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The Sims: Vacation The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

Souvenirs are items Sims acquire on vacation. In The Sims: Vacation, they could only be won by winning or found by taking part in other vacation specific activities. In The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, souvenirs can be collected and found in each Vacation Destination.

The Sims: Vacation[edit | edit source]

A souvenir stand.

Souvenirs are added to the game with the Vacation expansion pack. In general, souvenirs in Vacation are won in carnival games, but they can also be discovered while fishing, or uncovered while using a metal detector. These items are placed in the Sim's inventory and will stay there until the vacationing family comes home. At that time, if there is space on a souvenir shelf or in a souvenir cabinet, they will be placed there, though the stuffed animal souvenirs are too large to fit. Otherwise, they will be put on the nearest available surfaces. These souvenirs can be sold in Buy mode, and may increase in value over time.

If a player clicks on a souvenir and selects the "Remember" interaction, the Sim will pick up the item, gather a crowd, and apparently tell the story of their vacation. If no other Sims are around, the Sim will hold the item for a short time, and appear to reminisce about their vacation.

In addition to souvenirs which can be won or found, there are some (the Landgraab Nutcracker, Patrick the Pachyderm, and the Unicorn by Fran Tassie) which can be bought. These souvenirs can only be given as gifts.

Carnival Games[edit | edit source]

Two Sims playing Whack-A-Will.

Some Vacation Island lots have carnival games, which cost between §2 and §20 to play. Sims earn game tokens from the games, and the tokens can be taken to a vendor ("Barney the Carnie") and exchanged for a variety of souvenirs. Body skill appears to affect how well Sims do at the games, and therefore how many tokens they win. Also, the more expensive games tend to yield more tokens. Some players have observed that Sims seem to get better at the games the more they play them, but this is unconfirmed.

Below is a list of carnival games:

  • Captain Popper's Dart Game - Cost: §5 per player - Players throw darts at balloons posted on a rear wall.
  • Strength O Meter - Cost: §4 per player - Players use a mallet to launch a weight in order to ring a bell at the top.
  • Chicken Toss Game - Cost: §6 per player - Players hit a button to launch a fake chicken into a large pot.
  • Bust-A-Clown Game - Cost: §5 per player - Players aim a water gun at a blue balloon in order to pop a clown head balloon.
  • Whack-A-Will! - Cost: §7 per player - Similar to Whac-A-Mole, players hit miniature versions of Will Wright's head that pop up out of a fake cityscape.

List of souvenirs won from carnival games[edit | edit source]

Wooden Squirrel - 99 tokens

These squirrels are new (from surplus) and come with original label. The carving is of superior quality and execution but origin is unknown. Beautiful coloring and detail. We believe these squirrels will become collectors items and encourage distributors and point of sale merchants to position them as such. Makes a great prize or souvenir stand filler too. Buy in bulk for deepest discount. Remove invoice prior to sale.

Stuffed Penguin - 238 tokens

Cute! Loveable! [sic] Furry! Giant Island Penguins are just totally adorable with their little tuxedos and funny waddle! Truly the supreme and most aggressive of penguins, their majesty and dignity have been captured for all time with these cute, collectible, furry stuffed animals! Though nearing extinction due to over-development, show your love of nature, by buying one of these squeezable squid munchers each time you visit the island!

Coconut Monkey - 68 tokens

This island souvenir is an ACTUAL COCONUT SHELL! Carefully carved into a monkey sporting an impish expression, this adorable little hunk of nut is perfect for displaying around the house and obliging your guests with your light-hearted approach to living. You just can't help but smile once you stare into the eyes of this little cutie, right? OOOH! OOOH! OOOH!

Quartz Skull - 172 tokens

The skull is actually just recycled cast glass, but they are so popular these days, they will practically sell themselves. Sims are victim to all sorts of "New Age" beliefs these days and believe these silly skulls actually radiate "peace" and "tranquility" and can even expand consciousness and "heal" ailments. Right. Let them "elevate" their minds while you elevate your profits. Remove label before displaying.

Stuffed Guinea Pig - 220 tokens

From her earliest days in black and white cartoons, through the heyday of handmade animation, to today's state-of-the-art, 3D, guinea pig motion capture computer games, the curvy cavy's face has become an icon of Sim entertainment and Sim cultural values exported around the glove. So take the fluffy, flirty, cheer-stuffed Jenny Pig back to your home...and let her into your heart!

Chicken Cookie Jar - 115 tokens

Cast in porcelain and colorfully hand-painted, this fabricated farmyard fowl adds a sophisticated sense of tradition and style to your country kitchen or porcelain collection. Originally created as baskets, jars and other functional ceramics, their use has become purely decorative today. Plaster and acrylic enamel. Made in China.

Baby Doll - 85 tokens

So named for their strong resemblance to the famously sad-eyed guinea pigs, these instantly loveable [sic] little bundles of pink, plastic joy have been a staple prize at amusement parks and carnivals for over a century. Harder to find these days, serious compulsive collectors have arisen that actually stockpile, horde and engage in rare doll price fixing and speculation. As with any collectible, counterfeits abound.

Lava Idol - 153 tokens

When mainland Sims overthrew the Native Sim monarchy in 1893, they unwittingly destroyed a millennium-old civilization with the stroke of a pen. But you can bring back some of that old "lava magic" by purchasing and proudly displaying this authentic Vacation Island souvenir. Hand-poured into surviving tiki molds from the 60's, each sculpture is hand-spray painted by native islanders, in a style handed down for a generation.

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage[edit | edit source]

Souvenirs are collectibles that can be obtained whilst on a vacation. Souvenirs can be bought for §75 from Simple Seller Souvenir Racks that are available on several community lots in vacation destinations. Each souvenir rack sells two kinds of souvenirs. There is a small chance of acquiring a souvenir after making an offering at the Temple of Jumbok IV.

Souvenir racks must be placed in their respective destination. Sims cannot buy souvenirs outside of vacation destinations, and cannot purchase another destination's souvenirs while on vacation (e.g. If a Sim is in Twikkii Island, they may purchase island souvenirs, but cannot purchase far east or mountain souvenirs). Souvenirs can be purchased outside of vacation destinations in an owned business, although a glitch caused by the Bon Voyage patch makes souvenir racks difficult to manage—Sims will not automatically restock empty racks, and buying animations are broken.[1]

Collecting five of any souvenir from the same destination and placing them on ShowMeOff Rack of Glory souvenir shelf will give special benefits for nearby Sims. The buyable souvenirs are Pagoda by Oh The Memories and Doll by Oh The Memories from Takemizu Village, Bit o' Vug and Lumberjack's Pride from Three Lakes, and Little Chest of Booty and Private Island Figurine from Twikkii Island.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Collecting five of any Far East souvenirs will allow faster skill building.
  • Collecting five of any Mountain souvenirs will make non-romantic interactions more effective.
  • Collecting five of any Tropical souvenirs will make romantic interactions more effective.
  • Collecting five of any seashells will reduce the bladder motive decay.
  • Collecting five voodoo dolls will make Sims who view the rack imagine that they're being chased by bees.

Plundering[edit | edit source]

In addition to buyable souvenirs, Sims may collect pirate collectibles by plundering the captain's cabin in a pirate ship. Sims might find the captain's log, a gold doubloon, a treasure map, or nothing, if unsuccessful. Their values are worth §675, §750, and §2,500 respectively. Sims might also encounter Pirate Captain Edward Dregg while plundering. Sims cannot plunder any more loot while the pirate captain is out on deck.

Pirate collectibles cannot be placed on the souvenir shelf and thus lack any special effects, but they can still be sold for money.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. There is a mod that fixes this by Lord Darcy at Mod The Sims.