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Sim File Share
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Focus File hosting
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Date founded July 2015
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Sim File Share is a file hosting website for players of The Sims series. It was announced on Twitter by Delphy, the owner of Mod The Sims,[1] on July 22, 2015, and is currently owned by Nysha.[2] The site offers free unlimited file storage for creators and modders to be able to share their creations, with a guarantee that URLs will never be broken and that files will never be purged. Unlike other websites, Sim File Share is not a traditional custom content hosting website, but rather is a file hosting service operating on a similar principle to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Sim File Share only permits content relating to The Sims, and operates on an invite system to enforce this policy. Existing users on the site are given an unlimited number of invite codes that they can send to other users to allow them to register on the site. New users can also fill out a form requesting registration access to the site. Although an account is required to upload files, an account is not required to download files from the site.

The site has been known for archiving the creations of modders that have since parted from the community or have had their websites expire, such as SimWardrobe.[3]

Terms of use[edit | edit source]

Sim File Share's terms of use states that "As long as your files are hosted on Sim File Share, you give us permission to share them with rehosting sites if we close Sim File Share. If that happens, we will decide which sites receive the files." The terms of use also state that files will not be deleted unless they violate the terms of use, a request was made explicitly by the uploader, or are causing technical problems that can only be resolved with the deletion of such files. For uploaders, the terms of use state that: "You agree to only upload sims-related files, with the intention of sharing them with other people. You also agree not to invite anyone if you know they plan to break this rule."[4]

Notable downtimes[edit | edit source]

Following several days of maintenance in February 2019, Sim File Share reported that its new server was performing poorly and that users were reporting slow download speeds.[5] The site was taken offline on February 19, and remained down beyond the original estimated downtime of 4–8 hours.[6] The site was restored on February 23, 2019.

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