Starlight Shores

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Starlight Shores
World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Showtime
Starlight Shores
Founded by monks over 300 years ago, the city known today as Starlight Shores has always attracted Sims on a mission! Aspiring singers, musicians, and other performers make pilgrimages here looking for their big breaks--with its beautiful coastal setting, unique local culture, and eclectic and array of entertainment venues, performance competitions, and concerts--the city draws large crowds from all corners of the world. Many famous careers have been launched here, and new stars are being discovered every day. Who will be the next unknown Sim with the talent, passion, and determination to take them from rags to riches and make their dreams come true?
Name Starlight Shores
Game  The Sims 3: Showtime

Starlight Shores is a world in The Sims 3: Showtime expansion pack. It was announced officially in an EA press release.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starlight Shores is a city that was shipped with The Sims 3: Showtime. It is loosely based on a Californian-type urban area, specifically Hollywood. It has a park, coffeehouses, Show venues, etc., and some of the rabbit holes were combined with venues or a new shell to the outside was added.

There is also a beach with houses along the coastline. The houses seem to be between modern and old styled. Most of the very expensive houses have families living in them. There is one unique house that consists of two lots. The first lot being big, with the main house and a pool, and the second lot being small, has a poolhouse and garage. The lots are neatly placed that it appears to be one long lot. These lots house the Buckshot families.

Simfests are held in Starlight Shores, Magicians and Acrobats and Singers alike will find many opportunities to express their talent (or their non-talent) with lots of community lots with stages and performing areas.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Residential Lots[edit | edit source]

Inhabited[edit | edit source]

Uninhabited[edit | edit source]

  • Casa De Simple
  • Compact Cottage
  • House to the Future
  • Just-a-Home
  • Le Great Estate
  • Les Thrifty Prefab
  • Practical Prefab
  • The Castle

Empty[edit | edit source]

  • 120 Foothill Drive (30x35) §2100
  • 254 Foothill Drive (40x40) 3200
  • 255 Starry Way (25x25) §1250
  • 684 Vista Blvd (64x64) §8192

Community Lots[edit | edit source]

Rabbitholes[edit | edit source]

  • City Government Complex (City Hall, Police Station & Military Base)
  • Holy Cow Memorial Hospital (Hospital & Science Lab)
  • Gooder Public School (School)
  • C-Ment Shoe Factory (Criminal Hideout)
  • Broad Street Business Tower & Grill (Office & Bistro)
  • The Market Basket (Grocery Store)
  • Serenity Bookstore & Spa (Bookstore & Spa)
  • Flying V's Coffeehouse (Diner & Coffeehouse)
  • Hoi Polloi Event Center (Theater & Big Show Venue)
  • The Binder Clips Center (Stadium & Big Show Venue)

Open Lots[edit | edit source]

  • Urbane Center for the Arts (Art Gallery)
  • Community Library (Library)
  • Weight & Sea Rec Center (Gym)
  • Verde Park (Big Park)
  • Tot Spot Playground (Small Park)
  • Starlight Plaza (Small Park)
  • Buckshot Lake (Fishing Spot)
  • La Laguna Park (Fishing Spot)
  • Delmar Beach (Beach)
  • Lidview Cemetery (Graveyard)
  • Los Sueños Private Club (Private Venue)
  • Brotherhood of Fine Fellows Hall (Private Venue)
  • Port-A-Party Warehouse (Private Venue)
  • Mick's Master Karaoke (Live Show Venue)
  • Rodeo-Go-Go (Live Show Venue)
  • MN8 (Live Show Venue)

Empty[edit | edit source]

  • 339 Hill Street
  • 47 Los Sueños Strip (No Visitors Allowed)
  • 52 Los Sueños Strip
  • 54 Los Sueños Strip (No Visitors Allowed)
  • 75 Los Sueños Strip
  • 235 Starry Way (No Visitors Allowed)

Lots from Expansion Packs[edit | edit source]

Households[edit | edit source]

New families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 3
Bryce Savage, Courtney Foster, Seth Monroe, Holly Robins
These two couples are just as likely to make it as they are to the end in a bitter breakup. Bryce and Holly are longtime friends who have just moved in with their significant others. Holly only knows her boyfriend from the internet, and Bryce's girlfriend has a reluctance to enter a serious relationship. Will the pair of couples last, or will their relationships end before they've really started?
Difficulty: 1
Conrad Anderson
The dwelling of a single guy who is likely to stay that way, Conrad's house is part pigsty, part of treasure-trove toys, books, and other rarities waiting to be uncovered. Will Conrad ever grow up, or will he continue to live in his mess of pizza boxes and toys while he tries to prove that Sims are not alone in the universe?
Difficulty: 2
Lanya Avilla, Lindy Avilla
Even though they are supposed to be identical, Lindy and Lanya's differences are extreme. Lanya enjoys a quiet night in with a good book, and Lindy hopes to impress the local talent scout to kick start her music career. Can these two continue to share a house, our will their differences force them to part ways?
Difficulty: 1
Addison Batez
Addison loves to be surrounded by the newest toys Simoleons can buy. He has an eye for all types of gadgetry, and he has a rather impressive following on his tech blog. A recent hacking attempt has put Addison on edge and made him question everyone's motives. Can Addison overcome this paranoia and learn to trust again?
Difficulty: 6
Paul Best, Catherine Best, Evan Best, Calvin Best, Mandy Best, Abigail Best, Maria Best
The polar opposite of the Gooders, the Best family is a progressive group of Sims who know that the only way to success is through hard work. After a divorce between Paul and his wife, their son Evan and his family moved in to fill in the large house with their growing family. Can the family stay close knit as the children grow up and Evan works a dangerous job that keeps him away from home? And what will happen when the family discovers the new relationship between Calvin and Natasha Gooder?
Difficulty: 2
Karen Kerman, Kerry Kasmir
Kerry and Karen are friends who've grown up together have never been separated. They have identical tastes and traits and are easily mistaken for sisters. These two Sims are young and aren't quite sure what they want out of life...But for now, they're content to spend their time getting tans on the beach and having picnics in the park. Can these two find their way, or will they spend their lives drifting aimlessly?
Difficulty: 2
Madeline Buckshot, Finnegan Sawyer
The perfect celebrity marriage gone wrong, Madeline kicked her famous singer husband to the pool house and now lives with her new love interest, Finnegan. Does Finnegan truly love Madeline, or is he using her for a nice place to live and leg up in his singing career? Was Madeline being too hasty in kicking her former husband to the curb?
Difficulty: 1
Charlie Ray Buckshot
What was supposed to be a temporary relocation to the pool house became a permanent for Charlie Ray after a sudden divorce from his wife Madeline. Charlie still has his music to keep him going, and luckily this pool house is nicer than most normal houses in town. Will Charlie ever get back together with Maddy, or will he live in the pool house forever?
Difficulty: 1
Steve Cupp
A world renowned magician who loves traveling, Steve has a knack for dazzling Sims with his grand illusions. He lives in solitude with only his artifacts and memories of a life of adventure to keep him company. Will Steve's adventurous lead to one too many close calls?
Difficulty: 3
Mimi Olivia, Willard Wright, Richter Steele, Becky Lack
A mishmash of Sims from all walks of life, this group isn't for the faint of heart. Between a great cook, runaway teen, wannabe writer, and muscly health nut, everyone in this household miraculously gets along for now. What will the future hold for this diverse group of Sims trying to make it in the city?
Difficulty: 2
Rich Richmond, Sadie Mason, Mercedes May
Rich and Sadie are a happy couple who invited their friend Mercedes to move in with them. The original plan was for Sadie to help Mercedes jump start her Singing career, but now Sadie is worried Mercedes is garnering her fame. Worst yet, Mercedes has taken a liking to Sadie's boyfriend Rich as well. Did Sadie make a mistake in inviting Mercedes into her home, or will Mercedes attempts to steal both Sadie's boyfriend and fans fall flat?
Difficulty: 2
Craig Elson, Emily Elson
Craig and Emily are high school sweethearts who just got married and are excited to spend their lives together! Recent transplants to the city after Emily's job transfer, these two show aficionados are itching to make the most of the star-studded town. Will the distractions of the town over whelm these two newlyweds, or will they settle down and start a family as they'd planned?
Difficulty: 3
Edward Gooder, Annabel Gooder, Natasha Gooder, Sebastian Gooder
Prim, proper, and absolutely high-society, the Gooders are old money Sims that despise the Best family next door and their nouveau riche ways. Edward and Annabel prefer to keep to themselves rather than associate with "unsavory" people. Natasha, however, clearly doesn't feel this way, and is secretly dating Calvin Best. Will her parents come to terms about Natasha's love for Calvin?
Difficulty: 2
Ernesto Gonzalez, Mithun Khan, Ariella Chen
Mithun and Ariella's relationship was great until they gained a permanent houseguest in the form of Mithun's friend Ernesto. The guys have been close their whole lives, but Ariella views Ernesto as a mooch and wants him out! With Mithun's reluctance to ask Ernesto to leave, will Ariella and Mithun continue their happy relationship?
Difficulty: 1
Kirstin Law
The local trouble maker with penchant for fine art, Kirstin's name is one many police reports, but her top notch thievery keeps her out of jail. Will Kirstin continue to evade the law, or is her time as a master thief coming to an end?
Difficulty: 2
Sonoko Lee, Mitch Lee
Sonoko is a realist, and Mitch likes to dream big. Sonoko lacks confidence in her husband's ambition to make a living as a DJ and is convinced it won't last long. Is she right or will Mitch prevail in his dream to spin the vinyl?
Difficulty: 1
Yolanda Lemmon
The widow of the late infamous Jimmy Lemmon, Yolanda is an accomplished performer who keeps to herself but has a knack for sensational performances. Her house is large for one person, but she likes the emptiness of it. Will love surprise Yolanda, or will she be content to stay single?
Difficulty: 1
Darren Lott
An out-of-towner looking for a second chance, Darren is out to show the ladies he's the next big thing. His relationships has been easy come, easy go, but Darren doesn't seem to mind. A liar and cheater at heart, Darren's second chance seems to be going the same way as his first. Can he turn things around and find true love? Does he even want to?
Difficulty: 2
Wylie Luck, Chad Luck, Isaac Luck
Three very different brothers just inherited their great aunt's estate and are once reunited under one roof. Each brother followed his own path in life, One brother is now a thrilling Acrobat, another is a hard working Band Manager, and the third is a smooth talker who managed to get by on his looks alone. Will this diverse set of brothers bond together, or will their differences get the best of them?
Difficulty: 3
Wayne Martin, Aurora Martin, Nigel Martin
A celebrity chef, beautiful wife, and a charming son, the Martins are the envy of many Sims. Really, the only thing this perfect family has to complain about is Wayne's love of fishing, which his wife and son can't seem to understand.
Difficulty: 1
Javed Meir
Javed is talented, hard-working, and well-read, but strangely has a hard time looking for true love. Will Javed find the love hes looking for, or will he have to settle for success as his only companion?
Difficulty: 3
Danielle Platt, Alora Platt, Robbie Platt
The Platt household consists of two adorable children and mother who loves them. Danielle wishes the best, but things can get out of control at times as she struggles to pay the bills and raise two youngsters. Can the Platts stay afloat on Danielle's limited income?
Difficulty: 2
Rehman Sagar, Talan Sagar
A single father who wants to see his kid succeed, Rehman pushes Talan to get good grades and to have a real career. But Talan aspires to be on stage as a hot shot performer. Will Talan achieve his of performing, or is he bound to drift away from his father?
Difficulty: 2
Matias Singh, Priscilla Singh
Matias and Priscilla have been down on their luck recently, but they are both optimistic that life in a new town can turn things around. Priscilla hopes to be a big time Magician and set the world ablaze with fancy tricks, and Matias has a beautiful voice (if only he can be discovered.) Will the Singh family reach stardom, or are they headed straight to the poor house?
Difficulty: 3
Jamar Whitfield, Diane Whitfield, Barry Whitfield, Lela Whitfield
The Whitfields are the quintessential showbiz family. On the surface they may seem to have fame, fortune and talent, but a life in the entertainment world isn't always glamorous. Will this family's need to be in the spotlight put a strain on their relationships?
Difficulty: 3
Brandon Woods, Stardust Woods, August Woods
The Woods aren't always the most popular family on the block. This isn't because they love trees, but they don't want the city to expand (and protest anything that will cause an urban sprawl). Longtime residents support their cause but performers and proprietors feel differently. Will the Woods succeed in saving the town, or will they further outcast themselves from the community?
Difficulty: 2
Girbits Worthington, Melanie Worthington
A sweet grandmother and a kid who can't remember his own name, the Worthingtons lead very different social lives. Melanie loves to entertain friends, while Girbits stays locked in his room playing video games. Will Girbits ever get that first kiss, or will he forever stay single?

Homeless Sims[edit | edit source]

These Sims are pre-made, but homeless when Starlight Shores is first loaded.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is set as a "Southern California" town, like Hollywood/Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, as there is a reference to it.
  • The town description makes a note that monks founded the town 300 years ago. Los Angeles was founded by the Franciscan order in 1771.
  • Palms resembling Washington robusta palms line the streets in Starlight Shores.
  • There are new rabbitholes in the town, and if:
  • Ambitions is installed, four lots will be replaced with Barney's Salon and Tattoo, Landgraab Sell n' Swap, Community Fire Department and Grady's Junkstop (all of them are used from lot bins)
  • Pets is installed, a big lot will be replaced with JRA International Equestrian Center.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At Broad Street Business Tower & Grill, there is a big poster stuck on one side of the wall. It is a reference to Battlefield 3, a game made by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts.
  • The Starlight Shores Sign is suggestive of the Hollywood Sign, which is a Los Angeles landmark.
  • Despite being called a city in the description, Starlight Shores is still considered a suburb in-game, meaning Bridgeport is still the only official city in The Sims 3: Late Night. This was likely done to maintain compatibility with the base game. Players who wish to have it be considered a city will need to modify the game files themselves.
  • The city hall bears a strong resemblance to the city hall of Beverly Hills and to a lesser extent, those in Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • The Brotherhood of Fine Fellows Hall is based off the Sunset Tower in Hollywood.
  • The Jimmy Lemmon Memorial Mausoleum is based on the Bon Marche Pavilion built for the 1925 Paris International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts.
  • Rodeo-Go-Go references Whisky-a-Go-Go, but is thematically based on the Saddle Ranch Chop House at 8371 Sunset Blvd.
  • The Broad Street Business Tower & Grill is based on the City National Bank Branch, located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
  • The Los Sueños Private Club is based on the former Standard West Hollywood Hotel.
  • The Market Basket grocery store is partially based off a bank building at 8150 Sunset Blvd.
  • The name of the Brotherhood of Fine Fellows may be a reference to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows[confirmation needed]
  • The Binder Clips Center is a clear reference to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the home of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings.

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