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Sage is a kind of NPC introduced with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. They are a kind of spellcaster that will help other Sims become spellcasters themselves. They also teach other spellcasters about magic, they can duel together or be asked for different ingredients for potions. They also make it possible to turn a spellcaster back into a normal Sim.

There are three different sages; the Sage of Mischief, the Sage of Untamed and the Sage of Practical Magic. If one of the sages would be added to a household they will lose their status as sage and will be replaced with a new one.

Standard sages[edit | edit source]

Mischief Untamed Practical
File:L. Faba.png File:Morgyn Ember.png File:Simeon Silversweater.png
L. Faba Morgyn Ember Simeon Silversweater

Retired sages[edit | edit source]

In the official promotional material for The Sims 4: Realm of Magic different sages can be seen. They were later uploaded to the Gallery by Maxis with a description that reads:
The changing of the guard has happened. The Sages of old have passed on their responsibilities to the next in line. Now the previous Sages can enjoy their retirement and relax knowing the balance of The Magic Realm is in good hands.
Mischief Untamed Practical
File:Keisha Hughes.png Tess Dyer.png File:Ethren Reyes.png
Keisha Hughes Tess Dyer Ethren Reyes