Simian City

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The Sims Castaway Stories

Simian City
Lot type Community
Lot size 4x4
Neighborhood Felicity Island
Game The Sims Castaway Stories

Stop by this home of the island's orangutans to say hello or just grab some bananas. Most Sims would consider this more of a village than a city, but it's still a nice place to be.

Simian City is a community lot in the south-east of Felicity Island, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Castaway Stories. Like all community lots, it can be visited by using the travel map. A path to the west leads to the Broken Wings.

In the Shipwrecked and Single story, the protagonist discovers Simian City while exploring the island. They meets three orangutans; Waiata, Puna and Tiki. The protagonist also finds a mysterious idol, but gets attacked by Waiata for trying to take it. After feeding the orangutans banana's, the protagonist may take the idol and calls it Spaulding. Waiata soon befriends the protagonist who then decides to adopt her. Later in the story, the protagonist needs to bring Spaulding to Shaman Amanaki at the Creepy Hollow. Spaulding will be found in Simian City again, because the orangutans took him back from the Primeval Shrine.

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