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The Sims 3: World Adventures

Special merchant is an NPC status randomly assigned to a Sim living in Al Simhara, Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims when the player first visits.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Special merchants roam their respective worlds freely, but are always visible through a map tag. Often they are found at a market. These Sims are the only ones in the game who can sell the adventure rewards.

Sims need to have a visa level of at least one to buy items and objects from a special merchant, with each new level unlocking rarer or more useful items.

Ancient coins[edit | edit source]

Ancient coins are a special type of coin that can be used to buy adventure rewards from a special merchant.

There are many ways to acquire ancient coins, and they appear in collectible piles.

  • Most adventures pay out a sum in ancient coins. (They usually also improve a Sims' visa level).
  • Finding piles in tombs and treasure chests.
  • Digging them up at dig sites.

Adventure rewards[edit | edit source]

The items are generally ones that will help a Sim on their adventures, such as dried food that never spoils, or a skeleton key. There are also items specific to the location. For example, special varieties of grapes can be bought in Champs Les Sims, France.

Image Name Location Visa Level Ancient Coins Description
Pemmican All 1 10 This energy packed snack is sure to give you an extra burst of energy, as well as dry out your taste buds.
Sands of Understanding Shang Simla 1 100 Even though they don't usually admit it, sometimes even the most experienced adventurers will use the Sands of Understanding to help them explore a tomb. If you ever get stuck, try using this magical sand to reveal a tomb's secrets.
Mummy Snacks Al Simhara 1 100 No one likes to be starving… Just think what it feels like to be dead and not eaten for hundreds of years! The scent and taste of this specially concocted snack is more than enough to keep mummies off your back. Don't leave home without them!
Potion of Liquid Courage All 1 40 You're scared, huh? Well have sip of this! No potion has ever conquered cowardice like this one.
Escape Dust All 2 75 Exhausted? Starving? Feel like you can't go on? When you get into a tight spot and need an easy way out of an elaborate tomb or deep cave, use some escape dust and, poof! Sky and fresh air surround you...
Skeleton Keystone All 2 400 Having a Skeleton Keystone is the fantasy of every great explorer. Just imagine being able to open any door that requires a shaped keystone...
Master Thief's Coin Shang Simla 2 750 Sims with this coin in their possession have a knack for finding a lot more Ancient Coins.
Tear of Horus Al Simhara 2 1600 This mystical artifact has been imbued with the omniscient knowledge of Horus. Activating it will allow you see what Horus sees; dig sites and Relic locations will appear as map tags in your map view of the world.
Certificate Of Partnership with China Shang Simla 3 1350 This Certificate Of Partnership grants the holder an extra duration of time when travelling in China.
Certificate Of Partnership with Egypt Al Simhara 3 1200 This Certificate Of Partnership grants the holder an extra duration of time when travelling in Egypt.
Certificate Of Partnership with France Champs Les Sims 3 1000 This Certificate Of Partnership grants the holder an extra duration of time when travelling in France.
The Sultan's Tabernacle All 3 2500 The Sultan's Tabernacle is essentially a home away from home when the king needs to travel. It's a portable palace!
Avornalino Grapes Champs Les Sims 1 20 These light in color grapes are great for making sweet, citrusy Nectar.
Meloire Grapes Champs Les Sims 2 25 Meloire grapes are said to be the first grapes ever made into Nectar.
Gralladina Fran Grapes Champs Les Sims 3 40 The sweet juice inside the Gralladina grape makes it a great candidate for any kind of Nectar.
Cranerlet Nuala Grapes Champs Les Sims 3 50 Cranerlet Nuala grapes are some of the most sought after grapes in the world for making Nectar.