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Relationship (The Sims Social)

Action lists on other Sim.

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The Sims Social has a lot types of Sim relationships. Sims are able to make friends, enemies, lovers, with each other.

Relationship in The Sims Social[edit | edit source]

Relationship in The Sims Social works just like on other Sim games, we need to interact with them to increase relationship or decrease it.

How does it work:

  • First of all, our Sim must have a neighbor in the game, which make us able to interact with him/her by visiting them or ask them over. You can add neighbor by clicking 'Invite' or 'Add Neighbor', and send request to your friends.
  • Do interactions by clicking on Sim.
  • If you do a friendly interaction, it will increase the relationship bar.
  • If you do a mean interaction, it will decrease the relationship bar.
  • If you do a romantic interaction, it's actually considered as friendly interaction, but sometimes it could be rejected too.
  • Each time you do a social interaction, it gives you various number of Social Points .
Example, for the very first time, your neighbor will be a total stranger, but by greet/interact with him/her will make both Sims acquaintances with each other.
  • You can make a friendly status by always doing friendly interaction, mean status by always doing mean interaction, and romantic status by always doing romantic interaction.
  • Each time a relationship bar is empty or full with a Sim, the player will get new relationship status, which may need confirmation (the other player is free to accept or deny it) or not.
  • Each relationship status will unlock special interactions between the two Sims.
  • When the player's Sim does not visit other Sims for a while, the relationship bar will decrease.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Relationships are built or destroyed by interactions (as mentioned above).

There are different types of interactions:

Friendly[edit | edit source]

Friendly interaction has talk bubble logo on its button. It will increase the relationship bar. Few examples of friendly interactions:

  • Apologize
  • Tell Story
  • Find Common Interests
  • Shoot The Breeze
  • Break The Ice
  • Gossip
  • Chat
  • Polite Chit-Chat
  • Talk About Weather
  • Show Appreciation
  • Talk About Weather
  • Joke Around
  • Giggle Together
  • Share Your Worries
  • Share Your Happiness
  • Discuss Work
  • Compliment
  • Share Private Joke
  • Friendly Hug
  • Joke Around
  • Express Fondness
  • Chew the Fat
  • Talk About Art
  • Talk About Cooking
  • Talk About Writing
  • Talk About Music
  • Reminisce
  • Ask About Day
  • Tell Story
  • Emphatize
  • Pose for Photos

Friendly interaction could be done on items too. Few examples of friendly interactions on item:

  • Watch TV Together (TV)
  • Clean (any dirty items)
  • Repair (any broken items)
  • Write Appreciation Note (typewriter)
  • Show Off Skills (some skill items)
  • Get Your Funk On (keyboard)
  • Revive Plants (any withered plants)
  • Serve Tapas (stove)
  • Make Bed (bed)
  • Slide Together (pool)
  • Jump Together (beanbag)
  • Paint Portrait (easel)
  • Water Plants (any plants from shop)
  • Dance Together (radio/stereo)
  • Play Great Music (guitar)
  • Say Hi! To Friends (camera)
  • Lounge Together (gazebo)

Mean[edit | edit source]

Mean interaction has devil logo on its button. It will decrease the relationship bar. Few examples of mean interactions:

  • Insult
  • Imply Mother as Llama
  • Insult Haircut
  • Revive Old Argument
  • Laugh At Hairstyle
  • Argue
  • Ask For Money Back
  • Provoke
  • Sneer
  • Insult Home
  • Petty Jab
  • Insult Outfit

Mean interaction could be done on items too. Few examples of mean interactions on item:

  • Make Prank Call (telephone)
  • Mess up Bed (bed)
  • Place Whoopee Cushion (chair/sofa/couch)
  • Pee on Plot (garden plot)
  • Paint Mean Portrait (easel)
  • Mock Dancing (stereo/radio)
  • Place Fish (bed)
  • Place Fake Spider (toilet/dresser)
  • Retune the Stereo (radio/stereo)
  • Retune the Channels (TV)
  • Steal Food (fridge)
  • Mock Playing (guitar)
  • Boil Cabbage (stove)
  • Rearrange Keyboard (computer)

Romantic[edit | edit source]

Romantic interaction has love logo on its button. It will decrease the relationship bar. Few examples of romantic interactions:

  • Flirt
  • Give Flowers
  • Flatter
  • French Kiss (special interaction)
  • Je T'aime (special interaction)
  • Voulez vous WooHoo avec moi (special interaction)
  • Compliment Appearance
  • Swap Numbers
  • Confess Attraction
  • Flirty Joke
  • Talk About Future
  • Massage
  • Kiss
  • Shy Kiss
  • Whisper Sweet Nothings
  • Romantic Kiss
  • Ooh lala
  • Cheesy Lines

Romantic interaction could be done on items too. Few examples of romantic interactions on item:

  • Massage (bed/couch/sofa)
  • Shower Together (shower)
  • WooHoo (bed/shower/bathtub)
  • Sneaky WooHoo (special interaction)
  • Quickie (shower/bathtub)
  • Write A Love Letter (typewriter)
  • Write A Naughty Poem (special interaction)
  • Perform Love Song (keyboard)
  • Play with Feeling (keynote)
  • Croon sweetly (microphone)
  • Trim Bush (any bush from shop)
  • Swing Together (swing)
  • Cuddle (sofa/couch)
  • Bounce around together (gazebo)
  • Snuggle (beanbag)

Personality Exclusive[edit | edit source]

Personality exclusive interaction only can be done with specific personality.

  • Geek - Light Sword Fight (romantic interaction), Hack Computer (interaction with computer)
  • Athlete - Show Off Skills (on some skill items, romantic interaction)
  • Creative - Air Kiss (romantic interaction)
  • Villain - Pick Pocket
  • Socialite - Toast to Health (friendly interaction)
  • Rocker
  • Romantic - Recite Poetry (romantic interaction)
  • Introvert - Introspect (romantic interaction)
  • Tycoon- Show off Wealth (romantic interaction)

Quest Related[edit | edit source]

Quest Related interactions are interactions that available because needed for quest (a task on it). It can fall into any of the other three categories of interactions, such as the "Bah Humbug!" interaction being mean or the "Give Holiday Gift" interaction being friendly, etc.

Relationship Status[edit | edit source]

Sims can have different relationship status with another Sim. It can be either friends, enemies, or lovers, as mentioned above.

Friendly Status[edit | edit source]

Picture Status Name Empty Bar After Full Bar Miscellaneous

Awkward Friends

Acquaintances Good Friends doesn't need confirmation
Good Friends


Friends Close Friends need confirmation

Close Friends

Ex-Friends Good Friends Best Friends need confirmation

Best Friends

Close Friends

Close Friends Best Friends Forever need confirmation

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends

Best Friends Inspired Best Friends Forever need confirmation
Inspired Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever highest status doesn't need confirmation

Romantic Status[edit | edit source]

Picture Status Name Empty Bar After Full Bar Break Up Miscellaneous


Awkward Friends

any friendly status Going Steady

Just Friends/Ex-Lovers

need confirmation

Going Steady

Awkward Friends

Dating Inseparable need confirmation


Going Steady

Going Steady Totally Inseparable need confirmation
Totally Inseparable Inseparable Inseparable Soulmates need confirmation

Totally Inseparable

Totally Inseparable Inspired Soulmates need confirmation

Inspired Soulmates

Soulmates Soulmates highest status doesn't need confirmation

Mean Status[edit | edit source]

Picture Status Name Empty Bar After Full Bar
Awkward Friends

Sort of Friends

Acquaintances Friends
Sort of Friends

Friendly Rivals

Awkward Friends Awkward Friends
Friendly Rivals

Inspired Friendly Rivals

Sort of Friends Sort of Friends

Inspired Friendly Rivals

highest status

Friendly Rivals Friendly Rivals

Friendly Rivals

any romantic status Awkward Friends



Good Friends/Close Friends Awkward Friends


Inspired Frenemies

Ex-Friends Ex-Friends

Inspired Frenemies

highest status

Frenemies Frenemies

Miscellaneous Status[edit | edit source]

Picture Status Name Empty Bar After Full Bar Miscellanuous
Stranger - - Acquaintances

doesn't need confirmation


Awkward Friends

Stranger Friends

doesn't need confirmation

Just Friends

Awkward Friends

any romantic status Friends need confirmation

Naughty Friends


any friendly status highest status

need confirmation,

requires special clothing

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