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Specter family
Who is buried in Olive Specter's garden? Will the mysterious, aging outcast leave her fortune to her niece Ophelia, or, as rumored, to an unnamed heir?
Name Specter family
Members Olive Specter, Ophelia Nigmos
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Beaker family, Grunt family, Smith family
Lot 13 Dead End Lane
Funds §41,365
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Strangetown
Specter family
A lone wolf and a free spirit Noela is on a path of danger and intrigue as she pursues a life of crime! Young and independent she has always managed to stay one step ahead of the law, but for how long?
Name Specter family
Members Noela Spector
Funds §10,000
Difficulty level 1 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Lunar Lakes
Specter family
Olive has had her share of death in her life with every romantic relationship she had ending in a sudden and untimely death. Furious at Death, she decided to track him down to give him a piece of her mind. What she didn't expect was to start a relationship with him! That ended quickly, but she was left with something to remember him by. Now it's just her and her young son, who is quite the Nervous Subject indeed.
Name Specter family
Members Olive Specter, Nervous Subject
Lot 48 Breach Bend
Funds §3,000
Difficulty level 3 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Midnight Hollow
Specter family
A Sim brought back from the afterlife, Planchette is the last of the known Spector clan on Earth. The mystery of the locked door brought him to town.
Name Specter family
Members Planchette Spector, 5P1R17
Lot 1440 Division Street
Funds §50,000
Difficulty level 2 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Into the Future
Playability Future Residents
World Oasis Landing
Specter family
File:Specter Family S4.jpg
Who is buried in Olive Specter's garden? Will the mysterious, aging outcast leave her fortune to her niece Ophelia, or, as rumored, to an unnamed heir? Check out this classic Sims 2 family, and uncover their secrets.
Name Specter family
Members Olive Specter, Ophelia Specter
Number of generations 2 generations
Other information
Game The Sims 4
Playability Gallery

The Specter family (or Spector in Lunar Lakes) consists of Olive Specter and her niece Ophelia Nigmos, in The Sims 2. Olive also has a son, Nervous Subject. He was taken away from her as a child, for reasons which still remain unknown, and lives with the Beaker Family. His father is believed to be the Grim Reaper, although there is no father shown in his family tree. When Olive dies, her inheritance goes to Nervous, instead of going to Ophelia, the expected heir.[1]

When the family is first played, it is around 6:30 pm on Tuesday, two days before Ophelia will become an adult, and two days before Olive is scheduled to die. While Tuesday is a bill-delivery day, there are no bills in the mailbox.

Olive Specter and her deceased sister, Willow Nigmos, were children of Lerato Muenda and Peponi Muenda.

Olive's memories show she was left at the altar when she was an adult, and the man who left her at the altar, Earl E. DeMise, died shortly afterwards. She married many times after that, and all of her other husbands met an early end, as well. She was also the witness to several NPC deaths, and their graves remain on her lot. Their ghosts wreak havoc on the yard, causing many puddles and weeds to appear, showing that the ghosts are angry.

Ophelia Nigmos is the daughter of the deceased Creon and Willow Nigmos. She was sent to live with Olive after their deaths. Olive and Ophelia's address is 13 Dead End Lane.

In The Sims 3, a descendant of the family, named Noela Spector, lives in the store world Lunar Lakes. It is unknown what type of connection she had to the family. By this time, the family's name spelling has been changed from Specter to Spector. Also, considering Olive is the only Sim alive holding the "Specter" surname in The Sims 2, the only possible way for the family to expand would be to make Olive have another child in her elder stage, which is possible via adoption. Or to give Nervous the last name Specter with hacks, such as SimPE.

The family makes its return in Midnight Hollow, also from the store. A younger version of Olive lives with her still toddler son Nervous Subject. Her sister and parents are absent in this neighborhood, but three of her ex-husbands are already buried in her cemetery. Rigger Mortis, Hugh Thanasia and Ichabod Specter all have their gravestones in Olive's lot in Midnight Hollow, although Earl E. DeMise is absent. It has been observed that the chronology of Olive's life is altered in Sims 3, as, according to her memories, Earl was her first partner, and Ichabod did not pass away until after Nervous had been taken by the social worker.

The final appearance of the Specter/Spector family is in Oasis Landing in the expansion pack The Sims 3: Into the Future. Planchette Spector is described as being the last of the Spector family. He lives in Oasis Landing with his Plumbot, 5P1R17, whose serial number resembles the word 'spirit' in leet-speak. Planchette is also described as "an adventurous Sim who is desperate to open the door to the crashed ship. It's consumed his life and has nearly driven him to madness..." He is also said to have been returned from the dead.

Judging by the first and last names of some family members, the family may be of Greek and East African descent.


Specter ghost, or something that haunts the mind

  • Olive: The olive tree. It is speculated that it is a pun on "o-live" in 'alive specter (ghost)'.
  • Ichabod (Olive's third husband): Hebrew for 'without honor'. Could refer to the character Ichabod of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Planchette (An unlinked descendant of the Spector/Specter family): A planchette is the name of a piece of wood designed to hold a pencil, used in séances to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Rigger Mortis (Olive's first husband): 'Rigger' means to rig or dresses, while 'Mortis' refers to the French word 'mort', which means death. Rigor Mortis is a state in which a corpse's limbs become stiff and difficult to move.

Hugh Thanasia (Olive's second husband): From the word 'Euthanasia', means literally "good death" in Ancient Greek. Refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.

Lou Thanasia (Hugh's brother): A shortening of the given name Louis. Louis means "Famed Warrior." Sounds similar to Hugh Thanasia, so could also mean "good death."

Earl E. DeMise (Olive's fiancé): Means "Early Demise", early death.

Tim Lee DeMise (Earl's brother): Perhaps could refer to "Timely Demise" - "timely death."

Nigmos -- Possibly taken from "enigma" - a mysterious occurrence, also means "a confusing character or person", which could possibly refer to Olive herself.

  • Ophelia (Olive's niece): In Ancient Greek, it means "help." May also refer to the Shakespeare character Ophelia from "Hamlet," who went mad and drowned herself.
  • Willow (Ophelia's mother, Olive's sister): Refers to the Willow Tree. May also refer to willow as a word meaning erode as "willowing away"
  • Creon (Ophelia's father): In Greek, means 'ruler'. Also is in Oedipus Rex a character named Creon. Many of his relatives died: his grandnephews in duel; his brother-in-law was murdered by Oedipus; his son, daughter-in-law and sister by suicide and he himself is murdered by Lycus.
  • Hecate (Ophelia's paternal grandmother): Greek for far-shooting. Refers to the goddess of darkness, spirits, witchcraft, and the crossroads.
  • Zog (Ophelia's paternal grandfather): In Dutch, zog comes from "kielzog" which means wake, the white turbulent water behind a boat.

Muenda -- Could refer to Munda, which is a place in the Solomon Islands. Muenda is also a traditional African name meaning "one who cares for others" in the Meru language.

  • Lerato (Ophelia's maternal grandmother): It means "love" in the Sotho language.
  • Peponi (Ophelia's maternal grandfather): Peponi means melon in Greek. It also means "paradise" in the Swahili language.

Family tree



The Specter Family
Olive - Rigger - Hugh - Ichabod - Ophelia - Nervous - Grim Reaper - Noela - Planchette


  1. Since inheritance in The Sims 2 is separate from family funds, the family funds will pass to Ophelia as long as she is living on the lot when Olive dies.
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