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Shue family
Granny Shue has always had a soft spot for children but for some reason she never settled down to have any of her own. Deciding that there were plenty of children in the world who needed a loving family she's adopted a brood of her own.
Name Shue family
Members Granny Shue, Dany Shue, Carlotta Shue, Gary Shue, Star Shue
Family connections Rhoen family, Cho family
Difficulty level 4 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3
World Hidden Springs

The Shue family resides in Hidden Springs and consists of Granny Shue and her four adopted children Star, Dany, Carlotta and Gary. They live in the woods in the outer parts of Hidden Springs in a small house with a garden and a playground. The family is rather poor as the only income is from Granny's job as a Line Chef, but despite this, they are happy to have each other.

It is believed that the deceased Sims Daisy and Daniel Romero are Dany's biological parents. It is also assumed that Davy Cho is his twin, as they share the exact facial features and that they were separated when they got adopted by different families.

Joy Cho-Shue is a homeless Sim from Lunar Lakes, and may be descended from one of the children.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Granny Shue and Star Shue are two of the pre-created Sims with greenish skin in Hidden Springs.
  • This family could be based on the nursery rhyme 'the little old woman who lived in a shoe', because of the amount of children in the family and also their surname.

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