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The Sims 3

Science geek
A male science geek.

A science geek is an NPC that is featured in The Sims 3, who are usually seen when a house infested with bugs has a new household moved in it. They come and ask the house's owner if they can take the bugs in order to study them. Most usually have the computer whiz trait, though there are some exceptions, such as Griffin Torrent, Jane March, etc.

While most worlds in The Sims 3 come with a pair of one male and one female for each base game NPC type, science geeks are an odd exception. Some worlds, such as Sunset Valley, do have one male and one female pre-made science geeks, albeit in other worlds like Bridgeport,[TS3:LN] have just one pre-made science geek.

List of science geeks[edit | edit source]

The Sims 3 and Expansions[edit | edit source]

Sunset Valley
Appaloosa Plains
Starlight Shores
Moonlight Falls
Isla Paradiso

The Sims 3 Store[edit | edit source]

Barnacle Bay
Hidden Springs
Sunlit Tides
Lunar Lakes
Lucky Palms
Monte Vista
Aurora Skies
Dragon Valley
Midnight Hollow
Roaring Heights

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Other Languages[edit | edit source]

English Science Geek
Brazilian Portuguese Técnico de Laboratório
Bulgarian Лабораторен техник
Chinese (Simplified) 科学怪胎
Chinese (Traditional) 科學怪胎
Czech Laboratorní Technik
Danish Videnskab nørd
Dutch Wetenschap nerd
European Portuguese Técnico de Laboratório
Finnish Laboratorio Teknikko
French Intello féru de sciences
German Wissenschaftsfreak
Greek Τεχνικός εργαστηρίου
Hebrew חנון מדעי
Italian Tecnico di Laboratorio
Japanese サイエンスオタク
Korean 과학 괴짜
Norwegian Vitenskap nerd
Polish Maniak nauki
Romanian Tehnician de Laborator
Russian Учёный-чудак
Spanish Geek de la ciencia
Swedish Vetenskap Nörd
Thai วิทยาศาสตร์เกินบรรยาย
Turkish Laboratuvar Teknisyeni
Vietnamese Khoa học

fr:Intello féru de sciences pt-br:Técnico de Laboratório es:Geek de la ciencia ru:Учёный-чудак