds> Google
[19:23] <ecks> ,rps LiR
[19:23] <ecks> er
[19:23] <delvaarrt> The Sims 3 On The Xbox 360 Vs The Sims 3 On The Pc
[19:23] <@LiR> ,rps
[19:23] <ecks> ,rps rock LiR
[19:23] <ecks> hmmmmmmmm
[19:23] <ColinThePanda> PC TS3
[19:23] <@LiR> paper
[19:23] <ColinThePanda> The console version is SH***T
[19:23] <k6ka> PC TS3
[19:24] <auror> PC TS3
[19:24] <k6ka> :P or ^_^
[19:24] <ecks> ,defaultplugin rps aka
[19:24] <delta> The operation succeeded.
[19:24] <Beds> PC TS3
[19:24] <@LiR> PC TS3
[19:24] <ColinThePanda> :P
[19:24] <auror> ^_^
[19:24] <ecks> ,defaultplugin rps alias
[19:24] <delta> The operation succeeded.
[19:24] <ecks> ,rps rock LiR
[19:24] <delta> ecks gets rock. LiR gets scissors
[19:24] <@LiR> The Sims 3 or The Sims 2?
[19:24] <ecks> ha
[19:24] <ecks> suck that
[19:24] <k6ka> delta or Deus_ex_machina
[19:24] -delta- Error: "or" is not a valid command.
[19:24] <auror> The Sims 3
[19:24] <ColinThePanda> that's been said xD
[19:24] <auror> Deus_ex_machina
[19:24] <@LiR> Well sorry, I was in RCT
[19:24] <auror> delta's commands are so confusing
[19:24] <@LiR> I can't alt-tab while in that game
[19:24] <ecks> ikr
[19:24] <k6ka> RCT1 or RCT2?
[19:24] <@LiR> ,rps paper ecks
[19:24] <delta> LiR gets paper. ecks gets rock
[19:24] <@LiR> RCT1
[19:24] <k6ka> RCT = RollerCoaster Tycoon
[19:24] <ecks> STAGED
[19:24] <k6ka> RCT1
[19:24] <ecks> rct1
[19:25] <auror> Ooh! Rich text editor versus Visual Editor!
[19:25] <k6ka> RTE
[19:25] <Beds> RTE
[19:25] <k6ka> VisualEditor is horrendous
[19:25] <freezerbunny> Yu guise are still at it eh
[19:25] <ecks> source mode
[19:25] <k6ka> it breaks everything
[19:25] <@LiR> source mode ftw
[19:25] <delvaarrt> Paramo Vs Coldplay
[19:25] <k6ka> lol i should've said that
[19:25] <k6ka> Coldplay
[19:25] <Beds> then again, source mode is better because i actually used that
[19:25] <ColinThePanda> Paramore??
[19:25] <k6ka> wait nvm
[19:25] <Beds> Paramore
[19:25] <k6ka> Paramore
[19:25] <Beds> *use
[19:25] <k6ka> Paramo* i was like wth?
[19:25] <ecks> nickleback
[19:25] <ColinThePanda> If that was Paramore then Paramore all the way
[19:25] <ColinThePanda> I used to be OBSESSED with them
[19:25] <k6ka> Peanut butter or Jelly
[19:25] <Beds> Jelly
[19:25] <ColinThePanda> neither ew
[19:25] <ecks> crushcrushcrush is their best song
[19:26] <@LiR> Jelly
[19:26] <delvaarrt> Pitbull Vs William
[19:26] <k6ka> Pitbull
[19:26] <@LiR> who?
[19:26] <ColinThePanda> I think my favourite Paramore song is either My Heart or Emergency
[19:26] <ColinThePanda>
[19:26] <auror> hmph - 14 votes from the poll and 4 votes with the current voting standard
[19:26] <ecks> *ss, b**bs, or legs
[19:26] <Beds> B**BS
[19:26] <delvaarrt> *ss
[19:26] <@LiR> *ss
[19:26] <k6ka> LEGS
[19:26] <auror> *ss
[19:26] <ColinThePanda> b**bs
[19:26] <auror> I enjoy a bubble butt
[19:26] <ecks> hmmmmmmmmmmm
[19:26] <@LiR> given those three options
[19:26] <ecks> this one's tricky
[19:27] <ColinThePanda> b**bs all the waaay
[19:27] <Beds> actually wait
[19:27] <ecks> i'll go with *ss
[19:27] <delvaarrt> Major Laser Vs Lil Wayne
[19:27] <auror> who?
[19:27] <Beds> Whoo?
[19:27] <ecks> who the f**k is major alser
[19:27] <ecks> laser
[19:27] <k6ka> Whooo?
[19:27] <ColinThePanda> wat
[19:27] <k6ka> Toronto or Montreal?
[19:27] <k6ka> Toronto
[19:27] <Beds> Toronto
[19:27] <@LiR> Toronto
[19:27] <ecks> who????+
[19:27] <delvaarrt> Major Laser Made Bubble Butt Song
[19:27] <auror> Montreal!
[19:27] <ecks> MURICA
[19:27] * k6ka slaps ecks
[19:27] <Beds> What song?
[19:27] <k6ka> Slaps or punches?
[19:27] <@LiR> Pop or Soda?
[19:27] <ecks> i'm in july 4th mode already!
[19:27] <k6ka> Soda
[19:27] <auror> Vive le Quebec!
[19:27] <ecks> even though I'm Finnish
[19:27] <ColinThePanda> what actually is pop
[19:27] <@LiR> pop is another word for soda
[19:27] <ecks> I definitely prefer rock
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> Like I hear Americans ssay it all the time
[19:28] <ecks> or metal
[19:28] <k6ka> Rock or Hip Hop?
[19:28] <@LiR> it depends on where you're from
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> We don't even say soda here lol
[19:28] <Beds> Rock
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> Rpcl
[19:28] <k6ka> Hip Hop
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> Rock*
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> that failed
[19:28] <@LiR> soda = pop = fizzy drink = soft drink = soda pop
[19:28] <Beds> lol Colin
[19:28] <delvaarrt> Kissing Vs Sex
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> umm kissing
[19:28] <Beds> uh...
[19:28] <ecks> uh
[19:28] <ecks> porn
[19:28] <Beds> em...
[19:28] <ecks> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[19:28] <k6ka> WHAT
[19:28] <k6ka> Automatic sinks or Sinks that have soap in the water?
[19:28] <Beds> I don't know how to answer that...
[19:28] <freezerbunny> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[19:28] <ColinThePanda> that was a really awkward question omg
[19:29] <ecks> water or death?
[19:29] == auror [~auror@trivialand/master/auror] has quit [Killed ( (Nickname regained by services))]
[19:29] <@LiR> sinks that have soap in the water? huh?
[19:29] <Beds> ikr
[19:29] <k6ka> WATER
[19:29] <Beds> Water
[19:29] == auror [~auror@trivialand/master/auror] has joined #wikia-sims
[19:29] <ecks> game of thrones or no game of thrones
[19:29] <freezerbunny> welcome back to the pimp crib auror
[19:29] <Beds> game of thrones!
[19:29] <@LiR> no game of thrones
[19:29] <k6ka> Game of Thrones!
[19:29] <auror> GoT!
[19:29] <ColinThePanda> I've been meaning to watch that
[19:29] <k6ka> auror getting killed or LiR getting killed
[19:29] <ecks> house of cards or no house of cards
[19:29] <@LiR> LiR getting killed
[19:29] <delvaarrt> Gangsta Rap Vs EDM
[19:29] <k6ka> House of cards
[19:29] <Beds> no house of cards
[19:29] <@LiR> House of Cards
[19:29] <ecks> netflix or spotify?
[19:29] <@LiR> Netflix
[19:29] <Beds> netflix
[19:29] <auror> netflix
[19:29] <delvaarrt> Spotify
[19:30] <ecks> IRC vs IRL
[19:30] <freezerbunny> IRC
[19:30] <delvaarrt> IRL
[19:30] <freezerbunny> Real life is for suckas
[19:30] <ecks> >implying IRC isn't the greatest thing ever
[19:30] <ecks> TV or Netflix
[19:30] <k6ka> IRC
[19:30] <@LiR> Netflix
[19:30] <Beds> netflix
[19:30] <k6ka> NETFLIX
[19:30] <ecks> sleep or food
[19:30] <k6ka> Cake or Pie?
[19:30] <k6ka> Sleep
[19:30] <@LiR> PIE
[19:30] <Beds> Food
[19:30] <freezerbunny> Time to sleep
[19:30] <Beds> Cake
[19:30] <freezerbunny> BB foos
[19:30] <@LiR> Food
[19:31] <k6ka> bye
[19:31] <ecks> CAKE IS A LIE
[19:31] <k6ka> Hello or goodbye?
[19:31] <@RandomRanaun> g2g bye
[19:31] <k6ka> Bye
[19:31] <@LiR> Aloha
[19:31] <ColinThePanda> byeee
[19:31] <Beds> Hello
[19:31] <Beds> Bye
[19:31] <freezerbunny> bye
[19:31] == RandomRanaun has changed nick to RR|AFK
[19:31] == freezerbunny [57726d71@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikia-sims []
[19:31] <@LiR> Deciduous or Coniferous?
[19:31] <k6ka> Deciduous
[19:31] <Beds> uh...
[19:31] <ColinThePanda> 10 or 21
[19:31] <delvaarrt> Freezerbunny Vs Randomranan
[19:31] <k6ka> Freezerbunny
[19:31] <Beds> 21
[19:31] <@LiR> (deciduous  = trees that lose their leaves)
[19:31] <ecks> the dark knight trilogy vs lotr trilogy
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> wait let me add more options
[19:32] <@LiR> think of it like... leafy trees vs evergreen trees
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> 10, 16 or 21
[19:32] <Beds> lotr trilogy
[19:32] <@LiR> neither
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> I've not watched either of them soo
[19:32] <Beds> oh, then i'd chose evergreen trees
[19:32] <ecks> ColinThePanda, you suck
[19:32] <ecks> shower vs bath
[19:32] <k6ka> Sledgehammer or shotgun?
[19:32] <k6ka> SHOWER
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> Sooowwy ;w;
[19:32] <k6ka> Baths are for toddlers
[19:32] <delvaarrt> Call Of Duty Vs Halo
[19:32] <Beds> Shower
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> Bath
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> NO SHOWER
[19:32] <@LiR> Sledgehammer, shower
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> I haven't had a bath in years lol
[19:32] <ecks> chocolate or other candy
[19:32] <k6ka> Punching bag or a bag of peas?
[19:32] <@LiR> other candy
[19:32] <Beds> chocolate
[19:32] <k6ka> Other candy
[19:32] <ColinThePanda> other sweets
[19:33] <@LiR> punching bag
[19:33] <@LiR> Christmas or Birthday?
[19:33] <ecks> Beds is, for once, correct
[19:33] <ColinThePanda> Christmas
[19:33] <Beds> Birthday
[19:33] <k6ka> Birthday
[19:33] <k6ka> It's my day to shine
[19:33] <ecks> christmas
[19:33] <Beds> oh wow thanks ecks
[19:33] <ecks> candy or ice cream
[19:33] <k6ka> ice cream
[19:33] <ColinThePanda> sweets
[19:33] <@LiR> ice cream
[19:33] <Beds> ice cream
[19:33] <delvaarrt> Kissing Vs Hugging
[19:33] <k6ka> ecks or Beds?
[19:33] <k6ka> Hugging
[19:33] <ColinThePanda> hugging
[19:33] <ecks> TEAM ECKS
[19:33] <@LiR> kissing
[19:33] <Beds> NO TEAM BEDS
[19:33] <@LiR> bedcks
[19:33] <ecks> otp
[19:33] <k6ka> Gates vs Jobs
[19:33] <@LiR> Gates
[19:33] <ColinThePanda> Becks
[19:33] <ecks> ColinThePanda++
[19:34] <Beds> Gates
[19:34] <k6ka> ColinThePanda or freezerbunny
[19:34] <ecks> laptop vs desktop
[19:34] <delvaarrt> Colinthepanda
[19:34] <k6ka> both
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> ColinThePanda dug
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> duh*
[19:34] <Beds> laptop
[19:34] <Beds> Panda boy
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> I'm quite clearly the best around
[19:34] <@LiR> desktop
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> said no one ever
[19:34] <ecks> good or bad internet
[19:34] <@LiR> good internet
[19:34] <delvaarrt> Freezerbunny Is A Doshbag
[19:34] <k6ka> Good, obviously
[19:34] <Beds> good internet
[19:34] <@LiR> Salt vs pepper?
[19:34] <k6ka> Salt
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> bad internet of course it's the best thing on the planet
[19:34] <ColinThePanda> Salt
[19:34] <Beds> Neither
[19:34] <k6ka> Up or down?
[19:34] <ecks> 100 Mbps or worse
[19:34] <delvaarrt> Cable Vs Satelite
[19:35] <ColinThePanda> mines is like 60 Mbps
[19:35] <k6ka> Cable
[19:35] <@LiR> Burgers or Tacos?
[19:35] <k6ka> Tacos
[19:35] <ecks> burgers
[19:35] <ColinThePanda> burgers
[19:35] <Beds> Burgers
[19:35] * k6ka weeps
[19:35] <ColinThePanda> I've never had a taco before
[19:35] <@LiR> tacos
[19:35] <k6ka> XD
[19:35] <Beds> me neither haha
[19:35] <k6ka> Guitars or Pianos?
[19:35] <Beds> Pianos
[19:35] <ColinThePanda> GUITARS
[19:35] <@LiR> Piano
[19:35] <ecks> FIREFOX vs CHROME (IE not an option)
[19:35] <@LiR> Firefox
[19:35] <delvaarrt> Tinder Vs Facebook
[19:35] <@LiR> <#
[19:35] <Beds> Chrome
[19:35] <@LiR> <3
[19:35] <ColinThePanda> wtf it Tinder
[19:35] <ecks> ♥
[19:35] <k6ka> both
[19:35] <k6ka> For Firefox and Chrome, both
[19:36] <@LiR> Day or Night?
[19:36] <k6ka> Facebook
[19:36] <k6ka> DAY
[19:36] <Beds> Night
[19:36] <@LiR> night
[19:36] <Beds> also, Facebook
[19:36] <delvaarrt> Black Vs White
[19:36] <k6ka> Calculator or the human brain?
[19:36] <k6ka> ....racist?
[19:36] <Beds> Calculator
[19:36] <ecks> wolframalpha
[19:36] <@LiR> brain
[19:36] <@LiR> it makes me feel smart when I can work out math in my head
[19:36] <Beds> Cannot rely on my own brain heh
[19:36] <ecks> calculus vs algebra
[19:36] <k6ka> LiR is a genius (haha get it)
[19:36] <@LiR> algebra
[19:36] <k6ka> Algebra
[19:36] <k6ka> Calculus is just... no
[19:36] <Beds> neither
[19:37] <ColinThePanda> I find it weird how in America calculus and algebra are like their own subjects
[19:37] <ecks> running or gym
[19:37] <delvaarrt> 'New Stats Page' Vs The Sims Wiki
[19:37] <ColinThePanda> when here it's all just
[19:37] <ColinThePanda> maths
[19:37] <k6ka> Running
[19:37] <@LiR> wikitext or html?
[19:37] <k6ka> Wikitext
[19:37] <ecks> html woop woop
[19:37] <@LiR> wikitext
[19:37] <k6ka> The Sims Wiki
[19:37] <Beds> wikitext
[19:37] <ecks> html because indenting <3
[19:37] <ColinThePanda> FPSs or RPGs
[19:37] <@LiR> RPG
[19:37] <k6ka> RPG
[19:37] <ecks> not-RPG
[19:37] <ColinThePanda> RPGs for me
[19:37] <Beds> RPG
[19:37] <delvaarrt> Soccer Vs Forumla 1
[19:37] <ecks> angry birds or fruit ninja
[19:37] <k6ka> Soccer
[19:38] <ColinThePanda> zombies or vampires
[19:38] <k6ka> Fruit ninja
[19:38] <@LiR> F1
[19:38] <k6ka> Zombies
[19:38] <ColinThePanda> Fruit ninja
[19:38] <Beds> angry birds and zombies
[19:38] <@LiR> angry frujit
[19:38] <k6ka> Fruit or vegetable?
[19:38] <@LiR> angry fruit
[19:38] <ColinThePanda> Fruit
[19:38] <delvaarrt> Girlfriends Vs Boyfriends
[19:38] <@LiR> vegetables
[19:38] <k6ka> .....girlfriends?
[19:38] <ColinThePanda> Well I've never had a boyfriend before so idk xD
[19:38] <Beds> Fruit
[19:38] <ecks> pets vs kids
[19:38] <Beds> And both
[19:38] <Beds> Pets
[19:38] <@LiR> pets
[19:38] <k6ka> Both
[19:38] <ecks> pets because f**k kids
[19:38] <@LiR> you can shoot your cat as many times as you want
[19:38] <ecks> shoot a kid once and you'll get labeled for the rest of your life
[19:38] <k6ka> Single bed or double bed?
[19:39] <@LiR> double
[19:39] <ColinThePanda> double
[19:39] <Beds> Double
[19:39] <k6ka> 'Burglar alarm or Fire alarm?
[19:39] <@LiR> Fire alarm
[19:39] <Beds> Fire
[19:39] <delvaarrt> Eminem Vs Kane West
[19:39] <ecks> morning person or late night person
[19:39] <@LiR> who is Kane West?
[19:39] <k6ka> Kanye West
[19:39] <k6ka> rapper
[19:39] <Beds> morning person
[19:39] <k6ka> Morning person
[19:39] <@LiR> night owl
[19:39] <k6ka> Lighter or matches
[19:40] <ColinThePanda> I'm neither really
[19:40] <Beds> Lighter
[19:40] <ecks> Kim Kardashian or no Kim Kardashian
[19:40] <ColinThePanda> Lighter
[19:40] <@LiR> lighter
[19:40] <delvaarrt> Deus Ex Machine Vs N7
[19:40] <Beds> no Kim Kardashian
[19:40] <@LiR> Harry Potter or Lord of the rings?
[19:40] <k6ka> Deus Ex Machina
[19:40] <k6ka> Lord of the rings
[19:40] <Beds> Harry Potter
[19:40] <k6ka> no Kim Kardashian
[19:40] <auror> Harry Potter!
[19:40] <ColinThePanda> Avril Lavigne or Miley Cyrus lol
[19:40] <k6ka> Avril Lavigne
[19:40] <ecks> pre-2011 avril
[19:40] <delvaarrt> Avril Lavine
[19:40] <k6ka> Oven or microwave?
[19:40] <auror> Avril Lavigne post-2011
[19:40] <auror> microwave
[19:40] <ColinThePanda> Does anyone know who Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is??
[19:40] <Beds> Oven
[19:40] <k6ka> nope
[19:40] <delvaarrt> Deus Ex Machine Vs Auror
[19:41] <@LiR> oven
[19:41] <ecks> LAN party or actual party
[19:41] <k6ka> auror
[19:41] <k6ka> actual party
[19:41] <Beds> both
[19:41] <ecks> LAN party + vodka
[19:41] <Beds> that sounds good too
[19:41] <ColinThePanda> Call of Duty or Battlefield
[19:41] <k6ka> Haha, I'm logging this party in a text file on my computer
[19:41] <k6ka> Permission to quote this?
[19:41] <k6ka> Battlefield
[19:41] <Beds> Battlefield
[19:41] <delvaarrt> Read Dead Readepmption Vs Grand Theft Auto
[19:41] <k6ka> GTA
[19:41] <ecks> cash or card
[19:42] <Beds> cash
[19:42] <k6ka> Cash
[19:42] <ColinThePanda> GTA
[19:42] <@LiR> card
[19:42] <ecks> card
[19:42] <ColinThePanda> I have Red Dead Redemption but I've never played it
[19:42] <ecks> potato or rice
[19:42] <Beds> rice
[19:42] <@LiR> potato
[19:42] <k6ka> Potato
[19:42] <delvaarrt> Halal Vs No Halal
[19:42] <k6ka> I eat too much rice anyway
[19:42] <k6ka> Halal
[19:42] <k6ka> Boomstick or Broomstick?
[19:42] <@LiR> European or American?
[19:42] <ecks> YUUROP
[19:42] <Beds> European
[19:42] <k6ka> ....neither or both? I just cant decide
[19:42] <@LiR> (American = American continent)
[19:43] <k6ka> Earth or Mars?
[19:43] <ColinThePanda> does that include South America?
[19:43] <Beds> Mars
[19:43] <@LiR> yes
[19:43] <ColinThePanda> MARS
[19:43] <ecks> SNICKERS
[19:43] <delvaarrt> Shakira Vs Rhianna
[19:43] <k6ka> Rihanna
[19:43] <ecks> shakira
[19:43] <@LiR> I don't care about singers
[19:43] <ecks> cos waka waka
[19:43] <k6ka> Maid or Butler?
[19:43] <auror> shakira <3
[19:43] <@LiR> Maid
[19:43] <auror> butler!
[19:43] <Beds> Butler
[19:43] <k6ka> Servo or SimBot?
[19:43] <ecks> wii or not wii
[19:43] <ColinThePanda> does anyone remember the amazingness that is Ruslana
[19:43] <k6ka> Wii
[19:43] <Beds> no wii
[19:43] <delvaarrt> Jennifer Lawence Vs Scarlet Johnson
[19:43] <auror> Wii
[19:43] <auror> SimBot
[19:44] <auror> "Johnson"
[19:44] <k6ka> Servo, Johnson
[19:44] <ColinThePanda> ... does no one remember Lesya Zirka??
[19:44] <k6ka> Forgotten or remembered?
[19:44] <auror> I remember Lesya - a user who contributed to the fanon namespace
[19:44] <ecks> reddit or not reddit
[19:44] <auror> or is there more to it?
[19:44] <Beds> Oh I remember her
[19:44] <k6ka> REDDIT
[19:44] <ColinThePanda> She was...
[19:44] <Beds> reddit
[19:44] <auror> ecks: reddit
[19:44] <@LiR> One million dollars in one day, or one hundred dollars for the next ten thousand days?
[19:44] <@LiR> reddit
[19:44] <ColinThePanda> well I dont even know how to put it
[19:44] <k6ka> One hundred dollars for the next 10,000 days
[19:44] <delvaarrt> Condom Vs No Condom
[19:45] <delvaarrt> My Friend Say No Condom
[19:45] * k6ka facepalms
[19:45] <ColinThePanda> wow
[19:45] <ecks> one million dollar
[19:45] <Beds> uh...
[19:45] <auror> lolll
[19:45] <k6ka> Um... water or milk?
[19:45] <ecks> we already had that
[19:45] <auror> water
[19:45] <@LiR> did that k6ka. god!
[19:45] <k6ka> crap
[19:45] <Beds> ha
[19:45] <ecks> jeeeeeeeeez
[19:45] <auror> XD
[19:45] <@LiR> HOW DARE YOU
[19:45] <k6ka> God or Satan
[19:45] <delvaarrt> XD Vs :D
[19:45] <@LiR> :)
[19:45] <@LiR> :|
[19:45] <ecks> (-:
[19:45] <k6ka> :D
[19:45] <@LiR> :(
[19:46] <Beds> :3
[19:46] <auror> :/
[19:46] <Beds> c:
[19:46] <delvaarrt> Bae Vs Babe
[19:46] <ecks> (✌゚∀゚)☞ vs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[19:46] <k6ka> Emoticons or no emoticons
[19:46] <Beds> Emoticons
[19:46] <ecks> your mom vs a black hole
[19:46] <@LiR> no emoticons :p :D :o
[19:46] <k6ka> Black hole
[19:46] <@LiR> Deafness or blindness?
[19:46] <k6ka> Deafness
[19:46] <ecks> deafness
[19:46] <ColinThePanda> deafness
[19:46] <ecks> 2min poop or 15min poop
[19:47] <k6ka> 2min poop
[19:47] <Beds> 2min poop
[19:47] <ColinThePanda> deafness is somewhat treatable with that implant
[19:47] <k6ka> I don't have time to waste in the bathroom
[19:47] <@LiR> 2min poop
[19:47] <delvaarrt> Sodomy Vs Robbery
[19:47] <ecks> i don't get how people sit on the toilet for hours on end with their phone
[19:47] <k6ka> Robbery
[19:47] <k6ka> Highways or subways?
[19:47] <@LiR> highway
[19:47] <k6ka> Subway = subway train
[19:47] <ecks> highways cos driving
[19:47] <auror> subways
[19:47] <Beds> Highway
[19:47] <k6ka> Subways
[19:47] <@LiR> Obama or Hillary Clinton?
[19:47] <Beds> Obama
[19:47] <k6ka> Obama
[19:47] <ecks> Bill
[19:47] <delvaarrt> Barack Hussain Osama
[19:48] <k6ka> ...
[19:48] <ColinThePanda> o'kaaay...
[19:48] <@LiR> ...
[19:48] <k6ka> ... or DOT DOT DOT
[19:48] <auror> ...
[19:48] <Beds> kaye then
[19:48] <@LiR> +Q it is
[19:48] <k6ka> Text file or Word Document
[19:48] <Beds> Text file
[19:48] <@LiR> Word
[19:48] <auror> Word
[19:48] <ecks> poker or other card game
[19:48] <Beds> poker
[19:48] <auror> ##poker
[19:48] <@LiR> poker
[19:48] <k6ka> poker
[19:49] <ecks> chess or card games
[19:49] <Beds> chess
[19:49] <k6ka> xChess
[19:49] <auror> chess
[19:49] <k6ka> Chess or Checkers
[19:49] <ColinThePanda> I was forced to play Poker in Far Cry 3
[19:49] <Beds> Chess
[19:49] <ColinThePanda> it was horrible
[19:49] <auror> chess
[19:49] <@LiR> chess
[19:49] <ecks> lol
[19:49] <ColinThePanda> since I have no idea how to play Poker
[19:49] <delvaarrt> EA Vs Ubisoft
[19:49] <ColinThePanda> yet I won like $3000
[19:49] <@LiR> oh god, that's too hard
[19:49] <@LiR> EAbisoft
[19:49] <auror> Ubisoft
[19:49] <k6ka> Ubisoft
[19:49] <k6ka> Pretend you're XYZZY or Monopoly
[19:49] <ecks> the former
[19:49] == GAHSIcepick [] has joined #wikia-sims
[19:49] <@LiR> Monopoly
[19:50] <k6ka> Hey Icepick
[19:50] <MrC> Monopoly?
[19:50] <k6ka> We're having an "ask a question" contest
[19:50] <MrC> What's going on here?
[19:50] <MrC> Oh
[19:50] <Beds> Monopoly
[19:50] <@LiR> we should start a game of XYZZY
[19:50] <ecks> rambo or terminator
[19:50] <k6ka> IKR
[19:50] <@LiR> rambo
[19:50] <k6ka> love that game
[19:50] <MrC> Rambo
[19:50] <ColinThePanda> TERMINATOOR
[19:50] <k6ka> rambo
[19:50] <Beds> terminator
[19:50] <ecks> bruce willis or arnold schw[...]
[19:50] <k6ka> Neither
[19:50] <Beds> bruce willis
[19:51] <GAHSIcepick> I'm just playing Minecraft with AndrewArcade...
[19:51] <@LiR> I'm going to get a game started
[19:51] <ecks> i'm gonna brb but count me in
[19:51] <Beds> a game of what?
[19:51] <ecks> make sure to put a password
[19:51] <ColinThePanda> appearance or personality
[19:51] <k6ka> Pretend you're XYZZY
[19:51] <auror> Hey GAHSIcepick ^_^
[19:51] <MrC> Half-Life series, or the Doom series?
[19:51] <ecks> a came of cards against humanity
[19:51] <k6ka> I'll be right over LiR
[19:51] <auror> Half-Life :P
[19:51] <ColinThePanda> Doom I guess... I think I've played more of that
[19:51] <k6ka> Which server LiR?
[19:51] <Beds> Wait, what's XYZZY?
[19:51] <delvaarrt> NSA Vs Religion
[19:51] <ColinThePanda> I've only played the first one tho
[19:51] <k6ka> "Pretend you're XYZZY"
[19:51] <k6ka> It's a game
[19:51] <@LiR> the finger one, I'll have a link in a second
[19:52] <Beds> I guess I'll play a quick game before I go to bed ^^
[19:52] <@LiR> k, I've never set up a game before :p
[19:52] <delvaarrt> I Just Went To Buy All DLC For The Sims 3 Xbox 360
[19:52] <MrC> Nintendo or Sony? (console platform)
[19:52] <Beds> Nintendo
[19:52] <auror> Nintendo
[19:52] <ColinThePanda> Sony
[19:52] <delvaarrt> I Am Boycoting Nintendo
[19:53] <auror> Why delva? :O
[19:53] <GAHSIcepick> Sony for Home console
[19:53] <delvaarrt> Nintendo Stinks
[19:53] <@LiR> how do I give a link to this one?
[19:53] <@LiR> k6ka
[19:53] <@LiR>
[19:53] <Deus_ex_machina> Title: Pretend You're Xyzzy (at
[19:53] <@LiR> does that work?
[19:53] <k6ka> nvm i found ya
[19:53] <delvaarrt> House Vs Apartment
[19:53] <@LiR> the password is EA sucks
[19:53] <k6ka> what's the password
[19:53] <k6ka> lol
[19:53] <ColinThePanda> house
[19:53] <MrC> House, if I had the money.
[19:53] <ColinThePanda> but I do like apartments
[19:54] <k6ka> Apartment
[19:54] <ColinThePanda> Have you guys ever ran into any creepy people on Omegle?
[19:54] <delvaarrt> Club Penguin Vs Omegle
[19:54] <Beds> I need to head off to bed, so I'll see you guys tomorrow maybe
[19:54] <ColinThePanda> they're completely different...
[19:54] <k6ka> Club Penguin
[19:54] <k6ka> good night Beds
[19:55] <Beds> If not, then I'll be back in like a week and a half -- night!
[19:55] <ColinThePanda> what's the password to that game??
[19:55] <k6ka> EA sucks
[19:55] <ColinThePanda> oh ok got it xD
[19:55] <@LiR> 'EA sucks'
[19:55] <k6ka> Join up
[19:55] == Beds [522b3d60@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #wikia-sims []

Accidental Op abuse[edit source]

[After Danny messing around with ChanServ's Op command]
[17:18:26] <Danny> is this good enough
[17:18:44] <Danny> oh wait damn we're in -sims now
[17:18:48] <banzaikitten> lol
[17:18:54] <banzaikitten> stop messing around!
[17:19:07] <banzaikitten> this place is for discussing sims not op abuse!
[17:19:14] <banzaikitten> thats what #uncyclopedia is for
[17:21:39] * Danny looks at auror 
[17:21:46] <Danny> auror, you up for some op wars
[17:21:50] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Danny
[17:22:37] * auror (~auror@trivialand/master/auror) has left (requested by Danny (OP WARS! :D))
[17:22:53] <Danny> banzaikitten, we have op abuse seldom
[17:23:02] <Danny> but we do
[17:23:05] <banzaikitten> lol
[17:23:09] <Danny> wait
[17:23:25] <Danny> I forgot auror resigned
[17:23:29] <banzaikitten> hahaha
[17:23:33] <Danny> and with that, op flags were gone
[17:23:37] <Danny> ...oops

Fisherman gets all the worms[edit source]

[17:33:53] <auror> k6ka have you started on the news yet
[17:34:02] <k6ka> this early?
[17:34:29] <auror> yeah
[17:34:36] <auror> the early bird gets the worm!
[17:35:07] <k6ka> no, the fisherman gets all the worms
[17:35:18] <auror> k6ka: because he cheats D:<

k6ka plays Russian Roulette[edit source]

[15:44:18] <@k6ka> hmm...
[15:44:22] <@k6ka> !pull
[15:44:33] <@k6ka> }pull
[15:44:34] <@Mystique> k6ka: *click*
[15:44:58] <@k6ka|mobile> }pull
[15:44:58] <@Mystique> k6ka|mobile: *click*
[15:45:40] <@k6ka> "only enjoyable if the bot is opped" heh
[15:45:42] <@k6ka> }pull
[15:45:43] <@Mystique> k6ka: *click*
[15:45:46] <@k6ka> }pull
[15:45:46] <@Mystique> k6ka: *click*
[15:45:49] <@k6ka> }pull
[15:45:50] <@Mystique> k6ka: *click*
[15:46:00] <@k6ka> ...
[15:46:14] <@k6ka> pls Mystique i wanna die
[15:46:20] <@k6ka> }pull
[15:46:21] * Mystique has kicked k6ka from #wikia-sims (BANG!)
[15:46:22] * Mystique reloads and spins the chambers.

auror gets backfired[edit source]

[20:24:40] <+auror> }timebomb k6ka
[20:24:41] * Mystique stuffs a bomb down k6ka's pants.  The timer is set for 10 seconds!  There are 4 wires.  They are: orange, black, pink, and white.
[20:24:47] <@k6ka> }cut black
[20:24:47] <@Mystique> k6ka has cut the black wire!  This has defused the bomb!
[20:24:48] <@Mystique> He then quickly rearms the bomb and throws it back at auror with just seconds on the clock!
[20:24:52] <@Mystique> ....._.-^^---....,,-_.......
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> ._--,.';,`.,';,.;;`;,.--_...
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> <,.;'`".,;`..,;`*.,';`.;'>).
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> I.:;.,`;~,`.;'`,.;'`,..';`I.
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> .\_.`'`..`';.,`';,`';,_../..
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> ....```--. . , ; .--'''.....
[20:24:53] <@Mystique> ..........I.II.II...........
[20:24:54] <@Mystique> ..........I.II.II...........
[20:24:54] <@Mystique> .......,-=II..I.I=-,........
[20:24:55] <@Mystique> .......`-=#$%&%$#=-'........
[20:24:55] * Mystique has kicked auror from #wikia-sims (BOOM!)
[20:24:55] * auror (~auror@trivialand/master/auror) has joined
[20:24:56] * ChanServ gives voice to auror
[20:24:57] <@k6ka> victory
[20:25:01] <+auror> ...

Danny resigns from social media representative[edit source]

Mar 29 2017 18:13:53 <Danny>	let me get a quote for your logs
Mar 29 2017 18:14:52 <Danny>	I, DanPin, Social Media Representative and Ombudsman for The Sims Wiki, hereby resign from the position of SMR as of 22:15 UTC, March 29th, 2017

k6ka dies at Russian Roulette again[edit source]

Note to reader: "Eggnog" is k6ka's alternate nick.

Dec 24 2018 23:41:20 <Eggnog>	}pull
Dec 24 2018 23:41:21 <Mystique>	Eggnog: *click*
Dec 24 2018 23:41:27 <Eggnog>	}pull
Dec 24 2018 23:41:27 <Mystique>	Eggnog: *click*
Dec 24 2018 23:41:31 <Eggnog>	}pull
Dec 24 2018 23:41:31 <Mystique>	Eggnog: *click*
Dec 24 2018 23:41:44 <Eggnog>	Come on Mystique
Dec 24 2018 23:41:46 <Mystique>	Eggnog: Error: "Come" is not a valid command.
Dec 24 2018 23:41:51 <Eggnog>	}pull
Dec 24 2018 23:41:51 *	Mystique has kicked Eggnog from #wikia-sims (BANG!)
Dec 24 2018 23:41:52 *	Mystique reloads and spins the chambers.